Belgium To Kenya To Uganda

I wrote this earlier today on the plane – so while the news is a smidge old, I have GOT to go to bed since I need to be awake and functioning in about four hours.

Later, interpeeps!

Right now we’re in the air somewhere between Belgium and Uganda (I say this as if it happens every single day for me, as if this is somehow normal) and I seem to have been afflicted with a touch of the conjunctivitis. It was flared up yesterday morning when I left Alabama, and the prescription eye drops I have seem to make it better – but only until I go to sleep.

Because after I sleep, I inevitably wake up looking like someone who spends her spare time standing over hot stacks of toxic smoke.

Which is exactly the look I’ve been hoping for.

This particular flight is on Brussels Airlines, and may I just say? The people at Brussels Airlines could teach the Americans a thing or sixteen about air travel. The plane is immaculate, and the flight attendants are courteous and cheerful. Plus, they have really cool accents and make announcements in French and stuff.

And get this: we had barely taken off when the flight attendants handed us headphones. Then came a “refreshing towel” and something called Sky Bites: Fab Savoury Crackers.


Believe you me, internets: if a cracker is in fact “fab,” then I will most certainly have me a pack or ten. Because how I am supposed to resist a “fab savoury cracker”?

Personally, I don’t know how I possibly could.

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  1. So how were those crackers?:-)
    I’m saying a prayer for you tonight.
    Have a wonderful time!

  2. Rebecca Wood says:

    YAY!!!! You made it. Praying for all of you–especially for the conjuctivitis now. (and, boy, are you all getting some prayer–I have a newborn!! Middle of the night is good time to pray!) Hope you get some great sleep. And remember–it’s not a “fab cracker”, it’s a fab biscuit. ;)

  3. Fly. Nibble. Enjoy. It can’t get any better.

  4. Kelly in Carrollton, GA says:

    YOU, my friend, are a fab savory blogger!! So glad you are there! Praying for you all, but especially you and Shannon!!

  5. You must share with us how the fab savory crackers are after your sleep!

  6. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I’m so glad the people in Brussels appreciate the finer things in life – like savory crackers. Meanwhile in good old “hometown” we are praying and praying for you! I pray your conjunctivitis is better and you soak every bit of your trip in to report it well! Much love from the Thursday night girls.

  7. Love these fun & quirky little details! Following your eXciting adventure with great interest and prayers. May you (and the team) be His hands eXtended.

  8. Re: your conjunctivitius – I could so use a quote from “Terms of Endearment”, but seeing how you’re in Africa doing good deeds, I’ll hold off. :)

    And, those biscuits? They look very fab indeed.


  9. The refreshing towel is my FAVORITE!

    Sorry about your eye… Keep it up with the drops and we’ll do some prayin!

  10. Carole in AL says:

    Sorry you’re dealing w/ the eyes. We’ll be praying for that. You need to concentrate on the task at hand, not some bothersome eye issue!

    Hope you’re getting some sleep and so glad you made it safely.


    Shouldn’t a gal who runs a bloggy that has the word “Fabulous” in the title have these biscuits / cookies?

    Please? Brussels Airlines? I could make them the official snack cracker of Ministry So Fabulous.

  12. Hoping the eye thing clears up fast and that when you wake up refreshed you find good strong coffee (or a diet coke). = )

  13. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Congrat’s for making it to the other side! And sleeping 6 hours! Hoorah! That’s a way to travel.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  14. Lea Margaret says:

    Hey Boomama! Just want you to know that I am thinking about you while you are on this trip….

  15. And here I have gone my whole life being given pretzels and peanuts, when I could’ve had fab savoury crackers! Oh you airlines of America, you will trick me no longer with your tomfoolery…

    On another note, I am glad that you and your team made it safe and sound! I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

  16. (you don’t know me!) i am enjoying reading all about this uganda trip from all you bloggers. and the little details/comments/photos regarding the airline snack… that’s exactly something i would do. i love it. i’m praying for all of you! and if you run into a little 12 year old named fatuma, give her a hug from her sponsor, lindsay. :)

  17. Sophie you have been in my thoughts all day! I am glad ya’ll made it. Praying you get the rest you need and that God will give you an abundance of energy and strength you will need!!

    Give the children a hug from me. :o)

  18. And did you get the plastic bag with the eye mask for sleeping? and little stockings to wear when you take off your shoes??? Love the the airlines which still pamper the passenters!!! Can’t wait to hear about Kenya and Uganda!

  19. I did not even know internet could travel with you…not really…not for mommies. This is just so far out of my comfort zone. (Oh yeah, we’re talking about you.)

  20. So excited I’ve checked in here a dozen times or more today! So are the fab savouries cookies or more like club house crackers or the inimitable ritz?? Sleep – a little ice pack might help those peepers when you awaken – or tea bags on your eyes – but then you might scare the children – no tea bags.

  21. I loves me a fab savoury cracker! Foreign airlines are the best. I flew Varig to Brazil once, and they even gave you toothpaste and a little travel toothbrush…

  22. Thank you for the fab savoury report!

    Prayin’ for ya!

  23. Praying for those eyes
    and that sleep! Sydney is helping me type, can you tell??
    Have so much fun, so much fun, so much fun, y’all! to borrow a phrase :)

  24. Oh Sophie!

    So sorry to hear about the conjunctivitis. Hope the medicine clears it up quick, quick, quick.

    I am praying for you and for all the team. May God walk before you and lead you to the exact people He has planned for you to meet on this journey!


  25. i’m really enjoying your updates. it sort of feels like i’m right along with you. only not.

  26. “Dear Jesus,
    In Your own glorious Name, heal that conjunctivitis please?! Amen!”

    Truly praying for you Sophie…sleep well.

  27. Jenny from VA says:

    Still praying….

  28. Glad you made it safe there. You were in my dream last night (may be because I read your blog and went to sleep right after). Praying for ya.

  29. Stephanie says:

    So glad you all made it there alright! Praying the eye gunk goes away, that is no fun at all.

  30. praying for a safe trip!

  31. I am loving all the updates and I am praying for you CONSTANTLY!!

  32. I’m Shannon’s mom, and I just want you to know I’m praying for you, too, as I pray for Shannon. I look forward to reading your posts. You girls are going to have an incredible week, and we’re all so excited to get to experience it through your posts!

  33. Praying for you. Also hoping fab crackers inspired fab book ideas.


  34. Hoorah for the savory crackers. . .and be gone vile eye ick. I cannot STAND to have something like that wrong with me on a trip. And I get fever blisters IN MY EYES, so it’s happened once or twice. I am hopeful that it is gone soon, and oh my but you are crackin’ me up.

  35. Dang. I can’t believe I’m missing out on the Fab Savoury Crackers. Especially since there is a U in Savoury.

    Praying for you, sweet friend.

  36. For some reason the Fab Savoury Biscuits made me think of the perky Orbit Gum commercial girl popping up between the seats announcing:

    “Fab Savoury Biscuits, for that good clean feeling, no matter what!”

    (smile, teeth sparkle with chime)


  37. Glad to know you made it safe and (mostly) sound. Rest assured you are prayed for! Blessings!

  38. Well, I’m pleased to hear that you had a great flight…and I’m quite surprised at Brussels Airlines…our trip to Africa over Christmas was horrendous…good to know there are nice flight attendants with that airline. Enjoy your fab crackers. :)

    I hope your eye clears up this morning!

  39. Did I mention that we spent 20+ hours in Brussels Airport…now that is exciting! not. Thank goodness for that huge open space up top so my girls could run to their heart’s content.

  40. Oh my. Of course you must take conjunctivitis with you to Uganda. I distinctly remember that being on the list of things to pack. Well, I’m praying for your eye peepers and rejoicing over the crackers. Many blessings and much rest to you!

  41. There’s just something kinda funny about taking 18 thousand immunizations, and then going to Africa with PINKEYE.

    I lift my EYES to the hills…from where does my help come from…

    Eyedrops, blessed eyedrops.

    And I’ll betcha those teammates are Religiously Washing Their Hands! :)

  42. And the 24 hour prayer chain continues!

    Love the updates… keep ’em coming!

    LOL @ Stretch Mark Mama. Good point: how come there was no pinkeye immunizatin? Enquiring minds want to know!

  43. YAHOOOO! (And I don’t mean the company.) You are there safe and sound! I am so happy to hear that you got to sleep on the plane. That is great. I hope you are getting some good rest now!

    Thinking of you and waiting to read your next post!

  44. Fab Savoury Biscuits…reminds me of Kate and Leopold….”Smooth, Savoury Butter” (or something like that. :)
    Hope you have a great trip! Definitely enjoying hearing of your travels!

  45. oh, eat some bisquits for me!! Glad the trip is going well so far. You guys get some rest and can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  46. Oh how I enjoy your unique perspective on this trip. Love the fab crackers!