The Only Drawback Is That I Can’t Seem To Get That Toto Song Out Of My Head

Oh, internets. I do apologize.

It was never my intention to leave you hanging about the whole yellow fever vaccination thing. In fact, I was going to write about it over the weekend, set it to auto-post, and thereby make sure that all the yellow fever vaccination news that’s fit to print was ready and waiting for you first thing this morning.

But then my daddy WENT AND GOT SICK (one of my favorite Southern expressions), landed himself in hospital (one of my favorite British expressions, neveryoumind that I’m not British, because that is merely a technicality), and now the little man and I are about to make an unexpected trip to Mississippi so that we can see the patient and stay with Mama for a couple of days.

In other words: the best-laid plans, etc.

And y’all will appreciate this: Saturday night Daddy was in a tremendous amount of pain, the kind of pain that looks at over-the-counter pain medication and laughs maniacally, and when Mama suggested that they get to a doctor (aye, and quickly), Daddy told her that he couldn’t possibly go to the doctor because he was supposed to 1) sing in church Sunday morning, 2) count the collection after church, and C) serve as a pallbearer at a friend’s funeral today.

He couldn’t HOLD UP HIS HEAD, of course, but by diggity he had commitments. And he planned on keeping them. Yes ma’am he did.

So in the interest of GETTING ON THE ROAD, ALREADY, I’m going to temporarily take the easy way out and offer you some information in a lovely list format:

1) I need the yellow fever vaccination because I’m going to Africa in February.

2) Yes, I said Africa.

3) Yes! Really! Africa!

4) Specifically: Uganda.

5) And I’m going with Compassion International.

6) And I am so stinkin’ excited and nervous and excited and scared and excited.

7) I’m also tickled to death because Shannon is going, too.

8) And if you want more details sooner as opposed to later, you can click right here and read Shannon’s beautifully-written post.

9) I promise I’ll write more later.

10) But I really do have to leave now.

11) And if you think about it, please say a prayer for my daddy.

12) I believe that is all.


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  1. Oh, poor Daddy! I hope he’ll be right as rain (another Southern expression) in no time. Or lickity split. Have a safe trip home. Uganda. Wow! How exciting and wondrous!

  2. Get Out!!

    Hey — hope your daddy is well soon.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story (using my best ever Paul Harvey impersonation).

  3. Uganda! Wow!

    I have many friends in Rwanda…if’n you need anything. (It is right next door, after all). Some of them lived in Uganda for 14 years.

    I hope your Daddy is well very, very soon. Even before you get there.

  4. Prayers for your Daddy!
    I want to go to Uganda with you!!! How exciting!!

  5. Certainly will pray for him and all of you.

  6. Oh bless his heart, dear Sophie. Have a safe trip to see him and give him what for, then hurry on back and tell us more about your trip.

    I am so thrilled for you and the opportunity to go to Africa. Now that song’s in my mind as well! You stinker!!

    Take care.

  7. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” (Eph. 3:20-21)

    Well now, somehow I think if someone had told you, as you put Alex in the bathtub two years ago, hopped on your computer and decided to write your first blog post, that perhaps that little post would land you in Uganda one day… you’d have been the one laughing maniacally. God does have a way of surprising us, doesn’t He? So excited for you, Sohpie, and looking forward to seeing it all unfold. I’m glad to be able to put a Specific Thing in there when I’m praying for your “stuff related to some things.” HUGS

    Praying for your daddy, too…

  8. Seriously, Uganda!…and with Shannon! Oh, I can’t wait!

  9. and now I feel like a jerk for pushing. May your father feel better, and soon. Best wishes

    But AFRICA? how exciting!

  10. I read the other update today and was excited for you. I will pray for your daddy. I have a sick dad too. :(

  11. I am sorry to hear about your father. I hope he is feeling better very soon. I think your trip to Africa is going to be the trip of a lifetime. I can’t wait to hear what you and Shannon have to say.

  12. Lots of prayers for your Daddy, Sophie, and wonderful news re Uganda! Wow!

  13. What tremendous life-changing fun….really, how exciting! The hardest part for me would be not bringing any babies home with me. I would jump at this experience and will look forward to reading all about it. God bless you and God bless your daddy and get him better soon!

  14. Absolutely exciting – what a great thing for you and Shannon to get to do; we’ve sponsored kids thru Compassion for years, and to get to go there – awesome! And I’ll be praying for your Daddy too. xoxo

  15. I hope your daddy is up and running very soon. I have a sick daddy too, and a sick mom, now that I mention it!
    He and your mom will be glad to see you.

    Africa – so excited for you!

  16. That’s great, Sophie! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I hope to do something like that this year too. I know you’ll be blessed & have plenty to talk about when you get back.


  17. When I told my husband that you had to have a yellow fever vaccination he said “Oh, she’s going to Africa” because he went there as a kid and had to have one then. What an experience that will be.

    Love and prayers to your Daddy!

  18. As if going to Uganda with Compassion isn’t enough, you get to go with Shannon! I’m a wee bit jealous!

  19. Hope your daddy is better soon. Compassion Int’l is a wonderful organization — what an exciting adventure that is ahead of you!

  20. I think that’s awesome for you and Shannon. I’ll be anxious to read your blog entries from that time. Hope your Daddy is feeling much better soon!

  21. I hope your dad feels better soon. You will be changed forever after your trip to Africa! God bless!

  22. I’ve been to Uganda. You will have an amazing time! Prayers for your Daddy. Safe travels for you and “Howard.”

  23. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Praying now for your Daddy! And wow – such exciting travel plans….can’t wait to hear more!

  24. Okay, I’ll be honest…my first guess was that you were going to a far away country to adopt…and then my second guess was a mission trip. So I guess the mission trip won! How wonderful! I’ll be praying for your upcoming trip and certainly for your sweet Daddy! Hope he gets well soon, and I hope you and Alex have safe travels.

  25. “Alex learned that God cares about people. And he told somebody. He did something. He took that little bit of Truth, and he acted on it. He shared it.

    I would do well to do the same.

    So, I have one more goal for the year that I’m going to add to the list. Since right now there’s only one thing on the list (”Keep Moving”), I think adding something new is perfectly permissible.

    And here’s the new goal: find some ways to love on some people.

    Why? Because God cares about them.”

    – Boomama, January 8, 2007

    I immediately thought of this post when I read about your trip on Shannon’s blog.

    It’s amazing what happens when you’re open to the Lord…

    Praying for you dear friend. May you be used mightily in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

  26. How exciting. Our pulpit minister is going to Uganda in February with Compassion International…so I assume it is the same trip. I will have to be sure he has read up on your blog.

  27. I read about the exciting trip over at Shannon’s. I think it sounds so exciting! I’ll be praying for your trip and for Daddy. I sure hope he is better soon!

  28. Praying for your Daddy, Sophie…and for you as you travel to Mi (crooked letter, crooked letter)i(crooked letter,crooked letter)i(hump back hump back) i…and of course Uganda. If any folks from CS are going, let me know.

    By your Daddy’s story, I think I see where you get your faithfulness…a good trait to pass down!
    Much love,

  29. I’m praying for your Daddy and will until you tell us he’s home and well!! And WOW!!!! What an awesome mission trip! I can’t wait to hear more about it. You can count on prayers for that as well.


  30. Hope your Daddy is feeling better soon. Excited for your opportunity to visit Africa. I know that the Lord will bless you greatly.

  31. What a blessing!!! Your life will be forever changed.

    Glad it wasn’t Afghanistan!!

    Will pray for your Dad!!

  32. WOW! I want to come! Take me!

  33. Sophie –

    I am seriously SO STINKIN” excited for you and Shannon!

    I just love that y’all are getting this opportunity. What an amazing opportunity for y’all to spread the word about the needs in Africa, first hand.

    I know it will have WAY more impact than any news article could.

    I’m praying for you both. And please let me know if there are any specifics you need prayer for.

    (ps – and PLEASE tell me you went back and bought those CUTE shoes at Target?)

  34. Sarah G. says:

    It’s not an international adoption, but I’m still terribly excited about this! I love Compassion International. We’ve had a sponsored child from Rwanda for five years now and it’ss been amazing for our family… and such a blessing to be a part of his life. I hope your daddy is doing better now.

  35. Excited/Envious. I want to go to Africa. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  36. Stephanie says:

    I will be praying for your daddy and for you and your little guy as you travel to Mississippi.

  37. Praying for your daddy and your safe trip home. I emailed you about Compassion and the trip – my friend works for them and will be going with you. Would love to hear from you whenever you get a chance.

  38. Yay, Africa!

    Prayin’ for your daddy, keep us posted if you have time!

  39. Sophie, I have been on two major mission trips and I will tell you now, your life and your thinking will never be the same once you are back home again. ( I never brush my teeth without thinking of the wastefulness of letting the water run while I brush.) May you share God’s love with all you meet and God will bless you above all you could ask or think! I will be praying for you as you prepare for this and also for your sweet Daddy!

  40. What an amazing God we serve. He is going to do something HUGE with you and Shannon in Africa, that’s for sure. What an amazing opportunity.

    I can’t wait for the journey to begin.

  41. Godspeed Sophie. Y’all are in for something amazing, I just know it.

  42. I’ll be prayin’ for yore daddy. (That’s a Kentucky phrase.) I shore do hope he gits better soon. (Okay, enough of that.) And I cheated and got the news from Shannon this morning so I haven’t been on so many pins and needles. But I do need to hear the “BooMama” take on Uganda.

  43. I hope your father gets well soon!

    P.S. It is so exciting that you will be going to Africa with Compassion International. What a blessing!

  44. I’m so excited for you. Sounds like a huge, life-changing, God-thing adventure!

    I am praying for your Dad.

  45. I am SOOOOOO excited for you!!! I spent 7 weeks in Africa in 1972 (yes, unfortunately I AM old enough to have done that, though I was a very, very young lady at that time) and it was the BEST and most horizon broadening experience EVER. I wish I could go back.

    I did not go to Uganda, but I DID go to Sierra Leone, Zambia (where we were charged by an elephant, and not with a credit card either), South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zaire)

    Enjoy the trip and tell us ALL about it.

  46. congrats on your mission trip! I’m going to Honduras in March for my first ever mission trip with International Aid and a group from my church.

  47. I’m praying for your Daddy!
    Keep us posted on prayer requests
    and answers.

    Your trip to Uganda will be amazing,
    life-changing, stretching, and
    fulfilling. As others have
    said, you will not return unchanged! My
    daughter spent a month in Uganda this summer on a mission trip. Last night, she
    shared her video presentation and some of her life-changing expereinces with her
    college-career group at our church. Even in the midst of much suffering, God showed
    himself to be good, merciful, and gracious. Be forewarned: you will never forget the faces of the children! She’s already planning a return trip!

    Praying for you and your family during
    this exciting yet stressful time.

  48. I am so sorry to hear your daddy is sick and yes I will pray for him! I am excited that you are going to Africa. Back in 2003 I was suppose to go to Africa and a few months before the mission trip I was diagnosed with cancer. I will be interceding for you the whole time you are gone. God is going to be mighty in your midst!!!

  49. Oh my goodness……….this is so super exciting!!!!! Boy will you have a lot to write about when you get back. And I have a feeling your whole life as you know it is about to change. A lot. For the better.
    And I can’t wait to read all the changes!

  50. Sophie and Sister, I’m praying for your Dad and hope it’s nothing terribly serious or life threatening.

    Sophie – Yippee! Africa! What an opportunity to experience! And we’ll have the benefit of reading your impressions of the situation there. I’m afraid I’m like Shannon: I’m chicken of flying. Well, not of flying, just those unexpected sudden stops, LOL! ;-)

    Safe journey to Mississippi and get well soon to your Dad.

    Love and hugs,


  51. I will be praying for your Daddy. God bless these great men who have been examples of His love for us. Amen

    And Africa!??? That is so amazingly cool. It’s funny – I hardly know you but I am so proud of you for saying yes to this opportunity. God will bless this trip and you for sure. My prayers so with you.

    Sr. Lynn

  52. As soon as I started reading Shannon’s post, I thought – hey, I wonder if that’s why Boomama needed that vaccination? I’m such a detective.

  53. Praying for your Daddy. I hope he is OK.

    Excited about the trip- :>)))

  54. Sure hope your Daddy gets well soon! I did have to have when you said “he went and got sick”. Being from the south, I have heard that alot. But the one I love the most was my great aunt who always said “She went and got herself pregnant”. That always cracked me up and usually got me in trouble when I laughed!

    Blessings and prayers for your Dad


  55. I meant had to laugh, not had to had. Duh, my keyboard can’t spell.

  56. So proud of you for taking the step of obedience. Keep us posted. :)

  57. I finally gave up on trying to get the Toto song out of my head and just loaded on my iPod. I listened to it as our plane landed in Tanzania last October and drove my husband crazy with it. He wasn’t quite so excited about listening to the song non-stop (one time was good enough for him!)…

    I hope your Daddy is feeling better soon!

  58. See you in Uganda.

    Oh, and I’ve been to Africa before. It never rained.

  59. Now I will hear that song for days.

    I hope your dad recovers soon and you have an exciting and challenging time in Africa.

  60. Your father is in my prayers and so sar you and for a productive trip to Africa. How exciting!

  61. You crack me up with all the British-ness. I, personally, am fascinated by the British. Anyhoo…CONGRATS on the Africa/Compassion International thing! That is a wonderful organization, and our family love supporting it!

  62. Best wishes on your trip to Africa! I will keep you and your family in my prayers (especially your dad). :)

  63. I have been scrolling all the way through you r comments humming “Meet you all the way…Rosan-na, yeah…” and I finally thought to myself, “Self, what does that song have to do with Africa??” So for all of you other slow-witted folks out there, it’s “I bless the rains down in Africa…” (
    Derrrrrrr!!! And yeah!!

  64. Amazing Opportunity! Good luck!

  65. Hope that your daddy is feeling better soon!

    And Africa…how awesome is that?! What a wonderful adventure that will be!

  66. I said a little prayer for your daddy and will continue to.
    Africa WOW! Can’t wait to here more!

  67. Hope your daddy gets to feeling better soon!

    Just read Shannon’s post on the Africa trip and was boo-hooing already!

    Much love!

  68. I will pray for you both while you are there & cannot wait for pics & stories!

  69. How precious of your Lord to provide such a trip. I think you will be Isaiah 61: 1-4 to those you meet. Bev

  70. This is my first visit to your blog. God Bless you and your daddy. I loved his reasoning about his commitments. At least they were to the church, for goodness sakes. I’m glad to meet you and I can’t wait to read what you and Shannon write.

  71. Toto song…There is a Toto song? (thinking of the Wizard of OZ) NO, that Toto song…thanks, now it is running through my head too. :)

    Congrats on the trip! What a wonderful opportunity.

  72. I’m a first time poster.

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and check on you daily.

    I’m almost embarrassed to admit that AFRICA is hubby and mine’s “song”. Long story, but it is the result of too many margaritas (and Boone’s Farm – it was college). And throwing of tortilla chips.

    In fact, I got hubby a record-a-voice frame thingy from Brookstone for Christmas from the children. It had a place for all of our pics and we all recorded a msg. Well, when you push “my button”, I am singing my version of Africa. True story.

    I’m sure a trip to Africa to help the little children will be much more meaningful.

  73. Praying for your precious dad, and so excited about your trip! Compassion is a great organization. Can’t wait to read what you and Shannon have to say while you’re there!

  74. How extremely exciting! And your daddy sounds like my daddy…one time, he was hit in the chest with a car (it was not moving that fast as it came into our garage) but we had to practically forbid him from preaching the next morning at church!! Praying that he feels better very soon, and I can’t WAIT to hear about this trip!

  75. Hey BooMama!

    I am so excited you are going to Africa because my husband is going with Compassion too! Phil is busy getting his shots and everything ready for the trip.

    I am so glad that you all will meet and work together on this fantastic trip. We already have “adopted” a little boy through Compassion and Phil is going to “adopt” a little girl for us while we are there. We are excited because he will get to meet her in person.

    I will be in prayer for you all. I know God will bless this trip through the love you all will give those precious children.

    Oh, if you get hungry over there, Phil is taking a bunch of protein bars! They are not really that good (not like a Snickers) but it will be better than eating bugs or whatever. Oops that sounds so bad–I am sure they have wonderful Southern cooking there in Uganda.

    Donna Ware

  76. Many prayers are with you and your family during your Dad’s illness. And as you and Shannon travel, lots of prayers with you as well!

  77. Emma Kate says:

    Give Mr. B big sugar from me!! Tell him his legs look great too!!!

  78. Praying for God’s healing hand to work quickly for your Dad. We just never know where the path of God will lead us. Looking forward to hearing about your special path.

  79. First things first…..Prayers going up for your sweet daddy right now!

    Keep us posted on his recovery.

    P.S. AFRICA – God is so amazing.

  80. Jessica R says:

    I am so jealous there aren’t even words! I’ll probably need to speak with the big guy about that one. Seriously though, I am excited for you. I decided when I was 5 I was going to Africa one day to help people and that has yet to happen yet. I will ready your posts with baited breath! At least I can live vicariously through you for now.

    I’m sorry to hear about your daddy. I hope he gets better soon!

  81. Okay, I’m impressed with your news….and impressed that Shaun Groves commented on your blog and will be there with you….
    girl, you are going to have an amazing time. and yes, I will say a prayer for your sweet daddy. I hope he’s better even by now, with your presence (and Alex’s) there to cheer him.
    Keep us updated so we can be praying. This is awesomely cool!

  82. We’ll say a prayer for your daddy. Hope all is well – drive safely. And I read onShannon’s blog already….I am so excited for you guys. :)

  83. Boomama,
    I pray your Daddy gets well really soon. I know first hand how it rocks our world when our parents become ill. We know that the Lord is right there comforting him and I pray that he will be better very soon!

    This trip to Africa is so exciting! I will be praying for you and Shannon as you embark on this once in a lifetime journey. I can’t wait to read how it impacts both of your lives. I know it will impact us, your faithful readers.

    I pray in the coming days and weeks ahead many more will come to both of your blogs and the Lord will appoint those that need to hear His message!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  84. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Do they have internet access to keep all the Interpeeps updated on your African journey? Will your new Target shoes be your going-to-Africa shoes? (Just kidding about those things, though I really do know not to kid about footwear with you.) Do tell the details of your trip when you get back.

    Give daddy a kiss for us. Hope he’s feeling better.

  85. BEYOND thrilled for you and going to Africa. Get ready sister….your precious heart will never be the same!

    I say that like I’ve been! :) God just works that way though.

    And, praying for your sweet daddy. I’m glad you are there for both of them.

    Hugs and prayers~

  86. Ha! I KNEW it was Africa when you said yellow fever vaccination. (Just a secret: They no longer require a cholera vaccination but the travel clinic will often mark it off anyway because it saves you getting shook down for bribes at border crossings.)
    Praying your dad’s feeling better soon.

  87. WOW! That’s pretty big!

  88. Prayers are being lifted up for your daddy and the entire family right now. Can’t wait to hear your take on the upcoming trip to Africa.

  89. You are going to LOVE Uganda!!! We spent a year there, working with orphans. It was the best AND most difficult year of my life. The hard part was seeing the HUGE need everywhere you look and feeling so small and unable to meet even a fraction of those needs. But it also felt GREAT when we were able to do something for some of the children.
    You’ve also had all the other shots required, right? We felt like pincushions when we were done! :-)
    May I recommend you NOT take quinine for malaria? It can cause some serious side effects (in a small percentage, but wouldn’t you hate to find out you’re part of that small group?). On the advice of missionary friends, we took doxycycline which is a mild antibiotic but also works great as an anti-malarial drug. My daughter and I never got malaria; my husband who worked in the bush more had it twice but very mild cases each time (down less than 24 hours).
    What areas will you be visiting? We worked in the Luweero area, north of Kampala, at a place called New Hope Uganda. And we did a little traveling over the year, mostly in relation to the ministry we worked with. Like visiting our older orphans who were attending vocational school in Jinja. My husband went to a wedding in eastern Uganda when one of the staff was married in his home village. Our daughter went on an outreach to a town in southern Uganda where the AIDS rate was really high; they helped build some small homes for jajaas (grandmothers) who were caring for orphaned children.
    Will look forward with UTMOST ANTICIPATION to hearing all about your experiences!!! And if you have any questions, just drop me an e-mail :-)

  90. Saying prayers for your daddy.

  91. What a wonderful opportunity! I know I will feel like I am there when you blog about it and many, many people will be blessed by the experience God has given you.

    Prayers are being lifted for your dad and his health (Jehovah Rophe), your mom and her sanity (Jehovah Shalom), and for you and Alex and you drive up and down the highways. (God’s protection over and around you.)

  92. Whew! I pray your Daddy is on the mend soon!

  93. Praying for your dad!
    That is so awesome about Compassion International! They are an amazing group!
    Have a safe trip!

  94. Oh told Shannon, and I’ll tell you, I’m excited for the opportunity that you have and how God will use it. Traveling overseas was the most eye-opening experience of my life!

  95. 1.)Prayers for your dad.

    2.)Prayers for you. I know the Lord has a big blessing in store for you and Shannon.

    3.) That is all.

  96. I am so excited for you and Shannon. I read her post before I came over here. Wow. I’m with her – it’s hard to go see that kind of suffering. Blessings be with you both! What an amazing opportunity. And all because of your “writing.” :)

  97. Praying for your Dad’s health. And I am praying for your upcoming mission. It’s an awesome God we serve! :

  98. Praying for your Daddy and for your upcoming trip. I can’t wait to hear about Uganda!

  99. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Just a word of warning-the enemy will want to use this episdoe to create fear and doubt about your upcoming trip. Put on the whole armor of God and stand firm against the wiles of the devil. We are all standing with you in prayer for your dad’s quick recovery and your upcoming trip. Africa! Seriously! How exciting. Blessings.

  100. I’m SO glad you decided to go! You’ll be a great correspondent!