As You Might Imagine, We Have Done Some Cheering

Tonight, in an old-fashioned, smashmouth, defensive showdown (my very favorite type of football game, by the way), my beloved MSU Bulldogs defeated the University of Central Florida in the 2007 Liberty Bowl.

I am understandably delighted.

It’s been such a fun football season – whether I was watching the games at home, at Mama and Daddy’s, or right there in the stadium with Sister. It’s been so fun, in fact, that I’m thinking of designating Coach Croom as one of my pretend-BFFs. It is sure to be the highlight of his illustrious coaching career.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have much internetting to do. I have to read message boards and watch highlight clips and search for news stories and stay up very, very late so that I can be As Informed As Possible about tonight’s game when Sister and I discuss every. single. bit. of coverage tomorrow afternoon.

And if you’re thinking that Sister and I might be just a wee bit obsessive about MSU sports, all I can say is “THAT IS CORRECT, YOUR HONOR.”

Because I don’t know if I mentioned it, but it’s been a really fun football season. I sure do love me some Bulldogs.

Beloved Bulldogs – 10
UCF – 3

Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. I do not know how on earth I could’ve made this mistake. Truly I don’t. And you may take this opportunity to flagellate me with sauteed onion strips for even having such a thought, but…

    I thought, at first, you might be excited about the Patriots winning.

    Oh, the shame. The utter, unmitigated shame of it all!

    In payment for my wayward thoughts, I have but to say:

    GO DOGS!

    And that particularly hurts coming from a Razorback fan.


  2. Well, defensive games are my LEAST favorite sort of football game, but I was thrilled to see MSU pull this one out. Yay Coach Croom and his Dogs! (UCF deserved to be beaten if for no other reason than their hideously ugly shade of uniform. Blech!)

  3. Woohoo! A big Hotty Toddy to the ‘Dogs! ;)

  4. I don’t think I know how to leave you a message here but i’m gonna try. Do I need to type in code so no one will know who I really am?? If so….Guess who I am…. I helped our crazy mutual friend move two weeks ago and left you in charge with the movers!! So now you know who I am!! I had a ball taking a holiday tour through all the homes on your site. I saw yours and could not believe my eyes!! You have my same Christmas dishes..Friendly Village. They are my most favorite things and I am an HUGH collector of them. Were yours in your family or did you just happen upon them? I would love to hear about it. I have two sets: the winter scene ones and the Merry Christmas pattern. Next time I see you, I must remember to ask about them. Sounds like yall had a wonderful, family and fun filled Christmas. OOOOOhhhh, did you see where your girl Mandissa is coming to our town this Spring. I saw it in the paper today. Hope to see or hear from you soon. And by the way “Go Bulldogs”. We were traveling today through our beloved state and caught the game….then we got out of range and I had to call my Bulldog friend to get an update!! Job well done.

  5. Butterbean says:

    I knew you’d be thrilled with the outcome! Hope my Dawgs are as fortunate against Hawaii on Tuesday. Go Dogs and GO DAWGS!!!

  6. OH MY LORD we are so much alike! :-)

  7. I’m sure, being the Bulldog fan that you are, that you have already seen the ’08 schedule. Having seen the schedule, you know that MSU will travel to Atlanta to play GT. I think you and Sister need to start planning now for a road trip and whle in Atlanta, you can plan to hook up with me and Lynne at And Babies Make Six. Get to work on that rightthissecond!

  8. Uhhhhh, wasn’t it Beloved Bulldogs 10, UCF 3 ? Or did I miss something???
    GO DAWGS!!!!

  9. I have never heard so many cowbells ringing loud and proud! We had so much fun, especially the 4th quarter and the, mmmm, 45 minutes we hung out in the stands after the game just watching our players celebrate. 8-5!!! GO DAWGS!!!

  10. You know I watched this game. I love college football and it was an SEC team and I loved that they won. What a great game. I also thought of you throughout the entire game because I knew you were watching this game and I just laughed when they won because I knew there would be much celebrating in your home!! I saw your new bff as they poured Gatorade all over him, glory!!!
    So, think of me on Jan. 1st at 10:00 a.m. as my beloved U.T. Vols march onto the field against Wisconsin. GO VOLS!!!

  11. What a night! My daughter JCB was there and said it was so much fun. GO DOGS! Robin

  12. Go ‘Dogs!! We’re celebrating with you!!

  13. Boo to you and your Dogs! *smile*

  14. I can appreciate your enthusiasm because my husband is a giant UT fan (that’s TENNESSEE, not Texas). Having gone to a women’s college (what was I THINKING???) I have no allegiances to football teams. Isn’t that sad? I’ll have to enjoy it vicariously through your blog. Have fun!

  15. So proud of our DAWGS!!! Shannon and I finally got to go to a real live game instead of watching it at home. It was a little frigid, but the Liberty Bowl was a blast!!!! We screamed and cheered until we couldn’t talk. Go MSU!!! And, yes, Coach Croom is a precious man.

  16. You simply crack me up. I just added your link to my favorite sites. May God bless you and I thank Him for your marvelous sense of humor. We sure need a lot more of that in the Kingdom. If you get a chance, I know you’ll love the clip I have linked to on my blog. It’s in the sidebar – a Homeschool Movie.

  17. Go Dawgs!!!!Wait they already did go and won. That was an awesome game. My son and parents actually went to the game. We stayed here in TX and were watching on ESPN. After the 4th quarter I told my husband it would be perfect if we could just see the boy on T.V. Low and behold, knowing they were sitting by the band, we were watching closely as the band played Go State and there they were. My Mom with her london fog hood cinched tightly around her face. I told her she was on ESPN and it was not her best moment. Of course, it was not my Dad’s moment at all bcs. he left for the bathroom right after the touchdown. We got it on TiVo. Happy New Year.

  18. Well Patty, maybe she should think of ME as MY beloved BADGERS march onto the field at 11:00 AM EST on Jan 1 to go against your Vols!!! :-)

  19. Showoff. Can you please explain to Bossy why she always falls in love with the losing teams? sigh.

  20. Boo, we were there, and it was so fun. Then, I came back to Starkvegas and watched the B-ball team beat Missouri today. All in all, it was a perfect 2 days!


  21. Girl, I was looking everywhere for you in the stands while I watched the game on tv. I just knew you and your sister were there. I told my honey “Boomama is a fan of these dogs. She’s got to be at the game.” He said who is Boomama. Not what but who. Of course, I told him you were famous for blogging about really important THINGS and you were the champion of the fabulous Tour Of Homes! He thinks we’re all a little strange but that’s ok. We’ve got some DAWGS of our own to pull for and I won’t be at that game. But I’ll be watching. We are torn between teams here in my house. I’m from Mobile and I am rock solid BAMA. He’s born and bred in GA so he’s rock solid UGA. I do love UGA’s coach so I pull hard for the second fav team…
    Here’s a cowbell ringing just for you!

  22. I think you and my hubby are cut from the same cloth with this football thing. I am trying to be a big girl and talk myself into liking it. But I am struggling I tell ya’! STRUGGLING!!! Oh please teach the non-football women your secret for liking this interruption to good TV time.
    Go team and score a homerun, I mean touchdown or something!

  23. I forgot to tell you that B said his ears were still ringing from the cowbells this morning. Sorry I missed seeing Daph…I was truly afraid that not having you there and not seeing her might jinx the game, but we managed to win anyway. :)

  24. I cannot get over how much you love football- I have never been much into it since my heart belongs to shopping and Target! But since most of our friends are bulldogs I am happy for y’all! Remember this “Maroon, White, Bulldog Blitz!” That’s a blast from my college days of going to the games with all my MSU friends!

  25. Not one picture I took while I was there….it was my families first experience with the cowbell….um, excuse me, what did you say?? Are you talking to me??? I can’t hear you.

    Had a blast! :)

  26. Apropos of nothing: can I be pretend BFF with your commenter Butterbean? The name really cracks me up.

    Also, I’m making the white RoTel dip for a party tonight. I haven’t even gone to the store for the ingredients and I can feel my arteries slamming shut. Wait, what’s that? I believe it was the sound of my cardiologist ordering a new outboard motor. I’m such a giver.

    Lastly, football. Yay, your guys! But I’m just saying that to be polite. I may be all “Go Dogs!” on the outside, but on the inside it’s “Roll Tide!” all the way. Just keepin’ it real.

    Lastly, part B, a very Happy, Blessed New Year to the Boo Clan from Clem and all the Tines.

  27. Please stop by my blog. I’m having a party for a friend of yours. Smiles,

  28. Will you be cheering for the Tigers on January 7th?

    Your “new” Internet “friend” from B.R.

    Geaux Tigers!!!

  29. OMG! I was there and I’m SO glad I was! WOOWOO!!!! Go DAWGS!