I Need A Bit Of Help

[looking sheepish]

If you haven’t updated your Bloglines or feedreader yet with my new blawg information, would you do that for me?

Pretty please?

And if you have me listed in your blogroll, would you please update that info, too?

[looking embarrassed]

I feel so needy.

But I’m trying to get all the bloggity operations moved over to WordPress so that I can bid a final farewell to Ye Olde Blogger.

You will all be receiving $1,000 as a token of my gratitude for your cooperation.

It will be fake money, of course. With my picture on it.

Absolutely worthless, you understand.

But I feel it’s only appropriate to offer some form of incentive.

Thank you ever so much for your assistance.

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  1. BooMama,
    I found your site through Mishel. I am really new to blogging and can’t even get to your site unless it’s through Mishel’s. Hopefully when things settle down a bit I can get some one over here to help me out. Anyhow, enjoy your blogging break. I’ll be looking for pictures of the new house when you come back. I found you during your septic tank adventure. You make me laugh!

  2. Already done did it, BooMama.

    BUT….Bloglines is not updating recent posts like it should. It’s not notifying me of new posts, and if it does notify me, it may be hours or even days late with the notification. If it doesn’t straighten itself up soon, the honeymoon may be over.

  3. You know, I’ve been having trouble with Bloglines, too – I’ve missed LOTS of posts recently…which I discovered when I finally started surfing around to different blogs just to see if something was going on. Hopefully they’ll get it straightened out sometime soon…

  4. Put me down as another having big trouble with Bloglines. I’d venture to say almost half of the blogs I have on my Bloglines blogroll haven’t shown as updated in at least two weeks, even though most of them HAVE. Very frustrating.

  5. Mission accomplished (although, being the computer wizzard I am I can’t figure out how to delete the old one – so I have you twice on my bloglines).

  6. Recently what every I try with so called simple task on the computer it seem to go not right.
    In all honestly it do to the operate of the computer..ME!

  7. Hey Linda – Over in your Bloglines sidebar, click on BooMama (the old one) – and then on the top right side of the screen you’ll see a place where it says “unsubscribe.” Click on that. Then confirm. And the old subscription link will be all gone.

  8. I am LOVING your new design – I’ve asked my husband for one for Christmas! I’m not expecting it or the diamond earrings I also want.

    I’m sending an email to Bloglines cause this not updating is driving me crazy! Do we have another choice? Anybody?

  9. Soph, if your blog is still coming up when I pull it down on my favorites, do I need to update? Sorry I’m so computer-illiterate. Maybe it’s the sinus infection….

  10. Hey Liza – Just delete the old favorite and make this page a favorite. It’ll be fine for a little while longer, though. Sorry about that sinus infection…hope you feel better!

  11. Did it when you first changed over. I’ve had trouble with bloglines the last week too. I just thought no one was posting due to being too busy with your thanksgiving. Till I thought I’d just check out a few favorites and found I was days behind. Sheesh.

  12. OOh, love love love the new look! :) Congratulations!!!

  13. OK, I did it and it worked. I must be technologically gifted after all.

    I’ve given up on bloglines. I’m just prowling the old fashioned way. I miss seeing the whole blog and nothing but the blog.

  14. Done and done.

    At least now I’ll get to see an actual life-similar photo of the elusive BM on my currency!

    My joy knows no bounds…

  15. Done!

  16. Sweet Blawg! I LOVE the new font too! She looks purty! Happy late Thanksgiving and happy moving too. (I just got caught up!)

    P.S. We may have a “bite” on the house but I’m not jinxing it or anything. :)

  17. I guess I need to get on that since I have missed a whole bunch of posts already!

  18. Ok, I just did it and it made me a little sad to unsubscibe to the other blog. Like an era has passed or something.

    I really need a Dr Pepper if this is bumming me out so badly.

  19. Love the new look! I’ve been thinking about jumping ship to WordPress, but I’m a little worried about getting the look I want. Was the move to WP pretty smooth or did you have some problems?

  20. Updated! You’re really inspiring me to leave blogger…

  21. Gina – the move to Word Press was unbelievably smooth, but that’s primarily because I had Heather helping me. She set up everything, moved everything over, designed the template – the whole nine yards.

  22. I don’t know if you were planning on canceling your blogspot account, but if you do (being the blogger mega star that you are), spammers will nab the address. So, it’s better just to keep it as is, but not updated, with your post on top that you’ve moved.

  23. i don’t know how to do that!!!

  24. i don’t know how to do that

  25. I’m feeling very bloggily imcompetent….but I can’t find the link to your new place. I must be missing it because others have successfully gotten it. I even sent you an e-mail at the link on your sidebar and it came back “Invalid recipient.” Can you help me out?!

  26. OK — feeling even dumber — this IS the new site, right? I clicked on it from Bloglines and from links at Rocks In My Dryer and A Chelsea Morning and came here. So I guess Bloglines automatically changed it? It’s still not showing your new posts, but it has been acting odd lately anyway.