Let’s Have Us A Soup-Tacular!

It's A Soup-Tacular

When some people are bored, they clean.

I, on the other hand, like to create spontaneous bloggy carnivals when roughly four people mention that they think it might be fun.

Because, really, I have no life.

And because making sub-par, low-resolution bloggy buttons is fun!

So this Friday, if you’d like to join the fun (Hello, you eight future participants! Can’t wait to see your soup!), just post your favorite soup or stew recipe(s) on your blog, then come over here and sign the Mr. Linky.

Then we can all spend our weekends perusing recipes like the wild women that we are.

And so that we don’t spoil too much of the fun, I’m going to close the comments on my previous post – save your recipes for this Friday.

This button is way too big for a sidebar, and since we’re going to do this thing in, like, three days, there’s really no point for sidebar-age anyway. But if you’d like to post the button in a post, here’s the code:

And who wouldn’t want to post a button of such high quality? It is quite literally worth fractions of pennies.

So remember: SOUP’S ON this Friday! (I’m so sorry. SO sorry. I couldn’t resist. The punny temptation was more than I could bear. I am terribly ashamed.)

And if you already posted a recipe in the comments of the previous post, feel free to post it again on your blog this Friday. Even if you’ve posted it on your blog before.

Why, you ask?


See y’all tomorrow.

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  1. My top two favorite soups are found at restaurants, which is a shame because I am forced to frequent these establishments VERY OFTEN.

    But I have quite the cache of recipes, seeing as I love me a creamy concoction and eat soup 5 times a week while The Man is out of town.

    Only soup could get me to participate in my first ever bloggy carnival. Whoo hoo!

  2. Oh yes, this will be fun! How’ll I ever choose just one, though? I have a veritable cornucopia of delightful soup recipes. Hmmm.

  3. I guess I’m just a loser because I don’t like soup… :(
    But have fun with your soup-tacular!

  4. I’m gonna have trouble choosing which bowl of deliciousness to share with everyone. I’ll ponder it for a couple days before I decide. Good thing I’m not in charge of making really important decisions, huh?
    Looking forward to Soup Friday.

  5. And I have to reply to “Soup’s On” with “I thought they were shish-ke-bobs.”

    (Edward Scissorhands)

  6. “Then we can all spend our weekends perusing recipes like the wild women that we are.”

    I thought this said like the OLD WOMEN that we are! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    I have no, none, nada soup things to contribute, but i’m all over grabbing some good ones from you talented souls out there! I thank you in advance!

  7. TOO much fun! I’m so in. Soup is my very very favorite food…next to coffee. :)

    Thanks for the fun idea!

  8. But does my soup have to have three question marks coming out of it?

    Pesos! I’d pay pesos for that button!

    [Big Grin]

  9. Probably not worth the effort me doing a whole post on this so i will add it here –

    My recipe for Dickensian Soup

    1 cup of water
    1 Piece of stale bread

    Heat water, serve water with bread on side.

  10. I’ve never made soup, but what about a chili recipe?

  11. Mmmm, I can already taste the goodness! Isn’t it amazing that we even WANT to eat soup, after the NEVER ENDING HEAT this summer? I am SO loving the cold weather!

  12. Hmmm – soupy goodness? That is bloggy deliciousness brewing virtually – and I’ve got JUST the right soup although if your DH is not a fan of mushrooms – you may have to chop up a steak and throw it in there! Madeira Mushroom Melange oh BABY!

  13. Yea! I am so excited!

  14. Hooray!! I’ve blogged about it — I can’t wait! I’ve got my blank 3×5’s ready — gonna steal… UM.. share some recipes. Ãœ

  15. I’m in for Friday!

  16. count me in, boomama!

    i am all about the soup!

  17. Because I fear you’ve been waiting with bated breath(contraction from abated which means NOT breathing) {not the incorrect term so often used – baited – which means gotta worm on it} I have posted your oh so clever buttony on my blog – woo HOO classed that puppy right up – of course I only have one reader and she introduced You to ME – so prolly won’t help much!

  18. How wonderful! A few weeks ago, I planned to do a “Soup Week” at my blog, but never got around to it. Perhaps I will now!

    FYI, my favorite rememdy for the “Hubby Doesn’t Think Soup Is a Meal” dilemma is to tell my hubby that when HE chooses to fix dinner, he can decide what to eat, but until then, I’m cooking, and soup IS a meal. Then I smile and walk away.

  19. I love soup too! I think this is a great idea. BTW since you are a soup lover – you might enjoy the book “The Tale of Despereux” by Kate DiCamillo. It is a children’s book (Newbery winner) but it is so wonderful for mamas too. In it the Queen loves soup but has an unfortunate soup incident.

  20. Great idea! I’m off to dig through my recipe boxes.

  21. My soup is ready and waiting for Friday! blessings…

  22. Oh, brilliant minds think alike!! I was going to post Taco Soup on my blog this week!

    I LOVE soup. I am SO EXCITED!!

  23. I’m in for the Soup-Tacular! I’ve posted your wonderful button on my blog and I’m ready to go. Except for the fact that someone already mentioned using the same recipe I was. Hope it’s okay for duplicates!

  24. Erica (A Yankee in Jawja) says:

    Hurry, Mama, hurry! I can’t hold it forever.

    Dad – I LOVE your soup.

  25. Since I think you are from around Birmingham, I am assuming you have Food for Thought (Jr. League cookbook). If you do, try the Santa Fe Soup. It is the easiest thing around and definitely hearty. My husband would eat it everyday. If you don’t have the cookbook, email me and I’ll send you the recipe. It involves opening a lot of cans and pouring them in. Oh, and you have to brown some beef.

  26. Count me in for soup on Friday! I just found your site and LOVE it.

  27. Hi… I’ve just stumbled in via Anne’s (LifePundit) blog and thought I’d let you know that I like what I’ve read of your blog so far.
    I cook a lot (ex restaurant cook, current father of 7) and love to embibe more than just food and wine, like thoughts and ideas for instance, so I think I’ll return soon and read some more.

  28. I’ll probably come over to peruse, but the only soup I make from scratch (if you can call opening cans scratch cooking) is Taso Soup. In fact, I made it today! I imagine that will be shared several times because it is so popular and GOOD!

    Anyway–I did post the button!

  29. Ooh! please, please tell me how you made that button??? I will join in on this soup-tacular, it looks fun!

  30. This sounds like fun! I’ll be posting this Friday and posting the button!

  31. I am so there! I’ve posted the button and passed the word – http://bunny-trails.blogspot.com/2007/12/soups-on-friday.html. You’re just the best and cleverest gal ever! :D

  32. I’d love to do the soup thingy with you on Friday. Love your blog, too!

  33. Do chicken and dumplings count? Because I just posted my fav easy recipe for those, but I could post it again. Because it is sooo good.

  34. Sweet. I love soup, and have a bit of a head cold right now, so a great soup for tomorrow evening would be awesome. I need to get out my favorite chili recipe (hey, chili is soup to me). :)

  35. OOOOOO, I love making soup! Can’t wait! I wasn’t going to come into work tomorrow, but now I will just so I can post a soup recipe! ;-)

  36. Got my post all ready! Looking forward to seeing all the other recipes!

  37. I think I even did the button right!!!

  38. Heard about the soup-tacular on another blog. I love soup and looking for more recipes! I make a really good hamburger soup (it’s not my recipe though) and my husband recently made some yummy beef barley soup. yum.