We Have Some Catching Up To Do

I recognize that I’ve pretty much just posted announcements and links and whathaveyou lately, and that’s primarily because I’ve been having trouble articulating the events of these last few days.

And if, based on that last sentence, you’re thinking that something exciting has happened, then I should probably apologize for getting your hopes up because please do always remember that my life is the land that excitement forgot. Unless I happen to be at some sort of amusement park. Or watching re-runs of “Alias.”


Monday I stayed in my pajamas a large portion of the day and then took Alex to Publix to say goodbye to Miss Jennifer, who is our favorite cashier in the whole wide world (with Mrs. Joyce and Miss Tiffani rounding out the top three). Our Publix opened when Alex was about six months old, and we have seen all of those sweet ladies every single week since.

Miss Jennifer is the first person A. looks for when we roll through the Publix doors, and he always insists that we pass by her register so that he can scare our fellow shoppers by screaming her name at an ear-splitting volume. She’s totally his grocery store BFF.

But Miss Jennifer wasn’t at work Monday – her last day had been the previous Friday – and I can’t even tell you how sad it made me. Fortunately Mrs. Joyce has Miss Jennifer’s new phone number in Georgia, so I have high hopes of staying in touch. Because we love her.

No kidding: she has been a consistent ray of sunshine in our family’s life for the last four years, and I really think the Publix people should give her some stock or something. Maybe even, as Alex says, “a super big hug.”

And that was our Monday.

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor because my right ear has been stopped up for a sweet forever, and I finally decided that I didn’t want to live the rest of my life shouting, “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” when D. tried to tell me something from another room in the house. The only advantage to my hearing loss is that if I slept on my left side, I couldn’t hear a blessed thing in my right ear and as a result could sleep soundly through all manner of minor and major natural disasters.

Because as it turns out, if your ear is reallllly stopped up, a small thunderstorm in the middle of your bedroom is of little to no consequence aside from the fact that your furniture probably won’t fare very well.

Because of all the rain and whatnot.

So I went to see the ENT and said hey, I feel fine, but it’s the funniest thing because I really can’t hear very well in my right ear.

And then he asked me something and I said, “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU,” and he decided maybe he should take a look at the ear in question.

He looked at it for about two seconds and then said, “Yeah. I’m gonna need to clean that out.”

So I did what any good Southern girl would do: I apologized that he was going to have to clean out my ear. EVEN THOUGH I WAS PAYING HIM.

If I could adequately describe what transpired over the next five minutes I would, but quite frankly I’m not up to the challenge. I can tell you that there was a great deal of suctioning and at least three very thin, very pointy needle-type instruments. Not to mention lots of pressure. And pain. And painful pressure.

As I guess should be expected when someone is digging inside your ear with a large pointy needle.

But here’s the kicker: after all that, I really didn’t get much relief. Because the doctor decided that I need to do eardrops for the next two weeks (because there’s “infection” and “impaction,” and just hearing those words in relation to my ear made me feel “oh-so-dainty” and “feminine”), and then he’s going to do the whole suctioning / pointy needling thing again.


And today (I know. This post is endless. But if I don’t finish what I start, I’ll be forced to sit up all night and twitch. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?) I tackled a project that’s been looming over my head for the last 7 1/2 months.

I cleaned out our garage.

Oh yes I did.

And not only that, I was able to PARK MY CAR IN THE GARAGE afterwards.

Have you ever heard of such?


How are y’all?

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  1. Oh yes, the ear thingy sounds so familiar! I, too, have had the wonderful experience of having my ear cleaned out. It does make one feel oh so feminine, doesn’t it? LOL I was mortified the first time I had to have it done, but the second time, I just thanked the Lord for the blessed relief it brought me! Amazing how we can get over these little traumas if we get some real satisfaction and relief for our trouble!

    Take care and hope that infection clears up really quick! God bless!

  2. So did the doctor pull anything cool out of your ear? Like an old boot or rusty tin can?

  3. Your life is one thrill-a-minute.

    But gosh, we love reading about it! :)

  4. Between you apologizes to the doctor for cleaning out your ear and My Best Investment’s comment, I laughed until I was wheezing. Great way to start the day.

  5. oh I meant apologizing to the doctor… I was still laughing as I was typing.

  6. I went through that also. I was sweating buckets and giggling like a crazy woman, all because I was sooo embarassed to have stuff in my ear. And then…I had to go back and have him do it again after the drops. The kids who were with me, because I really needed someone to witness my humiliation, still laugh about it. Better to laugh then cry.

  7. What is it about southerners and the ownership we take over our Publix employees? I have a similar love story. Ours was with an elderly man named Billy. Billy was a grocery taker outer (can’t think of the real name). And like you, I find myself in at Publix at least 2-12 times week. My girls LOVED Billy. When I would go in and he would be working, it would make my day! He would always make sure he took our groceries out. Well, we moved to another part of the city and had to say goodbye to Billy. It was a tough day. I was excited when a new Publix opened up down the street from our new house. But, we traded Billy for Dane. I have the opposite affection for Dane. He’s a young kid with cool hair (and who names their kid Dane, I don’t get that). I won’t go into details, but let’s just say we avoid Dane, he is not a good grocery-taker-outer! Hey, when you find out where your Publix lady went, email me. Maybe I got her! One last thing… sorry about the ear!

    Georgia Mom

  8. I thought about cleaning the garage…does that count? ; )

  9. Sorry about missing Miss Jennifer. Those people really do mean a lot to not only our shopping experience, but also to our daily lives. Call her! I’m guessing that you will have made her day.

    When I was at college, there was a boy who for the longest time had not been able to hear out of one of his ears. As God would have it, he was an elem major and we were required to take hearing tests. After failing that, they told him, “Get thee to a ENT!” He went, and they pulled out the biggest gob of wax that had to be cut in order to get it out of his ear.

    Doesn’t that make your stuffed ear situation a little easier? Your’s is clogged because of an infection; his was clogged because of laziness.

    Perspective, people. Perspective.

  10. UGH! I toooooo have had the “professional” ear wax cleaning. NOT gonna be added to anyone’s day spa experience ANY time soon, huh? :-(

    NOT pleasant.

    Did you realize that the drops they place in your ear at the doc’s is STOOL SOFTENER?! Seriously.

  11. So did your garage apologize to you about you having to clean it out? I really think it should have, especially since it’s NOT paying you.

  12. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Which means that you had to move the heaping pile of Coke that you bought from the CVS, or was that consumed so you didn’t have to worry about it?! :)

    Congrat’s on finding the garage!

  13. We also have favorite cashiers and we know them by name too – even here in the rat race that is Washington DC! I’d be so sad to see any one of them go.

    We’re off to the ENT today too. So sorry about your ear. I know how painful that is.

  14. Oooh–congrats on the garage. That is most excellent.

    My husband is very fastidious, and would never let boxes stay in the garage when we moved, but I’m a different story, and had they landed there, I’m not sure I would ever be parking in my garage.

  15. Youch on the ear! Don’t envy you there! As for the Publix lady, you should write to their headquarters or something. Maybe they’d do something cool for her! Who knows? With your writing skills, you could probably convince them to give her a small castle or something!!! :)

  16. Aw, I’m sorry about Jennifer… my Alex has a favorite server at our regular Saturday breakfast joint, who calls all of us “Hon” and “Sweetie” and whom we call “Gramma” (She SAID we could!). I think we would all three go fetal position for weeks if Gramma ever left! Oh, and yes, the word impacted always evokes an image of a great big clumsy thumb, to me. Or HUGE teeth. Your ears are just adorably overflowing with delicious BooMama nectar! Nummies!

  17. My ears got stopped up on my honeymoon and P tried to remedy the situation by pouring in an entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide. All I heard was a fizzing sound for the next 4 days.

    It’s a lovely memory.

  18. Slow down there Boo Mama!!! We can’t handle this much exciting information in one post! No WONDER it took you awhile to tell us all this since you had to sort through all the excitement and just hit the highlights!

    Glad to know I’m not the only one with this exciting of a life.:)

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that says, “Here’s the kicker…”. :-)

  20. ew. I had to do the same thing at the ENT. Not fun.

  21. Only you can make getting your ear cleaned out so funny.

    For that very reason, I’ve given you the Blogger Reflection Award over at my blog, http://all-4-thebest.blogspot.com.

  22. You park in the garage? Who does that?

  23. Oh thank God you got the garage clean. That’s been bothering me ever since Martha was coming for a visit and there were boxes in there. ha!

  24. Well, we will keep an eye out at our local Publix for any new cashiers!

  25. I do not have infection or imaction, but am currently trying to shovel out what used to be our home. . .it’s kind of like your ear. . .the deeper you dig, the worser it gets.

  26. I have a year’s worth of filing to do and a closet catch-all that has not found the floor since our basement refinish last year. But the good news is…we have a finished basement, which would have flooded in E. Texas! And they are quite handy…yes Mam, they are!

    Sorry A. didn’t get to say a personal goodbye to his friend…what a wonderful thing, though, that you all have made friends at the grocery store. I know they looked forward to your weekly visits.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Blessings on ya,

  27. Oh my – I have new respect for my boys after reading your post. Two of them have had to have the suction and pointed needle in their ear! Love the blog!

  28. Wait — I’m freaking out right now, because you never mentioned if you changed out of your pajamas on Monday before you went to Publix, and I’m really concerned about your reputation of a genteel southern woman if you went tromping around Publix in your PJs.

    You didn’t … did you?

    And, because I do my share to be all green and what not, I just let my garage go “natural,” because even if I did clean it out, by economical Expedition won’t fit in it.

  29. mmmkay, spending too much time at Publix? Nice that you care, though. I’m sure she will miss you and your son, too. And as for the ear, that sounds too icky and painful, and i hope it’s over soon for you!

  30. Sorry to hear about your ear, Boomama. I had to have my ears “flushed” every winter while growing up. Canada is cold! I can still feel the pain and pressure and the worst time was when the doctors office didn’t have any warm water so they had to use cold! OUCH!

    I dream of being able to park in our garage someday. Sounds nice!


  31. I have an appointment, sort of, with older son to help me clean out the garage–sometime. So I’m almost up with you on that one!

    I had that ear thing done years ago and haven’t forgotten it yet. It’s an experience that you don’t easily forget! Hope the drops help!

    I’ll be back in a little while–I need some tunes!

  32. Um. . .it was supposed to say “imPACtion.” Not “imACtion.”

  33. I completely understand your love for Miss Jennifer. I know all the friendly faces at my neighborhood Safeway. I’m always saying: “Hi Ernest!” or “Hi Marie!” or “Hi Babu!” (really) or “Hi Simon!” and other shoppers look at me like I’m crazy.

    And well, I might be. But I LIKE knowing my grocery store staff. It’s what makes paying $90 for 4 grocery items bearable.

  34. Been there with the ear cleaning out thing; not fun. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  35. Oh BooMama, what is it like to park your car in the garage? I will not get to do that until Aug. 1st when the thrift store comes and picks up our old couch! Right now our garage looks like a hillbilly living room! My 12 year old daughter made herself right at home out there with her summer reading.It’s quite embarrassing. Oh well, it could be worse.

  36. Okay seriously. The ear thing is making me cringe for you. And of course we southern girls apologize for such, despite our paying THEM!!!

    And props for the clean garage girl!

  37. BooMama, you know you are now my role model, beacause if you can clean out your garage AND PARK YOUR CAR IN IT, I can do it, too! I’m motived now!

    And, I wanted to let you know that when I was 14, my ear stopped up. My ENT irrigated my ears – much less painful than the thin, pointy instruments. In fact, aside from the noise, it was kinda soothing – they take warm water and use seltzer bottles to spray the water in your ear. They hold a little tray beneath you ear to catch all the stuff that flows out, and it’s not as bad as one might think. You might ask your ENT about it.

  38. Oh no, not the ear thing. You poor poor thing. That really hurts.

    And you have to go back.

    Another time.

    I am very very sorry.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us.

  39. Boomama, you lost me at “Watching re runs of Alias.” I am the hugest Alias fan! I have one more season on DVD to buy and then we will have all of them! I am SUCH an Alias geek! I knew I liked you Boomama, but now I REALLY like you!

  40. Oh yeah, sorry ’bout that whole ear thing, that really stinks!

  41. the garage is a huge accomplishment! way to go. and the ear stuff, well i’m sure doctors have to do worse things than that.

  42. How do y’all do it?? Sure you don’t feel good but then you turn around and clean out a garage. Is there anyway to package that and sell it? I’m not feeling good and you better believe that NOTHING is getting done.
    I suppose you’re off to solve world peace now. :)

  43. Am I the only one who enjoys having their ears cleaned out? I have had to have it done before because of excessive wax build-up. And that is not because of laziness or lack of personal hygiene. It’s just an unfortunate family gene that has been passed on to me. But once my ears were cleaned out, I could park my car in there. Oh, no, wait that was the garage.

  44. Stephanie says:

    Been there with the ear thing =) I have to get my ears cleaned out regularly because I have small ear canals (thanks Mom). Hopefully your second visit won’t be nearly as bad …… BTW, I love your blog – your posts always make me smile or laugh or snort milk out my nose LOL

  45. Oh, you do that, too?? I apologize to alot of people that I’m paying to do a job or something. I apologize to the guy bagging my groceries about why I don’t want the fabric softener in the same bag with my bread! Why in the world do we do that??

  46. ::fainted::

  47. Sorry about your ear…(s) I am very glad you got your garage cleaned out. As a matter of fact I almost envy you. I grew up with a working garage–We would put the cars in it. My husbands family looks at a garage as just another place to store STUFF!

    We bought a house in Utah back in the mid 1990’s and only though we had only one car that is what we stored in it.

    We have since moved to New Mexico. My father in law sold his New Mexican home so fast that he barely had enough time to move to CA. He put all the stuff from his old garage that wouldn’t fit in the U-Haul in our new garage.

    Our garage is stuffed to the gills with Gordon’s STUFF. I had hoped when I explained to him that his teenage grandson wanted the garage for his band to practice in he would clean it out.

    No–he wasn’t ready to part with that STUFF–We only see him 2x’s a year for a weekend maybe. My husband won’t touch his father’s stuff. The kids and I have learned to work around it all.

    Daddy parks his new fancy sportscar (Audi TT-2 seater) in the driveway…in the blistering desert sun…allowing it’s paint to be faded and peeled off.

    My sister-in-law and her husband have tons of Gordon’s other stuff in their garage. They got so fed up with it that they bought one of those Tuff Storage sheds.

    We honestly can’t afford a shed and in the name of supporting the family we are not talking about it.

    That was my speal. I love my family, my life, my teenagers and my husband. If this is the worst thing that happens to me then I am very lucky :)

  48. And here I was feeling really sorry for myself for having to deal with not ONE but TWO exploded ostomy bags with Parker.

    At least this sort of adventure doesn’t involve pain. Although I have been racing around my house trying to put out some pretty mighty stink issues.

    It is kind of hard to understand how such a teeny guy like Parker can put out such a paralyzing reek.

    I’m sorry about your ear. I hope it feels better quickly and perhaps the next visit you’d get to skip the pain part.

    And while you are in such a high energy mood, why don’t head on over to my house and help me get a few things done. ;)

  49. Do you mean to tell me a garage is for parking a car in!?! Who knew?! I parked my car in our garage when we bought the house 4.5 years ago. I parked it in there ONCE. Now I just stand at the door and throw stuff in. It’s hubby’s territory. And it’s scary!!

  50. suzanne says:

    Are you sure you didn’t ride a unicycle or unstop a drain, too? You are just super Mama.
    Man, what exciting things are going on in B’mamaville. The ear……just ewwwwww. I’ve had myself a stopped up ear, but I’m darn glad it went away after a time; I do however understand the sweet solid sleep, as that comes with wearing earplugs, too (dh snores, in cinematic volumes!)

    …and the garage….my dh would just say YOU ROCK!!! And the sweet Jennifer story–awww, I bet she loves ya’ll more!

  51. You scared me a little when you said you were having trouble hearing. . .

    Maybe you should get your ears cleaned out more often. . . then you’ll get lots of other cleaning done! Just teasing. . .

    My ears don’t produce wax or ANYTHING at all . . . they are actually very dry and I’ve always had trouble with them . . . *sigh* But it’s better now that I don’t need hearing aids anymore with those dreadful earmolds!

  52. I cleaned out my garage,too! Go figure.

    I have never tried it but I hear that ear candleing does wonders for ears like yours and sinus-y fun stuff. Most Aveda salons offer it.

    Did you tell your Mama he even hinted that your ear was not “clean?” My Mama would’ve died. Then she would have asked if my undies were clean, even though they are nowhere near my ear. :>)

  53. You have my sympathy on the ear problem..I had countless ear infections as a child..in both ears at once a LOT of times.. I had to have my left one lanced or have me ear drum burst and be deaf in that ear… not fun at all…congrats on being able to park your car in it’s house! lol

    Sister, thanks for the comment! If you want to know anything about me, just ask. I am like Diane…easy to get along with…. :) Have a good rest of the week…

  54. Could it be that your ear is jealous of all the attention your hair is getting?

  55. Could it be that your ear is jealous of all the attention your hair is getting?