This Is A Public Service Announcement

Attention, Men of The World:

Want to woo your wife?

This is how you do it, my friends.

And consider yourselves warned, ladies: you will go weak in the knees.

And you will swoon.

And you will want to write something beautiful for someone you love.

I just had to share.

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  1. How very sweet. Now I’m all misty. Thanks!

  2. That was just adorable!!

  3. Tears- I have tears! Thank you for steering us in that direction!!!


    I’ve got another photo tag going on, and this time two participants will win a prize package! Get real- Bloggers Without Makeup!

  4. Tears- I’ve got tears! Thank you for steering us in that direction!


    P.S. I’ve got a photo tag going on- with prize packages this time! Bloggers Without Makeup! (If you dare!)

  5. WOWSERS! That was great!

  6. Showoffs. :) Just kidding. It completely made my day to read that and smile.


  7. can you email this post to my hubby so that it doesn’t seem so obvious that i’d love that. ha ha!

  8. I’m with Bev!


  10. That was totally swoon-worthy. Thanks for sending us over!

  11. I like it! But I also like the Unspoken things, like him helping do the dishes or bringing home flowers or a good tight hug!

    I think sometimes I’m most warmed by those things unspoken…a wink, a shoulder rub, his arm around me, a kiss on my forehead or holding my hand.

    Thanks for sharing, Sista!

    PS Are you near the explosives they found in AL yesterday?

  12. Men of the world, the bar has been raised! That was absolutely sweet!

  13. Sent my husband to read it…as usually, Boomama knows….

  14. I loved that he knew what kind of sunflower seeds she liked. What a man!

  15. She’s a blessed woman, and he’s that rare thing, a man who knows how blessed he is with the woman God gave him.

  16. Boomama, you may have just embarrassed that man to pieces with all of us stopping by over there. But I bet he secretly loves all the encouragement : )

  17. Ok…i have never! Ever! Please warn me next time that tears will be flowing as I just had to meet the DogWatch man at the door (he is installing the invisible fence- praise God) but I am COMPLETELY sure he is wondering what JUST happened to me!
    Boy – where did that husband come from? Can you see your brother writing something like that to me?? LOL!! um – never! ;-)

  18. That is some good stuff.

  19. Aaaaaaaaaw!!!

    My hubby made a list like that for me a while back. I have it my “happy space” upstairs do I can sigh and feel all warm and fuzzy and happy and married. Sometimes I even feel that way when he and I are together…

  20. Amen, girl.

    That list took my breath away.

  21. No matter how hard she tries, Bossy doesn’t think her husband will ever love her for having three pairs of shoes in the same hue.

  22. Check out the post I left for my husband’s fortieth birthday- it is similar to this post. (You may have to scroll down a bit)

  23. Awww that is soooooo sweet!! It gives me hope there ARE good men out there:::sigh::::
    God has a plan
    God has a plan
    God really DOES have a plan:-)
    ALL things work together for good
    not just some things..
    He knows the plans He has for me
    Ok Barbie
    lather, rinse and repeat… I think I need to go to bed ;-)

  24. Sweet list. But I must admit, if my husband gave me a list like that I would 1.) Gag.
    2.) Ask him what he’d done so horribly wrong!

    But that’s just the cynic in me!

  25. I just got to work. And I am already having a bad day. My shift was short and I had to force 13 people to work overtime. The 28th is my 43rd Birthday. And I just started my monthly. (I know To Much Information) So I come to this website to get in a better mood. And now I am crying even more than I was before. (snifffff)I think my co-workers think I am having a break down. Something to look forward to: I am flying to Miami the 29th to catch a cruise filled with christian musicians. Praise concerts all week. For the rest of the night I will continue stating that the Lord is my counselor and listen to XM 32 station.

  26. That was wonderful! You can tell he loves his wife!

  27. THAT was amazing….yep. It would make me weak in the knees FOR SURE!

  28. So glad you shared cause that is one awesome man!