Perhaps This Is Why Mondays Are Somewhat Unpopular

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I stayed up way too late last night watching a replay of the Mississippi State / Kentucky game for the third time, and that’s not counting the fact that I watched The Sylvester Croom Show twice, but please do not make fun of me because OH SWEET MERCY IT’S FUN TO WIN FOR A CHANGE.

However, since I stayed up so late last night, I was not exactly at the top of my mental or emotional game at 6:30 this morning when I tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen, pourin’ myself a cup of ambition as I yawned and stretched and tried to come to life.

(Even when I’m tired I still love me some Dolly.)

But that is neither here nor there.

Because when I opened the refrigerator to grab my half and half, I thought, Hmmm, that’s interesting, this half and half container isn’t very cold.

And then: Hmmm, that’s interesting, the inside of the refrigerator is sort of warm.



That would be the back of our refrigerator.

The refrigerator that is no longer working.

Because it no longer “refrigerates” or “freezes” or “makes ice” or “keeps food fresh.”

Which means that we had some “meat” and some “frozen goods” that “turned.”

Fortunately, I have a husband who is handy, and he has ordered a part and hopes to have everything up and running by Wednesday or Thursday.

In the meantime, we’re just going to eat all our perishables like there’s no tomorrow.

I would hate to waste all that perfectly good cheese.

Anyway, after Alex finished school we ran to the mall so that I could return some stuff, and I ran smack dab into this dress, and y’all I am not kidding when I tell you that it took every ounce of restraint I have – along with a super-sized portion of the Holy Spirit – to keep me from slapping that dress on the counter and buying it right then and there.


Because I have so many opportunities to wear sparkly things.

But I tried to justify it by telling myself that I could wear it to church with black tights (totally could), and I could wear it during the holidays (true that), and I could throw it on in the springtime with chunky black sandals and feel oh-so-sassy (preach on, sister).

The problem, though, is that it’s beyond our budget right now, and I know it’s beyond our budget right now, and besides that WHO WERE THOSE EVIL LEPRECHAUNS WHO DRAGGED ME IN THE DRESSING ROOM TO TRY ON THAT DRESS, ANYWAY?

In the end I stood firm against the dress’ sparkly powers, but that does not mean that I won’t be gazing at the picture lovingly. With great, loving feelings for all the loveliness contained in this dress that I love so dearly.

And I have to confess that while I was in the dressing room Romans 12:2 came to mind. But it’s not so much that I want to conform to the pattern of this world. It’s just that I would really, really like to be conformed to the pattern of that dress.

I’m just seeking God’s will, people. God’s fun, funky and sparkly will.

After I bid the dress a bittersweet farewell (I bet it misses me. Seriously. It’s probably crying right about now.), Alex and I had to run to Walmart because obviously I felt that adding insult to injury would be the most fitting way to continue with my day.

But get a load of this. At some point as we were wheeling down the aisles I noticed that Alex had gotten very quiet, and you’re not even going to believe what had happened.


It took him a little over four years, but he finally talked himself to sleep.

I mean, look at his mouth. It’s like he just nodded off mid-word.

God love him.

The quiet, however, did not last for long.



Not sure what that is?

Why, it’s the place where my rear windshield wiper used to be!

Before the little man ripped it off this afternoon!

Apparently he needed the windshield wiper for leverage when he was trying to climb onto the roof of my car. Which is a completely different set of issues, I guess, but in the grand scheme of things, a broken windshield wiper is probably not that big of a deal.

Until, you know, it rains.

Here’s to Tuesday, everybody.

I hope that yours is sparkly.

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  1. that is a very tempting sparkly dress, and alex looks so cute and angelic sleeping–probably didn’t look that way when he ripped off your back windshield wiper though. but that’s why the good Lord makes them so cute when they sleep. so we forget about the monster-ish tendencies. thank you for your reminder that its Satan making me spend money–currently I think he is guiding me to Michaels and Hobby Lobby way too often.

  2. Where is that dress? I need it.

  3. I wonder if Troy will ever get to the point of talking himself to sleep?? If he can EAT himself to sleep now, before he can speak in complete sentences, then maybe someday he’ll learn to talk to sleep?

    And, just so ya know… I’m currently perusing old entries around here in between contractions… reading the Blawg is the newest form of labor distraction…

    ;) :D :)

  4. that is a very sweet picture of Alex. I love it.

  5. Oh that dress! You are a stronger woman than I!

    I cannot believe Alex fell asleep in the buggy like that! God love him, indeed!

  6. I feel certain that dress is in Macy’s crying its heart out over what could have been.

  7. That dress is stunning….except I had to keep looking at the picture 2 or 6 times to finally see the DRESS.
    The model’s skeleton hands and arms kept getting in the way.



    And Alex looks like an angel….saving up his energy for the next “big wiper ripping adventure”!

  8. gah. we just had refrigerator issues like forever because my husband is not handy and, apparently, neither were the repair men that came over and over again to fix it.

  9. Christmas is a-comin, honey! Put a photo of that dress in your hubbys eye and look for it under the tree. And maybe there’ll be some BOWL TICKETS too!! Fingers crossed.

  10. BUY THE DRESS !!! Just buy it, dadgummit, you could blog about it, that dress has mileage.

    Personally, I would love to see a picture of ANYONE wearing a sparkly dress like that with black tights to church (I obviously go to a rather more conservative church than yourself)

    But frankly if you got as far as tryng it on and you still like it, that is a SIGN, sister (oh, yes it is!)

    I will now go off and look up Romans……but I hope to read that you have purchased it by the next time I read !

  11. oooooo so cute .. the dress AND Alex!

  12. That dress will go on sale if you wait, and maybe then you can get it, with less guilt. :) It’s so cute! And oh my word, you’re funny!

  13. Wow, I’m impressed by your restraint! That dress is super cute. Thanks for the inspiration because I’ve got to shop for the kids and that’s always when I find something I think I have to have. Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

  14. You exercised considerable restraint in not buying that dress. The Holy Spirit musta been workin. hee hee.

    And that is so cute that Alex fell asleep in the cart…hilarious that you had you camera with you!!! I do the same thing. Never know when a blogging moment will present itself.

    And I hope you get your fridge fixed soon. That sucks!!!

  15. I have never once used my rear windshield wiper for any purpose other than to amuse the children. It’s cheaper than those portable DVD players, you see.

  16. “God’s fun,funky, sparkly will.” Now, come on Boomama! That was excellent!!

    And, that boy! Sleeping in walmart??!! The shenanigans with the wind shield wiper just exhausted him!

    love it! love it! love it!

  17. Just discovered your blog, thanks so much for a Tuesday morning chuckle!

  18. I understand the pull of the sparkly dress. If my husband and son had not been protesting loudly, “You only said we were going to JCPenney” while I was dragging them through Macy’s, I’m quite positive that I would have ended up coming home with a number of sparkly things.

  19. Ah…the warm fridge. Been there, done that, seven times in four years. Guess what? We just bought a new fridge. I couldn’t take it anymore. Hope yours is up and working quickly!
    Oh, and good job avoiding the dress.

  20. You, without a doubt, are hilarious.

    That dress is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I would wear the crap out of it, for sure. It might be an overload of color with my hair and all but I wouldn’t care a bit.

    Budgets stink sometimes, don’t they. Way to be strong despite the gorgeousness of that dress.


  21. Hey! You and Dolly have the same color hair!

    (and I’ll bet she already HAS that dress because she is ALWAYS in the midst of God’s fun, funky and sparkly will.)

    I, on the other hand, am a brunette and a somewhat more conservative dresser. If I wore that dress home, Mulletman would turn me right around and make me take it back. He does NOT like sparkles and bold patterns.

    By the way, orders have trickled down and we peons must wear black pants/skirt with “fall-ish” shirts/blouses for the conference with Cherie Adams. I have the pants – funky and groovy, but the shirt eluded me. I don’t do fall colors. They make me look ill.

    Fortunately, my Mommy had a PERFECT suede-like deep cranberry shirt with little felt fall leaves tacked on it. I do have a khaki green shirt for under the neath, so I’m all set ’cause this girl CAN do cranberry!

    Thankfully, the outfit is also groovy and casual enough for me to wear to the Newsboys/Kutless concert that very same evening. :-D

    I’ll try to get some pics Saturday morning.

  22. It took me a second to figure out why that sounded so familiar! tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen….they just use your mind and they never give you credit, it’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it! Now why can I remember all the words to that song but can’t remember the names of the other moms from my son’s class to save my life! Anyway, just had to say how impressed I am with how clean the floor is behind your fridge. We always find a second dog behind our appliances when we pull them away from the wall!

  23. okay, I figured out a way to get it: buy it and donate it to a needy cause, like say, oh… ME! Then I can let you borrow it… and you and the dress and me can live happily ever after!

    (seriously: CUTE DRESS!!)

    (and the boy is cute too ;0)


  24. That dress is fabulous! I admire your restraint. And your sweet boy, falling asleep in the cart, is just too precious.

  25. Ok, back to the Mississippi/Kentucky comment. I’m a Kentucky fan, born and bred. Usually this time of the year we are just counting down the days until Midnight Madness but the football team has actually been acting like they know how to play….football! I’m glad for your win though – now, when’s basketball start?

  26. I have found that when you are looking for a dress for a special occasion you CANNOT find one. For one to just hit you in the face was a true miracle. And for some reason there is something coming up that you will need a nice dress for (trust me). There always is. And then you CANNOT FIND ONE! I’m just saying!

    p.s. What store was that dress in?

  27. Classic Boo Mama post here. Love it all.

    And if I had the extra dough I would totally buy that dress for you. Because I want you to be abiding in God’s fun and funky and sparkly good will, you know. However, God’s don’t-spend-money-you- don’t-have-will is where I’m abiding, so you and I both are without cute dresses.

  28. Okay, I must know where you saw that dress!

  29. I’m still laughing about the Fish Camp story and now the picture of the nub where the wiper blade used to be has set me off again. Boys! If they are not up to something or taking apart something, then they are sleeping. LOL

  30. Climbing onto the roof of the car…that’s exactly what my son was trying to do, only he used the $350 side mirror as leverage. Unfortunately for all of us, it doesn’t support 50 lb. 6 year olds.
    Sorry about your fridge, food gone bad is a very sad thing indeed.

  31. Ouch – bad day! I bet it was really Howard that yanked the wiper off as Howards do that. Alex looks too peaceful to have tried it.
    Whatever. Now you know why some animals eat their young! Just saying. Slap that boy with a side of hushpuppies – oh yeah he’d be a goner. :)

  32. You’re so cute and fun to read!! (And I meant that “cute” in a completely harmless and non-creepy way, I promise!!)

  33. I love the picture of Alex sleeping, makes me want to crawl into a cart and fall asleep.

    The dress? No offense, but I think you are crazy NOT buying that dress. Budget, smudget. How often do you find a dress you love, it fits and it looks good? NEVER. You were meant for it.

    Please, in honor of all woman who are unable to ever find a perfect dress, please go buy it.

  34. Why spend money on a dress when you could spend it on a refrigerator and a new windshield wiper? :) Just know, more impressive than the restraint you used shopping, was how clean it was behind your refrigerator. Please tell me that you had to wipe it down before you took the picture!!

  35. Laughing and loving every minute of it! You keep reminding that everyday shopping trips can sometimes turn into sparkly wonderfulness (and I used to have a rug I loved so much that I would hug it every time I entered said store….it never came home with me…sniff,sniff…:) and that trips to Wal-Mart can be full of precious moments. Prayers for a working fridge and no rain before the wiper can be fixed…:)

  36. I just love you, BooMama. I think there is some serious oppression going around. Bless you for standing firm.

  37. He wasn’t sleeping, he was recharging, at least that is what I call it when my little ones fall asleep. They have much to do…

  38. Sparkly is the new black. Or is it brown?

    Cute dress. You inspire me with your willpower.

    We had our refrigerator go out on Christmas Eve. And we were having people for Christmas dinner at our house. That was a challenge.

  39. (Breaking into song)

    “There’s a place for us.
    A time and place for us. …
    Some day,

    Mourning the sparkly dress with you. Even though I think you did The Right Thing.

  40. Oh My Mercy, that last part is just TOO funny!!! A year ago, I would have read that part about Alex trying to climb onto the roof of the car, and therefore tearing the windshield wiper off, and thought “Oh my, is that what boys do?” But now, Oh now I have a boy of my very own, and am daily discovering that they are an entirely different breed! Mine is only 13 months old, and already I am pulling him down from things, and watching him try and scale the cabinets…I will not lie, it makes me very nervous about the toddler and preschool years! Thanks for this “real” look into your life with your boy. It helps me SO much when I see others dealing with the craziness of life with the little darlings God has blessed us with!

  41. Sounds like a good reason to throw a party! You have the dress and food that needs eating…and of course, who couldn’t use friends to smile and laugh with??

  42. Awww, I should read more carefully…I should have said, you still have the lovely dress from fun function of last week :) Then a party is in order…

  43. First time visitor-You make me laugh, girl!

    How did you get him to sleep like that? I NEED some of that around here. I promise I won’t leak your secrets-just whisper it to me…

    A sparkly Tuesday to you, too.

  44. Stephanie says:

    This is a classic post – loved it – the fun sparkly will of God…. Love it!

  45. Adorable picture of Alex … and you could always move to North Georgia, it doesn’t rain here anymore, so you would never need that back windshield wiper.

  46. I haven’t been by in awhile but when I do I always seem to laugh…happy Tuesday to you too. I’m looking forward to your Christmas home tour.

  47. Besides the fact that I may lose my job due to downsizing with my company and my day has been unbelievably crappy- that is a precious dress- Not in my budget either since I may not have a job in 08!

  48. Why do they put those windshield wipers on the backs of our vans anyway, if not for the climbing assistance purpose? Really…you should write in and complain of the nasty, flimsy nature of the windshield wi….er…hand hold.

  49. Sounds like quite a day. Aren’t we glad they aren’t all that way! We would never want to get out of bed!

  50. Oh, that precious boy. Just wantta kiss a face like that.

  51. HEHE – that is funny b/c he needed it for leverage to climb on your roof. Oh my!!
    He is definitely a boy!!
    I could not even begin to list all the things that have been “used” with the notion of superhero work, karate performances, big digging materials you name it my boys have thought of it!
    Better yet did you know that when you open a garage door that a running 3 yr old will just ride all the way up!!

  52. that kid in the basket is absolutely adorable…
    i am still reeling over the Div III college game with 15 laterals…i was teaching school yesterday and i heard boy squeals coming from ALL THE WAY DOWN THE HALL and i knew they were having a good time in STUDY HALL…they were so watching that clip…i got all my boys in my house together last night to watch it and i bet we watched it 8 times in a row…I LOVED IT…and i love the dress too and i could totally wear it to church even though i am a tad older than you are—i can get by with it—but good for you to say no thanks—yeah God for boomama heard you and listened…woohoo!

  53. You know, you could still buy the dress–you’d just have to sell some plasma to pay for it. And it would totally be worth it. SO CUTE!

    Sorry about the fridge. And the wipers. May Wednesday be a day of nothing broken :)

  54. A few things:
    I love that dress. I’ll pray for you.

    Behind your fridge…it is clean…swept…even spotless…how is this? Very confusing, Boomama.

    I can relate about the sports and the sleep (or lack thereof), sistah. I live in Boston, and there is much rejoicing now, of course, with the Red Sox’s win, but more importantly, there is much relief that we can all now finally go to BED! Thank you so much, Red Sox.

    And best wishes with the food consumption!

  55. That dress! I think it might be calling MY name, too!

    That cute boy! Look how sweet he is sleeping!

  56. Fave quote:

    “I’m just seeking God’s will, people. God’s fun, funky and sparkly will.”


  57. Coincidental dress story:

    BTW-you might want to check for affordable ($20 ish) dresses that are similar in style. They are by ZBD and have a somewhat square neckline and various prints/embellishents. I got the basic black one to be worn with tights and satin chunky sandals (American Eagle for Payless) and yes the shoes cost more than the dress… You too, can be the queen of cheap chic…

  58. I have that dress, I just took it to Las Vegas last weekend! I felt very sassy! Keep checking the sale racks, I’m sure it will be there soon!