Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Us Some Graphics

Yesterday I told Big Mama that we’re expecting some wintry weather here this weekend, and she said, “Oh, you’d better believe that there are some people at the Alabama TV stations working on some SERIOUS graphics for their weather forecasts right about now.”

I totally agreed with her. Because in my opinion, there is probably nothing a meteorologist enjoys more than the opportunity to run into the graphics department of his news organization and say, “The weather’s getting CRAZY out there! Let’s call it TORNADO FEST ’07!”



Anyway, Big Mama reminded me that last year she and her family experienced ICE STORM ’07, so I predicted that this weekend, in my neck of the woods, we would more than likely see coverage of WINTER STORM WATCH ’08.

But as it turns out, I was wrong.

And really, what you’re about to see is so much better than I could have ever imagined, and it makes me so stinkin’ happy that I want to clap until my little soon-to-be-gloved hands fall off:



Welcome to ALABAMA FREEZE (’08!), everyone.

Rest assured that I’ll be bringing you all the up-to-the-minute news about this history-making WINTER WEATHER EVENT.

After all, it’s not just any ole day when six whole snowflakes fall on our driveway.

I do hope you’ll stay tuned.

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  1. It sounds like the best drink ever.

  2. Oh, I LOVE it. Up here in PA they have started with special “weather updates” complete with severe-sounding music for RAIN. Or anything that might make traffic move slower. But gosh–a freeze!? By next week, our new stations will have cribbed that from y’all!
    Happy weekend and stay toasty!

  3. lol…too funny. We were just reminiscing Ice Storm ’07, and wishing we could revisit in in ’08, because 3 days home from work is just the cure for the new year’s malaise we’ve all fallen into!

  4. That graphic is great! We lived in AL a few years ago for about a year (Tuscaloosa) and we had THE BEST SNOW while we were there. I felt certain is was a gift from God for me because I couldn’t imagine Christmas time without a little snow. It was actually before Christmas by a few days, but we went ahead and celebrated that day (it was before kids) since it was snowing. It just seemed appropriate!

  5. I love how the letters appear to be frozen, in case you are unable to understand what the word freeze means.

  6. I’m so glad that someone else can be so delighted about something that stays in my yard for 8 months a year…

  7. I have a friend that’s a graphic designer for a newspaper, and not only do they freak out about BIG THINGS THAT HAPPEN, they also really want maps so you can see where EXACTLY the news was taking place.

    Also – You are a funny, funny lady. I tried to make Daphne tell you for me, but she made me post a comment my damn self.

  8. I may borrow that graphic, strike through Alabama and scratch in “Kentucky”.
    I broke out the long underwear just READING that we were getting down to FIVE DEGREES this weekend!
    Then I had a hot flash and got over it.

  9. Up here in Michigan, the Meteorologists work overtime at the threat of a storm warning or watch. Seriously, it drives me crazy. Like all we have to talk about is the weather.
    I just want to yell at them and say “People, its winter, in Michigan, its going to snow.”
    Since it is going to be a high of 13 tomorrow, I’ll be sitting by my computer waiting for your updates.
    You know that cold weather brings warm soup. For a meal. (Tee hee hee)

  10. Girl, I hope you’ve already gotcher milk and bread bought. Onces those graphics go up, the grocery store shelves get emptied faster’n you can say “I’m freezin’ m’tailfeathers off, Aynt Gertie!” Have fun, Abalamba!

  11. I think you should suggest that they call it Alabama-Soup-Tacular; “stay inside with some good soup,ya’ll” kind of weather…..
    And you, girl, are SO PREPARED to handle that! You could share soup recipes with all your neighbors if they need it!
    Ya’ll be safe on that driveway of yours!! ARe you going to put on the ice skates and experience your driveway in a whole new way?????? ;o

  12. Girl, it’s not just going to snow 6 snowflakes. They are all extremely positive that it’s going to get “White” here in the next 24 hours. You can read it here.

    I’m so excited!

  13. My favorite is when the weather peeps go into overdrive with full-on, half-hour WEATHER SPECIALS entitled: “Cold Snap–What YOU Need to Know!”

    Very informative. And entirely unwatchable.

    That said, my fingers are turning to icicles as I type.

  14. Speaking as someone who almost spun into the ditch this morning, I wish you nothing but safe driving during the Great Freeze of ’08!

  15. I get really tickled when the “weather guys” get all worked up and have a little ditty over their radars!! Makes me laugh every time. Something about those radars and their seriousness.

  16. As my granny would say, you’d better watch your pipes. ;>)

    And bring in the ferns.

  17. ** s i g h **

    Totally relating in the Tennessee Valley, Sugah :).

    I DARE not get my (high) hopes…dare.not.!


  18. Hee hee… I looked at that graphic again for kicks. Look at those cracklin’ ice crystals around the edges! THAT’S COLD, SISTER.

  19. I’m sure there is no bread or milk left anywhere, huh? That is what happens in Arkansas when the words “winter weather” or even whispered!

  20. I have a very deep and important question for you about winter weather.

    We lived in SC and NC for years. Down there, when snow was in the forecast, EVERYONE ran to the grocery store and bought bread and milk. I’m telling ya, you couldn’t BUY bread or milk ’cause the shelves and coolers were empty.

    So here’s my question – – – part 1) Do people in Alabama do that to? and part Deux) If you do – – – why buy bread and milk??? I’d rather have STEAK or CHILI or BROWNIES or HOT CHOCOLATE if I were going to be snowed in.

    Just wondering in Indiana

  21. as a southern transplant that up-and-moved to New England…. lemme say that gloves & a warm hat & some wool sox & you’ll be ‘jist fiihhne!”


  22. I live in Ga. and I am watching the new right now and the top story is the 1-3 inches of snow that can be expected tomorrow. I am glad I bought milk and bread today, because there will be a stampead at the grocery store for sure!!

  23. That’s one of the many things I actually miss about living in South Carolina!! Whenever there was any slight chance of snow or wintery weather, the whole populace panicked! And the weather people were just dripping with excitement.

  24. We get a kick out of “sensational” weather here too….or better yet, the lack of sensational weather when they’ve gone through the trouble of creating a whole theme for the storm and it totally misses us!

  25. Donna (coaching in GA) says:

    I’m in Georgia and am preparing for the wintry mix myself. 3 movies and some Chinese take out. :) i just saw the 5:00 newscast. They haven’t named our snowfall event yet, but there is a very obvious twinkle in the meteorologist’s eye!

  26. For some reason, I’m thinking that it could be on of the “50 States Drinks” from Sonic… if they had them, of course.

  27. Looking forward to seeing the 6 flake snowman, or maybe if there are 7 flakes you could go wild with a 7 flake snow angel. Watch out for the frost bite.

  28. I shall never look at Chief Meteorologist Rick Lantz the same again.

    This is HILARIOUS. :)


  29. LOL – my husband and I love to do this too whenever there’s a freeze. “What will they call this one, DEATHSTORM 2008?” And then the intrepid roving reporter will take his mittened hand and wipe some snow off of a Mercedes hood in a parking lot somewhere: “Look, it’s snow!”

    The sheer amazement with which SNOW in the MOUNTAINS is greeted here on an annual basis is pretty amusing as well. ;)

  30. Living in North Alabama, I know how you feel. My four year old finally got to see snow just this week and she was more excited about finding chocolate cookies, rather than counting snowflakes. HA!

    Don’t you love the forecasters? We have one that loves to use all the “proper” terms on us lay people, things like hook echo and such?!

    I hope you didn’t have to go to the grocery store today.

  31. Hilarious! Living in Al or Ga for 32 of my 33 years, I can TOTALLY relate. We are hoping to get 2 inches of snow out of this storm….Woo Hoo!

  32. This has me laughing out loud. We just watched Atlanta’s early coverage of “winter storm watch – part 2”.

    Why am I reading blogs when everyone south of the mason-dixon line knows I need to make a mad dash to the store for bread and milk…

  33. Tennessee newscasters are the same way! Then we lived in Ohio for six years and were extremely heartbroken that they never canceled school or church services when there were snow flurries. What fun is snow if nothing closes? Be sure and get to the store for your milk and bread!

  34. We’re ready here for the blizzard here in GA!

  35. We laugh at our local news because there is a corner of the news room that changes from day to day depending on the story.

    “Now, joining us in the:
    War Center
    Storm Center
    Election Center

    is our correspondent….” And of course, there are always graphics. Lots and lots of graphics!

  36. I am from Canada, and not the wimpy part less than an hour from the border, the really cold part. We lived two years in Texas. I had never seen such a big deal made about bad weather before. You Southerners crack me up!! If you can’t actually have bad weather at least you’ve got the graphics. Enjoy your 6 snowflakes.

  37. You are a mess girl!! YES, bring on the snow…..we got some here in Charlotte,NC the yesterday and STOP THE PRESS…….It was headline news for us!! Today…it is all gone! They called it the “WINTER BLAST”!! ha ha!

    My 7 year old, is a little bit of a book worm =) and she said today, “Mommy, we need to be on the watch for “precipitation” tonight.”

    Stay warm!!

  38. That was AWESOME!!! Make sure you get some bread and milk ;). Oh, yes, and don’t you love it when they interrupt a whole day’s programming to bring you all the updates on the storm that never comes!! I thought that it was just NC. Maybe it is just the South!

  39. You don’t have to gloat about it…we small minions up here in HuntsVegas are probably going to miss the wintry weather all together. You always get it down there. I am so jealous.

  40. I am not kidding when I say I just squealed with glee.

    Also, I am very envious. The graphics department at our local news has dropped the ball. I mean it is raining and 38 degrees here and there has been nary a BIG CHILL warning.

    Maybe next week.

  41. That’s great! It has to bring on a smile!

  42. That is so much fun. I can barely stand it…Alabama Freeze?!? That is the BEST I’ve heard in a while.

    All I can say is you better keep yourself at home tomorrow because the Southerners cannot handle the roadways in such inclement conditions. Or even rumors of inclement conditions…

  43. I have to laugh at this because we live in NC and we are bracing for the biggest storm in 4 years… like 1 or 2 inches –– if we are that lucky.

    Alabama freeze… love it!

  44. Coaching in GA says:

    UPDATE: They have just issued the official name for this “storm.” It will be known as Winter Watch 2008.

  45. When we lived in southern California for a while, the weather plunged to 55 degrees one December. The weatherman had a graphic of a little thermometer with a face, wearing earmuffs and icicles hanging off his chin. It was quite disturbing to look at.

  46. LOL!! Oklahoma weathermen do the same thing. I’ll be watching for this the next time we get winter weather. Thanks for the laugh.

  47. Hilarious! I live in the Northwest and our weathermen do the same thing! One year we had a bad snow storm (the cold air came from Alaska) they called the “Alaskan Express”!!! LOL! Too funny! they just live for extreme weather!

    great post!


  48. PS we had a tornado here last week (which totally unheard off up here) so of course they beat that with a stick for the rest of the day! Phulease…it was like the lowest rating for a tornado…F1 or something like that! give me a break! LOL! :-)


  49. Queen Mother says:

    I think there is a special drama class in weather forcasting 101 that includes sensational graphics complete with scary drums beating low in the background. Our guys must have gotten an “A”. So much over the top pre-coverage, up-to-the-minute coverage, out on location coverage…for nada, zero, zilch. Maybe it is a plot from the milk and bread companies!!!!

  50. “Alabama Freeze” sounds like something on the bar menu at TGI Friday’s.

  51. Here in your former neck of the woods, we have snow on the ground right now. I predict the children will be frenzied when they wake up. Wait…here comes one down the stairs now. Let’s see if she notices. Yup!

    “IT’S SNOWING!!!”

    (There are approximately 6874 flakes out there.)

    Hope you have some hot chocolate on stand-by for the FREEZE.

  52. Nothing better than some good winter weather graphics, that is for sure. :) Stay warm, y’all. (I’m in Atlanta. We had our own Winter Weather Weirdness earlier in the week.)

  53. Well, rest assured with all the fuss, the weather won’t come your way. Back in the “Ice Storm 94” in Memphis, the last thing I recall our trusted weatherman Dave Brown say on Thursday night is “This should go well to the north of us. We are in no real danger of ice or snow”. I was awakened at 4am by massive amounts of snapping tree limbs falling on my house. Took us 6 months to clean up the back yard and damage to the house. Good luck. Hope the Alabama Freeze is a nonevent.

  54. I am originally from Alabama. First, let me say reading your blog makes me feel at home. Second, nothing much changes in the graphics department of weather stations the further north you travel up the east coast. I now live in Baltimore and our weather’s graphics department can come up with some great ones, too! Gotta love local news!

  55. It’s headed to GA as we speak. The weatherman just ANNOUNCED that sleet has started in Cobb County, which is just NW of Atlanta. Oh my goodness! I don’t mind the snow and sleet, it’s the ICE on the roads that cause you to bounce off guard rails that makes me crazy. That will be the case for tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I bet our church treasurer is walking the floors right now, knowing we probably won’t have church tomorrow. LOL

  56. There is also some of this same weather mania up here. We are supposed to get fairly cold tonight – – – maybe have a low of 0 and the weather people are calling it the “Arctic Express”

    Ya gotta love it.

    BTW – – – for all you southern readers, if you DON’T get the snow they are calling for, and you just want to catch a GLIMPSE of some, I’ve posted some powder sugar dusting photos on my blog just for your eyes.

  57. Lori Leigh says:

    We are in North Georgia and the weathermen are REALLY excited here! 1-7 inches of snow are coming my way! The road crews are ready, the weather watch team is stationed around our fair city to report the first glimpes of snow. We are waiting with great anticipation!

  58. oh the South…how you make me laugh. We would have to get like 24 inches in two hours for the weathermen to even report on it.

  59. Living in Michigan for all of my life this crazy attitude about 6 snowflakes is very amusing. We got about a foot last night and it was no big deal. No mad dashes to the store for us hardy Michiganders! If the snow affected us this way we would have had to shut down the state for half the year! Thanks for the laughs!!

  60. Okay……..I’ll trade you that snow for the Artic Blast we’re having in Northern Indiana right now. 10:48 a.m. & we’re at 10 degrees. We’re expecting -20 to -25 degrees wind chill factors in the morning. Pastor better be preaching fire & brimstone to keep us all warm.

  61. I don’t need weather updatesfrom the media. Why? Because I have a mother AND a mother-in-law. I tell you what, I am INFORMED!

    MIL, rushing through the door from her apartment to our house: “It looks like a real Nor’Easter tomorrow! They’re saying 7″-12″!!!”

    There is absolute wonder and panic in her eyes as she says this and, I’m not sure, but I think she’s hyperventilating too. This would be perfectly understandable if we living in Freezing Alabama, but we don’t. We live in Maine. Worse yet, she grew UP in Maine.

    Next, my phone rings. It is my mom with the road condition reports. “The roads are really bad out there, but they’re supposed to melt off a bit by 2:37 pm.) She has to give me these reports a coupla times a day because I obviously have no windows on my house. Nor have I a clue how to drive (with an all wheel drive vehicle, mind you) in snowy or icy or possibly snowy or icy or maybe even slick conditions – even though I’ve lived and driven in Maine for 17 years now.

  62. Ok I realize I’m not being sympathetic to the disastrous plight of frozen Alabamans – but it sounds like a new Dairy Queen product – an Alabama freeze – delicious soft frozen dairy product swirled with pecans and peaches – topped with a big glob of whipped cream – yes ma’am I’ll have me an Alabama Freeze (with a gigantic cup of coffee to go!)

  63. The stores here on the Eastern Coast of Va are packed and crazy today too.
    They’re calling for snow this afternoon and into the evening. We never get snow.
    The stores are crazy because there is a severe chance of us getting snowed in for a WHOLE 6 HOURS.
    Lord a mighty, be with us..

  64. Compared to the snow we got, you had a blizzard! We got nothin’ and it is the Tennessee Freeze here except for that fact that my hot flashes make it feel like a Tennessee Heat Wave even in the dead of winter. :o)

    You go girl with the graphics and all!!!

  65. You are oh so right. Alabama Freeze. That’s hilarious.

  66. I have to laugh! You are so funny! I found your blog thru several others and love to visit it just about daily! I find it amazing that the graphics and the ‘title’ of each event must be something our news/weather guys have a class in during college. Graphics 101 and Headlines 101. A couple of weeks ago when Florida got into the teens for a couple of nights and had snow flurries on the east coast, it was called : Wintery Weather Blast! Ok so when in Florida do we ever have a Wintery blast of anything! ROFL

  67. HILARIOUS :) It’s a shame that meteorologists don’t know that they are some of the “funniest” people out there :) Stay warm BooMama!

  68. I’m hanging by the edge of my seat! I can’t wait until the “DECISION ’08” ones start for the election. Those are SO fun.

  69. Oh, this cracks me up!!! My husband and I always get a kick out of this, although we are here in Coastal (sunny) Southern California, where our WINTER STORM WATCHES include but a few raindrops and *MAYBE* a flicker of lightening if we’re lucky! I don’t know what we’d do without all that continuous coverage!

  70. So, I’m a little late at commenting on this, but I have to tell you that we lived in Oklahoma for the first 3 1/2 years of our marriage and the first spring (tornado/gustnado season) I spent there scared me to death. I’m from Dallas, so I’d been through the tornado sirens and warnings and watches, but my husband was gone one afternoon while all tv was interrupted for continuous coverage of the possible weather conditions that might be converging at the exact right moment to warrant the need to start looking for a spot where a tornado might or might not actually occur. I’m not kidding the weather guy was almost jumping up and down with excitement and telling all viewers to gather up winter coats and blankets and football helmets just in case they needed to “pad” themselves up and crawl into their storm cellars or, at the very least, an interior closet. I flipped out because, first of all, we didn’t have a cellar and, also we didn’t have a football helmet and I couldn’t find my husband’s Army kevlar helmet. I just knew my house would be struck by a tornado while I was all alone and some rafter would come crashing down on my unprotected head :) Needless to say, by the time we moved and actually experienced some gustnados (that label comes from tornado strength winds just without rotation – and I’m serious that it was just as common for the forecasters to say it as they’d say rain), I would just get annoyed that my tv shows were being interrupted. Spring is heaven if you’re a weather forecaster in OK! And, you better believe they had some great graphics! (I think they spent the other 9 months of the year designing new ones and coming up with catchy titles :)