We Are Also Planning To Sing Several Medleys

In an absolutely startling turn of bloggy events, Big Mama and I have somehow managed to convince the one and only Travis Cottrell to join us on our next podcast as Special Guest Star / Resident American Idol Expert.

We’re hoping this arrangement will last throughout the current AI season. Or until Travis gets completely sick of us. Whichever comes first.

My money’s on that second option, by the way.

Anyway, as we’ve been bandying about topics for next week’s podcast, it occurred to us – BECUZ WE IZ SMARTS – that there’s really not that much AI action to discuss right now. So Big Mama and I thought that it might be fun to ask Travis some questions from the internets, and so that, THAT IS OUR PLAN.

So. We have An Elaborate Question-Asking Procedure, a procedure we decided on because we don’t want the questions in our comments, because then Travis might read the questions ahead of time so that he can “prepare,” and HELLO, THAT IS CHEATING, MR. SINGER / SONGWRITER / WORSHIP LEADER MAN, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO “REHEARSALS” IN PODCAST LAND.

(I totally just rhymed that all-caps part, by the way. Perhaps Travis would like to use that portion of the previous paragraph in some sort of worshipful anthem. Preferably something that would be used during an altar call.)

Anyway, if you have a question for Travis, would you email Big Mama or me and let us know? If the Email Me link in the left sidebar doesn’t work for you and you don’t know my email address, then just leave a comment saying, “HELLO, BOOMAMA PERSON, I WANT TO EMAIL YOU BUT DON’T KNOW HOW,” and then I will email you to find out your question.

And it will be an absolutely delightful experience.

And we thank you in advance for your questions.

Now do have a lovely evening.

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  1. Ya’ll are the rock stars of blogville. Congrats!

  2. Yep. I agree with above…y’all are a bunch of rock stars now of Blogville. This pressure is too much. Maybe the good question will pop into my head. Maybe not.

    This will be HILARIOUS one way or the other!

  3. Hey Boomama! You two DO absolutely rock. That seems to be the theme so far!

    Can’t wait to hear this podcast.

  4. you R just 2 cool! can’t wait!!

  5. I wonder if he has some sassy jeans like his wife.

  6. I am so excited for you! And to think that I thought Bethie mentioning you on her blog was a big deal……. little did I know that Travie was coming along!

  7. We’re not worthy.

  8. oh my stinking holy cows!!!!!!!!!!!

    i HEART travis cottrell

  9. Ah man, I just left my questions on Melanie’s comment. I guess the nyquil is interferring with my reading ability. Ug–I think I have the black crud.

  10. You are getting way, way too good at this “rapping” business (that’s they way I read your caps lock section). Maybe a rapping podcast is in order?

  11. {Gigglin’…}

    Oh, I’ve got my questions, alright, but they might not be fittin’ for publication/emailification…!

    (You know the kind…the kind where we scratching our heads thinking a collective, “WHATWERETHEYTHINKIN?????!!!”).

    I’ll work on re-wording them, though.

    Cute, you are, Miss Boo…it just seeps outta your pores ;).

  12. Now that I think about it, I suspect that a lot of your blog-isms would make wonderful worship songs. Perhaps ya’ll can work on that.

  13. wow, y’all are sure getting famous in bloggy land!

  14. Well – I am estatic!!!! Three of my pretend BFF all on one podcast. I’m counting the minutes.

  15. What would also be FABulous would be to add Beth Moore to an upcoming podcast. Three of my pretend BFFs (who all have great hair) plus a man who actually enjoys watching American Idol – who could ask for anything more?!

  16. lol….i never have any input on most of your posts other than something along the lines of “hysterical” or “goofball” or something…and this one is no exception :P

  17. Holy Smoke-ola! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait!

  18. How fun for you!!! And us, too. = )

  19. I am consistently amazed at your ability to bring in amazing people! Keep rockin, BooMama.

    Oh, and a question: see if he needs anyone else to sing with him and LPM. My calendar is wide open :)

  20. get out of town! too fun.

  21. So, Miss BooMama, how in the WORLD do you make something like this happen???? I’m in total amazement like of your total hipness and coolness and like just wow!


    I can barely get over you. I just don’t know how one person can contain so much funny.

    Hey–question for you, NOT TRAVIS, SO RELAX ALREADY. I write books for Harvest House, and my 3rd comes out March 1. Would you be interested in doing a little give-away of my books sometime on your blog? Or do you only give away super-cool, artsy stuff? (and kitchen make-overs)

    I guess I could have e-mailed you all this. But I was scared it wouldn’t work.

  23. I knew there was a reason I liked you. After all the big/boo casts I’ve (sadly) not taken the time to indulge in since being overtaken by a new little person 4 months ago, I simply must make time for this one. The baby will just have to take care of herself for an hour.

    Also, I am so happy to know that Travis Cottrell has his very own blog.

    Oh, and also, a question for you, dear boo…are you planning to be at Deeper Still in Atlanta in June? ‘Cause I’m not planning on giving birth again, so I think I might make it to that one :)

  24. I am so impressed!!! I have informed my husband that Travis is to sing at my funeral. Travis doesn’t know it yet, but I am sure he would agree since I am ONE OF HIS BIGGEST FANS (but not in a creepy, Kathy Bates sort of way, of course :). He sang at our old church a couple of times and is awesome. I think he needs to sing on your podcast!!!