Just Wondering

Edited to add: I just found out that The Preacher’s Wife announced today that she’s doing a spring tour – so I think we should all jump in at her place. Click here for more info. :-)

Is anyone interested in some sort of bloggy spring home tour / garden tour / potted plants on your patio tour?

Because there are a couple of projects I need to get done around here, and I’m thinking that if I had the incentive of having to show y’all, you know, MY FINISHED WORK at some predetermined date, it might spur me along.

Plus, I just really like looking at pretty flowers – and maybe some people could even do some before-and-after interior stuff, too.

Leave a comment if you think you might want to participate.

I’m thinking mid-June’ish or thereabouts.


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  1. Yes! I’m longing to see some flowers!!

    I think there will be some by June in Colorado…

  2. Ooh! Ooh! I would Love that! I just started planting my window boxes today. So by June they would be really full and grown in! I have lots of little gardens, flower beds, and garden ponds around our property. I also have lots of remodel before & afters too.(Since our ‘new’ house is 34 years old!). Great idea BooMama!

    I would totally be in….

  3. I will. :)

  4. Sounds like fun.

  5. Hopefully it won’s SNOW like it did today, but I am up for some fun bloggity spring thing!

  6. Not wanting to burst your bubble, but “The Preacher’s Wife” is doing one in the middle of May…maybe join hers, maybe not? Just an idea.


  7. Oh heck…why not!
    I’m in.

  8. YES!!! I just bought my first EVER flats of flowers to plant today. I’m starting off small…..just a bed around my bird bath. But, I’d love to have a reason to show it off!

  9. Oh, my, yes! Count me in. Down here in Texas, we’re all a’bloom!

  10. me, me. my mom and her uber green thumb will have paid a visit and i will have a tropical garden to show off and it should still be alive!

  11. Only took me a full five minutes to figure out your twitter thing… that boomama@friedokra isn’t a new website, but is actually a conversation. Try not to be jealous of my techyalitiness.

  12. Like minds :)

    I hope, no I pray! we have flowers by the middle of MAY :)

    Have a blessed, blessed weekend, friend!!

  13. I will definitely be playing along with that game.

    And if you need to break your projects down into bitesize pieces, you can come be a Weekend Warrior with me.

    So far I’ve cleaned the laundry room, straightened my desk, tidied the front flower bed and planted some flowers that promptly died, and this weekend I will be painting an art niche. Sophisticated no?

  14. It looks like the Preacher’s Wife spring tour is primarily a garden tour. I was thinking earlier today, before I saw this post, I’d love for you to do another home tour not associated with Christmas. I had just started blogging when you did the first one and missed it. I hope you will some time!

  15. So if Sister is going to participate, she’s finally going to have to start a blog, right? ;) We’re going to rope her into this eventually…

    Maybe I’ll just repost my post from last year in which I explained my ongoing status as a serial plant-murderer. Put THAT in the sping tour Mr. Linky. ;) Or not.

  16. Perfect timing, I just took pics last week of random spring/plant projects we have going on!