Sweet Friends

It’s a mighty good day when I get to see both of my podcasting buddies.

Even though we haven’t really podcasted lately.

But still. I love them a whole bunch.


And MY WORD Travis did a phenomenal job leading worship tonight. Watching him on that stage is watching someone who’s sitting smack-dab in the middle of his calling. And watching Angela on that stage with him makes me smile. They’re an adorable couple.

So Atlanta is good. Great, in fact. We got us a FRESH WORD tonight, and we cannot wait for tomorrow.

Wish y’all were here.

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  1. Lucky. I wanna meet y’all. Lucky.
    I totally tagged you. Go here
    to check it out.

  2. I love that you and Melanie look so cute and put together (and you probably thought a lot about what you’d wear) and Travis is wearing an Adidas T-shirt. I’m assuming he didn’t actually wear that on stage? The contrast is what makes your podcasts so much fun!

  3. Ohhhh – it sounds wonderful!!! I wish I were there….

  4. I am there this weekend, and it was great. I think I saw you guys sitting on the floor section. I am up in a boxed seat. My first ever boxed seat,:) a surprise from a friend. As a mom of eight the greatest thing about these seats is the private bathroom. Priscilla gave a great Word. I am looking forward to Beth and Kay today.

  5. My sister is there. She was so excited about going.

  6. You three are just the cutest!! I have met Travis a few times. I had my picture taken backstage at the Knoxville LPL it was a surprise. He just happened to walk by and I yelled out his name like the sophisticated person I am, hehe and the second time a mutual friend intorduced me to him and I was more refined. :o)

    I am glad you all are having a great time. I can’t wait to see you all in San Antonio. Kim, me and you two should do lunch. !!

  7. Sophie, that is a GREAT shirt! So summery and fun.

  8. Looks funzie!

  9. I was blessed to be at Deeper Still last September. I’m still reaping from it all these months later!

    Great picture. :) Hope you’ll remember us little people now that you’re on your way to being Travis’s back up dancer.

  10. Wish I was there too!

  11. what a great picture!

  12. Sweet! good to see you all together too. Sounds awesome!

  13. More importantly, did the jeans make an appearance?

  14. I wish I was there, too!!!

  15. Boo Mama, VERY awesome shirt AND awesome earrings!! (This was my comment even before I saw the other comments on how great you look.) :)

  16. I’ve been to a living proof live event twice and it is such a BLESSING!!! I really like Travis and the worship – sosososososos good! :)

    Nice to “meet” you by the way!

  17. Y’all are real pretty.
    I’m jealous with a righteous jealousy.

  18. That fresh word wasn’t Adidas, was it?

  19. Girl, I WAS there!!! Just got home in fact (Saturday night)…and I have to know, was our Bethie referring to you when she yelled out “Sophie”?!
    Anyway…POWERFUL stuff this weekend. Powerful.

  20. How fun for you all. Or…y’all, as folks say in the South. Ma’am.

    I love it when I get to see your picture. It very much goes with your written voice (but maybe I’m cheating because I’ve heard a podcast). Well, look at ME rambling all the way to nowhere. :)

  21. Such a darling photo of you all! Can’t wait to hear more!

  22. Wasn’t it jus the best? Getting a fresh word from those three is just the best…four if we count TC! :)

    I finally found you & Melanie looking down from my nosebleed section this morning, rubbing shoulders with everyone ;) I wish I had been able to come down there & say hi!

  23. Sure hope you make it to BLAWGHer so we can all meet one of our fave bloggers..YOU!

  24. I loved seeing you yesterday! HOpe the experience was an awesome and challenging for you as it was for me. I will definitely let you know of my next trip to your fair city!

  25. Hey!!! I thought I spotted you and Melanie on the floor. My sister and I were there and loved every minute of it. Kay’s message especially really grabbed my attention. Beth and Priscilla are always good, but I hadn’t heard Kay in years. Growing up in Atlanta, my mom attended Kay’s ladies’ Bible study in the early-mid 70’s. In fact the very first intensive Bible study was a Kay Arthur one when I was about 7 years old – I still remember sitting in our family room (black sofa and burnt orange carpet to boot) doing the study with my mom. It was very cool to see her all these years later and to be impacted by her teaching.

    I didn’t realize that Angela was singing with Travis and the others this weekend. In fact, when I saw “the girl in the cute trouser jeans and white shirt” Saturday morning, I thought, “I wonder if she found out about Angela’s trouser jeans and bought a pair.” Now I know that was probably the infamous pair of jeans in the flesh! :)

  26. WASN’T IT FANTASTIC?? So fun to see you and meet Melanie down there on the floor. You lucky girls get to hang out with the big dawgs! I can’t wait to read your recaps too. I got my socks blessed off, once again. Those 3 women are so annointed and it’s a privilege to hear them bring the Word of God to life every single time.

    So I’m sure you’ve met Beth too?? I’m so jealous! I would love to get to meet her. Can’t wait for the next one…


  27. Elizabeth says:

    I was there and it was AWESOME!!! I got so excited when I saw you! I was saying, “That’s BooMama!! That’s BooMama!”. My friends were a bit confused. And disturbed.

    Anyway, the weekend was life-changing. And it was great to meet you!

  28. just wanted to say i was with you this weekend! wasn’t it awesome??? priscilla, kay and beth ( and of course travis ) rocked the house!!! i love it.

  29. Ok, but more importantly, did THE PANTS show up too? And how about Beth Moore said she was “starstruck” to meet you and Melanie! That’s too fun!

  30. Deeper Still was incredible! I’m still working out all that I heard and learned.

    You podcasters must release another podcast! They are awesome and I would love to listen to another one.

    Love your blog!

  31. Looks like fun! Amy from Signs, Miracles, and Wonders told me she saw you. She said the speakers were awesome. I hate that I missed it.

  32. so awesome to meet you face to face. Please tell Nk and April that I said hello. We will be seeing you in August in SA. Can’t wait!!

  33. Boo Mama…seriously, LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!

  34. k&c's Mom says:

    You are so cute! I love when there are pictures of you on the blog; makes me happy to see your joyful face. I hope you had a wonderful time and God just filled you up with His love, presence and revelation. PS: Rock the Reception with Todd and Marti was on again last night (Sunday). Saw you in the crowd. You are just having coast to coast exposure! Because His hand of favor is on you, Boo Mama!