A Few Random Items That Have Multiplied My Joy

In no particular order:

1) Dave Barnes

Now I know he’s a person, not an “item,” but his music is phenomenal and he has the words “interweb netsite” on his website and he is very, very funny, as you can clearly tell from this video (thanks, L, for the link).

In short, I believe I have a new musical obsession. Even though I will always have a special place in my heart for Monk & Neagle, and that will never change.

2) Wendy’s Stack Attack


However, I just made the mistake of looking at the nutritional information, and 99 cents is seeming like a pretty high price to pay for those 380 calories and 26 carbs.

Especially since I ate two of them.

But OH, they are tasty.

3) “Down Home with The Neelys

First time I can ever remember laughing out loud while watching a cooking show. Triple love them.

4) “Trading Spaces

Paige Davis is back. So are Frank and Laurie.

And not-so-coincidentally, I’m watching again.

5) iLife ’08

So cool.

6) Hearing Newsong sing this song at a concert Saturday night (more on the concert soon, by the way).

It took me right back to my circa-1987 youth retreat days.

And made me want to run to the nearest mirror and fluff my bangs a good two inches.

Then plaster them with Paul Mitchell Freeze-N-Shine.

Hallelujah and amen.

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  1. Paige is BACK!!! What happened? Why did she come back, where has she been. Please do tell, I don’t have those channels on our TV anymore!!! And FRANK, love him!

    Take care,

  2. I almost wept with joy at last night’s episode of Trading Spaces. The lost sheep have come home!

  3. Love the Neelys!!! I’m a Food Network addict to begin with the Neelys are a breath a fresh air!

    Okay, now you make me want to get full cable back!! (I have the “family plan” on DISH, so where I get Food Network, I do not get TLC). I would love to see Paige Davis back on Trading Spaces. That takes me back to my early days as a new Mom. Every afternnon when my babies napped, I watched The Baby Story, The Wedding Story and Trading Spaces. That was my afternoon line up. I miss those shows!! I don’t miss those “days”, but I miss those shows!

    And come on… “Arise” by Newsong. Does it get any better than that!!!

    Thanks for sharing with the class.

  4. And Paige doesn’t look another day older. Neither does Frank for that matter. (and I’m sure they’d say the same about me, right?)

  5. Mont & Neagle….
    Neagle’s brother was my son’s suite mate when he attended OU several years ago. When my son was heading off to OU as a freshman he had a roommate and wanted a couple of other friends to be their suitmates, but the policy of the university stated it had to be someone random that they didn’t know.
    They ended up the next year getting an apt. together and are still great friends.
    Great family and Neagle is very talented.
    God works things out for our good!

  6. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Cheez-It Parmesan and Sharp Cheddar Duoz would multiply that joy, my friend! My brother came over and had snack cracker envy last night. I told him to help himself. You would have thought I handed him $100.

    They will add much joy to your life. Much joy indeed.

    Oh, you should pack a box for the trip, and Shannon will be so excited that she’ll forget all about that pesky plane ride fear stuff she has going on!

  7. I am SO happy that Trading Spaces is going back with Paige, Laurie and Frank! That really was the first show of it’s kind, and the platform for the 800 millions home improvement shows (and yes, I watch PRETTY much every one of them…I’m obessesed, hehe).

    Getting rid of Paige doomed that show – I’m so glad they came to their senses!

  8. I am so happy about Paige being back. I’m watching again too.

  9. I can still picture the brightly colored Newsong t-shirts we wore to the concerts when they came to our church. And oh, the hairspray that followed the bang-fluffing, it still makes my eyes burn and water just thinking about it. Thanks for the flashback.

  10. I truly AM glad you’ve discovered Dave Barnes. He’s just precious. I wanna pinch his cheeks and carry him around on my shoulders or something. ;-]

    Did you know that he gave Amy Grant a demo in a bookstore? She loved it SO much she called all of the Dave Barnes in the phonebook and would ask, “Are you the Dave Barnes that has a CD?” She was blown away by him.

    There are worse things than to have the likes of Amy Grant trackin’ you down like a stalker. ;-]


  11. When I clicked on the “this song” link, I knew–based on my own youth group days–that it would be “Arise My Love”. And you did not disappoint. My youth group did a skit to that for many, many years!

  12. I am so happy the original Trading Spaces is back. I was thrilled to see Frank & Laurie Saturday night! I too, am watching again!

  13. Ha! Lovin’ the freeze n shine.

  14. If you love Dave Barnes you will also love Matt Wertz and Jon McLaughlin. three of my very favorites.

  15. Oh I did not know that about Paige, and Frank, and Laurie. I tuned out so long ago. Coincidentally, right after Paige left.

    Perhaps I will be tuning back in too.

  16. Oh, what joy you bring with your writing..great laughs that are good clean laughs, the kind that is good for the soul. Ah, yes so good to see Frank and Laurie and Paige….have to love those southern gals…Laurie is so dear. Paige tops it all and Frank, well Frank is Frank… Haven’t tried Neely’s Bar-B-Cue…need to…love Corky’s so much….thanks for reminding me about them being on Food Network….I’ll have to catch the next one and the reruns…..Blessings….

  17. How could I possibly forget about Paul Mitchell Freez-N-Shine? My mom used to use that so I, in turn, had to use it as well. Only my bangs never did what I wanted them to do. I can still remember that smell!

  18. Great list! Glad you can count some of your blessings!

  19. Shopgirl is so right! I saw Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz in concert together a few months ago…LOVE them both!

  20. Ahhh, this stuff is what makes life so much fun. The random gifts of kindness that God sends our way? Just his way of sending love notes to us – all year round.

    Hallelujah and amen!

  21. Thank you for the flash back to my youth retreat days in the late 80’s as well!! And I too started watching Trading Spaces again and it was like I never stopped watching….the old gang was back and it was wonderful!

  22. Paige, Laurie and Frank? All from Texas. (Laurie went to high school here, maybe even grew up here, I’m not sure, even though she now lives in MS a lovely state as well, indeed.)

  23. I love me some NEELYS!! dang that sounds SO stinkin good right now. ribs please!

  24. I needed these reminders of happy, little things. I love Paige, Fabric Laurie and Country Frank. But the snow is weighing me doowwn. With all the big holidays over, including Superbowl, we just have to suffer through until spring. I don’t know if I can do it on my own! When, oh when is the writer’s strike going to be over?? I need something to live for!
    Thanks for listening,

  25. I, too, recently saw that Paige is back. I haven’t watched in ages, but am feeling the temptation to return to Trading Spaces.

  26. I could have put on the blue eye liner and white eye shadow and we’d have been a pair. A scary pair.

  27. Yikes – “Freeze and Shine” – I haven’t thought about that stuff in ages. “Freeze and Shine” + Michael W Smith’s “Friends”. Quite the flashback.

  28. Just found your blog and LOVE it. You are a very funny lady. Thanks for the laughs!

  29. So lovin the Neely’s and I don’t know if you saw the repeat of the family cookin’ with Paula Deen. I too have never laughed so hard over raw meat.

  30. Paige is back!
    I am so back watching!

  31. Oh I missed Saturday night! My hubby went though, I stayed home with the kids. :( Hubs said it was amazing but he left before it was over. I was wondering how they were going to jam all those artists into one night LOL.

    BTW, I don’t know if you were there at the very beginning, and if you blinked you would have missed him, but Matt Pitt who is the the leader of our ministry (www.whosoeverministries.com) was there and got to open it up.

  32. Um, Paige Davis is back and I am also watching again. When they nixed her I quit watching and I told my husband I would not watch again until they brought her back. I never thought it would actually happen……

  33. Lovin’ me some Dave Barnes too! I can’t listen without being happier afterwards than before he sang to me (I make it personal). :)

  34. LOL that Newsong brings out the claw bangs in you! Paul Mitchell’s freeze-n-shine…one of the few truly good superhold hairsprays. I was a L’Oreal spray (in the artsy Mondrian bottle) girl myself…though both were passed around my P.E. locker room after swim class and we were all frantically trying to do something with our hair.

    Good memories, those!

  35. “Then plaster them with Paul Mitchell Freeze-N-Shine.”

    I’m sorry, after reading that line I plumb forgot what the rest of the post was about…you really shouldn’t do that to end a post!

    (still gigglin’…:) )

  36. yes!!! i have missed paige dearly!!! she IS trading spaces to me and i am with you on watching again…

    also…Dave Barnes…phenominal…and you are right about FUNNY. i met him in town at a concert and not only was he one of the wittiest people i’ve ever met…he was also one of the most humble.

  37. Didn’t know Paige, Frank and Laurie had gone. Do you love Vern’s new show???

  38. I am so glad to see Paige back. Frank, too. He has always been my favorite designer!!