Do I Really Need To Say Anything Other Than “Purse Giveaway”?

Leigh at Speaking Thru Me sells adorable purses to help support her speaking ministry. We’ve planned to do a giveaway for the last couple of months (I mean, who doesn’t need a super cute bag for fall?), and oh have mercy, the day is finally here.

So, if you’d like to be eligible to win one of TWO Scripture purses that Leigh is giving away, all you have to do is 1) hop over to Leigh’s, 2) take a look around (she has even more cute purses that you can find through her sidebar), and then 3) come back here and tell me which purse is your favorite.

It’s oh-so-simple.

And, even better – you will look oh-so-sassy carrying your new bag.

I’ll leave comments open until next Tuesday.

Have fun, y’all!

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  1. Oh, man! I’m first? I like the one with the polka-dot bows and the beaded handles. Too cute!

  2. pink, black, white, polka-dots, bows, beads. . . need I say more?

  3. Danana-Banana says:

    love the ‘serious summer style’ – but can’t decide between pink and green!

  4. I love the pink, white and black toile tote!!

  5. I love the brown one with the polka dots – the one where she’s commented “I love me some polka dots” :)

  6. The lime Flap-fold purse is adorable!!! She is really talented! Thanks for linking over to her site!

  7. Ooooooo…..purses!! Oooooooo…..purses that my daughter would try to “borrow” and not get to. LOL I love the Brown & Tan P purse. Perfect purse for fall. Love the fru-fru boa trim.

  8. I love the Plaid and Polka Party one in pink.

  9. Must I only say one? OK- I like the wooden handle number… and the beaded handle… and the backpack . THe pink one!

  10. I like the plain black quilted one or the brown. I like the black one the best though.

  11. I LOVE them all. They all have such personality. I like the backpacks but I personally cannot pick a favorite as they all are so golly gosh darn cute!

  12. I like them all! But, especially the brown Phil. 4:13 with beaded handles. You can never have too many bags!

  13. They are so cute!! Hard to decide…but I like the plain black quilted one the best. Either that or the “I love me some polka dots” one. :)

  14. I love the faithful bag! But actually love them all!

    What a great give away!

  15. Stephanie says:

    Tan & black with the bow. Lots of cuteness there!

  16. The B&W “delight yourself in the Lord”… how cute!

  17. Oh, oh, oh…I love the pink with polka dots! So cute! Thanks for this giveaway :)

  18. They are ALL adorable! If I had to choose, though, I guess it would be the khaki/brown with polka dots one.

  19. Oh how can I choose!!
    I like all of them and I will not be picky so when I win you can give me which ever one you want! :) haha
    See you in 2 days in Nashville!
    God bless,

  20. *gasp* They are all so CUTE!
    I love the brown and beige polka-dotty one with the floofy stuff around the top that says “I can do all things….” on it. Because, lemme tell ya, after the day I’ve had today, I’d NEED to see THAT Scripture on my purse. I’m thinking of having it tattooed backwards on my forehead so I see it when I look in the mirror! (Not that I’m vain and looking in the mirror a lot or anything. Maybe a 3×5 index card taped to the kitchen sink would suffice, since I spend a LOT of time there! Oops, I’m digressing…)
    What a great giveaway!

  21. Oh my goodness…I’m a sucker for a cute purse! Love the tri-fold wallets.

  22. Totally cute. I like the black/brown with the polka dot ribbon.

  23. Carrie Thompson says:

    I love them all!! My favorite is the plaid and polka party, the pink one with the beaded handle. Leigh has an amazing talent.

  24. I love the brown patchwork one, and the hot pink with the furry trim. Cute, cute, cute.

  25. I love the brown and white polka dots!

  26. They are all adorable, but I’ll take the brown one with polka dots. You know, right after you PICK ME!!

  27. The brown fru-fru purse is my favorite!

  28. Either of the “faithful” bags would do nicely! *wink*

  29. I love all things toile.

    Thank you for the great website!

  30. How cute!
    I like the black paisley tote.
    What a great give-away!
    Lois in MD

  31. I like the black toile bag on the left side bar — WOW — these are AWESOME bags!

  32. I love the black polka dot and plaid patchwork bag…adorable! And it would be perfect as my church bag! :)

    Pick me!

  33. Leigh is one of my very favorite people and the tan/black/white, beaded handle with “all things are possible” is my favorite…this week!


  34. Love the green/brown with the polka dot bows!

  35. We’re really supposed to be able to decide which ONE is the cutest?! They are all super-cute! If I HAD to pick one, it would be the brown with black and white polka-dots/gingham. So adorable!

  36. Love her purses…I like the one with the boa and the one with the polka dots and the one with “faithful” and of, the paisley one too. What’s not to love?

  37. Does it have to be a purse? Because the backpack is SUPER CUTE.

  38. I’m lovin the one that is black on the bottom, then has green and white polka dot ribbon, then white and pink toile. YUM!

  39. I love the taupe top / black gingham bottom and black/white polka dot bow with beaded handle – heck, I like them all!!! :)

  40. They are all beautiful but I’m wild about the black toile with black poka-dot ribbon on it. Any would be lovely!

  41. I like the green and pink stripey one listed on May 2.

  42. I love the black purse with beaded handles and scripture. Super cool!

  43. My favorite one is the quilted brown one at the bottom. Second choice would be the quilted brown/white one at the top. Beautiful purses! I’ll have to buy one if I don’t win one. :)

  44. Charlotte says:

    How groovy… love them all! Since baby boy is due in a few weeks, I’ll pick the one titled “Black or Pink laptop bag or diaper bag – $35” – better choose black for my boy!


  45. pink polka dot!!!

  46. If I have to pick one of the current ones, I’d pick one of the brown ones with plaid and beaded handles.

    But if I had my druthers, I’d pick that one way way down the list with black paisleys on the bottom and a pink/brown paisley print on the top (the one she says might be her own favorite). Too cute!

  47. Oh those are too cute!!! I do so love the kakai and brown polka=dot with the fun fringe. I have six kids and my youngest is finally to the stage where I don’t carry a diaper bag as a purse. That one would be a perfect Fall purse!

  48. I like the black and white polkadot patchwork bag but I Love them all!!!! Great giveaway!

  49. Oh my goodness! Adorable! I love both of the patchwork ones at top, and I don’t know which one I like better. I wear lots of brown and lots of black, so if I were buying, I’d need 2 so I’d have one to go with each color!

  50. I like the one in the first picture, black and white with “Delight Yourself in the Lord…” scripture!!

  51. The black beaded handle is awfully cute. And so are those backpacks. I can’t believe she makes those!

  52. Just one… whew… too hard!! I’d have to say the black and white toile in bottom pic on her sidebar. These are just adorable!

  53. Oh my! This is my weakness! I found myself looking at these and saying, “Your Grace is Sufficient for Me!” because, I love them all. It’s probably a good thing I’m on a budget right now, or my grocery money would be GONE!!!!!

    My favorite would have to be the tan/black with Mark 10:27 on it. That is my theme verse right now! My little girls loved the backpacks. Those would make a great Christmas present……

  54. i love the beaded handle black and pink one! Too too cute!

  55. Wow, a Scripture purse. Bossy always did make a religion out of pocketbooks…

  56. I love the green and white toile (shabby sheik) or the orange bag with polka dot handle.

    This is a great give-away! Thanks! =)

  57. I love the Polka & Toile Purses, the black & white one especially! Really cute stuff!

  58. I adore the pink toile with green polka dot ribbon!

  59. There’s a black tote with white polka dots that’s calling my name!

  60. I like the plain black Phil. 4:13 one. But they are all really cute. I just don’t think I’m “sassy” enough to pull off some of them. I don’t know that pink polka dots with a feather boa type material on top would be proper with the typical jeans and a t-shirt! :)

  61. I love the brown Phillipians 4:13. What a fun give-away!

  62. Too cute – the black/brown with the polka dot ribbon if I have to pick just one.

  63. Yummy! I LOVE the black paisley purse! The one with black and white paisley on the bottom and black and pink paisley on the top, TOO CUTE!

  64. Love purses, love giveaways – I’m there!

  65. Well they are all pretty darn cute, but I like the backpack (my 3yr old would love it!) and the paisley bags. Cute cute!

    You are so fun doing all these giveaways!

  66. The hot pink one with the beaded handles.

    Pink is my favorite color!

  67. Oh what a testimony!
    I love the black on the bottom (with the brown one).
    I would give it to my Sis for her November birthday or for Christmas. She does so much for our church and would appreciate it for her Bible, kitchen notes, recipes, and such.
    What a blessing and good idea!

  68. They are all so cute:) I like the pink one with the black ribbon with white polka dots and the beaded handle! Very cute!

  69. I love the black and white polka dot, but I really like the Vera Bradley-ish with matching wallets. Thanks for linking! It is a great site and will come in handy for Christmas shopping!!

  70. All the purses were very cute…My favorite was the large purse with the brown toile and brown polka-dots.

  71. I’m not much of a “bow” person but I really do like the big (almost diaper bag looking?) Pink one with the black and white and red poka dots that was 35.00 …. love the colors .. and of course .. the size! I could carry my camera AND the kitchen sink :)

  72. Shannon L says:

    As a southern girl- I’m all about the toile ya’ll!

  73. I’m leaning toward the toile… although they’re all so cute!

  74. OMIGOSH – How cute they all are!! I LOVE the brown one, trimmed in brown and white polka dots with Phil. 4:13 on the front. ADORABLE!!
    I’m going to recommend her sight to the ladies at my church.

  75. I like the pink one with the beads. :D


  76. I love the toile ones and the ones you can carry your Bible and such in. I have 2 children so I have alot of Bibles and such to carry.

  77. ok, I can’t decide but anything with the fuzzy stuff and pink works for me! Just surprise me if I win :-)

    God bless,

  78. I love the pink Vera Bradley-ish one! They are all beautiful!!

  79. Anything with the polka dot and the toile, they are too cute!

  80. I love the toile/polkadot purses, as well as the backpacks!!

  81. black and white gingham with beads? Fantastic, Dahling! Just Fantastic!

  82. Ooooooohh! Wait a minute! The keychains, baby! The KEYCHAINS!

  83. The brown polka dot “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” would be perfect to carry my Bible etc to Bible study!

  84. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Oh my word! Such a vast array of purse cute-ness….I just can’t pick a favorite! Loved the toile ones in her sidebar, as well as the backpacks and the brown quilted bag!

  85. I love the one that is bright pink on top, w/ a black polka dotted ribbon and then pink gingham on the bottom. That purse is spunky! And if I had it, I’d feel spunky, too! But it was hard to choose. I love them all!

  86. I like the line paisly…and the pink paisley…and all the backpacks…so many…:)

  87. Those are all so precious! I especially love the brown/black phil. verse ones at the bottom. So cute

  88. Hrumph…Choose! Who could choose! I am partial to the black velvet (?) one that reads I can do all things through Christ…Thanks for again showing us what we are missing. What the world needs now is BooMama sweet Boomama. Sing with me!

  89. I love the cute green backpack. My daughter would just love it.

  90. Holy Toledo Boomama those are some cute bags!! I absolutely ADORE THEM! I think my favorite is the fifth one down. The tan with the dark brown/white polka dots. SUPER DUPER CUTE! I would definitely put my song books, and me and hubbies bibles in that for church. Seriously, everyone would be jealous. It may start some coveting though…hehehe

  91. I just can’t describe how incredibly cute my little E would look skipping to school with one of those backpacks carrying her spare “in case there’s an accident” panties and shorts!

  92. I like the green serious summer style one. So cute!

  93. My favorite is the black and white toile. This would make a great Sunday School bag.

  94. I love all the polka and toile ones, especially the black and white toile with the black and white polka dots through the center. What a great giveaway!

  95. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Personally for me, I’m all about the bag that is tan/black and white with the bow and polka dots. I mean, how on earth could you go wrong with polka dots?!

    Sign me up!!! :) (please!)

  96. Christine says:

    Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Amen! I love the solid black one at the very bottom. Too cute! I am hoping to start a new fashio trend in Tennessee!

  97. It’s so hard to pick one–they are all so pretty but any of the pink ones would be great. Thanks for doing this.

  98. First off… It is so cruel for you to have us pick one. I mean someone who LOVES purses and honestly what woman in their right mind doesn’t, I just can’t pick one. And OMG the keyfob thingys… I Love them. They would come in hand for me because I always lose my keys… I mean always! My husband is buying me a tracking device for them!

  99. I love the black & white toile!!

  100. Mark 10:27 – The neutral scripture bag “With God all things are possible”. BUT, I had a hard time choosing because I love them all. Really. the pink paisley is too cute too. BUT, I really thing the scripture bag is me.