A Hair Collage

So here I am.

At 7:30 in the morning.

In my pajamas.

With no make-up on.

Trying to show the internets what the Hair Wizard did yesterday.


So as you can see, my photography is magical.

I was trying to show you the front and the back AT THE SAME TIME, but that requires skillz I don’t possess. And seeing as how I’m home alone, this is as good as it’s gonna get right now.

As a sidenote, I would like to report that yesterday, when I was leaving Mama and Daddy’s house to go to my appointment with the Hair Wizard, I looked at my child straight in the eyes and said, “Alex? You make sure you mind your grandparents, okay? Have an obedient heart, okay?”

And he looked right back at me for about five full seconds, and then he whispered:

“It’s okay, Mama. Remember? I’m at my grandparents’ house. I can do whatever I want here.”

I do believe he’s figured out the system.

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  1. Sophie, your hair looks fantastic! And yes, it does sound like Alex has that figured out for sure. My son who is 3 1/2 has too! Doesn’t take them long! Have a great day!

  2. how much is your hair wizard? and how can i find out if she’s available april 4th?

  3. Don’t you just love the grandparents house rules? All my boys figured it out VERY early too.

    You look maaarvelous .. in the Billy Crystal tone ..

  4. Smart kid. I love that haircut and color! Very flattering, even early in the morning.

  5. Oh, Sister — You look ma-va-lous! I’m just so jealous right now because I’ve had the flu for 3 days and I need more than just a hair wizard!! I need a face wizard, a teeth wizard, a mani-pedi wizard, a STARBUCKS wizard, a TARGET wizard…

    I need it all!! Good thing I’m watching Beth on Life Today from yesterday right now and she’s asking us to go to God if we just need a little “more” in our life!!

    I need a little more of something, that’s for sure!!!


    P.S. Angela C said they met you at Barnes & Noble (I think) last week — how fun is that??? The reason it came up is because in choir rehearsal she had on jeans and they sort of looked like “THE” jeans, but they really weren’t and I asked her if those were “THE” jeans. But how cool that she has a back-up pair of jeans that sort of look like “THE” jeans??? :)

  6. Oh my goodness! You’re hair looks fantabulous!!!!!!!! Oh, and at your prompting I visited the Dave Barnes website, and after LOVING the music he plays on his website, I signed up for e-mail updates. I got my first one today, and can I just say that the personality that came thru that e-mail today was so great! He’s my knew pretend best friend!

  7. It looks mah-va-lous! I love the color and how it sets off your State shirt, uh, I mean, your eyes :)


    Seriously, we bow down to the hair wizard.

  8. Kathy/IL says:

    And as a grandparent, I’m here to tell you that’s just the way it’s supposed to be! LOL

    Great job by the Hair Wizard!

  9. It doesn’t take them long.

    I like what Hair Wizard did.

  10. Wonderful hair – absolutely the right look – perfection unlimited – thank goodness the Hair Wizard was able to free your true blondeness from the bondage of shabby color. You can tape those comments and play them over to yourself as positive affirmations – or just look at your cute picture and know you LOOK GOOD. Re: Howard and the grandparents – what a smart boy – GP’s RULE

  11. Y’know? I really need a “before” picture to fully appreciate the Hair Wizardry. But the “after” is very blonde and sassy. I like.

    About the grandparents’ house…as I’ve mentioned, I have four little rednecks here. When our youngest was about to go on her first visit to my parents’ house, the then-8-year-old said to the then-4-month-old, “Oh, you’re going to LOVE it at Gran and Grandad’s! When you get teeth, they’ll give you GUM for breakfast!”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  12. Fabulous. Simply stunning, dear Sophie. She does a wonderful job. You look mahvelous!

    Alex is too funny. We are headed to the grandparents over spring break, coming right through your city to do it, as a matter of fact, and my kids are already plotting the mutiny they will strike against us when MawMaw and PawPaw are on their team.

  13. Your hair is adorable, I have been growing mine out and thinking of a bob. I think you have sold me!
    Got to love Alex, kids figure things out sooo easily!

  14. You are so stinkin’ cute!!!

  15. Wow – your Hair Wizard does good work. I wish I could find my very own wiz, but I’m still searching.

  16. Indeed your son has figured out the system!

    Great hair there…very nice!

  17. lovely, just lovely.

  18. beautiful hair!!

    Alex has most definitely figured out the system–smart man!

  19. Your hair looks fabulous. Don’t you feel so much better? I always feel like a new woman after leaving the “beauty shop” (or salon, which ever you prefer).

    Oh and that Alex. Don’t you just love the 4th year? We had a rough and tough 3’s but oh, the 4’s, they are so much better!

  20. Absolutely Wonderful!

  21. Stunning! And isn’t that how you felt when your son figured out the Dark Side? Kids, they are smart.

  22. Yes Ma’am, I do believe you are right. That wizard of yours has been divinely appointed to do hair. It looks fantastic!

    It almost encourages me to actually pay the $150.00 my own wizard charges for my hair…

    ..almost…I’m still too cheap.

    Thanks for BooMama.com. I read everyday…
    I think I might be obsessed about your funny. :)

  23. Just gorgeous! Don’t cha love “gettin’ your hair did”! It always puts me in the best mood, and my hair is happier also.

    Like I told Big Mama when she got her bangs cut…they make you look 20 years younger, and 15 pounds thinner, and very chic, and smarter, and also a little super-hero-ish.

  24. Your hair is so cute! And I just love what your little one said. Boy, he sure knows how it goes. But isn’t that what grandparents are for? I just wonder, while they were our parents when we were little, why didn’t we get the same priviledges?

  25. That hair wizard worked some sweet magic…I love it! I believe Alex is wise beyond years. Way to know the system, Howard.

  26. I LOVE those highlights! Where are the roots?? I don’t see any roots! When I walk out of my hairdressers I still have roots but you don’t! She really is a wizard!

    And yes, Alex already has it all figured out!

  27. I love your hair. And your boy.

  28. Alas, my roots will be crucified in 19 days. Glory.

    Paying to be blonde is so worth it for my self image :)

  29. Your hair looks Greeaaattt! (Did you hear Tony the Tiger?) And Alex is adorable. It is scary to realize that our kids are probably smarter than we are.

  30. Jessica R says:

    Fabulous! FABULOUS! Love the fourth picture, you look so happy and twinkly eyed. I myself am in need of some hair ministry so if you are willing to share the name send it on sister. For that I will drive wherever.

    How cute is that Howard? So smart and yet so honest.

  31. Absolutely gorgeous! Love that color!! As for Alex, I hope the deprogramming wasn’t too painful. It takes us at least a couple of days of attitude adjustment after our boys stay at Grammy and Papa’s. But it’s worth it.

  32. Gorgeous Dahling! Kudos to the wizard!

  33. He sure has and I hope he had a blast with them!!! And, your hair is

  34. The Hair. It is to die for. Very nice. :)

  35. I like the way the Wizard waves the wand! The cut is really cute too!

    Oh, and I have to laugh. I’m sending the kids to the grandparents next week. I’m sure it’s going to take months to undo what will be done in that week… just in time to send them back for the summer. Sigh. But it’s so worth the memories they’ll have to keep and the money I will save in daycare alone!

  36. Love the hair.

    And your son? He’s a riot. :)

  37. Alright, this is what I love about bloggers:
    How many “normal” people are taking odd angled pictures of their hair in their bathroom in their PJ’s to show other bloggers how good their roots look??? I love it!!!! Where do we not take our cameras/or take pictures????

    I hope someday my future grandchild can say the same thing about coming to my house as Howard said about his grandparents! Sweet!

    How about a picture of your hubby sometime??

  38. You are gorgeous!

    Keep these pictures in your purse when you enter into temptation at the drug store in the “forbidden aisle”.

  39. (is that your bed head???)

    I said, IS THAT YOUR BED HEAD?!?!?!?!!!

    Geezaree, get me an appointment with your Hair Wizard pronto!

    Looks fabuloso, and I dare say said Hair Wizard holds a special place in your heart.

    Daggum I wish I could pull off “that” color hair…my dark eyebrows kinda put an end to that dream.

    Cute, Sophie…as always, six shades of CUTE!


  40. Beautiful work, HW. I commend thee.

  41. Lovely!!

  42. you are amazing!!! amazing to throw up those 7:30 pics.

    oh how you love your internets….

    maybe we should call ya bravemama today?

  43. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous hair! Isn’t it lovely to visit the Hair Wizard? I am looking forward to my visit with mine in a week – my roots & gray are absolutely hideous =)

  44. What?! You WAKE UP with hair like that? I’d give my front teeth to have those highlights. Well done.

  45. Yay for the Wizard! It looks great.

  46. Beeeyoooteeful. We now have the same hair cut, nearly the same color, and the same appleness. Wait…Are you me?

  47. Oh My, you have a SMART little guy on your hands! Watch out, it gets harder when they get smarter than you!

    Your hair looks SLAMMIN’! Seriously, I totally see why you call her the “Hair Wizzard.” If I ever move to that area, I will totally be looking her up!

  48. As a grandparent, I am in total agreement with his statement. My grandson rules our house.

  49. It looks great, I especially love that stacked look in the back!

  50. This is why I enjoy you so much!

  51. Killer ‘do.

  52. Fantastic hairdo girl! And I love that he whispered. Like grandpa and grandma weren’t in the know… hilarious.

  53. They figure that out so fast!

  54. Oh and I’m so lovin’ the hair. I’m glad you refrained from using the home hair coloring kit! Bee-u-tiful!

  55. We have the same hair! Yours is just a little blonder. So of course I think it’s GORGEOUS!! And I love your photography skillz :)

  56. Oh man! He’s on to you. Love the hair!

  57. I love that color and the haircut looks really great!
    It makes me want to cut my hair short again :)
    Yes my 2 boys have also figured out the grandparent thing – they get SPOILED when they are with them!
    It makes for a fun week after when I have to undo everything :)

  58. you and Alex? Cuteness encompassed!

    Very wonderful cut by the wizard!

  59. Oh sweet Lord Jesus I pray right now in your name for poor Boo Mama, see Lord she has herself one smart little boy, and you know that smart little boys can be big Big BIG trouble. Give her wisdom to out smart him and patience to deal with the wisdom and energy you give him! In Jesus name Amen.

  60. Girl, it’s about time you posted! I was getting worried ‘n stuff.

    That wizard is amazing. Now I need to go find me a hot air balloon, so I can go see her. I have never, ever left the salon with my hair coifed; looking so pretty and such.


  61. Super cute haircut!! The color is perfection!

  62. Oh the hair!!! It’s a keeper.

    Did he whisper it or did he announce it? If they whisper I like to think they are still humble but if they have a DUH with it then it’s time for me to take ’em down a notch.

  63. Bee-yoo-ti-ful!!

  64. The results are just magical!

  65. Love the hair – I can see why you call her the Wizard. My oldest definitely has the grandparent thing figured out too! And they (the grandparents) will admit right to it with no shame at all.

  66. Hoo-boy. That comment by Alex is CLASSIC. And I bet the grandparents just smiled when you told them what he said.

  67. A wizard indeed! You look gorgeous, and look at how great you look without the make-up! And I am not lying, I wouldn’t do that. I’d just say, oh, the color is just lovely.

    Sassy is thy name!

  68. LOVE the hair. Both the cut and color are just perfect.

    And my parents have the same system…guess it is universal. My dad always says, “If I knew how much fun grandkids were going to be, I would have skipped having kids and gone straight to the grandkids.” Hilarious.

  69. LOVE it! You look so sassy! She does a really good job!

  70. Okay, I’ve been lurking your blog for awhile, but felt very compelled to comment today. I LOVE your hair! I’ve been having blah hair for, oh, three years now, but I’m cutting mine like yours as soon as possible! I’m sure it won’t look near as cute without the perfect sunkissed highlights, but I’ll survive somehow. :)

  71. I love the hair.

    And ROFL about A. I swear, he could be my kid… it sounds EXACTLY like something they’d say!

  72. You have a very wise hair wizard and a very wise little Howard. Your skillz are in the making internets smile and chuckle department, and lordy I need chuckles and smiles these days. Thanks Sophie.

  73. Lovin the hair! I I couldn’t help but see the “STATE” shirt….would those marroon letters represent Mississippi State? Just had to ask.

  74. Funny kid!

    I lurve the hair!!!!

  75. Love, love, LOVE the new “do!”

  76. Loverly, just loverly. Tempts me to go blonde. Now THAT would take some wizardry.

    So that’s the way the system works?? I was hoping to get around it since we’re at the grandparents’ so much these days… but I guess it’s just a lost cause?

  77. When I saw the title, I just knew it was going to be a great post. I love your hair! You really do have good hair, woman. And the Wizard did a great job. That little bit with Alex at the end cracked me up.

  78. Amen! To all of it!

    (and I love the painting too!)

  79. Beautiful!
    Cut and color – perfect!

  80. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    You are the cutest thing! You look great! And as always, I love what Alex has to say!

  81. Absolutely beautiful!! I need the wizard myself! :)

  82. The hair — looks FU-nomenal. And Alex, quite the smart kid, huh? Any Alabama jokes you hear going forward are in vain!!

  83. Love the hair! No wonder he’s called the wizard.

    What is the deal with the last picture?

    Does the wizard handle butts too? LOL!

  84. Your hair is lovely, your photography “skilz” rock (hehe) and your boy is as smart as they come!!!

  85. It truly is magical…

  86. Your hair is beautiful! And your kid is a freakin’ genius, I tell ya…

  87. You should treat the wizard to a coffee, or a whole dinner for doing that good!

    Love the colors in your bathroom, the green and gray!

  88. Bailey's Leaf says:

    You know, I hate it when the mum-in-law overrides what I tell my daughter. But, he’s figured out the behavior loop hole. Figured it out early. Good for him!

  89. 1. The color of your hair is breath taking!!!! Seriously. That blonde is SO great!
    2. Love the State shirt.
    3. That’s precious what Alex said. Grandparents are the best!

  90. it looks great. now that color is wizardry.

  91. Your hair looks great. And I really like the painting in your bathroom! :)

  92. Love that hair and LOVE that boy!

  93. I. Love. Your. Hair.

  94. Thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share even before you’re officially dressed…that’s how you know we’re friends!

  95. Hey there… Alex has officially snatched my heat! He is priceless. My whole family listens to his little nuggets of wisdom when you share them with the internets (uh…that would include me… did you like the third person reference to myself… Guess I just blew that, huh?) Anyway. Priceless, and I love the do by the way… It is how I would like my hair to look, but my Hair Wizard might actually be a warlock and so I have sworn them off completely and am letting my hopeless mess grow until I can get it cut the way I want IT! But, anywho enough about me… this blog is about you!

  96. ** :o\… that should read Alex stole my heart, but apparently I am dropping my “r”‘s these days… so saw-wee. Have a blessed weekend friend.

  97. While I like the magic the Hair Wizard endowed up your crown, it’s your shirt that made me smile.
    What pjs could sleep any better than State?
    My daughter seems to have figured out the system as well. She knows that granny allows TWO HUGE pieces of chocolate cake for dessert where mom and dad only allow one. small. teeny. tiny. piece.

  98. Love the do, MamaBoo! (Sorry about the switcharoo on your name, but it was begging to rhyme. And because, ahem, I moonlight as a rap star, I had to run with it. Inspiration and all that.)

    And I do believe you are right about your son, lol. Now he just needs one of those shirts that says, “What happens at Grandmas, stays at Grandmas” with pictures of cookies and milk on the front. ;)

  99. LOVE!! IT!!

  100. Your hair is gorgeous!!! Reminds me I need to get my hair colored! Thanks for the pictures. I see your son has your sense of humor and quick wit!! LOVE it!