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Prayer Request

Many of you have followed Amy Wilhoite’s blog as she has chronicled her battle with leukemia.

Today Amy found out that her cancer has returned; you can read the details on her blog.

Please keep her sweet family in your prayers.

AI – Top 12 Women

Fingers crossed that tonight is better than last night.

And fingers crossed that nobody sings “You Light Up My Life.” Because that would just be wrong.

Here we go.

OH! WAIT! I’m adding a Mr. Linky to the bottom of the post so that you can link to your blog if you’ve posted about American Idol tonight, too. Just please make sure that you link to your specific post and not just to your blog (thanks, Melzie, for the idea!).

Stephanie Edwards – “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore” – She can sing. And she also has some really cute dresses, based on the clips we saw tonight. But am I the only one who thought this song had an odd tempo? I do love that she came out confident, and she was way fun to watch. I like her.

Amy Krebs – “I Can’t Make You Love Me If You Don’t” – She has a great voice – even if she was a little off-key in parts – but the bottom line for me is that this wasn’t a very fun song. It was boring. She’s not boring – but the song felt like it plodded along. I’d love to hear her do something a little more uptempo, and I agree with Randy: she’s better than the song she chose.

Leslie Hunt – “Natural Woman” – Great, rich tone to her voice. She’s a little all over the place with her on-stage moves…but I bet she settles down with time. And can I just say? She has fabulous hair.

Sabrina Sloan – “The Way That I Loved You” – Isn’t she beautiful? LOVED this performance. Very Christina Aguilera-ish. And the good Christina – not that whole XTina “Dirrrty” thing. She seemed to pick the absolute perfect song for her voice – and she is definitely one to watch. Great job.

Antonella Barba – “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” – I agree with Paula: she’s a beautiful girl. That’s all I know to say.

Jordin Sparks – “Gimme One Reason” – She’s a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, y’all. Good gracious. And she has an absolutely gorgeous smile. As for her singing, I’m LOVIN’ the funky version of a Tracy Chapman song – shows tons of her personality. This girl is adorable, but on top of all the adorableness is a big heapin’ chunk of talent. Love her.

Nicole Tranquillo – Y’all, I have no idea what that song was called. D. and I think it may be called “Stay Together, Baby,” but that’s because those were the only three words we understood. But you know what? The guys in the audience seemed to love it. I just think if she’d done something a little softer, a little less r & b, she probably would have had a much better, much more natural performance.

Haley Scarnato – “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” – One of my most favorite Celine Dion songs – but this performance seemed more like the talent portion of Miss America than “American Idol.” And there’s nothing wrong with that…but compared to, say, Sabrina or Jordin, it seems like she played it safe.

Melinda Doolittle – “Since You’ve Been Gone” – I HAD CHILLBUMPS THE WHOLE TIME. She is phenomenal. And I adore her. And I think that it was one of the best first-night peformances ever on AI. FANTASTIC!

Alaina Alexander – “Brass In The Pocket” – She is a very, very pretty girl.

Gina Glocksen – “All By Myself” – That’s a tough song to sing, and I thought she did a good job. I winced a little bit when she hit the high notes – but she definitely showed off her big voice, and I loved the ending.

LaKisha Jones – “I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” – I cannot think of a bigger, bolder song choice. Miss Lakisha is throwing down the gauntlet on this one (I typed that before Simon said it, just for the record)…and she can FLAT sing. Mercy me. Like D. said: it’s not just that she can sing. She can’t help but sing. It’s just who she is. Unbelievable. She has been working in a bank. With that voice. Working in a bank. Unbelievable.

I think the girls are the ones to watch this year, y’all. They’re in a different league that the guys.

Who will go? Antonella and Alaina. Actually no way both of them will go, because they’re so pretty, but they were the weakest links, I think. So I’ll say Antonella and Haley.

Best of tonight?: It’s a tie for me: Melinda and Lakisha. They’re in a different league.

Holla back in the comments, y’all.

AI – Top 12 Men


I had no idea.

But praise the Lord for DVR – we’re gonna fly right through all those pesky commericals.

Rudy Cardenas – “Free Ride” – First of all I would really, really like to own a t-shirt like the one he has on tonight. He sounds good, though he may have been a little over-the-top first time out, what with all the “WOO!”-age. But the boy can sing – no doubt about it. Fun way to start the show. I give him big points for being calm under pressure.

And it feels a little bit like old times to see Paula being outraged by Simon’s comments again.

Brandon Rogers – “Rock With You” – A little old school MJ from his “Off The Wall” days? I can get on board with that. And young Brandon can certainly sing well. But I think the problem for me is that the song is a little boring – not really something that the crowd can get into. I’m rooting for him, so I hope he comes out with all guns blazing next week.

Jason “Sundance” Head – “Nights In White Satin” – OH, y’all. I am so sad, because this is one of my least favorite songs EVER. I was hoping he would come out and sing something really fun. Also, it’s a little strange, because when he sings loudly, he sounds just a little bit like Meatloaf. I’m worried that tonight’s performance wasn’t quite as distinctive as he needed for it to be. Aside from, you know, sounding like Meatloaf.

Paul Kim – “Careless Whisper” – OH, it takes me right back to seventh grade to hear this song. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like it then, and I wish I liked it better tonight. I do like the tone of this guy’s voice – but I just didn’t like this song choice. As Randy would say, “it was just aight for me.”

Chris Richardson – “I Don’t Wanna Be” – BIG POINTS for singing something catchy and crowd-pleasing, for doing an original take on a Gavin DeGraw song. And I do believe I detected a hint of a young Justin Timberlake on the stage. I thought he was adorable…even though his voice wasn’t perfect, he had personality for days. Really liked it. Afterwards I looked at D. and said, “Well, he was darlin’.” We’ll be seeing him for awhile.

Nick Pedro – “I Will Be Your Man” – He seemed to lose his way about half way through the song, but he does have a beautiful voice. And I appreciated that he didn’t try to scream or “overdo” the song. Once his nerves settle down, he’ll probably do just fine.

Blake Lewis – “Somewhere Only We Know” – I LOVE THIS BOY. I thought he was going to beat box, and then he hit us with a ballad. He’s great. He’s unique. And I LOVED seeing his daddy singing along with him. It sort of made me want to cry.

Sanjaya Malakar – “Somethin’ ‘Bout Your Love” – He seems like the sweetest person ever. And I love me a Stevie Wonder song. But I don’t think Sanjaya found his singing groove tonight. I just wanted to hug him.

Chris Sligh – “Typical” – He hasn’t even started singing and I’m sitting here on the couch saying “COME ON, NOW! COME ON!” And now that he’s singing, I have absolutely no idea what he’s singing, though I’m hearing the word “typical” a lot, so I’m assuming that that’s the title. I didn’t love the song, but I love him, so I’m going to continue saying “COME ON, NOW” all the way through the rest of the rounds. I’m just sayin’.

Jared Cotter – “One” – Y’all, isn’t he handsome? He’s really sort of disconcertingly handsome. And he did a nice job with the song until that unfortunate falsetto moment, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll go through to the next round.

A. J. Tabaldo – “Oh My Love” – Well MY WORD he was comfortable on that stage. It’ll be interesting to see what he does to set himself apart from the pack, because I think he’s going to have to take some risks to really break out. Very fun performance, though.

Phil Stacey – “I Could Not Ask For More” – I was really, really happy when he picked up that microphone stand and WENT TO TOWN after a sort of ballad-ish start. He did a great job once he really opened it up and sang. LOVED the second half of the song.

Who will go? My guesses? Sanjaya and Sundance. I don’t think they did enough to set themselves apart from the pack.

Best of tonight?: Blake Lewis. Without boxing a single beat. I thought he was FANTASTIC (remember, I’m trying to work that word into my vocabulary. How’s it working for me? Sounding okay?). I liked Chris Robinson a whole bunch, too.

Back tomorrow night with the Top 12 Ladies.

Can’t wait to see what y’all think in the comments!

Proof That I Am Committed To Blogging Excellence

I’ve had a crazy busy day today, so I decided to look through my drafts folder to see if there was anything there worth posting.

And if you’re wondering what I mean by “drafts folder,” it’s just the place where I start posts that I don’t necessarily finish. For example, if I have a particularly eventful day with the child, I might title the post, then type out a list of pertinent details until I figure out what I want to say about the aforementioned eventful day.

It’s really just a safeguard against the fact that motherhood has robbed me of all short term memory.

Anyway, I’ll jot down a few details, then go back to the draft in a day or two and write the actual post.


But, as I discovered today, sometimes posts get lost in the shuffle. To wit, I present you with this little gem:

The Night The Beans Bit Back

started walking daily, want to eat better, made Jeana‘s pinto bean recipe since it seemed somewhat healthy, ate beans – which were quite delicious, then later suffered dire intestinal distress and literally ran myself out of my own bedroom

I’m telling you, internets: you can’t find that level of klassy bloggity goodness just anywhere.

Oh no ma’am you can’t.

I’ll be back later tonight with an American Idol re-cap, probably around 9:30 or so.

I will not eat any beans beforehand.

This is my promise to you.

Your Concern Means So Much In Trying Times Like These

I’ve received some incredibly touching emails over the last few days, emails filled with such heartfelt sentiments that they’ve brought a tear to mine eye. And really, when tough times hit, it’s a tremendous source of comfort to know that I have friends who are capable of such an overwhelming outpouring of concern for the tragic situation that is, well, my hair.

It’s cracked me up, really, because of all the mind-numbingly mundane topics I’ve addressed on this blog over the last year-and-some-change, I think my most recent unfortunate highlighting incident has evoked the greatest response. I’ve gotten at least twenty emails asking “Did you call your hairdresser?,” “What did you decide what to do?,” “Have you considered going darker?,” “Is it really that bad?” and “Have you taken the Coastal Dunes haircolor back to Walmart where it belongs? Flee from evil, sister! Flee from evil!”

So here is my official update, just as clear and concise as I know how to make it. Which means that it’s going to be really wordy and rambling. Because that is what I do. Some might feel it’s annoying, my tendency to go on and on, but I like to think of it as a writing gift that keeps on giving. And giving.

And then it gives some more.

Anyhoo, I decided after about the 64th comment that I definitely needed to go back to my hair guy. But the thought of sitting in that chair while he goes over my hair with a fine-toothed comb (literally! oh that is witty) and then tells me in very soothing tones what a horrible, terrible, very bad thing I’ve done – and that it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg to fix it – well, it intimidates me.

However, since it takes about two or three weeks to get an appointment with him, I decided that I could work up sufficient courage by the time that my Walk of Shame appointment arrived. I mean, we are talking about my hair, y’all. For a Southern girl it’s like a calling card, and right now my multi-hued calling card is engraved with all manner of messages that I don’t necessarily want to send.

Well (THIS IS SO EXCITING), yesterday morning I was taking Alex to his classroom at church when we ran into his very favorite staff member in our children’s ministry. And I just have to tell y’all: her hair was rockin’ it so hard that I about near rummaged through the drawers behind the check-in counter to see if I could find a lighter, flick it, and hold it high while I swayed back and forth in front of her.

Alex was of course talking up a storm, but in his brief spurts of quiet I tried to gather as much information as I could: Who did the color? Did the application of said color require a withdrawal from any family member’s college fund? Where in the sam hill is this hair magician located? And mightn’t it be possible that she would work her magic on me?

After I got the little man settled in his classroom, I went back to the check-in desk, pulled a Sharpie off of a clipboard, and wrote down all the pertinent information on the back of a visitor’s sign-in card. Make no mistake about it: I’m calling the hair magician first thing this morning. The best part of all? She doesn’t charge even half of what my usual guy does. So I’m going to let her straighten out my color – and then I’ll be able to go back to R. with my head held high the next time I need a cut.

Now isn’t that just like God? To use one of His sweet servants in our children’s ministry to impact my child for eternity and to give me hope for my hair? I mean, that’s a multi-faceted anointing right there, people. Oh yes it is.

So I’m feeling much better, thank you. Hopefully Hair Tragedy ’07 will be coming to a close in the very near future.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, why I am just now realizing how fun these iPod things are? I’m just a little teensy bit in love with it. Just a bit. But in the most totally healthy way one could possibly be in love with a postage stamp-sized electronic device that plays all the many boocoodles of music. Plus, investigating all of your incredible music suggestions should keep me busy until at least mid-April, which is quite a relief, seeing as how I only have about seven irons in the fire at any given point in time, so that eighth iron of looking for music is really going to eliminate my ongoing battle with boredom.


But I do thank y’all so much for all your great recommendations. I’m giddy from having so many musical options. In fact, I filled up a big notecard with artists and CD titles y’all mentioned, and I can’t wait to start making my way through the list.

And speaking of lists, I have a mighty big one that says “to do” – and I need to start tackling it so that we can have some “clean clothes” and “food to eat” and “pleasing living conditions.”

Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

Sound Off

So almost a year ago I asked for music recommendations because Chris Tomlin’s Arriving had been in my car CD player for over a year, and I figured it might be time for a change (love Chris Tomlin though I do). My friend Addie recommended Watermark’s A Grateful People, and as soon as I heard it, I knew I would love it forever and ever.

Clearly I was right on target with my first Watermark impression, because almost a year later, A Grateful People is still in my CD player. I rotate it with the aforementioned old faithful Arriving, Chris Tomlin’s See The Morning, Passion ’06 Everything Glorious (featuring, oddly enough, Chris Tomlin), the latest Bethany Dillon, and Selah Duets.

Versatile, aren’t I?

(Sidenote: I gave D.The Best of Passion (So Far) CD for Valentine’s Day (featuring – guess who? – CHRIS TOMLIN!), and if you have not heard Christy Nockels sing “His Renown,” get thee to iTunes and download it NOW. She’s my new best friend forever, only she has no idea because, well, we’ve never met. But if we did? I would ask her to sing to me while I cooked her fried chicken, and then she would become terribly frightened and alert the authorities. It’s the stuff Lifetime TV movies are made of, really.)

So in the interest of broadening my musical horizons, I’m going to repeat my request from almost a year ago: what are y’all listening to? What CD or song am I missing that I just have to have? Because now that I have my sassy new iPod, I need to fill ‘er up.

You should probably know that I love contemporary Christian or praise and worship music because it enables me to have a little “quiet time” as I listen, but I’ve also been enjoying John Mayer’s Continuum and Corinne Bailey Rae’s self-titled CD when I’m trying to get some work done. Really, the only genre that’s off-limits for me is hip-hop, as I feel it might be somewhat odd for this 30-something mama to be getting her rap on as she waits in carpool line at Mother’s Day Out.

Final request: the music needs to be kid-friendly (i.e., no bad language whatsoever) but doesn’t have to be for kids, simply because I’ve finally broken Alex of his Veggie Tales listening habit, and oh sweet mercy I’d rather not go down that road again if I don’t have to. Because while I love the Veggie Tales with everything in me, three years of listening to high-pitched voices sing “I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart” has been a-heapin’ plenty, thankyouverymuch.

Leave your suggestions in the comments.

I’m all ears.


And above all, interpeeps?


(I’ve always wanted to say that.)

(It’s a shame I can’t pull it off.)