To Tour Or Not To Tour, That Is My Question

Over the last couple of months I’ve gotten several emails from people who have wanted to know if another Tour of Homes is in the works.

And my answer has been something along the lines of “Well, actually, now that you mention it, no.”

But a couple of days ago I got another email about it from Lisa, and she made the point that there are probably some new readers hanging around these parts since we did the first Tour-o-Homes. Plus, there may be some people who wanted to do the Christmas Tour last year but didn’t get a chance.

And then Lisa suggested that maybe I could take a poll or something.

Y’all, I’m telling you: Lisa is overflowing with good ideas.

So at the bottom of this post you’ll see a little poll, and it would help me a bunch if you’d take five seconds to answer. I would love to host another home tour if anyone, you know, cares, but if it’s too much trouble for everybody I’m fine with that, too.

As Big Mama and I like to say (via “Friends,” NOT “Seinfeld,” please forgive me, I made a huge TV trivia foul): I’m breezy.

And thanks in advance for your help in addressing this issue of critical international importance. No pressure or anything – it’s just that THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD HINGES ON YOUR ANSWERS.

But other than that, it’s no biggie.

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  1. I would. I was a new to blogs back then and didn’t have one. I think it would be fun.
    Very tech savvy poll-thingy! : )

  2. well, I tried to vote, but I don’t think it worked. It might be a little wonky. My computer, that is.

    I think a home tour sounds fun. But I am not going to clean my house all spiffy for the pics. Just a warning. If I do it, it’s all about The Realness of My Life.

    Just thought I’d chime in.

  3. “I’m Breezy” is from the Friends episode when Monica hears an old message from Richard (The One Where Nobody’s Ready) and she calls his answering machine and changes the outgoing message to say that she is on her period.

  4. Of course, I would participate! I hope you get a good response. :)

    And I’m breezy too…I’d do a Holiday theme or not! (But I thought I’m breezy was from Friends?)

  5. well, since I’m moving next week, and I plan on just going ahead and setting up my Christmas tree while I’m unpacking boxes, I’m going to have a holiday theme anyways :)

  6. I did participate in the Holiday Tour last December, but I just missed out on the regular one. I had just started blogging and thought the tour was such a neat idea, but by the time I got my act together, it was pretty much closed and “Mr. Linky” wasn’t open to new entries. I didn’t know then about getting on the bloggy bandwagon while it’s in the neighborhood. I’ve thought about posting my own home pictures at some point anyway, but would love to do it in conjunction with a larger tour.

  7. how fun! I’d participate in either, but I love love to see Christmas decor….

  8. That does sound fun….only um, my house doesn’t look NEARLY as clean and spiffy as yours. But, I’m game!!!

  9. I voted, yes. I took part in the Christmas Tour of Homes last year and it was great fun. I was about to (as in some time before Thanksgiving ’07 I hope) post pics of my Fall decorations on my blog, but now I think I’ll wait and see what you decide to do.

  10. THat is the first time someone has made a Seinfeld reference that I didn’t get. Can’t wait for DH to call me so I can ask him if he knows it. We quote Seinfeld five or six times a day around here…..that’s actually kind of sad now that I see it in writing.

  11. I was not blogging during the Tour of Homes last year. I’d love to do it this year! :)

  12. I didnt blog last year. I would love to see this!!!

  13. Your first tour of homes was when i first found your blog and fell in love with it. There are SO many more bloggers now and it was my favorite thing EVER. I 100% think you should do another one.
    And then do another one for the holidays! I’m excited just thinking about it!

  14. I would love to participate in a “Tour of Homes”. This would probably be the closest I would ever get to the real thing since the Junior League is not exactly camped out on my my doorstep begging me to be on their next home tour circuit.

  15. I don’t see the poll. Maybe something funny is going on with my browser.

    But I did not participate last year and I would like very much to do so this year.

  16. I would love to have another “Tour of Homes”. I enjoyed it very much last year!!

  17. I don’t see the poll but think a tour would be fun!

    I should state up front that decorating requires a gene that I’m quite sure does NOT run in my family — unlike Sophie, who has it in spades! I have a great color sense — but it’s confined to beads. :-( So y’all can giggle at the pics of my house… S’ok with me.

  18. Clemntine says:

    Me and my little no-blog-self will gladly look inside all y’all’s (can TOO have two apostrophe(‘)s!) houses. And just imagine mine as Thomas Kinkade/Currier & Ives on the outside and Norman Rockwell with a dash of Southern Living on the inside. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  19. This means I would have to clean my house…….wouldn’t it……..sigh.

  20. As a guy, I’m thinking of hosting a Tour Of Hopeless Garages. Fun way of patting our backs and (hopefully) seeing other garages in worse shape than our own. (no offense to those without garages.)
    I’ll have to figure out Mr. Linkie, I guess.
    But my wife Cindy should certainly join YOUR tour. She is a fine decorator and hostess, indeed.

  21. Yes, I’d love to participate in a Tour of Homes ~ especially since I just started my own blog :) Thanks for asking!

  22. I’m with Clementine up there. I don’t have a blog at present because quite frankly y’all would be dreadfully bored reading about my life. However, I’d LOVE to see everyone’s Christmas decorating ideas! I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration.

  23. I meant to ask you about that a month or so ago….I think it’s a great idea….I started blogging right after yours last year.

  24. i did not see last year’s. i am going to go back and look for it! i would love to participate… your vote thing is NOT working LOL!

  25. Scott, if you do a garage tour, ours will win all awards ever imagined! Seriously, my feller has more junk crammed in there than is humanly possible. And I am the one who has to deal with it. I am SO threatening to have a big ol’ Freecycle extravaganza while he is working/living out of state! For real! It looks like one of those awful internet “you-won’t-believe-this-mess” sites. Over 200 computers?! Who needs more than two or three?! FIVE boats?! And my car sits outside. Humph!

    As for the tour, I would try to do it but since I am the world’s worst blog owner/poster, it may be Valentine’s Day before I get it up. Will y’all still visit? ;o)

  26. I love the tour last year. I hope we see it again!

  27. Ummmm…You didn’t have an option on the poll for the undecided among us who would WANT to participate but don’t know if their houses will be clean enough for them to dare post pictures… but I’m realizing maybe my house doesn’t have to be clean for me to participate! Yeah, I need to get over that one.

  28. OH HEAVENS. I voted yes before I knew what you meant. Seriously? I’d have to show pics of my actual HOME? And not just my blog?

    I believe my ulcer just started bleeding again.

  29. I’d say yes, but I think we’re going to be visiting family for Christmas this year, so we’ll probably save money and skip the tree. We might get some lights up around our windows though. he he.

  30. WHAT??? I know nothing about tours. I can’t wait to go back into the ancient archives and figure out what you are talking about! :)

  31. WE finally have a digital camera. . .so I might join in the fun this year. . .but even if I don’t, I’d LOVE to tour everyone else’s homes. :)

  32. Oh. . .and you crack me up.

  33. Sounds like fun! I tour the outside of our home all the time, when God makes the mountains look fancy with snow or a sunset. :) Perhaps, it will inspire me to clean…for goodness sake!

  34. OH my. All those gorgeous houses put me to shame! I would not be participating except to enjoy everyone else’s beautiful homes.
    And every time I try to take one of your polls it tells me I’ve voted already! Unless my husband is a closet BooMama reader, something’s not quite right there but heaven knows I can’t be any help except to report it to you. Sorry!

  35. I have never participated in any of your “tours” but have looked forward to doing it this holiday season, if you do one. My aunt posted holiday pics on your tour last year. That’s how I got started reading your blog. You’ve changed my life…….sooooo much for the better. It’s after 11:00 p.m. where I live and I just had to check on Boomama before I go to bed after a very hectic day. I check every evening. You never disappoint. ANY tour that you do will be just wonderful. Can’t wait to see the results of your poll!

  36. You can’t SAY that you’re breezy! That totally negates the breeziness! We use this one around our house all the time. Sad :) Love Scott’s idea of garage tours.

  37. I would love the Christmas tour!

    I tried to vote too, but my computer was wonky and said I already voted.

  38. I’m in!

  39. Looks like you are getting outvoted. I got your back, though. No home tour here…then I’d have to pick up all the toys and Heaven knows that is a waste of my television watching time.

  40. I missed it last year. I’d be in for this year though, any reason to make myself clean this blasted place… UUGH!

  41. OK, I’m not in on the lingo…what is “I’m breezy” and why can’t you say it?

    I hope this isn’t another obvious question from an Aggie :)

  42. I knew something was up! I’ve been getting “hits” from last year’s event.

    How fun! You’ve always got the best events over here, Boomama.