So. Would Anyone Like To Win An Oreck Vacuum?

Now in fairness I should tell you that I do not personally own an Oreck vacuum cleaner.

But Sister does. And Mama does. And if you were sitting around with all of us at any family gathering, at some point you would get to listen to Sister and Mama talk about the Oreck vacuum cleaner because OH! it’s so light! and OH! it just cleans like you wouldn’t believe! and OH! I don’t know what I ever did without it!

Suffice it to say that they are fans.

In fact, when Oreck contacted me about hosting a giveaway for the internets, I happened to be sitting in Mama and Daddy’s living room. I said, “Hey, Mama – Oreck wants to give away a vacuum on my blog,” and no kidding, she practically jumped out of her chair and said, “Well, you’d be CRAZY if you didn’t!”

I guess it has escaped my mama’s attention that I am crazy, you know, REGARDLESS.

Oh, a mother’s love. It is blind.

Anyway, here’s a little information about the Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum Cleaner:

The Oreck XL Ultra makes cleaning a breeze – the vacuum weighs just 9 lbs. and lays flat to fit under beds and furniture, yet has the suction velocity of a category 2 hurricane to eliminate dust, dander, pet hair, pollen and even dust mites in a snap. A hypo-allergenic filtration system eliminates 99.9% of all allergens as you clean, unlike other bagless vacuums, which spread dirt and dust as you empty the canister. Oreck is so confident in the quality of the Oreck XL Ultra that they offer a 10-year warranty plus 10 annual free tune-ups to ensure that your Oreck will last and last!

And by the way, the Oreck XL retails for $499.95.

So you would probably be excited if you won.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, here’s what you do:

1. Click here to check out the specifics of the Oreck XL. Please don’t skip this step. Or the internet police will be forced to give you a ticket (all together now: “So get! With it!”).

2. Come back to my blog, leave a comment and tell me which room in your house would benefit the most from a brand-spankin’ new Oreck (only one comment per person, por favor).

3. That’s all!

One little catch: you do have to be a resident of the continental United States in order to be eligible to win.

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, January 22, 2008. I’ll use Ye Olde to draw for a winner.

Have fun, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Oooooh. I would love to win one. My current vaccum is crap and a have a hubby, kids and 4 legged critter pets that require a vaccum to EVERY ROOM. Lucks is the one who wins!!!!

  2. I have such a sad, sad little vacuum right now.

    I also have a family of 6 living in a small space. Half of that 6 are men, and 2 of them are teens.

    There is not a room in my house that would not benefit from that vacuum.

  3. Since I have wood floors in our living room, I’d have to say my girls’ bedroom. They are always tearing up tiny little pieces of paper!

  4. What a kind giveaway! Our basement would get the most use of this Oreck. We constantly have kids running all through the basement and we vacuum aften…but to get the dirt, grime AND germs? COUNT ME IN and BLESSED!

    Thanks Boo!

  5. My master bedroom!! It has an exterior door to the outside, and was the only place to put the doggie door when we moved in. Boy, oh boy…I can’t tell you how much a mutt can drag in behind them every.single.time. they come through the flap. Makes me want to stop vacuuming all together because really, what’s the point?

  6. I would really like this because the vacuum I allowed my husband to talk me into buying is garbage! I can’t stand it, but feel stuck because it is only a year old. I would use it most in my bedroom near the dog crate where my Doberman sheds enough hair to make matching sweaters for my family.

  7. with two 70 pound dogs and a 15 month old baby, i would say the family room needs it the most.

    thanks for having a fun giveaway!

    holly f

  8. Oh… would this be so awesome!!! My whole house could benefit, but my little boy’s room would benefit the most. He brings home half the sandbox from school in his shoes each and every day. And takes them off in his room. And gets huge amounts of sand in the carpet…

  9. OOH. It’s a space age vacuum. It has a force field!

    The kitchen would get the most benefit of this vacuum. Whoever thought it would be a good thing to put carpet in the kitchen is crazy! I can’t wait to get wood floors in there.

  10. EVERY room would greatly benefit seeing as how BOTH of my vacuum cleaners have decided to go on strike. The upstairs probably needs it the most seeing as that is where the little girls and I do school.

    What a great give-a-way!!


  11. The shorter answer would be which room of my house would not benefit from a new vacuum!

  12. Well, I would have to say my living room would need an Oreck the most. That is where our fireplace is. How I love my fireplace, and the warmth it brings, but the mess is O SO AWFUL! MESSY! MESSY! MESSY! ORECK, my living room needs you!

  13. Since our dining area, where we eat our meals, is carpeted (who thought of that idea???), I’d have to say that room would benefit the most from an Oreck. However, with a 2 year old, any room of the house could benefit from an Oreck!

  14. my mom needs this so bad! she’s begging for a new vacuum cleaner. but santa didn’t bring her one.

    pick me so i can give it to my mama!!!

  15. Ooh, sign me up! I think I’d like the red one, and also the iron. ;o)

    Hope your Daddy is better….Still praying.

    Love and hugs,


  16. I think I would actually donate this vacuum to my church. They need a new vacuum. Their old one hardly picks up anything.

  17. The hallway in which the cat litter box resides could certainly use the Oreck! Especially with that odor control system they mention. My cats like to shake off their feet as they exit the box and the rug gets saturated with little litter pellets

    Great contest!

  18. Oh man would I love this. I love all the new technology that helps kill bacteria! This would be great in every room of my house but without a doubt the family room could use it the most!

  19. The fact that it only weighs 9 pounds means that all my rooms would benefit. But if I had to pick just one, it would be my living room with all the foot traffic and my 11 year old running football plays every waking moment that he is not at school!

  20. Let’s see…kids+cat+toys+cheerios. Definitely the family room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Really every room could use it as the one we have does a very poor job but my husband pulled it out of a dumpster so what should I expect. I wish he would relent and let us buy a new one but he is very attached to his freebie although I bet another free vacuum would worm his way even farther into his heart though. Oh please let it be me.

  22. Well, of course I want one! My whole house could benefit, but right now it seems as if our family room is in dire need of a good old fashioned vacuuming!

  23. Lanisa Fitzgerald says:

    Definitely my living room would be the most benefited. My husband is all boy – and not so very clean. But he is a good vacuum-er!

  24. Umm basically the entire upstairs would benefit from an Oreck because it’s a three story house & our current vacuum weighs as much as a compact car

  25. Oh man, I need one so bad!! It’s for my living room. We have a wonderful modern motif rug in here that gathers hair from my dog like nothing else could. I have to vacuum it at least twice a day, and it still looks hairy! So pick me!!! :)

  26. I would most definitely use a new Oreck vacuum in my laundry room – it is our gateway to the backyard, and always seems to be covered in dirt, straw, and other yard goodness. :)

  27. I’m with everyone else – EVERY room could use this baby. Living room is where we hang out the most so that would be the one.

  28. Okay, the whole “less dust” thing would be great! In that case, my bedroom would be the most thankful for the Oreck. Of course, our bonus room carpet gets pretty dirty, as do our stairs. Suffice it to say, every room in our house would benefit from the Oreck! But my back would probably be the most thankful!

  29. the upstairs…current vac is just too heavy too heave up there!

  30. Which room? I live in the country on five acres with four children, a husband, and two dogs. My WHOLE HOUSE would benefit!

  31. Well, I guess my bedroom would benefit most cause that is where we all hang out. Mycomputer is in there..and my son hangs out on MY bed watching TV. Plus, the dog is in there constantly – which means dog hair!!! EVERYWHERE.

    This would be so cool.

    And Sophie….I had to laugh so hard at the reference to “no parkin baby…no parkin on the dance floor…” “so get with it!” I am singing that song in my head right now thank you very much :) I really do like it. I still have that CASSETTE TAPE from high school…..

  32. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t that a given… every room. Can’t wait to see who wins. How fun.

  33. Oh my!! One room?! Try my whole house woman! I know the Oreck well because my in-laws have one. Oh to have my own lovely, lite Oreck!! Please let it be me!

  34. Woo hooo!!! I won’t make you guys feel bad by going on and on about the electrical tape on the cord of my ye olde ancient vacuum.. . but I would love to win one– it would make my living room all shiny and happy!

  35. The winner will totally HEART their Oreck! I would use it for my family room!!! Oh, wait … I have an Oreck, but a SECOND Oreck would be the bee’s knees!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE an Oreck for any room in which the dog is allowed…so all of them :)

  37. Glennell says:

    Because of the vacumm’s ability to help control odors, my son’s bedroom would benefit the most. He is a football player and his room tends to smell like a locker room.

  38. Well,the vacuum that I am currently using cost $39.99 and it is now 5 years old.You can vacuum for about 1-2 minutes before the belt comes off.Then you have to shut it off,turn it upside down and put the belt back on and burn your fingers in the process.And then repeat.So to say that I would love to have a brand new $500.00 Oreck would be an understatement.I would use it everywhere,but probably mostly in the living room.

  39. Wow — What a blessing this will be for some lucky winner! Our whole home could benefit from some Oreck action, but it’s most desperately needed in my child’s bedroom. I’d love to win this excellent tool for combating the allergens that plague us. Thank you!

  40. kelli in the mirror says:

    It controls odor too? Good grief. I need one. My playroom gets junk and flotsam tracked in constantly and my current vacuum cannot keep up with the teeny fingers of my ten month old- he’s eating stuff he really shouldn’t be eating.

    I need this vacuum. Badly.

  41. Glennell says:

    Because of the vacuum’s odor fighting capabilities, my son’s bedroom would benefit the most. With his smelly clothes and socks, the bedroom tends to smell like a locker room.

  42. Donna (coaching in GA) says:

    Wow – that’s some kind of a giveaway!!! Both my grandmothers have Oreck vacuums and love them. My basement family/play room would be the most deserving recipient, or in this case, room, in my home!

  43. I was just cleaning and thinking “I really need a new vacuum” then I came across this post. It was meant to be. My dining room (and every other room) really needs this vacuum, it is calling it’s name “Oreck, Oreck…”

  44. Wow! What a prize!

    Let’s see…. my living room as it doubles as kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and occasionally my 18 month old confuses it with the bathroom. With 4 kids under 10 it’d be great to have.

  45. Well considering my vacuum is subpar I could use this everywhere. Also, January 22 happens to be DH birthday with mine the following day. What a great present for him to help me around the house :)

  46. well, the one room that consistently gets vacuumed in this house is the living room — only room in the house with carpet…..BUT I’m sure I’ll have a house full of carpet in the future, so it would definitely come in handy!

  47. Kathy/IL says:

    The bedroom, where my black lab and golden retriever spend most of their time. No matter what color carpet I might choose, at least half of the dog hair shows up … so I’m vacuuming all the time. I need an Oreck to hold up for all the vacuuming I have to do in that room — plus the rest of the house for all the dog hairs that don’t fall off in the bedroom! ;)

  48. does the bathroom count?! i am thinking it could use a little anti-microbacterial something something!

  49. With a 4-week old little boy and an 87 pound dog who is SHEDDING LIKE CRAZY, I have finally reached the point in my life where I actually want a vacuum as a present…how much better would it be to win one? Our living room carpet would be singing my praises if I could vacumm it with an Oreck. I would also be lying if I said I wouldn’t try to hold up a bowling ball with the vacumm like the founder of Oreck does in the commercials. :)

  50. I’d love to win this! Mainly, to vacuum my room which sleeps my hubby and I, two dogs, a baby soon, and sometimes a toddler.


    It’d feel good to be disinfected :)

  51. Well, I think the kitchen is consistently the messiest room in my house. Our 2 year old likes to litter the floor with cheerios, bananas, oranges, french toast, soup, you name it. It’s happened to the floor. Poor floor. I’d love to give the Oreck a whirl!

  52. Any carpeted room in our house could use a little extra sucking power!!!! What a great prize!!

  53. Heather S. says:

    Oh my–I love vacuuming! (I know I’m weird that way)…I love “sweeper marks” and now that the kiddos are back in school after break, they stay there longer! :) I would most certainly use it all over–the family room would get the most attention–seeming as my kiddos are in there the most…

  54. I would love an Oreck! I was just thinking today as I was vacuuming how horrible my current (cheap) vacuum is! We have wood floors everywhere, and with 3 kids and a dog, they are constantly grimy. A new vacuum would certainly motivate me to clean more (right?!?).

  55. My house is entirely hardwood floors. The kitchen where the kidlets eat would most benefit from this 8th wonder of the world.

  56. I would LOVE to be randomly selected for an ORECK XL!

    My living room would definitely benefit the most.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. OK, with our new puppy, who resides in the study, we could definitely use this vacuum!!

  58. Stephanie says:

    Let me start by saying this is my 3rd or 4th visit to your blog and I love it!!! I laughed OUT LOUD at my desk when I read the “What’s a BooMama?” section.

    I’d love to have an Oreck. The room in my house that would benefit the most from an Oreck is my den – with kids and video games and snacks and a Jack Russell Terrier who sheds profusely – I should vacuum everyday to keep the fairly new carpet in there ‘nap’ free!

    Thanks for your consideration!

  59. Every room in my house would benefit! But, if I have to pick one, I will say my son’s room because you are giving away this vacuum on his birthday. What six year old wouldn’t be excited if his Mom won a vacuum on his birthday. As an addes bonus for him, since it is so light, I could teach him how to use it! :)

  60. 4 kids and a dog and a husband! I could definately use this!!! Pick me!!!

  61. I wouldn’t hate an Oreck vacuum – especially in the bedroom that my nephews stay in!

  62. Oh my, how my livingroom could use an Oreck. Especially since we moved into a new house and it is ‘Oh, so hard to keep them floors clean’ when we have no grass. Just one full acre of dirt. I can only hope to win. Maybe if I cross my fingers till the drawing……

  63. Pick me…pick me…..pick me!!!!

  64. Boo Mama,

    I am an awful awful person. I already have an Oreck vacuum. It is a very base XL model. It is wonderful…and it is not even a year old. Is it wrong to want the upgrade already??? I don’t have any issues that make vacuuming difficult (with the exception of my almost two year old “helping me.”) I have a moderately sized townhouse that doesn’t require the use of two Orecks, but I’m salivitating over the black XL Ultra. I promise I would “donate” my lesser but totally awesome Oreck XL to someone less fortunate in the world of vacuuming.
    I promise. Cross my heart. Hope to die. Stick a needle in my greedy eyes.

  65. me, please! We need a new vacuum desperately… Our living room would benefit the most, as it receives the most traffic..

  66. How can I pick just one room?! The kitchen and bathrooms would benefit by having a strong vac clean the tile. And the carpeted floors would be happy, too. I guess the highest-traffic area in the house is the den/living room, so I’ll go with that room needing the most suckage. :)

  67. Would love to use this on my new hardwood floors. The dust and dirt, they never end.

  68. Amy Martin says:

    Living room, most definitely! I have a lab/chow who just LOVES to shed. :)

  69. Oh good lord! I NEED this!!!! I have 11 month old twins who’s favorite thing is grinding cheerios into our WHITE carpet! (Never mind the 2 black long-haired cats who participate by shedding ungodly amounts of fur!) One walking pass with some clean white socks will undoubtedly gather more cheerio dust than general mills!

  70. Wow! Any room that my son and dog venture into could make good use of a sweeper like that!

  71. My vacuum cleaner was once grand and now 10 years later it limps along – barely. I would say that my family room would benefit the most since I have to vacuum it daily or else it looks like we need to tear the carpeting out. Please, Please, Please pick me oh wonderful


  72. What room? Well, the whole house, of course! Seriously, my stairs seem to be harboring little nests of Pug hair, that is just so hard to get! My old vacuum has loads of duct tape trying to keep it doing what it’s meant to do. It’s over 20 years old…and very very tired!

  73. Oh, my living room so needs this! It’s where the baby and I play all day, so it (a) needs to be clean and (b) usually isn’t. And we have a rung that just holds onto hair and fuzz and won’t let go.

    Come on #169!


  74. I would love to use this in my 5 y.o.’s room. The last thing his little body needs is dust but I just can’t keep up. And in my stinky 14 y.o.’s room. Huh…it’s a toss up…

  75. Boo Mama:
    My whole house needs an Oreck, and I’ll tell you why: I have two cats. And a dog. And two children. I do believe that our living room suffers the most, however, so that’s the room I shall choose to specify here. I have a bad back, and a lighter model would really help me out tremendously. Keeping up with the cleaning gets tough. Thanks so much for your consideration!

  76. Oh, wow. I love the allergy reducing qualities. Hope I win! My playroom could definitely need it….the kids track sand from the sandbox into there daily!

  77. It is a fancy little thing isn’t it? I would have to use it in my basement. It would make cleaning much easier since it is so light! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  78. I would love to win this for my wife.
    So if the ouija board you call Random.Org indicates that I win, you’re welcome to refer to me as “Gustav” so my wife won’t know she’s getting it.
    Even though it’s light and can travel easily up all three stories, I’d love this as a second vacuum for my girls to keep in the basement and help their mommy vacuum.

  79. I have a big, black Labrador Retriever AND a 14 pound CAT. (and let’s not forget the two kids and hubby!) — I NEEEEDDDDD this vacuum for my entire house!!! :) Hope I win!

  80. It’s not a room, actually. It’s my upstairs hallway…the one where the cats hang out all day and leave globs of cat hair EVERYWHERE. My grandmother has an Oreck and LOVES it!

  81. I need a new vacuum in a major way! The one we have now is one my husband brought into the marriage and it still smells like his bachelor pad. eek. Our sweet dog sure sheds a lot, and we have a new baby coming in just 4 weeks. So a hard-working vacuum would come in handy to get rid of all of that hard-to-pick up pet hair. I will use it in every single room in the whole house!

  82. Just like you, my Momma has one and they are really awesome…

    The room/s that I would use it the most are probably upstairs – in the kids rooms! With it being so light to carry up there and small enough to store under a bed I think it would great!

    Of course, there is the kids playroom downstairs as well…

    And, oh yeah – probably our living room area rug too!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Oh. My. Goodness. Definately the dining room. Because whoever thought it would be a good idea to carpet a DINING ROOM didn’t understand just how messy toddlers are then they eat. The floor is in a continual state of crusty-crumminess.


    (Thank you.)

  84. Well, first of all, having just recovered from “Dirty Socks Syndrome” as well as a sewer leak under the house, I could really use the odor-fighting technology of the Oreck, but the room that I would most specifically target would be the Bathroom. I would wage a war against the hair….the hair…it drives me crazy. Just when I think I’ve gotten every bit up and I put the broom or in severe cases, the vacuum, away, there’s always one pesky strand in the corner or under the sink…my only hope of escape is the Oreck. (And we don’t even have a pet….this is our own hair.) Please pick me and save me from my stinky, hairy house.

  85. Which room would benefit the most? It would be easier to pick one that wouldn’t! And the only room that I think wouldn’t benefit is the garage! Seriously though, the area that I definitely must vacuum every single day is the family & kitchen. This giveaway rocks!

  86. Oh my goodness… I need this so badly. I have the old-school vacuum. I always walk down the vacuum aisle at walmart and get vacuum envy. I would use it the most in our family room. I vacuum it all the time!

  87. Well let’s see, the entire house. Stay at home mom of 3 under the age of 7…. I would love to have it. I have always heard great things about the Oreck.

    Dee In GA

  88. Kelly in Carrollton, GA says:

    Hi Sophie!! Thanks for doing this! I’d say our dining room needs it the most!! Praying for your daddy………Love, Kelly

  89. Sherri G says:

    I am desperate for a better a better vacuum and need it for our whole house. We have had our current one since we were married (28 years) and a new vacuum would help with my current allergy situation. I would love to be considered for a new Oreck!!!!

  90. Having been through 3 vacuums in 3 years, I would love to win this. My living room would benefit the most. Maybe I would even get my kids to use it. HA HA.

  91. Pick me! Pick me!
    Besides the fact that Shelley above thinks the $500 vacuum would be good for a son’s dorm and/or camper (hello, they’re called ShopVac’s Shelley!), my “new to me” house desperately needs a vacuum that actually works. So…Pick me PLEASE!

  92. Golden Retriever+Windy West Texas=Dust+pet hair=needing to vacuum my living room almost everyday.

  93. Oh, me, me, pick me, PLEASE!!!! My dog sheds mountains of fur. And even though she stays only in the living room, her fur travels the house over. So mostly the living room would benefit from the GREAT OREK, but so would the rest of fur wandering house.

  94. Oh my…I need a new vacuum. In fact, about a month ago mine started acting up, I was so hopeful that I would be able to get a new vacuum (how sad!)but alas, it only needed a new belt (although it really needs to be replaced). So, in the time it took us to find the correct belt, I used my MIL’s Oreck and I loved it. Finally, I knew what a clean floor was!!


  95. I would love this vacuum cleaner because my living room stays filthy from the children coming in and out.

  96. Holy cats, it gets rid of odors and weighs next to nothin’! AND it’s kinda purty.

    I think the basement, which is where the boys have their toys/tv/video games/foosball table, would benefit most from having an Oreck around. As it is now, the boys have to lug my other, nameless vacuum up and down the stairs each time I ask (brbe/plead/beg/force) them to clean up down there.

    This is a fabulous giveaway – thanks so much for hosting it!

  97. I was forming the answer to your question in my head as I read (the carpeted hallway would be the area in our home that would most benefit from a regular cleaning with an Oreck…) UNTIL I read the details on this particular cleaner and the Intellisheild features. Now, I would have to say most definitely that it would be my children’s bedroom, because you never know what lurks in those carpet fibers… ug! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  98. I’d love to win…my carpet shows the signs of three kiddos!

  99. living room for sure! Neat vac!

  100. My living room most definitely…with a child and a cat and dog, we could definitely use an Oreck! Our old vacuum is yuck!