You Might Call This Post “Random,” But I Prefer “Eclectic”

1. Septic Man has finished all the repairs. Only instead of it being $900, it was $1150, because he said it was “a bigger job” than they thought it would be.

I’m not positive, but I think that what he was really saying is that D and I are full of it.

And I’m not even insulted. :-)

2. Alex is going to my parents’ house for a few days. When he found out that Mama was leaving today, he immediately asked her if he could tag along.

He’s terribly, deeply attached to his daddy and me, as you can tell.

But believe you me: if I had the chance to go somewhere and eat donuts and drink diet Coke and watch movies all day long?

Can you say “IN A HEARTBEAT”?

3. Overheard yesterday while walking behind a group of teenage girls:

“OH MY GAH – did you, like, GET BANGS?”

“Uh-huh. I TOTALLY did. I mean, I HAD them before? But they weren’t this short?”

“OH MY GAH – THEY’RE AWESOME! They look, like, SO! GOOD!”

Re-playing that conversation in my head has entertained me more than I can tell you.

It’s the little things, you know?

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  1. I totally, like, you know, like, know what you mean! I work at a university and am appalled at the lack of ability to speak a complete sentence without “like” being in it at least every third word. And some of the conversations, even leaving “like” out are so inane. Scary.

  2. DIET Coke? When did Mama start buying that? I thought she only served The Real Thing. :)

  3. Oh, A. will DEFINITELY get the real thing. But I would want diet Coke instead…it is my drink of choice, you know. :-)

  4. Oh my GAD! I am totally, like, you know, like, choking on my tea here, like, you know, thinking what I would have say if I would have, like, you know, bangs that short too, you know, considering my age and all!

    God bless teenagers, the septic man and Diet Coke.

  5. Your blog ALWAYS lifts my spirits. I have had a very productive, but very tiring day, and your last entry made me laugh out loud. So therapeutic. I LOVE your humor. When I read what you’ve posted, I can almost HEAR you speaking it. It’s great. Thanks!

  6. Oh my gah, this post is like totally funny.

    Please take me with you to the house of unlimited diet coke and donuts. A little slice of heaven on earth.

  7. maybe Alex had enough of the stinkypoo in the backyard and just was too polite to tell you :)

    *asks innocently* full of what?

  8. Hi Boo. I’m the blond girl.

    Oh. my. gawd! I am so, like, into diet coke… but not bangs. they’re so, you know.. yesterday on me!

    tee hee

    I’ve been hearing about you for awhile now and meaning to come and visit and say hi. then here’s the funny thing; I’ve seen all these “bloggy tour of home” banners around. Today I did my T13 as a tour of my home, so I thought it was time to add the banner. Problem: I didn’t realize I was supposed to do it back in JULY! Auggh! Also, I don’t know how to add code unless it is in one of those little “cut and paste” boxes. I’m really HTML illiterate. My friend, Geekwif, is my HTML friend. Or, as Larry Boy would say “HTML good buddy!”

    So, no banner for me, but if you would like to view my home and come say hi, then you are invited and more than welcome.

    Oh, and I will be back, oh yes, I will be back :-)

  9. Why is everything always “like” with teenagers? Like can anyone tell me why? heehee :-)

  10. Like did she totally use Breck or Aqua Net on her new bangs? Like you have to keep them upright in the wind, like you know. Like gag me with a spoon.

  11. If this new generation even like even knew anything about the magic of the ’80s girl’s bangs, they would like be blown away!

    Can’t really blame today’s teens the over use of “like.” Teens in the 50’s & 60’s introduced the world to rock n roll, teens in the 70’s had those styl’n bellbottoms which I must admit I have embraced in a toned down version. But my generation, the 80’s teen was the origional Valley Girl generation. Not like I was like one of them.

  12. “OH MY GAH” is that a big hole, THAT IS SOO AWESOME, or did someone die in your front yard?

    “OH MY GAH” you sure are full of it looking down that deep hole. Maybe it is the Diet Coke and donuts? Is that a floating donut?

    SORRY COULD NOT RESIT. Now I am going to have “OH MY GAH” stuck in my brain all day.

    Keep your chin up ;))

  13. There’s nothing like a little septic problem to relieve some of the sentimental attachment to a house, right? Just consider this a gift from God to help you attach to your new house. Or maybe not. ;)

    And diet Coke and donuts were what fed Grayson through my pregnancy. I swear that’s why he’s so sweet today!!

  14. *giggle* :-)

  15. you make me laugh girl!!!