It’s Shaping Up To Be A Lovely Saturday

The last time I was at Mama and Daddy’s house, the Bulldogs played a road game at Auburn and won.

This morning I decided to stay a little longer at Mama and Daddy’s than I originally planned. The Bulldogs played a road game at Kentucky. And won.

I now have no choice but to come back here in three weeks when the Bulldogs play Arkansas in Little Rock.

You can’t argue with science, people.

And in the meantime, we celebrate:

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AP Photo / Ed Reinke
Beloved Bulldogs – 31
Kentucky – 14

I’m just so proud of our boys.

Go Dogs!

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  1. Hey girl. My man just told me about the Bulldogs and I said, “Lemme check Boomama’s site, I know she had to be there for that.” and then I read your post.
    TOo funny.

  2. Boomama – I just have to correct you for a minute. The bulldogs will play us in Little Rock. (You know we are the only school in the world who plays our games in 2 places).
    And I’m fairly confident ya’ll will thump us. And if it wouldn’t put my Daddy in to heart arrest – we would wear our Mississippi State tee shirts that day and ring our cow bell. :-) Congratulations on a great win!

  3. Changing the location right this second. :-)

  4. Sigh. There almost nothin’ more Southern than good old college ball. I miss it. Poor me. Sniffle.

  5. Yes, you better get back there in 3 weeks. Whatever it takes.
    GO DOGS!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BooMama – that’s so funny! I am a coach’s wife and I have operate under the same kind of science. If we scored while I was standing up, well, I have to stand up the whole game. (Sometimes this science holds up, but usually it doesn’t. It does allow me to have a false sense of control over the outcome of the game though!)

    Go Dogs :)

  7. Whatever it takes!

  8. They keep that up they’ll be going to the world series for sure.


  9. Tell your mama to get ready ’cause company’s coming for the Ark game. Whatever it takes. GO DAWGS!!!

  10. Who’s arguing? ‘Cause they just don’t know what lengths we’ll go to for a W!
    I’m with ya Go Dawgs!

  11. I have to say “Go Dawgs” for a totally different school – “my” Bulldogs whupped up on some FL gators today. How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!!!!

  12. Oh, it was a sad day here in the Bluegrass.

  13. Hey Boomama, when my 16 year old football playing and watching son turned on the TV today and I saw Mississippi State beating Kentucky, I thought about YOU! I then asked my son if LSU had played Kentucky and he said yes, that was there only loss. So, congratulations is in order for you! Go Tigers! Go Dawgs!

  14. Ahem.

    I don’t think so, sister.

  15. {{{ringing cowbell}}}
    Go Dawgs and Hail State!

  16. Yes MA’AM, how bout them DAWGS?!
    That was so much fun – Make sure you’re at your mammas for the Bama and Ole Miss games, too, cause as you know being a Bulldog and living in Bama country, we HAVE to beat them two years in a row! We just HAVE to!

  17. What a wonderful day!!! Do you think it would help if you watched the home games from your parents’ house too?! :)
    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Not to sound ignorant even though I am, but who are the Bulldogs? Now don’t judge me too harshly, I am married to a rabid baseball fanatic. We do watch pro football, but as far as college football, we root for UT and anyone playing Florida. Do I need professional intervention?

  19. Along the same vein, the last three times my husband has attended a UK game, they lost. (never mind that they were horrible already) Anyway, since they have been having such a wonderful year (beating LSU no less) he decided to attend yesterdays game. Where they lost. So, he is no longer allowed to attend games. For the sake of UK football.

  20. great day to be a Dawg – it is a must today to get out and do something so you can wear the colors around town :)

  21. Boo Mama,

    I’ve never commented before (I really do love your blog!) but I just couldn’t resist congratulating the Bulldogs on their win over Kentucky. Now, my family, we are Carolina Gamecock fans but we sure were pulling for y’all yesterday. We need all the help we can get to come out on top of the SEC East. Of course, this was all before we suffered our heartbreak at UT. Here’s hoping both of our teams come out on top against the Hogs!

  22. Who let them dawgs out??

  23. I watched part of that game and as long as they weren’t playing Auburn, go dogs!

  24. As soon as I heard the score I thought of you and another dear Bulldog fan here in the ‘ham. We were in Auburn for the game and I thought I heard the cowbells all the way down there! Congrats on a well deserved win!


  26. Hey BooMama…Sister… Hope you have a good week… Good to hear from you Sister! I am just glad that we had our second sunny day in a row! lol xo to you both

  27. this year, you may be able to skip the trip to your parents’ house when you play arkansas. it’s been an unhappy season for the razorback fans.

  28. You could always come to Little Rock and sit beside me! I will try not to call the hawgs too loud :)

  29. dayspringdawning says:

    I guess I will be the odd duck out and say “Congratulations to you b/c I love your blog BUT GO UK!! I love them wildcats (being from Ky and all). :)

  30. OK, I’m a huge Ole Miss fan, but you’re blog is so great, I think I can put our differences aside and check in daily! ;)