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For My Anniversary I Got…

…a headache! Seriously! The kind that sends you to the doctor!

Now what I had today was not a full-blown migraine, to be sure – I never threw up, and I eventually got to the point where I could drive myself to the doctor (and I know full well that when Sister has her migraines, she can’t sit up long enough to find her keys, much less get herself in a moving vehicle and operate it). But because I’ve only had about four headaches in my life, and because today’s was the worst of the lot, I was convinced that I was dying. And oh, after today, do all you migraine sufferers ever have my sympathy. I don’t know how you ever find a space quiet enough to recover.

I had a twinge of behind-the-eye throbbing when I got up this morning, but I’d slept a little later than usual, so I thought maybe I was having some caffeine withdrawal. Then Alex and I headed to the zoo with some friends, and I medicated myself with a large diet Coke, thinking surely to goodness the caffeine would work its magic. But by lunchtime I had a pretty clear understanding that caffeine would not be the cure-all…and I wanted to get home. Fast.

The funny thing (and I say “funny” because, really, you have to laugh to keep from crying) about having a headache with a three year old in the house is that children pretty much do the opposite of everything you need. When I finally found a position on the couch that didn’t make me feel like my left eye was going to detach from my head, Alex took care of me by screaming things like, “ARE YOU OKAY, MAMA? ARE YOU SICK?” while he climbed up my legs so that he could pummel me gently on the shoulder.

After about 30 minutes of that, I knew I was out of my headache league, and I called the doctor to see if he’d phone in a prescription – which he wouldn’t, because since I’ve never been a headache sufferer before, he wanted to see me. Of all the doctors in the land, I have to have the one who’s “sensible” and “responsible” – even though this was a day when I would have preferred one of those doctors who fills up your purse with a veritable cornucopia of narcotic samplers. A pain-killer buffet, if you will.

After another hour on the couch, I had been still long enough so that my head was what mama used to call “easy,” and I now understand that by “easy” she meant that the elves in my temple that had formerly been using sledgehammers to pound the area behind my left eye had switched to regular hammers, and it was really so much better, relatively speaking. So off we went to the doctor’s office.

Long story long – the headache was the result of a particularly nasty sinus infection, and after a shot of some delightful medication called deca-somethingorother, I am pain free. A little woozy, to be sure, but happy beyond measure that those pesky elves behind my eyeball have been sedated.

And you know what’s even better? I have some really cute pictures of A. at the zoo. Wanna see?

Our zoo has a really big area where the water shoots up from the pavement, and oh, the joy that filled Alex’s soul…it was so fun watching him. It was extra fun because the tables and chairs for the parents are in the shade, oh thank you Jesus.

And it makes me happy that carousels are still in vogue with the toddler set – nothing beats those sweet smiles.

So I’m going to take a hot bath with some rosemary mint stuff I found in the pharmacy (I love me some aromatherapy), and hopefully will be a brand new woman tomorrow.

At the very least I’ll be clean and medicated. Everybody needs a goal.

I Like, So I’ll Share

For lots of reasons, this post by Toni blew me away.

Y’all click on over and give her a warm bloggity welcome. :-)

You’ll be encouraged.

Idle Thoughts On A No-Idol Tuesday

Alex and I went to the grocery store this morning, and I had one of those gigantor lists – the kind where you have to cross off items as you put them in your shopping cart or you’ll find yourself in a swirling vortex of grocery confusion. Usually A. is in a pretty good mood when we go to the grocery store because he considers all of the check-out clerks to be close, personal friends of his, and I knew he’d enjoy getting out and doing a little “visiting” before lunch.

Once we got to the store, we were about to head into the produce section when I spotted a shopper accompanied by two other women, one of whom was carrying a small tape recorder. And I don’t know if y’all remember when I posted the link to that SNL skit about the co-workers a few weeks ago, but Tape Recorder Woman was EXACTLY like the woman with the short wig in the skit. And she was loud. Very, very loud. I know this because I heard her say, “I have a hypothesis about all the reduced-fat foods” from a distance at which her normal conversational volume should have been unintelligible to me.

I’m one of those people who has a system for my shopping, a method to my grocery madness, and as I was very methodically making my way up and down the aisles, I continually ran into the woman who was shopping with Loud Tape Recorder Woman and a companion. I even tried altering my route – skipping an aisle here, reversing direction there, but it didn’t work. Loud Tape Recorder Woman greeted me at every turn.

She was helping an adorable woman who weighed approximately 105 pounds to “shop healthier,” apparently, and the whole thing put me in a foul mood because I was shoveling things like large jugs of mayonnaise and blocks of cheese and industrial-sized containers of peanut butter in my cart. Meanwhile, Skinny Toned Woman and Loud Tape Recorder Woman were debating the advantages of stone ground whole wheat bread vs. regular whole wheat bread, and in a fit of rebellion I wanted to get a donut and cram the whole thing in my mouth as Alex and I passed by them for the 45th time so that I could hear them audibly gasp at my blatant disregard for the food pyramid and my recommended daily intake of saturated fats.

Instead I just smiled pleasantly and tried to camouflage the large cans of cream of chicken soup underneath the value packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts. ‘Cause I’m healthy like that.

And the tape recorder? No idea what it was for – unless she was documenting the contents of my cart each time I passed by her, whispering (no, she wouldn’t have been whispering, for this was a woman who has never acquainted herself with a whisper), “Whatever you do, avoid the following foods” as she listed everything I was buying. It definitely didn’t help matters that I was shopping for a big ole Southern dinner we’re doing at church Sunday night – where low fat fare definitely will not be the order of the day.

Once we got home, I told D. about Skinny Toned Woman and Loud Tape Recorder Woman, wondering what in the world they were up to, and he said, “Well, maybe her husband had a heart attack and she was learning how to cook better for him.” That could very well be. Or maybe STW wants to be even healthier – in which case I wish she’d share a tip or nine with me. But the volume of the whole exchange was a little off-putting…even down here in the South, where we pretty much holler from sun-up to sun-down.

I think I’ll fry up some bacon tonight in their honor. :-)

All The Loose Ends Are Driving Me Crazy

Let’s just take several topics from the last few days and wrap them up in some festive paper with a lovely bow on top, shall we?

1. Based on your comments and some serious over-analysis on my part, I’m gonna leave the blogging church people alone. Here’s what I figure: if they wanted me to know they were blogging, they would’ve told me. Now if it comes up in conversation and I decide to tell them about my own blog and they’d like to visit, fine. But since I do know them, and since they haven’t told me about their blogs, then I don’t want to trample on their territory. Put it this way: if they were all having a picnic, and I found out about it, I wouldn’t just show up. The thing is, I wouldn’t care at all if one of them stopped by here and commented…but since I don’t know what their blogging boundaries are, I’m going to assume they’re pretty rigid and keep my distance. At least until I change my mind. :-)

2. I’m officially not posting what I wrote for the LBY study this past weekend. I talked to D. about it Saturday, and he thought it would probably be wise to leave it off the blog – and we got major, 100% confirmation last night that it was the right thing to do. Just because I feel strongly about something does not always mean that I need to share it with the world. The irony is that NOT posting actually confirmed what I learned last week in the study about being humble. Posting what I wrote, telling y’all how I felt about a certain something – it would’ve been really cathartic for me. But sometimes – and in this case in particular – it just ain’t about me. I actually exercised more gentleness – the topic we were studying – by leaving well enough alone. And I hereby abandon this vaguest of all vague topics.

3. D. got the chance to continue his home improvement marathon today when he and our neighbor Jimmy used some form of metal-melting tool to fix our lawnmower. D. described all the sautering to me with pure love in his eyes, said he even got to wear protective goggles, and told me that he and Jimmy looked like Stormtroopers as they worked in the garage. D. also got to cook on the grill not once but twice today, then discuss how to kill ants over supper, so I think all in all it’s been a fine Memorial Day weekend for him.

4. Not that anyone, you know, CARES, but I’m probably going to be a sporadic blogger this week. Alex and I are heading out of town this Thursday, and I have a bunch to get done Tuesday and Wednesday. A haircut is a top priority…those of you who have never seen me don’t know that I usually love me a funky haircut – the more pieces sticking out all over my head, the better – but my hair has gotten so long (it’s touching my shoulders – I might as well be Crystal Gayle) that I can actually pull it back into a ponytail. Clearly the sun will be hurling itself toward the earth any moment now. GOT TO GET IT CUT. And I’m sure you’ll be surprised, but I’m cooking for a dinner at church this Sunday night, so there’s lots of grocery shopping to do before I head out of town, because I’ll have to HIT IT when we get home Saturday afternoon.

5. Seeing the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Oprah today has me considering renting the season 1 DVD’s. Daphne, pick yourself up off of the floor. It is VERY difficult for me to get on board with a TV show unless I watch it from the first episode, but I’m considering playing catch-up with this one. I know, I know – MAJOR comfort zone step-out on my part. I typically don’t like medical shows (never been an “ER” fan), but I’m increasingly willing to give this one a chance. Nothing like jumping on a bandwagon, huh?

Have a great week, everybody!

A Spiritual Meme

Lauren tagged me for this “spiritual meme,” which is a mighty good thing indeed because I have nothing to say this morning…that is, I have nothing to say unless it’s an attempt to answer the constant barrage of questions that Alex is firing at me (Where are my brown shoes? Where are you, mama? Can I see my daddy? Who’s that, Mama? What’s that for? Can I watch Noggin? Can I have some turkey? Is that Mr. Jimmy? Can I see Clay Clay? And on. And on.) At some point I believe that my head will spin off its axis, land in the middle of the floor, and Alex won’t have a single reaction except to say, “What happened, Mama? Can I touch it? Can I put it back on? Can we take it to the park? Please, Mama?”

Sorry. Needed to vent. :-)

Now on with the meme.

What is your life verse?
I had never heard the phrase “life verse” until we moved here and I went to work at a Christian school that used this phrase all the time, and I realized that I had a life verse and didn’t even know it…a verse that I’d been clinging to for almost twenty years, but I just called it “my favorite verse.” Here it is (I’m sure the suspense is killing you): “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.” – Ephesians 3:20-21

Give a bit of your testimony.
I don’t have a dramatic, rousing testimony…I grew up in the Methodist church and accepted Christ when I was 13 years old. From that point on, I was consistently inconsistent in my walk…there were lots of highs and lows and ups and downs. There have been times in my life when I knew that God was calling me into a deeper relationship with Him – and I would “dig deep” for a period of time, then drift away again.

I think one of the reasons for this pattern is that I lacked a strong Biblical foundation, so I wasn’t advancing much on the spiritual maturity chain. And then I went through a phase in my early 20’s where I was very disillusioned with the church, very cynical about organized religion, and I decided that I would just be “spiritual” but pretty much had no need for community or fellowship with believers. It wasn’t a terribly fun time.

When I was in my late 20’s, I got a job teaching in a Christian school, and the fact that that happened at all is a TOTAL miracle, because trust me when I tell you that I was not looking to teach in a Christian school – especially a Baptist one. :-) But that was really the first step into what has become a sustaining, steady faith – it was the beginning of a huge period of growth for me. D. and I found a church that we loved, and our time there helped us to release a lot of our ‘baggage’ from the church where we grew up.

When we moved here, I was almost immediately enveloped by a circle of Christian friends. It took us awhile to find a church home, but when we did, it changed our lives. We have learned more about the Bible in the last four years than we did in all the previous years combined. We’ve learned about community, and fellowship, and really investing in people. More than anything, I’ve learned to serve others – something I resisted for so long.

Do you have a favorite preacher?
I have several. Our friend Kevin, who’s on staff at our church, is an incredible teacher and faithfully preaches God’s Word without putting himself in the middle of the message. As an added bonus, he cracks me up. Beth Moore is my favorite Bible study teacher, bar none.

What’s the best Bible Study you’ve ever done?
Beth Moore’s Believing God – hands down. Life changing.

What do you feel God’s calling is on your life?
I could write paragraphs on all the specific ways I think I’m supposed to serve and live out my faith, but I can pretty much boil it down to one simple phrase: to love God and love people. The primary way that manifests itself right now is by serving D. and Alex first – however I can – and I feel very, very fortunate that I have a couple of other ministry “outlets” that enable me to serve teenagers as well as new members in our church.

And I can’t explain it, but I feel like God has a plan for this writing stuff that I do (proof of my abilities: the phrase “writing stuff,” which reveals deep levels of giftedness). I don’t mean a book or anything like that – my lack of imagination prevents me from writing more than five or six paragraphs at a time – but I just feel like He’s showing me that there’s more I could be doing with writing than I am right now. What that might be, I have absolutely. no. idea.

I think this meme has pretty much made the rounds, but if you haven’t used it yet, consider yourself tagged.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

Sunday With The Boys

I’ve made not one but two trips to Lowe’s today – one to scope out the grills, another to pick up The Chosen Grill (we weren’t in D.’s truck when we went after church, and TCG wouldn’t fit in the back of my car).

It’s a curious thing, Lowe’s. As soon as the doors slide open D. goes into a “hunt and conquer” mode: he must find the right drill bit, the right lugnut, the right grill, the right sprinkler, the right width of such and such so that he can brace the thingamajig. It is endlessly entertaining to me. I’m eyeballing the patio furniture and the latest organizational gadgets, and he’s looking at the latest edgers and mowers, admiring the sharp blades, nodding his head and saying, “Coooool.”

Alex is no different. Both of his trips to Lowe’s today afforded him the opportunity to hop from riding mower to riding mower, each time announcing to me where he was driving, and then he’d jump off once he’d reached his imaginary destination, tend to his imaginary business at each imaginary place, and climb back on his yellow and green mowing machine, making all manner of cranking and screeching noises.

Meanwhile, I’m rocking in a patio chair, thinking, “I really like the fringe on that garden umbrella,” while Alex pops imaginary wheelies and D. talks with clerks about BTU’s and warranties and propane.

When we got in the car after our first trip, D. said, “Aren’t you excited about our new grill? It makes me want to hunt things and kill them and then cook them.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It just makes me want to eat some chicken.”