I Apologize For The Length Of This Post, But It’s About Jeans, And I Needed A LOT Of Words

Now it’s no secret that I can be a bit obsessive.

(See: Food Network, Christy Nockels’ voice, ongoing hair / highlighting issues, Mississippi State basketball, Monk & Neagle’s new CD, fried food, diet Coke, etc.)

I’ve been this way my whole life, and while I would like to say that I’m going to relax a little bit here in the latter half of my 30’s and try to dial down the obsess-o-meter, I know better than to make that sort of bold statement because, after all, I am the same person who, about three weeks ago, bought every remaining container of Eucalyptus & Spearmint soap at my neighborhood Bath & Body Works because the soap was half price and WHAT IF THEY STOP MAKING IT? WHAT IF I CAN’T FIND IT EVER AGAIN?

So. Where was I? Somewhere slightly to the left of sanity? Why yes. Of course.


Ever since Big Mama mentioned in our first podcast that she thought I should wear jeans to the Deeper Still deal, I have been slightly obsessed with jeans. And lest you think that I’ve found a new obsession, I would just like to state for the record that I have merely re-activated an obsession, as is my inalienable right as an American.

I believe you can find provisions for this in the Constitution and other official government-y-type document thingies.

As some of you may remember, earlier this year I had a bit of an existential jean crisis, and the internet came to my rescue, as it has done so often in the last two years. I tried a couple of different brands after I read through my comments, and while I liked the brands I tried, I didn’t love them.

I mean, they were nice enough, and they were cute, too – but we just didn’t have that “spark.”

I didn’t think much about jeans during spring and summer because why would you even think about wearing any sort of full-length denim garment when it’s TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE DEGREES OUTSIDE, but now that there’s that first hint of fall in the air, I’m ready to think about jeans again. So I’ve been paying attention to jeans, trying on some jeans, attempting to discern the trends (by the way, Big Mama has a mini-encyclopedia of jean-trend information here), and giving some deep thought to which jeans I’m going to pursue for Fall ’07.

And if you’re thinking, “Sister, you may have a little too much time on your hands,” I would just like to say that you’re exactly right. Thank you for noticing.

But really, a girl has to have an alternate thought activity while listening to a four year-old sing “There’s a party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy!” six or seventy two times in a row.


Anyway, I mentioned last week that I was going to choose comfort over style for the Deeper Still conference, and I really and truly did just that. I abandoned my search for The Perfect Jeans and packed my suitcase with whatever was clean. At the time I thought that my decision was because of my Profound Spiritual Maturity, but Saturday morning, when the praise team took the stage, I realized what had actually happened.

Y’all, there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord led me to empty myself of any pre-conference preoccupation with fashion because He knew in His divine wisdom about the jeans that Angela Cottrell was going to be wearing last Saturday morning.

DON’T YOU SEE, INTERNETS? Had I been worried with my own wardrobe, I would not have had room in my heart for Angela’s jeans. But since I was but an empty fashion vessel when I arrived at the Sommet Center that morning, I was ready for a fresh wide-legged work, a new denim direction.

And I’m telling you: those jeans filled my fashion cup to overflowing.

Oh, He is faithful.

I put the jeans in the back of my mind so that I wouldn’t miss the real purpose of the weekend, but when we broke for lunch I called my podcast partner to give her a re-cap of Beth Moore’s session, tell her that Christy Nockels was in the house (!!!), and relay as much information as I possibly could about Angela’s jeans (trouser cut, wide legs, dark wash, perfect hem).

She was on the case immediately.

I saw the jeans one more time during afternoon worship, and I figured it would be the last time I’d ever have contact with them because I couldn’t fathom that I’d ever be able to find a similar pair. I was okay with that – I really was – because even if the jeans had only crossed my path for a short period of time, I knew that they would remain a precious, inspirational memory that I would carry in my heart for the rest of my earthly days.

About thirty minutes after the worship time was over, I headed out to the concession stand to get some lunch since the lines during the actual lunch break were just a little bit longer than endless. I was looking down at my phone, checking my missed calls, and when I finally took my place in line and looked up, I saw a guy about four feet away from me who looked really familiar.

Probably because I had recently seen his face on a Jumbotron as he led 22,000 people in worship.

Yep. Travis Cottrell.

And in that moment, two thoughts occurred to me:

1) Maybe I should introduce myself and tell him how much his ministry has meant to me.

Remember, girls: I am a person of Profound Spiritual Maturity.

But you will probably not be surprised to learn that, in the end, I did not say a single word to Travis.

Because I am nothing if not a chicken – a loser, jeans-obsessed chicken.

With inch-long roots, I might add.

On my way home last Sunday I thought of the jeans more often than I can tell you, and I was just sick – SICK – that I didn’t SPEAK UP, ALREADY and mention the jeans when I saw Travis at the concession stand.

And by the way, if you’re wanting to give me a lecture about how I need to be more bold, you’ll be glad to know that Emma Kate has already taken care of that. Twice. Since Monday.

But y’all, the Lord has been at work during this time of fashion uncertainty. He really has.

First of all, Melanie found some trouser jeans at Target that are both inexpensive AND sassy. They aren’t exactly like Angela’s, but they are cute. And sometimes cute is enough.

Then, Thursday night, thanks to Mel’s near-constant efforts to help me find the jeans, I got an email from A Source Who Shall Remain Unnamed, also known as An Angel Straight From Heaven. And thanks to the critical, timely information provided by Source / Angel, I was able to make some terrific strides with my jeans-related inquiries and can now show you this picture of the jeans Angela was wearing, though her denim may have been a little lighter, and I can’t be completely certain that the waistband is identical, not that I’ve scrutinized this photo or anything:


Somebody say “Hallelujah” one time.

(I think it goes without saying that I would never, ever tuck in a shirt if I wore these jeans.)

(But that is perfectly fine because I haven’t tucked in a shirt since 2001.)

(And honestly, aren’t those legs the greatest things you’ve ever seen?)

Now I may get a little teary-eyed as I tell you the last part of this story (HOLD ON, INTERNETS – THERE’S AN END IN SIGHT), but I trust that you can understand how tender my heart must be at this point.

Last night, in Steinmart(s), I found a pair of jeans that are almost identical to the ones in the picture.

I did, y’all. I really did.

The waistband and the tops of the pockets are a little different, but that is of little concern since no eyes will ever gaze upon those parts of the jeans outside of the privacy of my own home.

And do you know what? I already love my new jeans. I do. I know it might seem soon, but sometimes, when you put on the right pair of jeans, you just know that you know that you know. There’s absolutely no question that I owe Angela’s jeans a big “thank you” for putting a fashion dream in my heart – a dream that has led me down the somewhat unexpected trouser-jean path.

So THANK YOU, Angela’s Jeans. I don’t even know how to begin to express my gratitude.

But I can honestly say that I will never be the same.

Oh no.

I will never be the same.

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  1. Congratulations on finding the perfect jean! And I noticed Travis commented on BigMama’s site…so maybe your own Travis comment won’t be far behind. I’m sure you and Angela will be BFF in no time!

  2. Praise the Lord from whom all denim flows.

  3. I am rejoicing with you for God’s provision during this time of denim uncertainty.

  4. You have left me speechless, oh yes you have.

  5. God works in mysterious ways!

  6. I just love it! I have to tell you that since I’ve been tuning in for the Big Boo podcasts every time I read your blog, I hear your voice in my head. It makes every word more wonderful and funny! I think it’s time for a new pair of jeans, or you know, three!


  7. Is your obsession with denim gene-etic? Congratulations on resolving your seat-cover crisis…We know God was in the details.

  8. They look like bell-bottoms from the 60s…

  9. I have had such a morning…and your bit o’ info has just made my day.

    In fact, you have inspired me one year-post-baby-number-four…I must find my waist again :)
    Love ya!!

  10. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it. I would look just like a bell in those jeans!

  11. The jeans can make or break a woman. I’ve been blogging about this very thing. And so have some others. It must be in the air.

  12. I’m right there with you on not tucking in shirts! I don’t remember ever having a stomach flat enough to wear those kind of jeans with a shirt tucked in. And after 3 babies I think it’s pretty much impossible now.

  13. Okay, I just have to say that when you and Big Mama refer to each other by your REAL life names, it just confuses my brain. I mean, who ARE these Melanie and Sophie people?

    And all the talk of jeans is stressing me out. I do not have the perfect pair of jeans. Pray for me.

  14. If the Lord brings you to it, he will see you through it. And cleary, He walked hand in hand with you through your times of denim uncertainty.

    Glad your writer’s block seems to be unblocked! Jeans certainly wake up the passion in you. :)

  15. If it makes you feel any better, I can almost guarantee that Travis would have had no earthly idea about Angela’s jeans. Not that you shouldn’t be bold, but it may have been wasted effort in this case.

  16. Those Bulldogs were doing so good and they need to come back out and kick some tiger butt! I think I may have shouted COME ON NOW, SON a few times myself and I’m a Bama Fan. However, I want Auburn to lose as much as possible, LOL.

    Oh, and those jeans, HEAVENLY!!!

  17. OK, enough already…this is coming from someone who refuses to pay for “jeans days” at her school because she has exactly ONE pair of jeans she can wear (and zero pairs on fat days…) I keep thinking I’m going to find that perfect pair one day…and buy about 15 pairs of them when I do.

    Anyway, I digress…I am back among the living…not “well” yet, but “better” by far. The phone numbers of florists are no longer running through my brain…

    Just wanted you to know I’m sitting here cheering for your beloved Bulldogs…my beloved Dawgs aren’t on TV, my Mountaineers whipped ’em on Thursday (praying for LSU, OU, and USC to loose today, oh yes, I am…), the Yellow Jackets don’t play until tonight, and it wouldn’t be a Saturday in the south without football…GO DOGS!

  18. Those really ARE the BEST jeans I have ever seen! And now I have jean-envy. Thank you very much!

  19. Oh, girl there is such a deep chasm between having a “fashion dream” and actually finding it “to FIT”, and you have crossed over it! Hallelujah! And you are one blessed chickadee!!!
    Those are great jeans, by the way….but I’d need them in a petite or by the time I hemmed them, then they’d be back to straight legs!!!!! ;)

  20. Bravo Bravo! I am very happy that the Great Jean Hunt is now over! I think those are about the most fun jeans ever. Unfortunately, I won’t be anywhere near jeans like that! You see, my waist disappeared somewhere around 1998, and I never found it! I thought about putting a missing ad in the paper, but figured it would be a lost cause! I am stuck in low-waisted-jeans land for now because although I enjoy cupcakes, I care not to resemble one! The low jeans keep the hips that are on my body but belong to someone else, nicely covered. I cannot explain how exactly it works…but thank the good Lord it does! Anyway, happy jean wearing Boomama!

  21. All that and no picture you YOUR jeans?!? Let’s see these beautiful things!

    And MSU is only down by 1 point! I can almost hear you cheering, even here in Arkansas (go razorbacks!)

  22. Oh, you slay me. You and your partner in denim crime, with this gem: “I am rejoicing with you for God’s provision during this time of denim uncertainty.”

  23. The first part of your post made me laugh and reminisce:
    I bought out every large and travel-sized bottle or tube of Chamomile-Neroli, Herbal Mist, and Orange Blossom whenever I found them at B&B Works, for the same fear! Alas, they are all discontinued now, and I’m stocked for at least another few months!
    By the way, you can order discontinued items from the company directly, as long as they have them in stock. . .

  24. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Congrat’s on finding your jeans! And how about that little boy that resides in your house? Remember him? Howard, er, Alex? About yey tall and with AN OUCHY EAR! Mama, o darlin’, how is that child?

  25. i’m sorry, i have no “jean-ius” comment to leave regarding the wondrific properties of denim, though i do enjoy it.

    i have to say, the “there’s a party in my tummy” song is just about the saddest, sorriest thing that i have heard on nick jr. in a long while.

    not to mention, how come no one is scared of the fact that a MONSTER is doing the singing and eating?

    i’m just sayin’.

    hope howard’s ear is doing better!

  26. But what about the rear view??? Are there pockets or what?! My booty can’t be seen in anything without pockets, you know. Pockets break up the vast expanse. So while I’m happy for you that your denim nightmare is past, I’m really focused on ME and I need my own jean annointing. I’d totally wear those IF THERE ARE POCKETS. Booty-breaking-up-pockts. I need to know. Are there pockets? (Fyi, I can be a tad bit obsessive myself.)

  27. Steinmart(s)! SNORT! Oh, He is faithful! Praise Him!

    And here I am right behind Cindy and her badonk-a-donk booty…AGAIN! Oh, He is faithful.

    Fried Okra and I will be jean shopping next Sairday, if all goes as planned. Watch our blogs for more info.

    I just love you ALL. Me? Obsessive? NOOOOOOOooooo.


  29. That Yo Gabba Gabba show has got to go…NOW!

    Glad you were able to find jean nirvana!

  30. This has to go down as one of the funniest posts ever! No man would understand the deep content that this blog entails. And they joy at finding the perfect jean, I am just searching for an okay butt to put in a pair of jeans.

  31. It’s quite a coincidence that you and BigMama discussed jeans this week, because this past Wednesday, I went on a search for my new favorite jeans. And I FOUND THEM!!! Oh, my word, how I love them and may never take them off. I wrote an EXTREMELY LONG comment about them on BigMama’s post, so you can check it out if you’d like. I’m so thankful you found your dream denim, as well. And, by the way, GO DAWGS!!!!!

  32. Who let the DAWGS out!?!?!?!
    Go State! Go State!!

  33. let me just say never, never apologize for wordiness. it is the heart of your blog. your words and all their many capitalized combinations.

    brevity does not equal boomama and you know we are all here for the boomamaesque that is your blog.

    i’m so happy for you on your long but happy ending jean search. i hope to find that happiness for myself someday.

  34. Amen to the finding of jeans – I so feel the same way. Praise the Lord a lady at old navy said high waisted and long shirts are coming back!!

    Oh and GO DAWGS!!! (insert fight song and cowbell ringing!!) I made cobbler for the dear hubby to make him feel better.

  35. All I can think of when I see those jeans is “Ahoy there Matey”. I can only do those palazzo cut pants as pajamas. The wider-at-the-bottom pants make my legs look really long but NOT slim at all.

  36. I had no idea Angela was there, and now that I know I am substantially more devastated that I didn’t go. I don’t even know how to tell you how wonderful Angela is, other than to say that her jeans – oh splendid jeans – are only the beginning of a long list of things we’d do well to imitate in the name of Jesus.

  37. I have to admit that Angela Cottrell’s jeans were not my favorite on Saturday. She is so adorable and she looked great, but for me, there is a line between wide leg and bell bottom and hers were pushing it.

    I have to tell you though, that I saw Travis and I DID talk to him! It took some nerve, but I actually felt like I had a funny story to relay. He and my pastor, who I used to work for, did youth events together way back when. I used to tease my pastor that he didn’t really know “the” Travis. Anyway, he was in San Antonio for the convention in June and called me and left me a message. It was him and TRAVIS saying hello!

    Then, Michael W. Smith was on my plane back to Denver on Sunday. So those were my brushes with fame my weekend in Nashville!

  38. those jeans ROCK!
    yes they do!!!!

  39. Oh man, this just reminds me how much I miss having jeans that I really like. Stupid other pants.

    (We’re loving Yo Gabba Gabba! over here, by the way! That might be because my son is too young to actually sing the songs again, but my husband and I actually make up for that by singing them back to him….)

  40. Um, I was just wondering…why didn’t you just send a little e-mail or comment since you have their blog address? Well, I was all ready to do it for you about half-way through this post, but I see you already had success! Congrats on your new jeans.

  41. Leanne from Canada says:

    Okay….cute, very cute. Unfortunately there is no Steinmart even remotely close to me. Aaarrrgghhh!! The hunt will continue. Because I am only minorly computer literate….I was wondering if it was just me or is everybody reading your blog entries in the most minuscule size of font ever (for the last few days only)….also there has been a huge blank space before any of the writing begins for a slightly longer time than the minuscule writing. Maybe my computer is about to self-implode or something. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks….

  42. LOVE these jeans! I’m so short that the high waist would probably cover my ummmm. Never mind. I’m headed to Target to try on the jeans Big Mama plugged earlier in the week.

  43. You gotta love finding super cute jeans! I found my new fall jeans this weekend, and am wondering if hubby will think its weird if I want to sleep in them. Oh yes, they are THAT cute!

  44. You’re so funny!! I love reading your blog!

    And those jeans are CUTE!

  45. Somewhere, angels are singing “Just Am I Am” –

    Just As I am
    Without One Plea
    That God Would Bring
    New Jeans to Me.

    You need to let Angela know just how much she has touched you. And your SteinMart’s charge card.

  46. A great big HALLELUJAH for your breakthrough! We are rejoicing with you.
    Congratulations also on your team totally stomping all over my team today! It was almost unbearable for me to watch.

  47. You and Big Mama are making this a cuter world one internet at a time.

  48. Must be NICE to be tall, from your 5′ Central Texas fan, who is short-waisted at that. If I wore those, I could cover my bra with that waistband! Deodorant traces on the waistband just wouldn’t cut it, would it? (In high school, in the 70’s, my bell bottoms would have just the slightest ) at the bottom by the time I had them hemmed, or cut!) (That parenthesis is the perfect length of flare, too! Imagine….) And I could fold the legs up at the knee and tuck them in the back of the waistband…. Sigh. I AM happy for you, though….

  49. Do you have my 4 yo at your house? LOL! That song’s heard a lot around here too! Glad you found the jeans…it can be hard to do.

  50. Ok…I got REALLY curious…so I have posted a comment on Travis’ blog and asked him about Angela’s jeans. Oh, and did I miss it or did you not say the name of the jean you purcahsed? Does Steinmart(s) have a bran of their own or are they like TJ Maxx?

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! Oh, and did you see on Travis’s blog that he had an extra ticket to DEEPER STILL? Oh, I wish I had seen that BEFORE last weekend!

  51. I experienced the jean love today at TJ Maxx! For a mere $19.99!


  52. I’m so confused. How can you give me all the buildup and not reveal the brand and cut of those jeans. They are really cute and I want some too.

    Are they like a Steinmart brand? I don’t even know what that is cause I live above the Mason Dixon. Help a Yankee out!!!

  53. Whew! I am so relieved it all worked out! Of course, the main thing that got me gasping was that you were in talking distance of Travis! How exciting! They are such a beautiful family.

  54. Ohmygoodness that was *so* funny!

    But, I, too- am wondering how you could possibly go through all of that and not tell us EXACTLY what pair of jeans you bought. Really. That’s what we all wanna know.


  55. Oh how I adore you BooMama! You can give God the glory for just about anything at all. You’re like the MacGuyver of giving God the glory. Ta for now BooMama!

  56. I am stuck in a time warp…i want my skinny leg guess jeans back. straight legs are ok…boot cut now and then…like when i wear my boots, but those wide legs look just a bit shy of long gauchos or something to me…are they flattering on?? i need more details…LOL
    i too hope OU and LSU lost today. My hogs did ok against Bama losing only by 3.

  57. I’ve got to get to Target. Demium uncertainty is a awful place to be. I’m so glad you’ve been redeemed.

  58. Praise the Lord on your new jeans find. Now be sure to purchase about 10 pairs ‘cuz you know you won’t find them again when you go back! At lesat that’s how it works for me.

  59. Hey Boo Mama — 1st of all congrat’s on the Dawgs win over Tubby!!!! That was great! I also want to tell you about another pair of jeans at the Stein — Remember Zena jeans from the 80’s??? Well Stein Mart carries that brand – they are great -they look like the Seven Jean – but only cost $34.95 – great strech – ie you can wear a size smaller than normal— I work at Stein Mart in Greenville, MS – also known as Stein Mart #1 (and yes Lea Marg is my boss —- that is another story) I will check for you if you want me to.

    My final words are — yes!!! Tommy Tubberville’s ear are huge!!! (Hotty Toddy)

  60. Hi BooMama, I’m visiting your blog for the first time and have really enjoyed it, especially the jeans part. I’m on a quest now. It’s only been two years since my teenage daughters convinced me to shun the mom-jeans and it’s so liberating! Thanks for sharing ~ Karen

  61. Um, I saw Travis, too…a few feet from me.

    I was excited, because our seats sort of stunk otherwise, halfway between speakers and screen.

    I leaned down through the iron bars beside my seat, said, “Psst, Travis”, and then Kay Arthur said, “Let’s pray”.

    So, I had to say, “Um, hang on a minute, we’re praying.”

    I said, “I’m a blogger, and this is my blog shirt…would you sign it for me?

    I handed hiim a permanent marker, and said, He said, “OH! YOU are a blogger?”

    I said, “Yup!”

    His eyes lit up, and he said, “SURE!”

    I got down on all fours, exposing my shoulder through the bars. It was a very feminine moment. I said, “I feel like I’m in jail.

    He laughed and said, “I know, it’s sort of awkward, but I think we can get it. It might be messy!”

    That was okay.

    It was cool. It’s fun to be a cool mom on occassion.

    I said, “I never did things like this before blogging, but…”

    He said, “Oh, I know, it does things to you!”

    Pretty cool. My kids were VERY impressed at my uncharacterstic tenacity. Truth be told, my mom told me to do it. She’s much more sassy than me. :D But, she told me to get his autograph, and that just seemed un-cool. But, on my blogging t-shirt…nothing short of inspiration there.

    I’m glad you got your connections, girl! Sounds fun. It’s hard to get to blogging fun again after such an intense weekend…been there!

  62. BooMama, I have recently (re)found your blog and will be downloading your podcast. I read this post out loud to my daughter in my best southern accent and we had a wonderful laugh – and then we had another one – and another one. God bless you and your jeans. :)

  63. Dang. I goota myself to one of these renowned Christian women’s conferences. My wardrobe needs the boost!

  64. LOL…loved the post on jeans but what caught my eye was, “There’s a party in my tummy, so yummy!” And I thought I was the only Momma listening to that. Now I can’t get it out of my mind. *smile*

  65. I really didn’t mind reading the long post–you needn’t apologize for that, for it was full of talk about star-sightings and being wimpy (I can relate), and great music, and jeans, my preferred fashion choice (and I use the word fashion loosely).

    However, I will never forgive you for getting Yo Gabba Gabba stuck in my head when I have managed to avoid hearing it for a couple of days at least.

  66. I went to Tarjay to buy a pair of the oh so cute trouser jeans (I’m thinking of calling them McJeany) and they were out! They WERE SOLD PLUM OUT! And I NEED some new favorite fall jeans to wear this weekend. It seems everyone who reads you and BigMama all converged on Tarjay this week prior to Saturday because they were smart enough to know they only had a finite amount of time to purchase the denim perfection. I, living 75 miles from the nearest Tarjay,have an even more miniscule amount of purchasing time-dang it. I would order them via the web but I have had a change in body shape recently and am not sure if i will still be the same size or have to (gulp) move it up a size. Still in search of my McJeany…but very glad God led you to yours.

  67. Oh. I think I should shut my mouth before the words “bell bottoms” come out.

    Too late.

    And this is why I don’t mind not being considered stylish. I just could. not. wear. those. jeans. without feeling as if I had stepped back into the 70’s… a not so glorious 70’s either.

    Don’t worry, Soph… I’m sure to disappoint you again.

  68. Wow! I’m so pleased that you have found the perfect jeans. Now if you could just find me a pair that make my fat behind look good. And no, I don’t think you are obsessive. These are JEANS we are talking about here.

  69. Posts like these are by very favorite. You have blessed my heart. I am now on a search for jeans like these. Helping the internet with denim, I know, just another service that BooMama offers.

  70. those are some pretties.