But Wait! There’s More!

In light of the fact that I have determined that we will be completely moved out of our house around 2021 – just in time for Alex’s high school graduation! – I don’t have much to say tonight other than OH SWEET MERCY where’s the bed because I do believe that I’m exhausted.

But, lucky for me (and you), I have several little bloggy tidbits I’ve been meaning to pass your way.

1. There’s a great website called Ebeanstalk, and today I got an email offer especially for you fine BooMama readers. If you make a purchase at Ebeanstalk, enter the code CC2 3U1 when you check out, and you’ll receive 15% off.

I know! You’d think it was Christmas or something!

And seriously – they have wonderful educational toys, conveniently grouped by age with all sorts of info on what skills are developed by playing with that toy. I really do think y’all will love the website…and the discount makes it even better.

2. The folks at Swiffer have been kind enough to send me a new Carpet Flick for me to review, but in all honesty the thing is staying in the box until we get settled in the new place and I can test it to my heart’s content. In the meantime, y’all can click here through December 30 and submit photos of the interior of your home all decorated for the holidays (and isn’t that excellent timing on Swiffer’s part since we’re having the little tour-o-homes here on December 15? I think y’all should all enter the week of tour-o-homes and totally rock Swiffer’s world).

ANYWAY, from now until the end of December, one photo will be chosen each week and posted as “favorite home of the week.” In addition, participants will be chosen via random sweepstakes selections and will win the following:

1. Grand Prize Winner: $3,500 toward a home makeover
2. 25 First Prize Winners: A Swiffer WetJet
3. 6 Weekly Winners: A year’s supply of Swiffer Products

Swiffer on, my friends.

3. There is no place in the free world that my husband loves more than Best Buy, and I really can’t believe I haven’t written about it before. It is downright comical when the two of us are in Best Buy together, because he would tell you in a New York minute that I completely taint the Best Buy experience, what with my incessant questions and appalling lack of reverence for large television sets and video game consoles.

But I digress.

Here’s what I’m supposed to tell you (and I’m telling you in hopes that Best Buy will send me a gift card for 50 free televisions. Or a DVD. Or something.)

The Best Buy Blue Shirts will be hosting a web chat to help consumers learn about all of the hot new items available this holiday season, as well as to help consumers determine how to Wow their loved ones with cool gifts that are right for them.

If you’re interested, please visit Ask A Blue Shirt on Friday, December 15, 2006 at 1pm EASTERN time. They also have some helpful videos about their products here.

In addition, they have the Wow Factor Finder, a user friendly gift idea tool where consumers can input information regarding the gift recipient to generate some great gift ideas that will help them Wow your loved ones this season. For more info, click here.

I’m all done now.

I’m feeling quite consumer-y.

See y’all tomorrow!

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  1. So, on the Blue Shirt deal? Would that be 1 p.m. Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Western China time?

    We highly intelligent consumers are also very detail-oriented in our OCD-ness, you know!

    Besides, I need me a Hot New Idea in Electronics for the 91-year-old MIL. I love nothing more than to throw out a challenge!

  2. Hi BooMama!

    I have an unrelated question — feel free to erase this comment if you want to. Anywho…

    What advice would you give a (very) small business owner who wanted to acquire a “button” for her website?

    Do you build your own, or do you have someone you can refer?

    Thanks in advance! btw…I like your new look. Very sharp.

  3. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Just made my once-a-year pilgrimage to Best Buy tonight and received a remarkably thorough education on the differences between a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo DS Lite (note: that doesn’t mean fewer calories). My head is still spinning, and my MasterCard bill is larger.

  4. I need to go to Best Buy for some ink for the printer. I hate going in there. Every time I do I want to buy something expensive (as if $70.00 for ink wasn’t expensive enough). I need a new fridge, washer, dryer, etc. I better stay out of Best Buy today. I could get in trouble.

  5. I am overwhelmed by your consumer skills…..and I haven’t even begun to shop yet!! You are delightful even when you talk “stuff”…..keep on, girl. And hope you enjoy some good rest.

  6. Grafted – I have messed around with the button stuff a little, but I have learned – after my recent experience with Heather redesigning my blog – that it’s SO much easier to have someone else do it. However, if you have Photoshop and a Photobucket account for hosting, you could probably come up with one on your own…email me if you want more specific info!

    And C. – the Best Buy chat is at 1 pm EASTERN time. I double-checked on their website…and I so appreciate the OCD attention to detail!