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I’ve Been Working On The Blogroll

(all the livelong day)

Oh, that’s punny.

Seriously (because I am so very, ahem, serious), I have been working on a blogroll to put in the sidebar, and initially I thought I’d just list all the blogs I read on a regular basis.

And then I thought, well, no.

And then I thought, well, maybe.

And then I thought, well, okay.

I’ve been very definitive about this whole process, as you can tell.

So here’s what I’m doing. I’m listing all the blogs I subscribe to via Bloglines. But I can’t get the silly Bloglines blogroll to work (at some point I will in fact use every variation of the word “blog,” and then my computer will explode from sheer relief that the whole “bloggy” saga is over).

As a result, I’m MANUALLY typing in my Bloglines stuff at Blogrolling (attention, Bloglines: YOU HAVE SOME PRODUCT MALFUNCTION ISSUES TO ADDRESS, and as a result of that I am TOILING in the typing trenches). Hopefully I’ll get it all up and running sometime later today.

BUT (coordinating conjuction #8, for those of you keeping score at home), if I accidentally leave you off of my blogroll and you know for a fact that I’ve been reading in your corner of the blogosphere (“blog” variation #7 in this post alone), please remind me in the comments and I will happily fix my mistake.

If you would just get a kick out of seeing your blog’s name in the sidebar (remember: TENS of people read this blog every single day – it’s a heady level of attention, I’ll tell you that much), let me know that, too, and I’ll add you. If you would in turn link back to me in your blogroll, that would be mighty bloggity of you.

Finally, if you link to me but I may not know it, leave me a note so that I can reciprocate.

This entire linking deal is null and void if you worship the devil or harm animals. Or children. Or people, actually. In those cases I would prefer that you not link to me. Nor will I be linking to you.

A girl has to have standards, you know. ;-)

Idol Re-Cap: Finals, Week Seven

Tonight’s theme is great love songs. I can’t fathom that this style of music bodes well for Miss Pickler – but stranger things have happened. I am terribly encouraged by David Foster’s presence, however, because he understands the beauty of a power ballad (see Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Whitney before she lost her dang mind, etc.).

Katharine McPhee – “I Have Nothing” – It’s hard for me to hear this song without seeing the word “Rachel” flashing on a huge marquee (if you saw “The Bodyguard,” you know what I’m talking about). This song makes me a little sad, too, because it really does remind me of Whitney in her heyday. As for Katharine’s version, I don’t know. I like her so much, but it felt like she was trying too hard. I love the subtlety of Katharine’s performances, the fact that she usually doesn’t oversing, and tonight felt forced to me. Still, her “off” night is most people’s singing dream come true.
Elliott Yamin – “A Song For You” – I mean, did it all come together for Elliott this week or what? Every part of that performance was awesome for me – I had chillbumps for most of it, and at one point I thought I was gonna have to stand up and have some music church in my living room. :-) I just loved it. Even David said, “you know, that was really, really, reallllly good.” I’m very proud for Mr. Yamin tonight. Far and away his best performance yet.

[Y’all should know that I’m very nervous for Pickler and what in the world David Foster will say to her, because shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but she can’t sing.]

Kellie Pickler – “Unchained Melody” – I mean no disrespect to the Righteous Brothers, but I cannot stand this song. And lands alive, Kellie didn’t do it any favors. She just seems BORED TO TEARS when she’s singing, and guess what? I’m bored to tears, too! I think she got into the competition with a really good LeeAnn Rimes imitation, and she IS cute as a bug, but at this point, she is woefully out of her league. (And HEY! There’s Sela in the audience, y’all! Sorry to veer off topic, but, you know, hometown girl…and even Sela looked like “Oh, honey, you’re adorable. You can’t sing a lick, but you’re adorable.”) Anyway, Kellie is proof positive that looking good in a tank top can take a person very far in America – all the way to the top six in AI.
Paris Bennett – “The Way We Were” – Andrea Boccelli and David Foster were impressed by her. I wish I liked this song more – but it’s one of those that I burned out on around the age of 7. I did like that she sang this song in a lower key, so her voice sounded really rich – but as a performer, she just doesn’t move me. I don’t know – just “aight” for me, yo.
Taylor Hicks – “Just Once” – Now this song happens to be one of my FAVORITES. And I think it’s a good song for Taylor. I think I just don’t like it as much when Taylor does the sensitive thing. I like it when Taylor is upbeat and playful and soulful. So I don’t think it was his best – and certainly not as good as Elliott – but I’m pulling for my Alabama boy.
Chris Daughtry – “Have You Really Ever Lived A Woman” – I despise this song. Despise it. But I totally buy his version. I loved the acoustic arrangement, and it even made me forget about that Kevin Costner “Robin Hood” movie (isn’t that what this song was written for?). And once again, I applaud CD for stepping outside his comfort zone and trying something a little different. But will his fans buy it and keep him out of the bottom three?

Best of the night: Elliott
Should go: Pickler
Will go: Pickler – please?

Very Quickly, Some Interweb Follow-Up

Remember when I talked about my ongoing frustration with “mama small talk” the other day? You can refresh your memory here if you need to.

Well, I’m not alone. Check out the comments on this post at HolyMama! (please remember – the exclamation point is very important, because she’s not just HolyMama, she’s HolyMama!). And I like her. No. I like her! :-)

Also, one day last week I mentioned to Diane that she should do a whole post on her mama’s colorful expressions, because they always crack me up when Diane throws one into a post. Well, lo and behold, she did, and I have laughed until I cried. Sister emailed me and said that she had “rurnt” her eye make-up from laughing so hard. Please pay special attention to #7, #8 and #9.

I have no doubt in my mind that Elise will need some form of protective undergarment when she reads Diane’s list (wasn’t that a polite way of saying that she’s going to wet her pants?). And Laura, you must show your mama.

Enjoy, internets.

I Have The Most Exciting News

No, I’m not pregnant.

But it’s just as good! Okay, not quite as good. But still, REALLY good!

I had just started a post asking if one of you would please do something funny so that I could write about it, because I was so desperate for writing material that I needed your help.

But my husband rescued me.

You see, he has a meeting next Tuesday in Mississippi. And since we’re from Mississippi, he’s going to take Alex with him so that they can go see all the grandparents for a couple of days.

And you’re thinking, “oh, yay, good for you, your little boy is getting to see his grandparents. yay.”

And I’m thinking, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?”


I will be by myself. For a whole night. In my house. Without anyone else here.

For the record, I have not been alone in my house since 2003. Since TWO THOUSAND AND THREE.

I feel somewhat guilty about the level of joy (volume of joy? what in fact is the official unit of joy measurement?) that is stirring deep down in my soul. And it’s not that I don’t love living with David and Alex. It’s not that at all. It’s just that I haven’t been by myself in, you know, three years.

(For those of you who don’t know, my husband works out of our house, so he is almost always here, and even when he’s not, Alex is, because he’s just three and, well, he can’t drive yet.)

So if you were me – home alone for the first time in three years – what would you do? I don’t even know where to begin with my plans, but I feel plans are of the essence because if I’m not careful, I will do nothing but sit on the edge of the couch for 24 hours, murmuring to myself, “I am all alone. I am all alone. I am all alone.” And the murmuring would of course be interrupted by squeals of delight.


“Rain On Your Wedding Day…

…Sunshine For The Rest Of Your Lives.”

Or so the old saying goes.

But does anyone know the proper adage when a stabbing taints one’s nuptial bliss?

Link courtesy of my brother, who seems to have radar for finding stories like this one.

More Than “Just” Mama Talk?

Janna’s comment about whether or not mamas like to talk about topics other than kids reminded me of this article, which I’m pretty sure I forwarded to some of y’all last year when I first read it. (By the way, the article is a little “worldly” in terms of its description of marriage and all that goes along with marriage, so consider yourself warned.) :-)

But I think it raises an excellent question on top of Janna’s question, which is this: do we live in a society where people put their children before their marriages?

I think we do. And is that why we find ourselves talking about our kids so much? Because we give so much to that part of our lives that it supercedes everything else?

Now I totally get why people would say that the kids should come first. I get why people say that I should sacrifice myself and my identity for the sake of my child. And I do believe that God expects me to take my job as Alex’s mother very, very seriously, because 1) He called me to do it and 2) it’s a job that has eternal consequences.

But I think my first priority within my family – with God at the tiptop of the heap being a given – has to be my husband. And I think that for several reasons.

First, I think we do Alex a disservice if we put him at the center of our universe. If we sacrifice our relationship for his convenience, then I’m not sure how anyone comes out ahead in that deal.

Second, we want our child to see a loving, committed relationship between two people who genuinely enjoy one another. That kind of relationship doesn’t happen unless you put some work into it.

Third, if we put everything into Alex right now and nothing into our relationship with each other, what in the world will we be left with when the chick (or chicks, if that ever happens) leaves the roost?

And I recognize that all of those reasons are so much easier said than done.

Sometimes it’s so tempting for women to say, “You know what? I give everything I have to my children. And they touch me all day and pull on me all day and need me all day, and I don’t want for one more person – even my husband – to need me.” I have been there. I have no doubt looked at David like he had horns growing out of his head when he has snuggled up next to me after a particularly challenging childrearing day.

But just because I feel that way doesn’t make it right. Someway, somehow, I have to save room for him. I have to save a little room for me, too.

Last year when I emailed my friend NK the article that I linked to at the beginning of this post, she and I had a lengthy conversation about the author’s comment that she’s not “in love” with her children. I think that’s one area where we either disagree with her or have a serious semantics issue. Because I am in love with Alex. Most people I know are in love with their children. I don’t know how you could NOT be. Granted, it’s a different kind of love than what I feel for my husband. It’s like apples and oranges…both are fruits, both are good for you, both are delicious – but they’re just not the same thing (now is when I definitely wish I was better at analogies).

NK said that the reason her love for her children and her love for her husband are so different is because she relates to them differently, and I like how she explained herself. She said, “I have so many hopes and dreams for my children. But most of MY hopes and dreams are with my husband. The love is just as strong on each side…but it’s not the same thing at all.”

It’s a crazy balancing act, it is.

So to answer Janna’s question: yes, most women do like to talk about more than just their kids. Personally, I love to talk about my husband, and family, and friends, and books, and churches, and television, and music, and blogs. :-)

But it just occurred to me, as I finished that last sentence, that by the time I take care of David, and take care of Alex, and take care of me, I don’t have as much time as I’d like for the rest of items on my “favorite topics” list, and I should probably go a little easier on my sisters who are also in the parenting trenches, especially in regard to what they talk about at birthday parties.

It’s probably not a wise idea to hold other women to a conversational standard that I can’t even achieve myself.