Well Whaddya Know

Here’s the view into our backyard at 10:30 this morning.



You should also know that, when the ABC station here leads-in to the SPECIAL WINTER WEATHER EVENT NEWSCAST (we have non-stop coverage, my friends), the ALABAMA FREEZE graphic shakes back and forth.

Because apparently even the graphic is so cold that it’s trembling.

I love the South.

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  1. jerry and susan says:

    those photos bring a vision of warm fireplace and simmering pot of gumbo bet i just made you hungry— jerry

  2. A weather event indeed! :)

  3. Donna (coaching in GA) says:

    Isn’t the South fun?! It finally arrived in Atlanta. Thanks for sending the excitement our way. I just found the kids downstairs peering out the window. They are waiting for enough accumulation on the big hill behind the house before they start sliding on the lids to my new Christmas decoration storage Rubbermaid containers.

  4. Kelly in Carrollton, GA says:

    Sophie, you have got to know that I LOVE your spirit!!! I am right there with you on this fun winter wonderland in our Southern backyards! My sweet husband and our girls are outside laughing and freezing in MUCH snow, while I am happily sipping my hot tea and watching Paula cook okra-laced hoecakes on her cast iron. Life IS good. Still praying for you as the days tick by!! Kelly

  5. It’s sad this is a Saturday…kids won’t get out for a snow day! Thankfully, we got a bit in the GA/NC corner of SC on Wednesday night (about 2-3 inches). Plenty to get out of school Thursday and have a delay Friday.

    Glad to read it’s reached Atlanta. That means it will hit us in a couple hours!!

  6. oh FUN!!!

    i’m so glad that the south is experiencing some snow this winter! YAY

  7. And once again, I’m wishing I was out there in AL… snowy days make me happy. The 70 degree weather here at the beach isn’t exactly the cozy, comforting climate I’d like to be in right now…

  8. Snow! :)

  9. OH, yes. When we get these types of weather anomalies down here in TX, the news people go nuts.

    I think the only thing that they would break into the non stop coverage of the weather event with, is if they had discovered life on another planet! And only if it was intelligent life. No little one celled organism would be worthy of breaking into the NON STOP COVERAGE!

    Enjoy your bit of winter!

  10. I smile because right this second in Kalamazoo, Michigan we have wind chills of -15 and 6 inches of snow with much more coming. In true northern style, we were up and out early this morning. I love it and wouldn’t do well living in the south-I get very cranky when the temps hit over 75. Enjoy your winter weather while it lasts for you!

  11. I am so jealous! Over here in S. Mississippi they promised us snow and all we got was a cold rain :(

  12. There was mass mayhem in our house this morning in Jackson. I got up to feed the baby and looked outside to see about 28 flakes falling to the ground. I got my husband up faster than lightning, and we got the boy into a snowman outfit and trudged that poor, half-asleep, crying, hungry thing out there in that cold! He had no idea why he was being tortured so, but we HAD to have pictures of his first snow! It was imperative!

  13. I’m smilin’ with Becky cuz it’s -11 here (air temp, not wind chill), and this is “warm” compared to where I used to live in Fargo. :)

    I hope you get to enjoy your snow for a little bit before it melts away.

  14. I’m just mad because up here in the Northern South (MD), we aren’t getting squat in the way of snow. It’s all down there! I guess we can share :)

  15. Sooo is your snot frozen yet?? Wimp. Around here we call that a dusting. Outside my window we have 8 inches and adding – fast with the temp of 11.

  16. Beautiful pictures, Boomama. Stay tuned to your local news and weather channels! You can’t risk NOT being in the know on this one. :) Isn’t it funny how excited the weather people get?! And how dramatic!

  17. Hurry and send the little guy out to play in it, since it won’t last forever, right?

  18. I don’t covet cars, houses or even clothes…but I do have snow envy…

    ** s i g h **

    (and sometimes, uber-cool-kitchen appliance envy)

    Big YAAAEEEE for y’all, though :).

  19. This just makes me laugh hard up here in the North. Stay warm!

  20. We are finally seeing some flakes here in Northern NC. Hopefully the temps will drop enough so some will stick and stay.

  21. Bailey's Leaf says:

    We get that kind of coverage with tornadoes. With snowstorms, their accuracy is so great that they have successfully predicted 12 of the last 2 snowstorms.

    Let the little man out to play!

    Stay toasty!

  22. Up here in NE Alabama, no snow. The interactive radar map on weather.com says we’ve gotten snow and rain/ice mix off and on all day. The Auburn Gal Always weather observation crew says the radar is blind, stupid and possibly on drugs. We haven’t had the first hint of precipitation of ANY KIND to actually touch the ground.

    We’re terribly disappointed.

  23. p.s. we’re also terribly envious of your snow. This is so backwards. You’re farther South than we are!


  24. A whole one inch! Wowsers!


  25. Yes and now across town from you at 1:22 all our snow is melted except for on some tree branches.
    The day will go down in the James Spann history books.

  26. I was going to mention it yesterday, but Alabama Freeze sounds like a really good drink!

  27. Seriously, y’all should just put some winter coats on and go on with your lives.
    The news coverage is cracking me up!

  28. We here in North AL, got not nary a flake and we are jealous;)! I had so been looking forward to a certain meterologist and his enthusiastic coverage.

  29. Everybody do a little dance now…..

  30. BooMama, your photos are beautiful and I for one am VERY glad it wasn’t a false alarm and those news folks now have enough fodder to last them for days and days – – – you know, the aftermath, clean up, calling in the National Guard, declaring a National Disaster and all that!!


    Have fun with it.

  31. Hey–it didn’t even make it to 50 here in Houston yesterday–rain and wind–and we ALL know that is VERY cold–the damp, the damp, the damp.

    Throw and extra log on the fire and some extra socks on your feet. Pop some corn and make sure that diet Coke is good and FREEZING cold–maybe set it out your porch for awhile.

  32. :) Got snow?

  33. Hehe I was so excited to see it snow here in Atlanta! It’s still snowing – going on 4 hours now. I took a bunch of pictures because I was so excited! Now is when I had a nice fireplace.

  34. I think we are the only southern state with no snow. Just stinkin’ cold weather. Sigh. But I’m not envious. Nope. Just cold.

  35. Yeah see I have over a foot in my back yard, much much more in my front yard and haven’t seen my grass in months. Good luck with your “little” freeze. Its scary I know but you’ll survive somehow, the rest of us do! (Love from a displaced Texan in Idaho)

  36. well look at that! i wonder how it bypassed arkansas?

  37. IT’S SNOWING HERE TOO! But it’s just now starting to do any kind of sticking…
    hopefully i’ll get some pics on my blog later tonight or tomorrow morning!

  38. Nancy in Michigan says:

    If that’s not quite enough for you, I can FedEx some your way. We have plenty to spare and there’s more on its way! I really miss when snow was an “event” the few years we lived in Virginia! EVERYTHING closed down. And that was the day BEFORE one snowflake even arrived!! Just the thought of it put them in a tailspin. Here it’s just “business as usual.” It gets a little boring. I bet your little man is having a blast!!

  39. OK I need more than snow from a window…….. I need a snowman and a snow angel – hurry before it melts.

  40. It’s been snowing all day here in south metro Atlanta area. Somehow we managed to get more snow than the northern burbs. Tomorrow is the real deal–temps are to be in the teens tomorrow morning, all that wet stuff will be ICE! Everything has cancelled all the activities for tomorrow. Our church service has been delayed until 3:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

  41. Yep, that’s what our backyard looks like in Atlanta. Makes me wish I had joined the crazy people at the grocery store last night for milk and bread!

    Have a wonderful time playing in the snow!

  42. So jealous of your snow! Looks beautiful.

    As Andy of the Office says, why don’t you settle in and order some ‘ZA.

  43. this is the temperature where I live right now…..
    Temperature -25°C
    Wind Chill -36
    Wind WNW 18 km/h gust 28 km/h

    in Imperial Units…..
    Temperature -12°F
    Wind Chill -33
    Wind WNW 11 mph gust 17 mph

    I would love snow, snow means its’ not so cold

  44. We got it, too! It lasted a whole 4 or 5 hours. Luckily, I snapped a few photos for posterity.

    Looks like a good night for soup. Do you know a good recipe?

  45. I still am so jealous.

  46. It’s freezing here too, but there is no snow. I am fine with no snow, frankly. I am not fine with the freezing. It’s so cold up here that not even our television graphics shake anymore. I think they are frozen in place.

    It’s cold, is all I’m saying.

  47. Oh my! Too funny! I just posted pictures from our “Winter Storm ’08” here in Montgomery! I don’t think we got as much as y’all. I also love how we all rush out to the grocery store to get “milk, bread and eggs” when we just hear the threat of snow flurries! Like what are we going to do? Live off of french toast if we’re snowed in?!

    Gotta love it!

  48. I am just cracking up here at all your excitement about snow. I guess we take it for granted up north! It’s pretty but when it’s there October through May it gets kind of old….=)

  49. Snow is beautiful….sometimes I miss it, then I have to go somewhere and remember…no, I don’t…no, really I do miss an occasional snow storm — here in the DFW area all we get is a yearly ice storm and those are NOT pretty! All we got this weekend is COLD…and no I don’t like it!
    Enjoy it while it lasts, cuz ya know it won’t!

  50. I know, isn’t it funny? I think those weathercasters are worse over here than they are in Atlanta & they can be pretty bad over there when this weather stuff threatens. It’s hilarious how uptight everyone gets! I stopped by Publix yesterday afternoon (oh, after I had lunch at Newks…newly discovered by me just yesterday). I see you’ve been. Anyway, Publix was crawling with people & the bread was totally wiped out of the bakery dept. Luckily they had some right out of the oven in the back & I got some!

    Good day to stay inside & be cozy!


  51. Our area had an event like that last year…Ice Storm 07.

    power was out for a week or so…needless to say it lead the media on to their next story…

    9 months later ‘Ice Ice Baby’ boom.


  52. Ooooo, it’s so pretty :) Multiply that by about 2 more feet for about 3 months and you have my town!

    The ‘graphic’ cracks me up.

    As my mom would say, “Watch out for black ice!” (do you guys get black ice there?)

  53. shouldn’t you all be outside right now sledding down your lovely driveway???

  54. I dare to say you have more snow than we do.

  55. Saints preserve us! You actually have more snow on the ground than we do! But we have you beat, cold-wise.

    Current Actual Reading: -1° F.
    F”eels Like” Reading: -20° F.

    We don’t have any special graphics, but if we did, they wouldn’t be shivering, ’cause they’d be PLUMB FROZE SOLID!

  56. we were promised snow here in middle GA, but got nothing but cold rain as well. POO!

    hey but my AU Tigers beat the Rebels today
    War Eagle!

    Enjoy the snow!

  57. You’re so cool. Way down here in the south-est part of AL we just got 33 degrees of WET. My poor kids…It hasn’t snowed here in 10 years, since I was pregnant with #1. I’m ready for some graphics-inspiring snowy weather!

  58. I have to say that I’m a tad jealous. It’s beautiful where you are. And here I am in the East…you’d think WE’d be the ones with the snow. But nooooooooo…

  59. Yeah, I’m a bit surprised, too. I moved kicking and screaming up here to the place they call the North and now the snow is down there and we’re snow-free up here.

    Life is comical.

  60. I’m north of you in Alabama, and we did not get even ONE snowflake. I’m so jealous!

  61. Oh Boomama – we are at my parents and when we woke up this am and there was no snow we were so disappointed. James Spann had been forecasting “snow starting at midnight” for 24 hours so we thought we might not get any at all. It was SO much fun to finally see it start to fall at around 10!!
    The south is so fun b/c when it snows we really just enjoy it!!!
    I am going to post pictures of my boys and their 2 snowmen later – hehe
    God bless,

  62. Looks like it was a weather event. Go figure. For once, they were right! Stay warm!!

  63. I live outside of Columbus, OH – the fact that you have snow and we have none makes me happy! Now do you think I could trade our 5 degree low with your low?

  64. When we lived in Florida, we had 36 hour NON STOP Hurrican Henry (?) coverage. I went to bed bringing my girls with me; sure our windows were going to shatter on their heads in the night. We woke up and it didn’t even rain a drop!!! I was strangely disappointed. Total and complete letdown after all the amazing graphics.

  65. Oh what a pretty snow! I love the South too and I don’t even live there anymore. :)

  66. brrrrrrr

    pretty picture.
    i found your blog on social rank.
    they emailed me i was in the to 3 (i didn’t think it was a real website, i thought they were linkbaiting or tricking me). i guess it’s real, you have a great “voice”

  67. I’m a new reader but my hubby is from Alabama so we were perusing this post with interest trying to figure out exactly where in bama you are! He is from Montgomery and, cute thing that he is, never even owned a coat before he met me. We’ve moved all over since and everytime we’re somewhere it’s snowed he’s still like a little kid in a candy store, so excited he gets.

  68. Snow! You got SNOW! I can’t believe it. I am only assuming it will shut your whole city down and send everyone to the grocery to buy milk and bread. We Southerns don’t know how to drive in it but we sure know how to shop for it. Enjoy the spectacular display. Blessings.

  69. Beautiful!

    Our weather man often says things like…

    “It’s going to be another one of those days”

    “It’s going to be dull, grey and wet all week”

    “Another blustery day all over the UK today”

    “Quite dull and rainy today..”


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  71. i’m smiling. really, really big.

    i mean, if it only happens once every 5.5 years, you bet the graphic design department of your local station is on fire with pizazz.

    because this is their time to shine.

    and hopefully the meteorologists are “on location” dressed in the sweet Columbia gear with a little station logo on the chest. that’s buz’s favorite part.

    winter in the south. brings a smile to my face.

  72. Oooo. The window picture is really pretty; You should frame it.

    And, on an entirely different topic: I usually either read your blog to my little girlies or I summarize it (She’s just rambling on about some stupid football game…)

    Now, thanks to Boo-Mama – who,by the way,has THE blog name most guaranteed to make little girls giggle uncontrollably – my girls have been dancing around the house chanting “DEEP FRIED PICKLESS HO-HO!” for the past 24 hours.

    With ranch dressing.

  73. Janet (aka "JT") says:

    You know, here in Central Texas, it’s a “look to the sky–Jesus is coming” type of situation if it snows or ices, but somehow, like you, it makes me SO HAPPY to see the weather people all UP IN ARMS AND ARMED WITH CATCHY GRAPHICS when inclement weather comes our way. I LIVE for it, really.

    And that’s just how sad I am.

    You know, now that friends is canceled.

  74. that is too funny…if it happened here…and it actually did last week but i blinked and it melted…the whole city shuts down…for one funny flurry…

    you have a way of taking the everyday things of life and touching them with tenderness and sparkle and mystery and starstruckle…love reading you as you read your world and offer us a good taste of life…Bev

  75. Okay, I am officially JEALOUS! I just love snow….I actually thought I would see some living in Germany, but it’s barely made an appearance this year:(!

  76. KCRA channel 3 newscaster out here in Northern California seem dispappointed when the suns shine. They lead the news coverage in rain, wind & fog coverage.

  77. Jabber Jaws says:

    In Dallas, the coverage said,and I quote,”Snow flakes the size of the jumbo cotten balls” blanketed our friends in Alabama. It made me laugh – I guess there aren’t that many large white objects to make comparisons.

  78. Oh, how beautiful! No snow here, of course. Just cold.

    Is Martha worried to pieces about y’all?

  79. Wow!! Do y’all even have winter coats down there???

  80. Can we assume that your absence means that the “Alabama Freeze” has now turned into “The Great Blackout of 2008” with amazing graphics that no one can see, because no one has any power?

  81. I’m trying to not be terribly jealous!

  82. Here it is 2008, and we’re still laughing about “Ice Storm 2000.”

  83. How fun! I hope you and your family have fun in the snow – I’m guessng it won’t last too long!

  84. We live in Seattle and it’s the same sort of thing. An inch of snow is a big old weather event up here. I love it. It’s a big change after growing up in Canada.

  85. I think we did get only 6 flakes in Florence last week. I’m very envious! But being H’s first snowfall, he thought even the dusting was the best thing ever, and since L doesn’t remember SD, she agreed! Hope A enjoyed the excitement!