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A Completely Unnecessary Update

So apparently the new template was working beautifully for a little while, but then something went horribly wrong, no doubt as a result of my attempts to add some things to my left sidebar.

You guessed it: wonky.

For what it’s worth, everything still looked fine to me in Safari and Firefox, but apparently the blawg was so Picasso-esque in Explorer that Big Mama called me to say, “Um, I know this is going to send your OCD into orbit, but you seem to have lost your sidebars.”

Needless to say, I notified the professionals immediately.

And when everything is satisfactorily unwonkied (not a word, but it should be) I’ll put up the fall template again.

Because I’m sure all of you were terribly concerned.

The Farley Family

Please continue to keep this sweet family in your prayers.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. – 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

Needless To Say, I Feel Much Better About The Whole Suppertime Thing


I had no idea I was touching on such a hot topic with the dinnertime rules and regulations and all.

But thank you so much for the great ideas. Y’all brought up so many “teachable moments” I had never considered before – especially the HUGE lesson of polite refusal / learning not to grumble about what mama has put on the table.

And on top of that, you have no idea how much I appreciate your encouragement to stand firm with P-Dub’s Suppertime Law. You’ll be happy to know that tonight we had fried chicken, and the only thing Alex didn’t want to eat was dessert. But that was just because he wanted to go back outside to ride his bike.

So I just wanted to take a minute to say YAY, INTERNETS, and I’ve enjoyed your comments so much that I feel like I need to ask another question so that I can soak up your collective wisdom.

Let’s start with something lighthearted.

So, um, does anybody have any thoughts on predestination?


Don’t even think about it.

And seriously, I haven’t asked Robin (My Official Book Club Partner) about this yet (HEY ROBIN!), but would any of y’all be interested in doing a little book club type thingy in conjunction with Katrina’s Fall Reading Challenge? Several people seem to have Peace Like A River on their lists – so I thought it might be fun if we all read it “together” and then post about it on the same day.

Or, you know, not.

But if you’re interested, let me know in the comments.

Finally, consider yourselves warned: I’m in the process of doing a little tweaking with my more fall-ish blog template before I switch over to it, and as a result of that I am alternating between my two templates approximately 346 times a day so that I can make sure nothing is looking all wonky.

And by the way, “wonky” is TOTALLY a valid technical term.

All You Can Eat (Or Not)

My friend Elise was the first one of my friends to have babies, and as a result she was our first go-to expert on Matters Concerning Children.

When her oldest boys were five and four, Elise told me about something that happened at the dinner table one night. Her five year-old didn’t want to eat what she’d fixed for supper, and after some gentle encouragement proved ineffective, E.’s hubby very lovingly outlined what I have come to refer to as P-Dub’s Suppertime Law.

If memory serves, P-Dub’s Suppertime Law went something like this:

Since your mother has prepared a delicious meal for you, you may either eat what she has cooked, or you may leave the table. And if you leave the table, you may not have a snack, alternate meal, or, above all, ice cream. Because if you leave the table, you’re all done eating for the day. Thank you.

Y’all have no idea how brilliant I thought that was when I was twenty-five and single.

The funny thing is that once Alex was old enough to eat real food, D and I put P-Dub’s Suppertime Law into practice. And with the exception of one meal in 2006 which will be known forever in our house as The Unfortunate Lasagna Incident (or: Why We Now Refer To Lasagna As “Pizza Noodles”), we’ve managed to escape a good bit of dinnertime drama thanks to P-Dub’s words-o-wisdom.

Which brings us to tonight. When we had us an old-fashioned Baked Beans Medley Breakdown at the dinner table. Oh yes ma’am we did.

Now for whatever reason, Alex has a very strong sense of when he’s full (what? what must that be like? what? you mean you don’t just keep eating UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED AN ENTIRE CASSEROLE?), and he doesn’t really care for the feeling of being full (what? what must that be like? what? you mean you don’t just keep eating UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED AN ENTIRE CASSEROLE?).

Anyway, since the little man seems pretty tuned in to when he’s had enough to eat, D and I usually just ask him to at least try everything that’s on his plate. He doesn’t have to love it or finish it or ask for seconds – he just has to try it. And as a result of the fact that he’s tried a lot of different stuff – at least I guess that’s the reason – Alex likes to eat things like butterbeans and pork tenderloin and roast and sweet potatoes and English peas. He’s not a picky eater at all.

Until tonight. When he spied the aforementioned Baked Beans Medley sitting next to his potato casserole.

I will spare you the details, but the enforcement of P-Dub’s Suppertime Law has never been more nerve-wracking than it was around 6 pm central time. We had quite the showdown on our hands, but when the little man finally realized that there would be no Oreo in his future if he balked at the beans, he decided that he’d give the beans a try.

And y’all. You have never heard such gagging and crying and carrying on in your life. You would’ve thought we were asking him to eat rutabagas covered in moldy hair.

Once Alex finally managed to choke down a lone pinto bean, he decided the beans weren’t so bad. I don’t think the recipe will go to the top of his preferred foods list (#1? Donuts. #2? Chocolate-covered donuts. #3? POWDERED donuts.), but in the end I felt pretty good about the fact that we stood our ground and made him at least try them.

I felt pretty good, that is, when I wasn’t feeling guilty.

It’s been very important to D and me that the dinner table not be a war zone, but tonight, I confess, it was a bit of a battleground. And I did not enjoy it. Which leads me to some questions.

How do y’all handle Situations Regarding Food with your kids? Do you have any hard and fast mealtime rules? When your child resists something you’ve cooked, do you offer something else? Do you let it go? Or do you stand your ground?

Because now I’m second-guessing myself. I know that this isn’t a life-altering dilemma, but it’s making me a little crazy that we let our dinnertime deteriorate over, you know, BEANS. The boy is a good eater, baked beans or no – and I’m wondering if we should have left well enough alone.

Perhaps I Need To Start A Separate Blog About Jeans

I have the most exciting news!

Last week I mentioned that I’d been on the hunt for trouser-style jeans and had found some at Steinmart, but I couldn’t direct you to them because Steinmart doesn’t have merchandise online. And when several of you emailed me because you were wanted to order some trouser-style jeans of your very own, I made a solemn vow (okay. not really. but it makes for a better story if I say that.) to try to find a similar pair online so I could link to them.

(By the way: I promise that, after I give you this information, I will cease and desist with the jeans discussion for, like, three days.)

(Maybe even four.)


Looky here, internets.

These jeans are mid-rise jeans from Old Navy, and they’re on sale in the store for $20 right now. TWENTY DOLLARS. I love the cut of the legs, but unfortunately, the waist on Old Navy’s mid-rise jeans hits me in the wrong place, and as a result of where the mid-rise waist hits me, I feel like that if I wore these jeans in public I’d have to introduce myself by saying, “Hello! My name is BooMama, and this is my stomach. We’re so happy to meet you.”

But if you don’t suffer the same stomach / waistline woes that I do, you will probably love the mid-rise jeans, and did I mention that they’re only $20?

You flat-stomached or only-a-hint-of-pooch-stomached girls will look great in them.

These jeans are also $20 at Old Navy (in-store price only), and they are actually the winner for my apple-shaped body type. The classic-rise waistline and longer zipper completely eliminate the muffin-top effect (THIS IS HUGE, FELLOW APPLES), and the cut of the legs is the closest I’ve found to the jeans Angela Cottrell was wearing at Deeper Still.

(In case you don’t remember, Angela’s jeans were what started this whole denim-related quest, so if you’re sick and tired of me talking about jeans, well, you just need to hunt down Angela’s jeans and give them a piece of your mind.)

(But consider yourself warned: if you actually go through with the process of hunting down Angela’s jeans, you will end up batting your eyes at them and cradling them in your arms. While you whisper sweet promises of all the cute boots you plan to wear with them.)

Anyway, I am especially fond of how the second pair of Old Navy jeans fits through the behind because they don’t sag at all. Plus, the pockets are placed a little higher than normal, and, um, ILLUSIONS ARE OUR FRIENDS.

And last but not least:

These jeans are from Old Navy’s plus-size online store. I triple love the color of the wash, and they’re classic rise as well, which means that they nip and tuck those areas that might benefit from nippage and tuckage.

Now I haven’t seen these jeans in person, so I don’t know if they’re available in stores or not. But I did see that Old Navy is doing $5 shipping right now, so it just might be worth your while to order a pair and see if they work for you. Since they can be dressed up or dressed down, you’d be able to get a good bit of bang for your fashion buck. I think they’re adorable.

And thus concludes our First Annual Inexpensive Jean-A-Thon. To tell you the truth, I’m a little exhausted from wading through so many different styles of jeans online – not to mention the ones that I tried on in stores.


So to recharge my batteries, I’m now off to look at shoes.

The Why

Sweet Shannon has written an absolutely beautiful post, and you can find it right here.