The Night That Rocked My Bloggy World

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had called Emma Kate with what I felt was some terribly thrilling news, and based on the excitement in my voice she thought I must be pregnant, only I’m not pregnant, so it took a few minutes for her to realign her conversational expectations and then she agreed that yes, oh my word, what I had called to tell her was terribly exciting indeed.

So here’s what I called to tell her.

Earlier that day I had been clicking around the Lifeway site, trying to find out if Beth Moore had any new Bible studies that were available for download (backstory: last spring I did an online version of her Living Beyond Yourself study with about 25 other bloggers, and through that study I met some phenomenal bloggy friends). I was having a hard time finding what I was looking for on the Lifeway website, so I thought I would click over to the Living Proof website and see if there was any info that I could get straight from the horse’s mouth.

Not that Beth is a horse, of course. Anything but. She’s adorable. Cute as a bug, actually. Not that she’s a bug, either. Purely figurative comparisons, you understand.

And over to the right-hand side of the LPM homepage, I saw a little link that caught my eye, and I blinked about fifteen times when I saw it:

LPM Blog

My immediate reaction:


So I clicked on the link, looked around, and sure enough:


It’s called, fittingly, The Living Proof Ministries blog. Beth’s daughter Amanda writes there, as well.

I was surprised to see that there were just a few comments on each post. I thought there had to be a mistake because Beth Moore should have, like, eleventy hundred comments a post, so many comments that she’d have to turn off the comments, in fact, and yet I found myself commenting with ease, tickled to death to be able to do so, feeling like she and Amanda were old friends I’d known for years but never had the privilege to meet. But after I looked in the archives, I realized that their blog was only about six weeks old, and I immediately created a new post so that I could put up a link here.

But something gave me pause. I don’t know what it was…but there are, um, kind of a lot of y’all (all right. I confess. more than “tens”), and I kept thinking that maybe Beth and Amanda didn’t want a surge of blog traffic, that maybe they were trying to do a slow and steady launch. And while I’m pretty bold, I certainly didn’t want to mess up their bloggy routine or add more work for them. I didn’t know what to do.

So I talked it through with D. and then Emma Kate (my personal expert on All Things Beth since she has completed every Beth Moore Bible study ever written), and they both agreed that I should hold off on linking – mainly because the LPM blog seemed to be a quiet corner, and it might be rude for me to disrupt that. I even talked to a couple of other bloggers, and they agreed that I shouldn’t mention it. I didn’t like not mentioning it, but I really do think it was the right thing to do.

I did tell three or four of my real-life friends about The LPM Blog – and I think all of them headed over there at one time or another and commented. I commented several times, too – just grateful for the opportunity to let Beth and Amanda know what a difference the Living Proof ministry has made in my life. I figured that word about their blog was bound to spread eventually – but OH, how I longed to link.

The problem, though, was that every single time I would start a post to tell y’all ALL about it, I would think about the wise counsel of my husband and my friends. And I would also envision receiving a post-link letter from the Living Proof legal team:

“Dear Mrs. BooMama:

It has come to our attention that you recently linked to Beth and Amanda’s LPM blog. At this time the blog is in the developmental stages only. Unless you cease and desist with your linking, lurking, and occasional commenting, we will be forced to contact the authorities.

We do, however, believe that God has a special plan for your life. And Beth wants you to continue to work to get your hair just as big and blonde as you like it as you pursue Jesus with complete abandon.


Because He Lives,
The LPM Lawyer People.”

But then, last Wednesday night, the craziest thing happened. And I wasn’t going to mention this EVER because my mama would say that it’s tacky of me to do so, but some of y’all have commented about it and sent me emails where the subject line looks like !!!! and OH MY GOODNESS and HAVE YOU SEEN THIS, and I need to address it, I reckon.

Last Wednesday night there was a link to my blog in one of Amanda’s posts on The LPM Blog, and I would love to tell you that once I got the news and saw the post that I was cool, calm and collected. That I took it all in stride. That I maintained my composure.

But as D. will attest, I LOST MY EVER-LIVIN’ MIND. And if you look at my comment on Amanda’s post, you’ll see plenty of evidence to that effect.

Also: I waved my hands in front of my face a lot.

And I took screen shots of my computer screen and can you even stand what a total nerd I am? Have you ever seen a bigger, more gaping VOID OF COOL in your life?

Don’t believe me? Look:





I also looked at the referrals on my Site Meter for the first time in, I don’t know, EVER – and I took a screen shot of that, too, but I won’t show you the picture because I think you’re probably worried enough about my sanity as it is.


And please don’t misunderstand: I am flattered to pieces whenever anyone puts a link to me on their blog. I’m still a little amazed that anyone outside my circle of family and real-life friends would want to read this little bastion-o-mediocrity.

But there was something about seeing a link to my blog on the Living Proof blog that made the world seem oh-so-very small. And it was yet another example of God taking parts of my life that seem completely unrelated and then connecting them in a completely unexpected way.

I love it when He does that.

But here’s the very best part.

As a result of this whole linking thing, I was able to contact Amanda about whether or not it would be okay to link to The LPM Blog. I explained why I didn’t feel comfortable linking without their permission, and as is my custom I took approximately 1,000 words to say what most people could communicate in 100 (another example of my wordy tendencies: this post you’re reading right now).

And yesterday afternoon Amanda wrote me back and gave me the go-ahead to link away. Which is what I’ve wanted to do for the last, you know, THREE WEEKS – only God worked it out in a way that I would have never, ever expected.

So go see Beth and Amanda’s LPM Blog. And love on ’em real good with a sweet comment. You’re going to absolutely love what they’re doing with this new area of the Living Proof ministry.

Go! Now! They know that y’all are headed their way.

And they can’t wait to meet you.

p.s. – Many, many thanks to Heather – once again – for creating a blog template that’s way better than I deserve. If there’s anything “lovely” to look at here, it’s because she and the great people at Swank made it happen.

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  1. Oh Boomama this post cracked me up. In which hubby said whats so funny and since I was still trying to read your wordiness I said oh my favorite blogger she’s cracked but I meant cracking me up ;P I love you girl love love love in a nonstalkernonthreatening kinda way ROFL. quick high fives, no ones looking ;) Heading to the aforementioned blog now! Thanks for the link ;) xoxo melzie

  2. You are an amazing blog broker. Of sorts. And that you could keep it quiet? I couldn’t do it.

  3. Oh are JUST TOO MUCH…LOVE THIS LOVE IT..the LPM legal team letter is a attorney husband will love this…. God is so awesome how HE weaves things together..

    I join you in giving all of the glory…


  4. Oh are JUST TOO MUCH…LOVE THIS LOVE IT..the LPM legal team letter is a attorney husband will love this…. God is so awesome how HE weaves things together..

    I join you in giving HIM all of the glory…


  5. They’d better be ready for the whole tens of us to all be “Heading Over There Right Now!” I’d actually seen their link on your sidebar and jumped over once before, but now that it’s all okay, and fine, and dandy and all… I’m, gasp!, Heading Over There Right Now!

    Oh, and I can relate to the nerdiness, total goober-ness, and losing of the ever-livin’ mind–oh wait, I mean, being calm, cool and collected. I won’t tell you why, but I just can. :)

  6. The letter from the LPM legal team?

    Will go down as one of my favorite things I’ve ever read. Ever.

  7. Well that’s just the best thing since, well, I don’t know what! How cool! :)

  8. My husband wants to know why I’m crying (it’s the laughing kind). I don’t think he’d ever understand. I’m laughing so dadgum hard! You crack me up, girl. I found YOU because of the LPM blog. :) So glad Amanda linked you!

  9. I’m in my like eleventy-eth Beth Moore study – and I’m off to both read the blog, and – get this – add it to my bloglines. WOW – Beth has a blog. How cool is that.

  10. yes, the lawyerly like letter would also flash through my mind. Thanks for sharing the link!

  11. How Cool! I can’t wait to visit the LPM blog. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  12. Phyllis R. says:

    Beth + BooMama = HAPPINESS!!!!!

  13. I’m with Stephanie…I found YOU because of Amanda’s post on the LPM blog. I have checked you daily since my discovery, and I must say that you are HILARIOUS!!! Thank you for brightening my day. I’m an Oklahoma girl who was born in Mississippi, so your stories take me back to my “heritage”. I love it! Isn’t our GOD the coolest!!!

  14. You are too funny!!! Thanks for the insight on Beth’s Blog I will be heading on over there.

  15. **happy sigh**

    Thank you for the best news I’ve had all day!

  16. so funny!

  17. You are an absolute mess!!!!
    I know you must have been about to explode about this so I’m glad you went ahead and let everyone in on it!!

  18. HOORAY! THANK YOU for posting that link. I had no idea!

  19. I’m totally in with her book and will visit today! (congrats!) You’re getting famous-er by the minute you know. =)

  20. Cathy Bruning says:

    I found your blog from Beth and Amanda’s! Thank you so much for following God’s nudge NOT to link early on. LPM’s blog has felt like a little family and I have relished the intimacy — knowing it was not to last long (selfish, I know!). Most importantly, by restraining your wonderful self, God just dumped unbelievable blessings right on your sweet head. He’s just amazing. Thanks for the JOY from your refreshing blog. -Cathy

  21. Oh my good heavens….I would have fainted right on the spot. Wonderful news. Wunnerful Wunnerful.

    I once emailed Beverly Lewis about how much I enjoyed her books – and the reasons why they challenged me – AND SHE WROTE BACK! Oh, Yes, I DID save that email. Oh yes. . . . but I didn’t consider a screen shot. You crack me up!

  22. Sarah and I chatted about this a few days ago, and I was excited to know she has a blog too. I’m doing the Patriarchs study right now, and cant wait to see what our church offers next year. Her videos are absolutely wonderful, and it doesnt hurt that she’s completely adorable, 100% transparent and has the cutest drawl. I’ll go over and check her out – thanks for asking if you could tell us…..then telling. xoox

  23. You are too adorable. I love reading this because I can almost see your hands moving as you “talk”. :)

  24. Okay BooMama…I knew I loved you but now that I know you are crazy about Beth Moore too I love you even more! I’ve never met someone as full of TRUTH as Beth Moore. I love when I read a verse for the millioneth time and Beth says “Did you see that word? Of? Do you see the importance of that tiny word?” Love it.

  25. I would have exploded trying to keep that in. Good job, BooMama! I am going right over there to check it out! I LOVE Beth! She is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! Blessings!

  26. WAY COOL BM! But, just cuz you’re getting famous and all I won’t let LPM know I call you “BM” :)

    I’m off to give some lovin’ LOL!

  27. How funnny that others found YOU through the LPM blog! Also– what about the funny, personal pictures on her blog? They tickle me.

  28. Thanks, Boo! I WANT to love Beth Moore, but can’t seem to get plugged into any bible studies, or churches for that matter. My spiritual life has me back in the 7th grade, watching all of the “cool kids” scurry off to their Sunday School classes & meet for lunch at Panera after worship service. :-) Anyway, thanks for the tip on the “online” studies!

    PS– Congrats on the mention & link from the LPM blog! That’s huge!

  29. I would have taken a picture, too. And my Mama would have said it was tacky to brag, but then she would go brag to all of her friends. :>)
    And I think they are so many reasons we love Beth- besides the whole God- fearing woman who knows the Word and isn’t afraid to speak up for It or about It- the girl has got good hair.
    There, I said it.
    And I am surfin’ on over…

  30. That is so funny! And I totally get it, lol. You should have seen me get excited when AM, yes AM emailed me! She actually emailed ME!! Not once, either! I’m somebody!!! Ok, I didn’t take a picture, and I didn’t even save the emails, but I get it, and you are not a goober, hehe.

  31. You are the Sweetest Thing! I would have linked away and felt bad later. Beth Moore and her studies have changed so many of our lives for the better – it’s hard to not be excited to even read what she would dash off on a blog.

    Thanks for the link, Sweet Thing!

  32. You are soooo funny! I am excited to check out her link. I love her too!

  33. I love your site Boomama and I love your name! Have A Blessed Day!

  34. You are so funny; I love reading your stuff. I too, can’t believe that they could have a blog and TONS of people not read it all the time. I mean, BETH MOORE HAS A BLOG? Thanks- for your blog as well!

  35. I am one of the many who found you from the LPM blog. After the HOOPS, THERE IT IS post…I knew I had found a friend. My husband once physically removed me from a Tennessee/Florida football game at Neyland Stadium (during the Peyton-can’t-beat-Florida years). My holler’in was more than he could stomach!

    You’re in my favorites now….thanks to Beth and Amanda! High Five….or not :)

  36. Will have to check that out! You’ve been tagged! Please visit my post, “My Story,” for details. I want to hear yours. I am hoping to hear many beautiful stories of what Christ has done.

  37. Yeah! So happy for you that you’re now finally able to link away. She is just plain good stuff. Love her, and love you!

  38. You completely crack me up. :-) I don’t know why you’re all surprised that someone would link to you! I’ve been hooked on your blog ever since the first day I read it about a month ago! :-) Thanks for passing on the link!

  39. I also found you through Beth’s blog! I just happened to be looking at her website yesterday and saw it and had to immediately catch up on it! Not a very productive day, I’m ashamed to say. I’ve only read one other entry besides this one so far (the high five incident), but loved it! You definitely have a way! And I can relate! I would have been bouncing in my seat (and having to keep quiet since I’m at work) and no one else would have understood. Glad to know there are other Beth-loving (but especially Jesus-loving) nuts out there. I’ll have to expand my blogging knowledge, I can see. Great job!

  40. Oh me. Oh my!

  41. What a month it’s been, eh?

    I KNOW you HOLLERED and you HIGH FIVED Mr. Boo.

    Oh yes, you did!

    High-fivin’ for you all over the big skies of Montana sister-friend.

  42. Did I mention that FLAMES shot up out of bloglines when I linked?

    It must be one busy-link-o-love-fest at LPM.

  43. OH MY STARS!!! The letter from the Living Proof legal team is just about the funniest thing ever!!!

    I will giggle for days to come thinking of you saying:
    “We do, however, believe that God has a special plan for your life. And Beth wants you to continue to work to get your hair just as big and blonde as you like it as you pursue Jesus with complete abandon.”

    That is pure gold right there! Pure Gold! And the LPM blog, is amazing!!!

  44. I too found you via LPM! I am a new bloggie. Although I have been “lurking” for some time… This is my very firt comment ever!(My hand are sweating!)It is so much fun to be a part of this blogging world! I just love you. God Bless!

  45. Thanks so much for the info. I love Beth Moore and her ministry has blessed my life. I have visited the blog and will continue to be a regular.

  46. hi boomama!

    i’ve never heard of beth or living proof ministries so i am so excited to find out all about them. thanks a bunch!

  47. Thank you, Thank you for sharing this with us! I had no idea it was out there. We’re doing Beth’s Bible Study on Daniel at our church right now. It’s so challenging and inspiring…..
    Thank you!!

  48. i read your blog on the first day you commented at lpmblog….today i was just going to amen your “LUSTROUS” one of most favorite under-used words and i started reading today’s note- your “letter” from lpm re:linking has me laughing still….so while you have undoubtedly sent tens of people to lpm….now you have me….i actually look for your comments!

  49. I AM GOING TO DIE!!!! BETH MOORE HAS A BLOG!!! I THINK I HAVE DIED!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I have emailed all my friends to tell them none of them can hardly wait to work through all the archives!

  50. I must admit, I’ve never read anything by Beth Moore, but it’s on my to-read list, as I’ve heard GREAT things about her from just about every female I’ve come across. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go see if I can get some of her stuff on my Amazon wishlist *grins*

    I’m a new reader, BooMama … as of about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I must say that I REALLY enjoy reading your blog. So much so that I read one of your entries to my husband (the one about high-fiving and jeans) because it made me laugh and smile so much. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading what you write … and wanted to “de-lurk” myself lol.

  51. I just began the Beloved Disciple study this morning with the ladies at my church, and have been so blessed by Beth in the past. Thank you for this link–I’m excited to be hearing more of her heart! :-D

  52. Didn’t know Beth Moore had a blog.


  53. I found Beth’s website a week ago. I was wondering how long it would stay small-um, not very long! You are the greatest–God has blessed you and your blog–isn’t it amazing what God can do?

  54. You are absolutely hillarious!!! I’m mentally and physically exhausted from reading your blog. The whole time I’m reading I’m thinking, “Who is this person?!?……..and can I please be her best friend?” Seriously, you are entirely too talented for your own good. What do you do for a living?

  55. :)

  56. Oh, and I’m wondering–was that 1 comment on the post from you?

    We can win her over to the Croc side, BM, I know we can :)

  57. I smiled all the way through this post. Then I found your comment on Beth and Amanda’s blog and smiled even more. A little excited, were you? :-)

  58. Oh my gosh, you crack me up! I seriously have to make a trip to the potty before I even THINK about reading your stuff because I KNOW I will be laughing way too hard before it’s over! I can’t even remember how I found you…I think it was when I followed a link in Lisa Whelchel’s “Coffee Talk”, that led to Sarah’s “In the Midst of It”, which was the first blog I’d EVER seen, and so I started checking out some of the links on her blog and found you! The first post I read was about buying jeans at Wal-Mart(s) and I have been a faithful reader ever since! In fact, I have been going through and clicking on all of the reference links to previous posts that you put in your current posts. (I still can’t figure out how you all do that…) I really must force myself to stop and go to bed now.

    Thanks for the abdominal workouts, and I’ll catch up with you again tomorrow!


  59. Oh, my goodness Boomama you are so awsome! Thank you so much for sharing this little treasure with us.

  60. Your site is so funny. I died laughing when I read your comments on Beth & Amanda’s blog – it killed me. I linked to their blog and never even thought it might be a problem – maybe I should think things through a little more. I love their site and I love yours too! Thanks for the funny post.

  61. Somebody needs to get them a better template! Anybody!

  62. BooMama,
    I love, love, love your blog! Amanda sent me a link, and said it was SOOO funny! And of course, she was right! You and Big Mama are hilarious!

  63. Thanks for the info!! Your blog is such a platform to minister to others.

    I was wondering if you could check out my tiny blog and read the post For Shane.
    I’m trying to get out the word about a young boy who is fighting Leukemia and for his eigth birthday all he wants is birthday cards from all around the world to have his name remembered in the Guinness world book-I would appreciate if you send people my way to love on this sweet child.

  64. I can see it now, boomama on tour with Beth. :)

    Haven’t you arrived? Yay!!!

  65. WOW! What great news on all levels!

    You are a riot!

  66. Beth Moore has a blog?? Oh. My. Word.

    And how cool are you for finding it? ;) By the way, I’m impressed with your self control about spilling the beans. I don’t know if I coulda’ done it. You’re a better woman that I. Heck, I don’t even know if I’d have paused for two seconds before I said “Hey, y’all, look over here!! Beth Moore has a blog!!” ;) Hats off to ya! You’re a wise woman. :)

  67. Hello! I keep hearing wonderful things about Beth Moore, but have never had the opportunity to do one of her studies. After reading your…exhuberant….post, I just had to check out the blog. :)

    I like it!


  68. Boomama–I found you because of the Beth site. In fact that was my real introduction to blogging–I mean other than just knowing that the concept exists. I went to the website to check on a book and found the blog. So when I found you and some others I did some major lurking trying to figure out the whole phenoomenon of blogging. THEN, a few days later, I actually got up the nerve to post a comment–Now, remember I don’t have a blog site. So, guess what happens on my VERY FIRST comment. I get an email from the woman who must be the Blogging Queen of the South–BOOMAMA! Believe me I was almost as excited as you were with the link in the lpg post. I mean Beth Moore I can handle, but Boomama???? On my FIRST post–Did I die and go to blogging heaven? Of course you know the next line–I am working on a blog site. I may be hooked!