A Brief And Somewhat Informative Update

Well, I have learned a valuable lesson in the last two days, and it is this: Never underestimate the power of a free Oreck vacuum.

Because SWEET FANCY MOSES, people. I just had no idea that a free vacuum giveaway would touch your hearts – yay, your very souls – so deeply.

And I have my fingers crossed for every single one of you.

Well, not really. Because I don’t really think the whole finger-crossing deal actually works.

But still. It was a lovely sentiment, now wasn’t it?

The little man and I are still at my parents’ house, and I am delighted to tell you that Daddy is home from the hospital now. It was the first illness-related hospital stay of his life (one time he fell off a ladder and had to have a pin put in his arm, but that was a hospital stay related to an ambitious home improvement activity, not some pesky sickness), and even now, as he sits in his chair in all manner of pain with three prescriptions by his side, he still contends that he could have just gone to the chiropractor, that there was no need for all that hospital foolishness.

I told him that I’m pretty sure that chiropractors aren’t really qualified to treat INFECTIONS GONE WILD.

And you don’t even want to get him started about the hospital food.

Anyway, A. and I are about to hit the road (AGAIN! WE LOVE THE ROAD!), but I did want to thank you for all your sweet emails and comments and prayers. At some point Daddy will read all of them, and he will smile. And then he will get on his soapbox about how there was absolutely nothing wrong with him that couldn’t have been cured by a couple of Aleve and a glass of red wine.

I don’t know where I get my stubborn streak. I can’t even imagine.

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  1. Glad to hear your Daddy is out of the hospital and doing better :)

  2. Don’t think your Daddy is the only one that thinks his illnesses can be cured with a shot of liquor and a piece of duct tape! I think they’re all wired this way. I’m glad he’s feeling better, though :o)

  3. In the words of my kindergartner, “HOLY FISH PASTE!” You got over a thousand comments on that vacuum giveaway? Oh. My. Word.

    I need to catch my breath.

    I’m so excited that you have so many readers in a “Oh-great-now-I’ll-never-win” kind of way!

    Glad your daddy’s feeling better. He sounds like a jewel.

  4. I was astounded when I saw how many people commented on your vacuum giveaway.

  5. I don’t know if it’s just me but I can no longer read your blog the letters are way to small??

  6. Oh man I am so glad your daddy is feeling better. I sprained my finger so I have not been on the computer lately but I am anxious to see what the yellow fever vaccination was about. I think I can guess – does it involve BH church and a little trip they have in the spring?
    Anyway, be safe coming home.
    God bless,

  7. Glad to know he is all better and back home to your Mama’s cooking!

  8. Thank you for the update on your Daddy – he sounds like a smart man – two aleve and a red wine – throw out the aleve – yep that is a cure! I didn’t want to hurt your feelings or those of the lovely Oreck people – but I have a central vacuum system AND a 14 year old Oreck for the occasional touch up in our offices (no Central vac there) so I didn’t want to be greedy. Hope one of these sweet people wins and is so excited they almost experience incontinence – ALMOST I said. Bless you.

  9. Well, thank you very much for giving me an all important update…tell Daddy that there is no shame in going to the hospital…we are just glad he is ok!

  10. Good Lord…over a thousand comments!

    So glad you’re daddy’s better.

  11. glad to see daddy is recovering. i’m on his side. avoid the doctor at all costs. take two aspirin and go to bed. that’s what I say.

  12. So glad to hear your daddy’s doing better and is home where he can really rest. Goodness knows you can’t rest a the hospital.

    Still praying for full recovery!

  13. Oh.My.Word. 1069 comments??? Wow

  14. I’m so glad your Daddy is home & better. Sounds like you have your hands full with that one……….

  15. I am so glad your Daddy is on the mend. It scares the bejeebers out of me if my parents have to go “in hospital”.

  16. oh your daddy just sounds delightful! i am so glad he’s doing better–there have been some NASTY viruses out there this year.

  17. so glad to hear that your daddy is feeling better.

    I was swept up in the Africa trip that I forgot to even write my well-wishes to him…


  18. Oh you don’t know how much just reading “Sweet Fancy Moses” warms my heart! Not too long ago, 12 year old was working on a Language Arts worksheet. He had to list 35 phrases that were, I guess, interjections. You know, “Yikes!”, “Wow!”, etc. (Is Schoolhouse Rock coming into your mind?) Well, we got down to the last one. Couldn’t come up with a thing. Finally, we had a family “aha” moment and he wrote down, “Sweet Fancy Moses!” We never really got any feedback from the teacher, but it thrills us to no end when we think about it!

    Bring on the Oreck!

    Blessings and speedy recovery for Daddy!


  19. I’m glad your dad is out of the hospital! He sounds like a tough customer. :) Speaking of Aleve and red wine, I could use some today–I think I’m coming down with something myself!

  20. There is nothing more difficult than a stubborn man. I am glad to hear he is home and feeling better.

  21. So happy that your daddy is feeling better. I have a stubborn streak in me too!

    Praying for traveling safety for you and Alex!

  22. So relieved to know Daddy’s on the mend. Have a safe trip back.

  23. I am so glad “Daddy” is feeling much better.

    LOL @ Sweet Fancy Moses! My nephew is 4 and his favorite interjection was “Holy Shrimp, Mama!”

  24. So glad your Daddy is back home and on the mend. Thanks for the update!

  25. I am so glad your sweet daddy is home and on the mend. We have been remembering him in our morning prayers while we ride to school. My youngest (she is 7) is fascinated that we can find out about your daddys health on the internet. Technology…..it still amazes me.

    Be Blessed.

  26. Glad to hear daddy is on the mend. I have been praying for him and your family.
    In regards to the vacuum, I do believe that the sheer volume of people that have entered your contest indicates that this country is in a crisis. The kind where we all need a decent one and not the kind we buy a new one of every other year!
    Good to hear your “voice” again.

  27. Man….OH….man…..over 1100 comments. You are going to have to change your byline on your blawg….read by thousands now, not just tens!!!!
    Holy gamoly.
    Glad your daddy is home and on the mend. I guess you got your stubborness from Uncle Joe, because Daddy sounds like such a patient man!! ;)

  28. Thank God your Daddy is home and doing much better now.

    Y’all be careful traveling home now…

    Love and hugs,


  29. I am so glad your daddy is home. Still continuing to pray for him I think I’d have to agree with him about the Aleve thing, though. My kids laugh at how much I say “take an ibuprofen” for whatever ails them.

    Oh, and never underestimate the power of a room cleaned “effortlessly”.

  30. Your Dad sounds so much like mine. I miss him!
    Enjoy your Daddy while you can.
    Mama Bear

  31. Stubborn? Surely not! Faithful, yes!

    Continuing to pray for travel and health and what-not–things and stuff, too!
    Love ya!

  32. “Sweet Fancy Moses!” Oh my. I have a new favorite phrase.

  33. Oh. My. Word. I just looked at that comment tally… I think it’s safe to say I’d better start looking at buying my own vacuum.

    So glad to hear your Daddy is doing a little bit better. Adding his continued healing to the “Boomama spot” on my [mental, in all honesty :)] prayer list, right next to “some stuff related to some things.” He, uh, kinda sounds like that Southern grandmother of mine… can stubborness be tied to a region?

  34. so glad that daddy’s better! What is it about men and doctors or hospitals? I think my dh would have to have limbs literally falling off his body before he would go!!

  35. Do glad your daddy is doing better. He sounds like my hubby — a few years ago he fell on some concrete and busted his head open. He refused to have me drive him to the hospital until I called 911! He thought all he needed was to slap on a bandaid and lie down a bit. The doc and I thought differently — he ended up with stitches!!

  36. Uh, that’s “So glad…”

  37. So tell me… have you actually heard someone use the (very fine) phrase “Sweet fancy Moses” or is that a Boomama Original?

  38. So glad to hear he is on the mend, and that you are on the road again. God Bless.

  39. Glad your Daddy is feeling better! So stubborness runs in your family too?

  40. Up here in the great not so frozen north it’s Sweet fanciful Moses. We tend to add an extra syllable to everything eh.

    Really glad your Daddy is home, continued prayer for relief from pain\infection and no lingering PTSD from the hospital food.

  41. YAY that daddy is going to be fine and hopefully you and Alex are back home safely. Thanks for the update….and it is crazy how a crazy vacuum gets all the attention!

  42. I am on your dad’s side, hospital smospital, who needs em! Pause- I am knocking on wood now that we are on that high deductable PPO.

    I am glad dad is better and have a safe trip home. Wowza on all the comments for the Oreck. I better go sweep my carpet because my vacuum just died, hehe.

    The Park Wife

  43. Great news about your Dad!!!

  44. This SO sounds like me and my family…Not to mention SO many other things you write about! Those Southern roots run DEEP I tell ya! LOL!

  45. Oooops, I forgot to add that I’m so glad your Daddy is better…Even though there really was never anything wrong! (wink,wink)

  46. I’m just trying to picture you with 2684 fingers to cross for each of the 1342 people who so desperately want that vacuum!

  47. I am very glad to hear that your Daddy is doing much better. :-)

  48. Good to hear that your Daddy is home!

  49. I didn’t comment yesterday, because… well, you just have to trust me when I say that a shiny new vacuum would be utterly wasted on the mess that surrounds me. Pigpen, sweet pigpen.

    And also: thirteen HUNDRED comments? And counting? Seriously?

    However, I did want you to know that, because of yesterday’s post, I’ve been thinking of you all day long. Because all day long, I have had the following chorus playing in an endless loop in my ear:

    Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep.
    Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep.

    So now I’m throwing in the towel. Waving the white flag. And downloading Midnight Star: The Ultimate Collection on iTunes.

  50. Glad your hubby’s feeling fine. I guess his manly instincts were kicking in, always being in denial about being sick, lol.

    I tried to comment on the vac entry but you have so many comments that the comment box disappeared! I’d love to win th 9lb beauty, I certainly have a ball with it in the living room, our cat and dog have been having field days in there.

  51. Cheers! Daddy is well. I’m glad to hear.

    I love your insights on the “O vac”. I have not put my name yet – but I’m going there now.

  52. Hmmmm… I can’t comment there. I can’t find the place to comment. Probably closed already. Oh well… I’ll join early next time.

    But in case this comment counts, it’s our kitchen/dining room that can use it the most ;)

    Aloha :)

  53. So glad to hear your dad is home and on the mend. Blessings.

  54. So glad to hear your Daddy is on the mend. I lost my Daddy 6 months ago & the day we took him in for what was his final stay in the hospital, he shook his finger at me & told me to get his pants…he was goin’ home. Men.

  55. Glad to hear your Daddy’s doing better. I agree that a few aleve and red wine can make almost anything seem better, but sometimes a little professional expertise is needed. Have a safe trip!

  56. ah daddies…haha…they’re so cute. glad he’s at least out of the hospital and working on getting better!!

  57. Glad to hear your Daddy is home. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  58. Glad to hear that your Daddy is doing better and resting(?) at home. Ya’ll be safe heading home.

  59. I am definitely going to add “SWEET FANCY Moses” to my special collection phrases that make me laugh out loud.

  60. Glad to hear your daddy is on the mend!

    WOWZERS…1000+ comments?!

  61. I’m so glad your dad is doing better, Boomama. It’s funny how we don’t think we take our health (or that of others)forgranted. But, we kinda do, don’t we. I’m so excited for your trip to Africa.

  62. ZOWEE!!! Over 1600 comments on the vacuum??? HA! I’m glad your dad is doing well.

  63. Wow! That’s a lot of vaccum-cleaner hungry people you’ve got vying for your machine down there! Wow!