Internets, Are You Ready To Rally?

document.jpg Back in January, when we first started to organize our little For Kelli web-a-thon, I really and truly thought it was a one-time deal. In fact, I think I even said something about the fact that the next time I would ask for donations would be approximately, oh, never.

But apparently, as best I can tell, “never” is officially here.

Because what I never dreamed was that a another friend would find herself in the middle of a medical crisis; I never dreamed that Heather, my talented, sweet, funny blog designer, would find out that she has a brain tumor. And I never dreamed that a second situation where our blogging community can so tangibly make a difference would cross our paths so soon.

So on Wednesday, April 18, we’re going to have an opportunity to love on Heather and her family. Heather and her husband Mark will be leaving April 25th for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota – the number one neurosurgery hospital in the country. The fact that Heather even got an appointment is a miracle, and there is absolutely no telling what further miracles God will do through the hands of the gifted physicians there.

And here’s what I’m thinking. :-)

I’d love for us to give Heather and Mark a love offering before they leave for Minnesota, to be able to take care of some of their financial obligations so that they can focus on the most important aspect of their trip: getting the absolute best treatment for sweet Heather without worrying about how they’re going to pay for it. Before Heather knew that we were going to step in and try to offer some help, she posted about some of their financial concerns surrounding their trip to Mayo; you can read the details here. If you don’t know the specifics of the challenges Heather’s family has faced over the last few years, you can read about that here. What you read will bless your socks off.

And please understand: I have absolutely no set amount in mind for this love offering. Maybe what we’re able to present to Heather and Mark will pay for a few meals at Mayo; maybe what we’re able to give them will cover a couple of nights’ hotel expenses while they’re away from home. Or maybe – just maybe – we’ll be able to cover their hotel costs for the whole trip (THAT WOULD BE SO COOL). But here’s the bottom line, at least for me: whether we collect $50 or $500 or $5,000 for this love offering, God will get all the glory. He is the Source of all love, of all hope, of all joy, of all generosity. Anything we’re able to do for Heather will be an extension of the love He has lavished upon us.

So if you feel led to give, you can stop by here on April 18th and click on a “Donate Now” badge that will take you to PayPal. You can pay via PayPal, checking account, or credit card (and if you are more comfortable sending a check, email me and I’ll tell you how to do that). Just for kicks, let’s set a minimum donation of $1.00 – but you certainly may give as much as you’d like.

The money will go straight into an account for Heather and Mark. I won’t know how much you give; I won’t even know who gives (unless, you know, you tell me). I won’t be involved in the financial end at all aside from the fact that I’ll have the Donate Now badge for contributions on my blog. There is absolutely no pressure for you to participate financially – please know that. And if, for whatever reason, you can’t give a monetary gift right now, you can offer something even more valuable: your prayers.

If you’d like to help spread the word and put the For Heather button (thanks, Laura!) on your blog, that would be great. If you’d like to put the For Heather button in your sidebar, email me and I’ll be glad to send you the code so that you can do that. Just be patient with me on the email end…we’re heading out of town later today, so it may take me a few hours to get back to you.

If you have any questions, just let me know. And thanks, Jada, for setting all of these wheels in motion yesterday.

April 18th is For Heather. I hope with all my heart that you’ll be here.

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  1. Great idea and thanks for getting this together. It’s nice to be able to help some sweet ladies out and be able to share God’s unbelievable love with them.

    Many blessings,

  2. April 18th – let the loving begin :)

  3. Frances says:

    Thank you for organizing this great fund raiser. Alone we can do so little; together we can to so much. I will definitely be contributing because April 18th just happens to be my 15th wedding anniversary; what better way to celebrate than helping someone in need. God bless you and God bless Heather.

  4. Thank you for doing all the leg work on this! I’ll be here Wednesday!

  5. Thanks again, BooMama, for opening a way for us to bless someone else!

  6. Thanks boomama. It’s one thing to say “we’re with you” and it’s another thing to do it. Thanks for setting this up AND for setting the example.

  7. Thank you for doing this.

    For Him, Mel

  8. Bless you for doing this. I would absolutely LOVE that button for my blog please. Email me it later when you have a chance. Thanks again for doing this!!!!

  9. Hurray! I love the opportunity to help! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of blessing someone. You are truly a blessing, not only because of your great sense of humor but also because you readily recognize, honor and embrace other people. Thanks! (your~sometimes a bit lurky~ admirer and sister in the Lord)

  10. I was actually hoping someone would set something up for her and her family! So glad you took it and ran with it. You know so many more people and will be able to get the word out better than I could have ever done! You’re so awesome Boomama!!

  11. put it on my site =)

  12. Very grateful you guys have worked to set this up!

  13. I will be putting the button on my site – and am so thankful that someone did put something together to try to help Heather – she’s in my constant prayers and I am so thankful to be able to do MORE!

    Thank you!

  14. Brilliant ladies. Just Brilliant. I will be joining in on the 18th.

  15. Woo-Hoo! Let the lovin’ begin! Thanks for setting this up….thanks for giving us the opportunity to help.

    I will add this to my blog.


  16. Thank you for setting this up and giving us all a chance to help. I would love the button for my blog when you have a chance. You are such an inspiration.

    Angel Mama ( D.)

  17. So glad you put this together. I’ve been wondering how we could do this for her. You stepping up is great. You can count on me to share in the lovin’!

  18. I would LOVE to help Heather and her family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this!

  19. Thanks for setting this up for Heather! What a great friend she has in you. I would like to put the button in my side bar…when you get a chance, can you email me the code? Thanks.

  20. I have been so touched by the info on Kelli and Heather. I will be thinking of them, praying for them, asking for prayers for them, and on April 18th if I don’t have the button on my blog I will put a link back to you. Thanks for helping these precious ladies. I don’t know them personally, but we have the same Father.

  21. A Good Friend of Heather's says:


    How generous and kind of you. Believe me I will be here on the 18th and Iwill let friends and family know. I don’t have a blog but I will be spreading the word. I am happy the internet can be used for such good things. Blessings to you and the world is a better place because of caring people like you.

  22. After witnessing the miracle you orchestrated for Kelli, I prayed you’d do this for sweet Heather, Boo Mama. You are truly a blessing. We love your big heart and you can be sure I’ll be putting Heather’s button on my blog.

  23. This is so awesome of you to do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are a true blessing!

    Cat (Heathers Sil)

  24. I just linked to you. This is a wonderful idea.

  25. Yes. Ready and waiting.

    Thanks for heading up this Love Offering!

  26. When Izzy’s near drowning caused us to be in the hospital and out of town for a couple of months I was amazed at the generosity of our friends who rallied around us, this makes me think about that so much. You are such a good friend to lead this up to make sure everyone can contribute! I pray that the amount is amazing (and kinda think it will be too!). I would like the code and can’t wait to pay the love forward on April 18.
    ♥ Annie
    My Life as Annie!

  27. I’m in, too. :)

  28. I will be posting a link on my blog to direct people back to this post. So definately email the button to me when you can. I would appreiciate it! You are so sweet to get this all started and going. This is such a GREAT idea! God Bless!

    In Him~

  29. How wonderful! I’ll let my 4 readers know, too! ;-)

  30. Yay :)

  31. I’ll put a button on my site too. What a beautiful idea.

  32. We are ever so reminded of the words Christ spoke so long ago…

    “It is better to give than to receive…”
    Acts 20:35

    Thank You Jesus for the “Blanket of Love” you have filled each of us with. To be there for others who are in need.

    How I feel in my heart that your Glory will abound through this journey we all find ourselves in. Whether directly or indirectly… we are brought here together for a purpose… Let us all stand in awe of His Mercy… Grace and Above All Love.

  33. Count me in!

  34. I will be here…and I will be praying.

  35. I’ve got it up on my blog. I’ve declared April 18th “For Heather Day”…praying as well….

  36. I love your blog design. Very nice.

    The next BlogBlast For Peace will be held June 6, 2007. The last one was incredible. I hope you can attend.

  37. I clicked the daisy link and was taken right back to this page. I’d like to donate. how do I get it done?

  38. Would love to put the for Heather button up…please pass on the code…email address is:

  39. My God, My God, You Have Not Forsaken Us!

    Thank you all dear ones.

    I stand in AWE!


  40. I will be there

  41. Thanks again for doing this.I have the button up and will be here the 18th.

    In his endless love,

    Angel Mama ():)

  42. Of course, goes without question. A privilege to do so.

  43. I’ll post it directly. And I just love it when I have the opportunity to love on a fellow blogger! I’m so glad that never finally got here…

    Still praying for Heather, but now I can add this to the requests as well!

    And as always, BM: YOU ROCK!

  44. Thank you for organizing this. I only recently began reading Heather’s blog and read the story of her daughter, Emma Grace. To say that it is an amazing story is an understatement. Now Heather is sick and we can rally around her and let her know how deeply she has touched our lives. I am going to try to add the button to my blog my I am not a very proficient blogger yet but I can definitely do a link to your website!

  45. Please send me the ‘pray for Heather’ button! Thanks

  46. I’ll be here on April 18th with bells on! :) To God be the Glory!

  47. Code baby- Code!

  48. I have and will continue to post prayer requests for Heather. I’m in for April 18 and will email for the button code.


  49. What a wonderful idea, again! I am praying for Heather and I think this is a great way for us all to be doers of the Word.

    Thanks for doing this!

  50. Hi Boomama, thank you for starting this for Heather and letting each of us help. I would also appreciate the code for the button. Thank you so much and I have Heather, Emma and her family on my prayer list.

    In His Love,

  51. Boomama
    Please send me the code!!

  52. I’m in! This is an awesome thing you are doing!

  53. Hey! I would love to have that on my my sidebar!! You are such a great person and thanks for doing this!!!!!

  54. I would love to help Heather. Please send me the code. You are a sweetheart of a friend.

  55. I have the 18th marked on my calendar! What an awesome thing you are doing here and I believe that God is going to put it on a lot of people’s hearts to come give on the 18th!!!!

  56. this is fantastic! let’s give her some lovin’!

  57. With a thankful heart- you amaze me. Thank you for caring about me. I am truly amazed at the outpouring and the support.

    I will keep you updated all the way…

    Love you Boo,

  58. Would love to help…

    What amazing things God’s children have seen from the heat of the flame…He is still the God of Wonders!

    Praying for you Heather!!

  59. I’m in too, of course!

  60. Phyllis R. says:

    I’ll be here. Thank you, BooMama, for another great idea. I’ve had Heather and her family on my heart and it will be wonderful to be able to share the love.

  61. Oh dear, the bandwidth limit has now exceeded on Heather’s site. I wonder if the company who hosts her site would offer more free bandwidth…

    Prayers for Heather and my button is up.

  62. You have a huge heart. I will be praying about it…

  63. I’m in. You have a heart of Gold!!!

  64. Hello,
    Easter Blessings to you and yours.
    With God’s will , we’ll be here on April 18th. Please e-mail me the sidebar link asap.
    Have a nice and safe journey.

  65. How awesome is this idea! Thanks for setting it up!

  66. Great idea! I’ll be putting a button on my blog. Thanks for coordinating this so we have a way to help in addition to our prayers.

  67. Thanks BooMama for putting this together. I grabbed the image from your blog — I hope that was ok. Here is the code that I used to put it on my blog. Please feel free to correct me or delete this comment if it’s not the right code you wanted to use! So many people want to put the button on their site, I figured BooMama would get bogged down emailing everyone!!

    If this code doesn’t show up correctly in your comments, I’ll post instructions as well on my blog.

    This is the code I used to put it in a WordPress post (you click on the HTML button and paste this in, then go back to writing your post). Remove the period after the

    This is the code I used in my sidebar (remove the period after the

    The code for both of these link back here to this post so people can find out about Heather.

    Looking forward to the donation button on the 18th!!

    Lisa B.

  68. D’oh! The code didn’t show up. I’ll post on my blog over at so people can get it (hopefully!)

    Lisa B.

  69. Thank you for doing this, as well as for Kelli. May the Lord richly bless you as you pour your heart out for others.

    Still Seeking,
    Amy Verlennich

  70. Word has been passed along, and my credit card is waiting.

    BTW, you should change your tag line from “Read by tens of people every singe day” to “touching peoples hearts, and saving lives, every single day”. Because you truly are.

    Wishing there were more in the world like you,

  71. Thank you Boomama for doing this. I do not know Heather personally, and I do not know you personally – it’s amazing how the love of God binds us all.

  72. What a great idea. I’ll have a button to spread the word!

    Happy Sunday

  73. Wow. I will definately be praying.

  74. I’m in…

  75. Such a wonderful idea. I will be here on Wednesday.

    Take care,

  76. I will surely be back on Wednesday.

  77. Thanks, BooMama, for organizing this.

    I’m donating 40% of my Mary Kay sales between now and April 18th. More info is available on my blog – shipping is also free; my Mary Kay website is

    How long will we be able to donate?
    Thanks again!

  78. Spreading the word over at my site.

  79. Heather’s story is inspiring. What an incredible woman. I would love to post a link on my blog.

  80. You know how surfing is–I am not sure now exactly what path I traveled exactly to find Heather’s site and then this one. I will do what I can to help on Wednesday and with a button on my blog. Lynn

  81. Thanks so much for all you are doing. My post linking to you is up. God Bless you girl!

  82. I am ready to Heather Boomama! I have the button in my side bar and posted about Heather to spread the word. Thanks for your sweet heart.

  83. I recently stumbled upon Heather’s plite by finding her blog. I cried through reading all of it. Thank you so much for letting us have the oppurtunity to help her out in this small way.

  84. Melissa says:

    I’d love to put the button on my blog. Please email me at

  85. I will definitely be sharing this at my many blogs. Thank you for organizing such an event.

  86. I didn’t have time to get the code by email. I added the picture and link, I hope that is OK. I wanted to tell about Heather and wanted to mention what you are doing.

  87. Will there be a “praying for Heather” button? I would like that code.

  88. I am new to this blog thing, but I have been following this family through another friends blog. May God continue to wrap you all in HIS arms of Love. Praying always.

    In Him,
    The Gilpatric Family
    How do I put this link on my blog?

  89. I’m in!

  90. I would love to have the code to add the Heather button to my sidebar. I think what you’ve done is a wonderful thing and I’m In! Heather is such an inspiration!

  91. never underestimate the power of God’s women on the web!

  92. Love offering given – thank you so much for allowing our family to be a part of this.

  93. Debbie Brown says:

    I am in. I have been following their story on and our prayers are with them. I have also sent Oprah an email about this couragous families journey.

  94. I’m in! Heather posted a comment about how she’d pray for me as we’re dealing with infertility. When I stopped by her blog to thank you, I read of what SHE’S going through and I’m humbled that she’d take the time to think of ME. I have no right to complain after reading what she’s facing. My prayers go out to her and her family.

  95. I just found sting my heart several days ago. And I just get to know what happened to Heather. From your post, I see the love among so many lovely christian-ladies. I will of courst hold heather in my pray.