An Important Question

We just finished watching “Wedding Crashers.”

It was cute, but whatever.

Here’s what I can’t quit thinking about.

WHAT IS UP with Owen Wilson’s hair?

I mean, you’d think there would be people who could tell him, “Hey, man – you know the perm thing? LET IT GO.”

It drove me crazy during the whole movie. I wanted to get a flat-iron or something.

As always, I’m addressing the really serious issues here.

I live to serve others through my thought-provoking questions.

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  1. I don’t care for Owen Wilson, no matter his hair style. :)

    I love your new header, and especially booman Alex. ;)
    So tell me, every time this page comes up, do you still shake your head and wonder if this is really your kid sitting in the middle of itchy grass, possibly infested with all manner of creepy crawly bugs, actually enjoying nature? LOL ;)

  2. Yup – thought the same thing during the movie! (I also thought the movie was pretty crass. It was funny at moments – but crossed the line a bit too much. But my husband liked it. I laughed, don’t get me wrong. But I imagine a lot of people would be really turned off by it.)

    love your new header – and you know, I am yet to come to your blog and not laugh out loud. (even if it is just a snort – the laughing kind – you know what I mean right?)

  3. I haven’t seen the movie, but Owen does have hair issues! Maybe he keeps it that way to offset his nose? Anyway, I love your new look! Very cute!

  4. Hey! Love the new look! Way cool!

    You kill me.
    (Translation: You funny.)