Deck The Halls, Y’all!

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Welcome, everybody!

Now since most of you have had to read about our recent move over and over again – and since I haven’t posted any pictures of the house since we’ve been here – this little Christmas bloggy house tour thing-y is the perfect opportunity for me to show you around.

Except I’m not showing you the bedrooms because they’re still a bit of a train wreck. And yes, we’ve been here two weeks now, but I do have a toddler and DO I LOOK LIKE A ROBOT?


It’s a wonder that I decorated the front door, because honestly there were bigger and better things I needed to be doing (like, for instance, unpacking our clothes). But I decided that it would bring the little man untold joy to see even a single strand of lights when he was outside, so I threw together a little something.


Let’s all just pretend that we don’t see that pesky cord over there to the right. ‘Kay?

When you walk in the front door, you’re facing the living room, where Sister and I arranged furniture until 2 in the morning on the Friday that we moved. Neither our backs nor our bladders will ever be the same.  


(Here’s what you should be ignoring: the pillow in the floor, the couch not centered on the wall-o-windows but OH it will be by this weekend, the three year old who couldn’t even bother to turn around for the photograph.)    

And in the front corner of that room, you’ll find our Christmas tree:  


I can’t take any credit at all for the beauty of said tree; Mama decorated it for us when we moved in. She and Sister can decorate Christmas trees like nobody’s business. I, on the other hand, am totally intimidated by the whole process and pretty much just stand back and whimper. So it was a HUGE blessing for her to do that for us, especially in the midst of the moving madness.   

And look! Lights!



We don’t have a mantel over our fireplace in this house, so I did what any good Southern girl would do given the circumstances: I hung our stockings on the bar. I thought that was pretty resourceful, though I may be setting myself up for scandal what with us being members of a Baptist church and all.


The dining room is off of the living room, and as you look at this picture just pretend like all the chairs are upholstered in the same fabric because I haven’t exactly gotten around to that particular project yet (see: NOT A ROBOT).   


On the table at the far end of the room, you’ll find just about the only “collection” I have:  


I really do treasure them, and during a season when it’s easy to get bogged down in what we’re giving, what we’re getting, what we’re eating and what all we have to do, the nativity scene reminds me of what really matters during this special time of year. 

In Alex’s playroom I put up the tree we got at Home Depot the day after Thanksgiving (remember? it was free!). That’s where I’m putting all the cards we get in the mail, and I can already tell that the Christmas Card Tree is going to be a tradition in our house for many years to come. I just love it.


I’ll post another picture at the end of the holidays when it’s chock-full-o-cards…it’s been so fun to have our friends’ pictures become a part of our Christmas decorations.   

Well…that’s about it, I reckon…I’ll save pictures of the kitchen and playroom and all that for later since there may be a few other houses you’re hoping to visit today. 

So grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate, get settled in a comfy chair, start clicking on the links (oh, how I hope there are links), and enjoy some of the warmest hospitality that the interweb has to offer.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

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  1. Oh, BooMama, your decorations are beautiful, as is your house! I love it!

    You know, I really like your idea of making the Christmas cards that you receive a part of your tree. Very nice!

    Thanks so much for hosting this. :)

  2. Gorgeous, Boo Mama! You put my little display to shame! Absolutely beautimous!

  3. Your decorations are lovely! How clever to hang your stockings from the bar. Mine are hung from my teacart!
    Thanks so much for hosting this!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours…

  4. Really beautiful. I’m quite impressed – and Mama can come over and deck my halls anytime.

    But then, I’m drooling over the apparent dust-free-ness you’re enjoying as well.

    Thanks for hosting!

  5. Awesome job! I love the chairs just how they are- unmatching and all. Adds character. Merry Christmas from my home to yours!

  6. Congrats on your new home…it is lovely! I hope it becomes a treasure house of good memories!

    Thanks for hosting!

  7. What a gorgeous home…love all the windows in your living room.

    This is going to be so much fun..thanks!


  8. Mega kudos to you and Mama. And this Holiday Tourarama is going to be THE hit of the http://www…servers will be going down all over the world. :)

  9. Your home is beautiful Boomama, I know you are so proud. I love your beautiful tree! Thanks for hosting this I love it so much. May you have a Blessed Christmas in your new home.

  10. Thank you for hosting this. I read all the ones on your last tour, but alas I didn’t have a blog yet. Your home looks gorgeous and I especially love your front door. Merry Christmas!

  11. I am in awe of the holiday glow your beautiful hardwood floors have! Congrats on a successful move!

  12. Your new house is so beautiful! And I love that gorgeous Christmas tree, with lights or without! ;)

    Thanks for having us over!

  13. What a wonderful home, and you have put it together in only 2 weeks. I love the idea of a Christmas card tree, I will be copying that idea for next year.
    Thank you again for hosting this, it is great fun to see Christmas being celebrated around the world.
    It is 4.30pm Friday here in Brisbane, I have been ready since 9am this morning. The wait has been excruciating, but I am sure it is going to be worth it!!!!
    Merry Christmas

  14. It’s so beautiful! And in just two weeks?!! The tree with the cards is a great idea! Thanks for this great event!

  15. I want a Christmas card tree, I will overlook the fact that I only have 1 Christmas card, it still needs a tree. Thanks for organizing this & I love the new house.

  16. I love your home! The decorations look amazing too. The tree shows great with or without lights. Great idea to do this!

  17. Your home is just beautiful!! I can’t believe you moved in 2 weeks ago! Your tree is gorgeous and I LOVE your Christmas card tree, what a great idea! Thank you so much for hosting the tour!

  18. Your new home is just gorgeous… and I am LOVIN’ all those windows! What a wonderful job you have done in such a short time! WOW! Merry Christmas!

  19. The Christmas card tree is a neat idea. But mostly I’m just blown away by how awesome your house looks so soon after moving in. Are there big boxes of noodles and plastic chairs hidden just outside the frame?

  20. looks great! the christmas card tree is fun! we love our christmas cards here too.

    your new house looks beautiful.

  21. I am IN LOVE with your house! It is WONDERFUL!!! No wonder you all were so thrilled to find it. It is perfect!

    And girl – how on earth have you gotten so moved in in two weeks! I think you are a robot – yes sirree!

    The decorations are all beautiful and that Christmas card tree is a stroke of genius. You know that there are going to be card trees popping up all over the globe now!

    A wonderful start to the tour – enjoy your beautiful new home!

    And THANKS for hosting :) You southern ladies are just the nicest hostesses!

  22. You’ve done an amazing amount of unpacking in your new home in a short amount of time (except for the clothes and all). Your mama did a beautiful job with your tree.

    I’ve been a little overwhelmed this week – sick kids and preparing to host a big birthday tea for two of my daughters on Saturday – and this is just what I needed to get in the holiday spirit.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  23. You have a gorgeous comfortable home. Thanks for hosting this fun tour once again. Have a blessed holiday. Love, e-Mom

  24. You just moved in and your home already looks that good? Wow. :) Thanks for hosting us, BooMama! This is fun!

  25. You have a beautiful home! Thanks for hosting the tour it was fun to put together the blog post. Great idea.

  26. Oh your home and your decorations are so very pretty, thank you for the tour I felt like I was right there with you and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. Your home is beautiful!!! I love your nativity scenes. Those are my favorite.

    Thanks for hosting. I had just started reading your blog when you hosted the one in July. I didn’t have a blog then, but I loved looking through all the linkies – it led me to some of my favorite places to visit now. Looking forward to finding some new treasures through this one, too!!

  28. Hi there. I wanted to let you know that I linked to the December archives in my blog, since each photo I posted counts as one blog entry…so in order to see them ALL, one has to look through the December files. But unfortunately, you will see all the redundant kid photos too. If that is not okay, you can delete my name from the list.

    Your house is lovely…and I am positively amazed at what you have done in 2 weeks! Maybe you aren’t a robot-but you ARE wonderwoman! Sheesh!

    Oh-and I love the idea of a card tree. Very quaint! We usually frame the doorways with them.

    Anyway-have a great day and thanks for hosting this. It should be fun!

  29. I have to say you are really good…moving just a couple weeks ago and your house looks fantastic. I love all your decorations! Thanks for hosting this great party. I’ll be back in a few days when I sift through all the gorgeous homes! :)

  30. Oh your new how is so beautiful and so are the decorations. I would be so proud!!!! Great job. Thank you for hosting.

  31. Wow – I can see why you fell in love with the new house! It’s beautiful (and you decorated after just moving!? I think I would’ve put Christmas on hold for a while had it been me, though I don’t have a 3 yo so maybe being a mom changes that a bit.)

    Thanks for hosting this – too much fun!

  32. Beautiful! I can’t believe you just moved in, you must have had elves around. :)
    I love your Nativity Scene!

  33. What a fun new home you have! I, too, am impressed with how much you’ve gotten done in 2 weeks to pull it together for the holidays. (What a trying time of year for a move!)

    And I love the Christmas card tree idea. Puts my file folder of old pictures and cards to shame.

  34. I am so impressed that you got all that done in 2 weeks. Your house is gorgeous. I’ll be getting my act together and joining the tour today. I hope.

  35. That is so beautiful!! I just have my tree but better than nothing, eh??

  36. I missed your post about the FREE tree, but I love that card idea. Your other tree and home is gorgeous.

  37. Your decorations are beautiful and the card tree idea- I LOVE IT!
    Thanks for hosting the “tour.”

  38. Your house looks great…love your tree. THANKS for having this little tour! SOOO fun!

  39. BooMama, your new home is lovely and I just ROFL with the bar/baptist comment (because we be baptist too!)

    Hope this is the Merriest Christmas ever!

  40. I can’t believe you have it all together after only being there two weeks! Thank the Lord for moms and sisters. Your new home looks lovely!

  41. Your house is gorgeous! I love the stockings hanging from the bar. Thanks for putting this together. It’s very fun:) Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  42. You’re house is just lovely. I love your front door; I didn’t get to decorate mine this year. I don’t know what this says about me, but I noticed your floors most of all. They are so shiny. I have carpet and want hard floors so bad. Thanks for hosting, this has been great.

  43. Your new home is just beautiful,Boo Mama. Look at all those windows! I can’t wait to see all the rest of this house.

    And your tree is beautiful. My goodness, your mother is one great tree decorator. I love the ribbons hanging down from the top of the tree.

    I’m amazed you’ve accomplished so much in two weeks. Your home just says, “Christmas” everywhere. Beautiful.

  44. Boomama, your home is lovely – and you put my decorating to shame! :o) Merry Christmas.

  45. I love your new house! You’ve done a wonderful job and you’re much further ahead than I would have been! Congrats on the new heat pump, too. Thanks so much for hosting this! Merry Christmas!

  46. Ditto on the beautiful home and loved the fun commentary, though I would not have notived the chair covers or pillow on the floor. :)

  47. Well, I LOVE all of it.

    Your tree is just gorgeous with all the colors.

    You and Sister did a fab job of arranging furniture (I’m assuming your bladders will never be the same due to all the laughing).

    And the stockings on the bar are just the right touch to ensure that Santa can grab himself a cocktail before he finishes making his rounds.

  48. Your home and your decorations are beautiful. I love all the windows. And I think it is great that the chairs are upholstered with different fabrics, I think that is a hot trend right now (too much HGTV I think).
    Thanks for hosting this.

  49. Boo Mama, thank you so much for hosting this! I can’t wait to get started on the tour! I told my hubby I would be hunkered down by the computer this weekend. LOL Your home is just beautiful and I think I am going to “borrow” your Christmas card tree idea, I love it!

  50. Your home is lovely Boomama! Can’t believe you’ve done so much in 2 short weeks. I love your Christmas card tree; I might have to try that one!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Thank you for hosting us, I know everyone enjoys it.

  51. I love your home and decorations! And did you say you just moved and did all that? Amazing! (And I wouldn’t worry about the stockings on the bar re:Baptists – I was raised Southern Baptist, now PCA, and what they say about Baptists and drinking is often true. “Baptists don’t drink… with *other* Baptists!”)
    We’re in a tiny town in Alabama and the things we’ve learned in the past year…!

  52. Beautiful job, BooMama. My favorite pictures of the one of the tree all lit up. And I love the way you angled your furniture in the den. Very chic.

    Thanks for hosting this, and for always bringing a smile to Blogville.

  53. Your tree is gorgeous, and I LOVE the Christmas card tree idea!

    I’ll be getting my pictures up soon (I hope!)

    Thanks for doing this:)

  54. Gorgeous! Love your front door.

    I’ll be participating, but it won’t be till later this evening. Thanks for hosting this.

  55. I enjoyed visiting your lovely home! I love the front door especially. And I’m considering the Christmas tree card idea — haven’t figured out the best way to handle those in this house.

    Thanks so much for hosting this! I can’t wait to visit around and wish I could go to all the other places today, but I am going to have to spread it out over the next several days.

  56. I am loving all the tours up to see. Thanks for hosting this BooMama. You have a lovely house!

  57. I can’t wait until I have time to peruse these links! Thanks for doing this, especially with your move and all. Amazing!
    my tour
    is nothing compared with yours, though! Merry Christmas!

  58. I was ready last night, but it was 1 am here (est) so I went to bed and found I was in 83rd place this morning!
    I am enjoying the tour-good thinking! : )
    Your house looks great for just moving in. You are like me, you point out things that most people would ignore-like the light cord or pillow-now stop that!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  59. I canNOT believe your house is this together and you just moved. I am SO impressed! Absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!

  60. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for hosting the Christmas tour of homes – can’t wait to get around and “visit” everybody!

  61. This is such fun!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  62. Okay, first off, your windows ROCK. And the Christmas tree for cards? Genius. Pure genius!


  63. I LOVE the Christmas card tree! We might have to incorporate that one! Now that so many folks send photo cards that don’t fold, I can’t stand them up on my breakfast bar the way I always have. Love your house!

    And thanks for organizing this – what a blast!

  64. I love the Christmas card tree! That is awesome! I’m amazed at how you got things done seeing you just moved in there. That is amazing and your home is just beautiful for Christmas! I love all the windows!

  65. Your new home is lovely! And you have already started making memories.

    I love the Christmas card tree. A reason for me to have another tree!

    Thank you so much for hosting yet another wonderful Tour of Homes!

    Merry Christmas!

  66. Lovely home. Glad Donna sent me over here.

  67. Thank you for hosting! Your new home is so lovely! I really like your Christmas card display – I think you’ve inspired me for next year.

  68. Thank you so much for hosting this lovely tour! I’ve been all over the world today visiting everyone! :) Thank you for your warm hospitality!

  69. I agree!! Thanks for being such a great hostess! Merry Christmas!!!

    I actually have a “Deck the halls, yall” ornament!!

  70. BooMama, I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I’m not seeing Mr. Linky anymore. I saw it last night and earlier this morning, but he’s vanished for me since then. Any ideas?

  71. Thank you SO much for letting me know…I accidentally deleted it when I was trying to modify something in my post. Could have been a bloggy disaster! :-)

  72. Uh-oh! I don’t see Mr. Linky!

  73. Me either, Boomama, Mr. Linky is gone… Please find him quick. I am having a bloggity withdrawl.

  74. Oh, THANK YOU! He’s back. By the way, beautiful home!!

  75. Wow, you got a great reaction to your Christmas tour of homes.

  76. I’ve been searching all over the place for “Mr. Linky” because I *knew* I had seen him earlier this morning, but then couldn’t find him when I wanted to link. Glad he’s back.

    BooMama, thank you for hosting this Tour. Your new home is gorgeous, and I’m amazed that you’ve accomplished all of this while trying to get settled.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  77. Thanks for the fun!!! And the motivation to get things done :)

  78. Thanks for the fun tour of homes.

  79. So either you have been working non-stop since you moved or ONLY photographed what you wanted to picture! Giggles! I love your house! That is what I love about MS-the big windows and southern flair. Thanks for hosting-yet again!


  80. How beautiful! I love the dark picture of your lit tree. I just love christmas trees all lit up in the dark. Mesmerizing!

  81. thanks for showing us around
    looks lovely
    the cards look cool on the Christmas tree
    we usually put ours on our wall unit

  82. Thanks for hosting! I can’t wait to look at everyones!!

  83. What a great idea-
    Love your house- We have the same decorating style-
    I love to shop too- thanks for the great ideas-

  84. Elizabeth says:

    This is a very festive (and extensive) house tour. You are quite the hostess!

  85. Thank you for hostessing such a wonderful parade of homes!! It is encouraging to see the beauty and traditions that this season inspires! I’m hoping we’ll get some decorations up in our home…soon!!
    Blessings! Diane

  86. Lovely decorations!

  87. I thought this was a fun one so I participated. I love looking around at everyones decorated house.

  88. Your new house is beautiful and the decorations are absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing your home with us, and for hosting this tour. Merry Christmas!

  89. Great idea. I love your wall of windows. You have beautiful decorations. Good luck with the rest of your unpacking. Can’t be easy with a 3 year old.

  90. Well, it looks like it’s a BIG hit around here. I haven’t gotten any pics of my house yet but I’m thinking about it : ) I love your house and think you’ve done an excellent job decorating for Christmas and the rest of the year, too!!

  91. Thank you so much for hosting this great event. Your home is beautiful!

  92. Congratulations on your new home; it’s gorgeous and so are your decorations! I’m getting a very late start tonight on the tour, so I hope everybody will leave their porch lights on! Thanks for hosting the tour. It’s a wonderful idea, and it’s the first time I’ve visited one. Have a great weekend!

  93. This was such fun! Thanks for hosting the tour.

    Your decorating is lovely and your new home looks gorgeous. I love the wall of windows. The Christmas card tree is a wonderful idea!

    Thanks again!

  94. Phyllis R. says:

    SO, is there some kind of little bloggy Christmas Home Tour??? Not sure….can’t tell if anyone is doing it. OH MY WORD!! 131 participants and 97 comments!!! Wow!!! This is fun. From the beautiful front door to the pretty tree, BAR stockings (gotta love that) to that gorgeous dining room with great windows, I love your decorations (and your house)! (Is the dining room upstairs?? It looks like it’s above the trees, which would make it a tree house….way cool!) Thanks for the tour and Merry Christmas to you!

  95. Mine is FINALLY up! Yay! Come by to see!

    Merry Christmas!!!!


  96. Loved looking at all your pictures! You’ve really worked hard to get decorated for Christmas, with just having moved in! ::::Applause:::: Take a bow…or a curtsy!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!



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