So. Would Anyone Like To Win An Oreck Vacuum?

Now in fairness I should tell you that I do not personally own an Oreck vacuum cleaner.

But Sister does. And Mama does. And if you were sitting around with all of us at any family gathering, at some point you would get to listen to Sister and Mama talk about the Oreck vacuum cleaner because OH! it’s so light! and OH! it just cleans like you wouldn’t believe! and OH! I don’t know what I ever did without it!

Suffice it to say that they are fans.

In fact, when Oreck contacted me about hosting a giveaway for the internets, I happened to be sitting in Mama and Daddy’s living room. I said, “Hey, Mama – Oreck wants to give away a vacuum on my blog,” and no kidding, she practically jumped out of her chair and said, “Well, you’d be CRAZY if you didn’t!”

I guess it has escaped my mama’s attention that I am crazy, you know, REGARDLESS.

Oh, a mother’s love. It is blind.

Anyway, here’s a little information about the Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum Cleaner:

The Oreck XL Ultra makes cleaning a breeze – the vacuum weighs just 9 lbs. and lays flat to fit under beds and furniture, yet has the suction velocity of a category 2 hurricane to eliminate dust, dander, pet hair, pollen and even dust mites in a snap. A hypo-allergenic filtration system eliminates 99.9% of all allergens as you clean, unlike other bagless vacuums, which spread dirt and dust as you empty the canister. Oreck is so confident in the quality of the Oreck XL Ultra that they offer a 10-year warranty plus 10 annual free tune-ups to ensure that your Oreck will last and last!

And by the way, the Oreck XL retails for $499.95.

So you would probably be excited if you won.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, here’s what you do:

1. Click here to check out the specifics of the Oreck XL. Please don’t skip this step. Or the internet police will be forced to give you a ticket (all together now: “So get! With it!”).

2. Come back to my blog, leave a comment and tell me which room in your house would benefit the most from a brand-spankin’ new Oreck (only one comment per person, por favor).

3. That’s all!

One little catch: you do have to be a resident of the continental United States in order to be eligible to win.

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, January 22, 2008. I’ll use Ye Olde to draw for a winner.

Have fun, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I would love to win this. My old vacuum has just about bit the dust. My living room for sure would benefit the most, the sand and mud tracked in during the winter is never ending.

  2. I can’t possibly be the first!!!

    I would love the Oreck – for my sister actually. She is moving to a new house with her three kids (under the age of 5) and desperately needs all the help in the housecleaning department she can get. So family room, bedroom, you name it – that room will benefit from an Oreck!!!

    Thanks BooMama!

  3. Ummm, like *every* room needs it, but I guess I would say the dining room needs it the most. Whoever thought it was a good idea to *carpet* the dining room when there might be *small children* was a total dingbat.

  4. hello!! um, which room in my house WOULDn’t benefit from having a good ORECK-ing? if i’d have to pick one it would probably be the den since yes, (head down in shame) we still have the Christmas tree in there.

  5. Good Morning! I would LOVE to win an Oreck XL. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about them. I’ve never owned an Oreck, but that’s what the Custodial folks at our church use and they are terrific!

    My room that would benefit the most is the living room. I live on a sandy hill in East Texas, and in spite of everything I can do, the sand gets tracked in on the carpet in the living room. An Oreck XL would help a lot in trying to keep this carpet presentable!


  6. I think I should be honest and say that every room in my house could use this little beauty! But, in keeping with rules, my child’s room would benefit most… what with all the pieces of toy clutter just waiting to be sucked up.

  7. Which room would benefit most? The hallway upstairs. I would park this lovely vacuum right upstairs where I could look at it every day. Surely then I would actually plug it in a vacuum with it, don’t you think???

    Pick me, pick me!

    (And might I add that it’s awfully nice of you to gift this thing away when you don’t even have one yourself!)

  8. I already have an Oreck, so if I won it, I would give it to my Mom. I think her living room would most benefit.

    Not because she isn’t clean. Most of the traffic goes through there.

    And not that she doesn’t have a vaccuum cleaner. This one would be much lighter for her back.

    And I’m going to shut up now, but I really hope I win it for her.

  9. Trish Watkins says:

    This new Oreck could change my life. Our living room would receive the most benefit, but every room would reap the rewards. We have dogs, Rocky(3 legged Boxer)Pricess and Charlie (Labs)and my husband insists they need to be in the house. This vaccuum says it fights odor and bacteria. I would be so appreciative and tell everyone about this revolutionary product. I love your blog and you would never be disappointed with your pick should I win. This could even help our marriage :) Thanks for the opportunity!!

  10. Ooohh, I would love an Oreck.

    The room that would benefit the most is the family room. The kids play in there all day, plus when coming through the little hallway from the garage there tends to be a lot of “stuff” coming off shoes that were forgotten to be taken off at the door….

  11. I’d love to win one. My family room could use some help since we have a black rug and a white/tan golden retriever! : )

  12. I would love to win that Oreck XL and I just know it would work beautifully in my living room. Did I mention I have a Yellow Lab? Do you have any idea how much hair those dogs leave behind? Thankfully he is soooo cute, and the kids can make a mess too…..

  13. I would love to have something like that for my son to be able to store under his dorm bed and keep his dorm clean—nothing that is powerful enough to clean the matted carpet in that room is also small enough to fit in that room, and then in the summer we could use it in the camper and that carpet is also cheap and matted and hard to vacuum.

  14. Goodness sakes alive! Every room of my house could use an Oreck! But if one could it would have to be my kids’ playroom. Somedays I go in there and I can’t even see the floor. Now if the Oreck really wants to impress me, it will pick up legos! :)


  15. Oh, my gosh Boomama, how I would love an Oreck vacuum cleaner! Because its light and now that I just found I have degenerative disc disease in 2 areas of my spine, vacuuming is torture of biblical proportions. And I love the bulldogs!!

  16. Oh how very fun! I have three levels…so it’d be great on the main level and I’d carry that light appliance up and down the stairs like a gentle swan in Swan Lake :)

    Love you!

  17. Please pick me! Please pick me! My Hoover is ready to be retired!!! I would LOVE an Oreck! Every single room in my home would scream with delight if I was lucky enough to win this!! I’m crossing my fingers!

  18. I’m thinking that it would definately be great for vacuuming my carpeted stairs… I have a cannister vacuum now- it does a good job, but it weighs a ton!

  19. My daughter’s room – ’nuff said!!!
    Love your blog,

  20. I guess I would have to admit that EVERY room needs it! I have an Australian Shep, a Golden Retriever, a mutt AND a black & white cat (nothing is safe). :)

  21. I would LOVE to win it! I am a newlywed and do not yet HAVE a vaccuum cleaner! My living room would benefit the most – as we moved into an old house and well… there is left over dirt…

  22. I would LOVE to win this! My family room needs this desperately! Why?? Two reasons: 1)We have a 3 year old BOY and 2)We have a 90 lb black labrador.

  23. The room that has our cats litter box could use the vacuum the most. You would be surprised how often I have to vacuum the floor in there!

  24. I would use this the most in the family room, although I’d use it everywhere else, too! Hope your dad is feeling better. :o)

  25. Um… it would definitely be the living room. Little black pet hairs are shivering in their boots right now…

    My parents have one and have 3 long-haired dogs. They love it, so I would LOVE to have one myself.

  26. What a terrific give-away! So exciting!
    Well, my family room could best use the
    Oreck. It’s the room in our house that
    everyone uses the most, and unfortunately
    it has the lightest colored carpet…almost white. What were we thinking?!?

    Winning an Oreck would almost make vacuuming fun!

  27. I am not sure that one room would benefit more than the other. It is altogether possible that my house would never been the same after using such a FINE vacuum cleaner in it!!

  28. Oh definitely my dining room carpet it yearning for that Oreck! I never thought I would own a house with carpet in the dining room but we do now. Even though my kids aren’t that little anymore, we still make plenty of messes!

  29. This is easy! The dogs room. I have a white doggie whose room has dark green carpet…can you get a visual?? Plus the odor shield thing??? Just perfect for this room!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this vac!

  30. Holy Moly — I know which room would benefit the most — the guest bedroom. That’s where my Central Vacuum system doesn’t reach. ::giggle:: Well — it reaches, but that part of the system is plugged with something. Someday — we’ll figure it out. Hopefully it won’t be something that stinks when it gets old!

    Oh man — I really shouldn’t enter this — but I bet it would get used MORE than my central vac does… I hate lugging that long hose around (Never, never, never tell my husband that please!)

    °Ü° Thanks BooMama!!

  31. Oh, we so need a new vacuum. And an Oreck?? That would be a dream. I know I would sing and do a happy dance as I clean my house with carpeting in EVERY room ( well, except the kitchen and bathroom).
    Love your bloggy friend, Cheryl from MA

  32. What a great giveaway! My family room would definitely benefit the most.

  33. Oh! Our living room would without a doubt benefit the most from an Oreck, because, you know…we LIVE in it. All the time! Two little boys playing in the floor and coming and going. I really ought to vacuum twice a day. Or at least more often than I actually do. I won’t say how often I do (or don’t vacuum) though. Because that would be embarassing. ;)

  34. Just one room????

    Mine would be our family room – it’s the high traffic room. It seems to be the room that the entire troop of neighborhood kids track through most everyday. Oh did I mention they forget to clean their feet before coming in out of the yard and/or sandbox?

  35. PS: How’s your Dad doing? Any update?
    Is he home from the hospital?

  36. My family room, for sure. However, I am starting to appreciate the cool pattern left by crunched up cheerios and goldfish crackers, kinda groovy.

  37. I would LOVE a new Oreck vacuum! My $90 Target model is pretty much dead after 8 years of use. The room that would benefit the most from this is my family room, hands down. Between DH, my 2 year old, and my dog, the room gets nasty fast. I think I have to vacuum it 3 times a week at minimum. And I have dark furniture, so I typically vacuum it at least twice a week too.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  38. My upstairs would definately benefit from a new vacuum.

  39. Just one room? They could ALL benefit… however, my living room is what I will say! The dog hair is everywhere and I vacuum almost daily!

  40. My bedroom!! All the other bedrooms have hardwood floors so I have to think hard before dragging that heavy old sweeper up those 16 stairs to my bedroom. I would have no excuse whatsoever not to clean that rug daily!

  41. Which room??? Oh, I’d love to use it in our playroom, where I could make hundreds of teeny tiny little high heeled Polly Pocket shoes disappear in about 2 minutes flat.
    Those things hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night!

  42. My living room would definitely see the most use from a new vacuum (it’s where our dog mostly stays)!

  43. Oh. my. word. What I wouldn’t do for a vacuum that doesn’t sound like a jet plane and scare my baby boy! Needless to say I can only vacuum when his daddy’s home to hold him so he doesn’t get scared.
    My living room would love you forever. It gets all the grossness from people coming in from outside and forgetting to take off their shoes. Then we usually eat in there because the kitchen table us overflowing with stuff. And then my sweet little baby has to crawl around on it. (and occasionally drool or spit up on it)
    For the love of clean I would really appreciate this vacuum!

  44. lisa serrano says:

    I need to clean EVERY room in my house with this….pesky cat hairs!

  45. My living room! My 2 year old leaves a CONSTANT trail of crumbs.

  46. If I had to only pick one room, I’d say the family room; only because it gets the most traffic. That was a terribly boring answer, but I’d love to win just the same! Count me in!

  47. I have been wanting one of these badboys for years! I am glued to the TV everytime one of the Oreck XL commercials come on and dream of the day I can afford one :) Ahhh, that’ll be the day!

  48. Okay – I’m probably the only man that wants this thing-but I’ll say it’s for my fiance if that makes it any better. This whole intellashield thing fascinates me and the hypo-allergenic filter might be the answer to my endless sneezing. My whole downstairs area is carpeted and my office definitely could use this thing. Besides, if it’s good enough for your mama and sister then it’s good enough for us.

  49. Have wanted one of these for ages… I hate dragging my Dyson (which I love) up and down the stairs. So all my upstairs rooms would benefit since they don’t get vacuumed as often as they should.

  50. Oh ours just bit the dust or should I say spits out dust. We could really use this! The room that I would use this in the most is the boys room … they keep it so dirty from their shoes!

  51. Beige carpet throughout the house and five kids. ‘Nuff said.

  52. The great room of course. Everyone congregates there! :D

    Thanks for hosting the bloggy giveaway, Sophie!

    I hope your Dad is feeling better.

  53. I’ve been studying the ads and longing for one for years! I would dearly love to have one to use in my (upstairs) master bedroom — would be so easy to haul up the stairs!

  54. I would love to have an Oreck. My mama has one, too, and always brags about it! I think my carpeted staircase would benefit the most since it is so light…I might actually vacuum them more often!!! Thanks!

  55. My daughter’s playroom which is also know to the rest of us as the DEN.

  56. If I won this Oreck XL, I would vacuum! And that would make my wife extremely happy, and that might have great consequenses…LOL
    The living room definately needs this the most.

  57. I’ve been wanting one of those nifty vacuumes for a LONG time. Since we homeschool and we’re ALWAYS making messes, I need something GOOD to get all the crumbs and eraser shreddings and paper snips and whatnot out of my carpet. Particularly, my living room, cuz, well – we live in there! :)


  58. I would love to win this! We have 2 cats and a baby on the way. I need something that will pick up all the cat hair!

  59. Um, that would be the living room. You know, where the dog rolls on the carpet, the 2 year old dumps the sand out of his pockets, everyone drops crumbs, etc., etc., ect.

  60. Living in an old house with steep stairs is a lovely experience except when it’s time to vacuum. I would love the Oreck XL for any part of my house, but particularly for the 2nd floor. I know just where I’d store it, and even if I did have to lug it on stairs, I wouldn’t break my back or any other part of my body doing it.

  61. Oh, all my rooms would benefit, but definitely the family room/play room!! And since my 10 year old vacuum cleaner is on it’s last leg, a new one would be GREAT!

  62. Boy, do I need this – my current vacuum sucks! Well, no, it doesn’t suck – at least not well (crackin’ myself up here!). The living room is the most used room in the house and thus is vacuumed immensely.

  63. Okay, I have the most adorable one year-old. He has yet to learn how to walk. However, he does know how to get around on my wood floors. He “belly surfs.” Try to imagine a little person doing the breast stroke and you’ll get the idea. I mention this because I also have the most adorable five year-old and a very cute 53 year-old. Since my older two enjoy playing in the dirt and cannot for the life of them remember to take their shoes off BEFORE entering the house, I’d have to say every room and my baby’s outfits would benefit BIG TIME!

  64. Dog hair. Polly Pocket shoes. Snack crumbs.

    Sadly this is the state of my living room.

    Plus, how can you go wrong with “IntellaShieldâ„¢ Technology”? It would make me better about having the aforementioned crud on my LR floor….

  65. Okay, seriously – I couldn’t pick which room would benefit most. I’d have to say that whatever room my one-year-old daughter is in at the time would really love a cleanup. I guess the living room would love it the best, seeing as how there are cheerios, goldfish, teddy grahams and whoknowswhat embedded in the carpets!! Pick me, pick me!!!

  66. I would mainly use it in my living room since that’s where we spend most of the time and we have to go through it to get to just about every other part of the house.

  67. With four kids(and 3 cats) my whole house would benefit!!!

  68. We don’t have much carpet, but I vacuum our wood floors. We do have carpet in our sunroom which is where I could really use this vac because it is where we come in from the backyard. I really think that this vac would be helpful with my ds’s dustmite allergy. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  69. I’d love one! We’re moving into a fairly dirty house soon and the living room could sure use a good cleaning!

  70. Oh….this is too good. We have had ladybug infestation at our house, and I cannot get the smell out of our vacuum–who knew that ladybugs emit an unpleasant odor?? But combined with dog hair and the unidentified jarbies of 3 children, it stinks. This Oreck with Intellishield would solve my problem.
    When I saw the words “odor control” I knew this was the one for me. Ok,, don’t let me down!

  71. Not only will the dining room’living room floor combo be a much happier and cleaner place for the 4th child to start crawling on but the ease it will lend to getting the whole house ready to be sold would be fabulous.
    Hope your Dad is doing better

  72. Any room where the dog has been. Or the cats. Or the kids. Or the husband.

    I guess I could have just shortened that to “any room”.

  73. Well, even though my roomba does a mighty fine job and it pushes itself, i could use a big vacuum for the playroom rug which just never has looked clean, even when it was new. add four kids to that rug and its downright gross.

  74. I would love an orek because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and any light vacuum is my best friend! The room that could use this the most….would be my laundry because that is where I keep Sophie’s crate. Sophie is a short haired dog…so she doesn’t shed too much…but when you have a dog in the house, there is always dirt!

  75. Lacey - AL says:

    I would love it for all rooms, but especially my living room. Because, well, we do most of our “living” in there. And to hopefully increase my chances (just in case the random-number-picking-thing reads comments) I also have 2 kids (that’s right 2! not one but TWO! oohhh, how ever does she do it?) & they can be messy. For good measure, they aren’t grown kids, they are little (4 & 2). I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that all of this crucial info is increasing my chances of winning!

  76. With a boy on the cusp of the teenage years, his room would benefit the very most, but the entire house would certainly be all the better with this great vacuum.
    Have a blessed day!

  77. Oh man, the living room is out of control with 3 under the age of 5. I wonder if praying will help me win…..

  78. Our den or playroom floor. It’s a toss up between the two! What an INCREDIBLE prize!!!! How exciting! I’d love to win. Thank you, Boomama and Oreck!

  79. The hallway. You know…that area that directly links the 2-year-old and 5-year-old’s rooms. You know…that area that houses the pathway to their ever-so-clean bathroom as well?

  80. My basement would benefit the most!

  81. Bedrooms, definitely the bedrooms! Sign me up!

  82. Oh, yes, please! My front room has BLACK carpet which shows everything!

  83. I am entering this on behalf of my sister Sassy. Her vaccuum…well I would say it sucks, but it doesn’t. It sucks NOTHING up. It’s awful.

    Being the good sister I am, I went to her house to babysit so she and her devoted husband could go on a date. I walked into her living room and heard “CRUNCH”. I looked down and saw all kinds of cheerio-nonsense. And a couple cheetos, I’m pretty sure.

    As I said, I’m a great sister, so I pulled her vaccuum out to clean it up. Not so much. It grabbed some stuff, but not all. So please, for my Sister Sassy, I would love to win this prize.

  84. Hey BooMama, Thankyou for even being willing to do this. I hope that if I don’t win someone very deserving does. Now, I would love to win because my dining room could use a good vacuuming. I homeschool our two children, take care of a two year old (not mine, in heart only), a cat and well with all the cutting for art and snacks and three meals per day I NEED it. (Smile) Thanks again BooMama!!

  85. Our family room in the basement could really use an Oreck. Lugging down our old heavy vacuum is no picnic.

    Thanks, Boomama!

  86. Oh. my. goodness!!!! Sophie, I have been wanting one of these forever, and it now comes in RED, too, the color of my 40’s.

    I would probably use it to suck all the boy dirt off JD Green’s bedroom floor, carefully avoiding all those Lego and Playmobil guys, of course, hee, hee, hee!

    Thanks so much for hosting on behalf of Sister and Mama’s recommendations. You’re the best! Hope your daddy’s doin’ better today. Still praying.

  87. Okay, I need that vacuum cleaner badly! I would use it for my whole house, but especially in the living room, with all the carpet there. It sounds terrific. I do hope I win!!

  88. Carrie Thompson says:

    What room would benefit…my kids rooms! Oh a new Oreck would make vacuuming fun! (Ok maybe not fun, but I’d do it more!)

  89. My rugs in my living room and bedroom could really use a good cleaning. I have always wanted an oreck. Our church has them and they are great.

  90. Leanne from Canada says:

    Definitely the living room… with 4 kids and a very small house, this room is constantly in need of a vacuum. (P.S. ignore the fact that I am from Canada….does it count that I have a U.S. mailing address?).

  91. Oh, the living room would benefit the most. You know the one where all the living takes place.

  92. I just bought a very good, brand new vacuum cleaner 1 year ago so I am entering this contest for a friend of mine who desperately needs to replace her vacuum. Please sign me up and I’ll pray God will use us to bless my dear friend.
    Rachel in Columbus, MS

  93. That’s a tough one. I would have to say our master bedroom though. It is the most common gathering place to eat, socialize, and play with the ever-shedding dog for the Princess.

  94. Okay…two dogs, 100 pounds each; one very furry cat; one 8-year old boy; one infant due in February. My whole house needs the Oreck, especially our living room. Lightweight sounds like an 8-year old boy might even have a new helper job!!! YEAH!!

  95. Oh my! What a wonder it would be in my family room. The dust bunnies are taunting me.

  96. Oh my! My living room would love to be cared for by an Oreck.Thanks for the opportunity.

    p.s. how’s your Dad?

  97. I could really use a new vacuum cleaner for our house! We have a dog and cat and our preschooler is allergic to them so it is always a battle to keep the house clean!

  98. Oh my, and I NEED a new vacuum! I could vacuum my living room two times a day! 2 cats and a dog and lots of visitors=NEED clean floors.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. 2 spaces–my stairs (which no one likes to lug the vacuum up and down) and the upstairs kids area–there’s always lots of things sprinkled everywhere!!

  100. Yes ma’am! I’d love to win the vacuum. There’s not one room that wouldn’t benefit from some good suction, but if I had to pick, I guess it would be the living room rug. It gets a lot of abuse. My son poured out a bag of crackers and crumbs all over it yesterday.