The Jeans

We shall behold them.


Yes, we shall behold them.


Face to face.


In all of their glory.

Oh, they are some SASSY jeans, my friends.

And the weekend? Was phenomenal. In a hundred different ways and for a hundred different reasons. We’ll be posting recaps of the teaching over on the AllAccess blog this week (and maybe next week, too), and I think you’ll be blessed by the messages that Priscilla, Kay and Beth shared over the weekend. So timely, so encouraging and so convicting.

See y’all tomorrow.

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  1. I about died when I saw her come out in those Saturday morning! They are some fine jeans, yes they are!

  2. Oh yes, I have heard all about the jeans, but haven’t seen them! They are SO stinkin’ cute! No wonder everyone was raving…

    Thank you for sharing! Sounds like you ladies had a FABULOUS time! Can’t wait to hear more about it!


  3. My, my, they are some cute jeans! Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Yes, it was a wonderful weekend. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the picture. I hope I didn’t scare you. I guess it would have been appropriate to ask you before I actually took your picture, but I just have a habit of letting all the crazy out at one time.

  5. I was afraid after all the hype that they might disappoint.

    They didn’t.

    In fact, they were better than I could have imagined.

  6. It’s like Sandi Patty is right here with me. No no, *I’ll* take the glissandos this time around.

  7. Yes, but where do we GET them??

  8. How fun! Those are some super cute jeans. I’ll be reading over at the other blog to see what more you have to say about the weekend.

  9. Funny. Definitely funny.

  10. Oh Sophie!! That is sooo funny!! I’m glad you got to go and I’m glad you got to see those great jeans!! Whoo hoo!! Love them!

  11. Not to change the subject, but Todd and Marti were on ‘Rock the Reception’ last night here in Minnesota. On TLC at midnight and they rocked it!! One other couple too. It was so fun to watch just because you had blogged about it. Hope you didn’t miss it!


  12. Oh my goodness! They’re even better than you described!!!

  13. Love the jeans…Where do WE get them?? I am so glad you got to meet Janelle. She is a sweet person and was so excited about the trip!!

  14. TRIPLE LOVE those jeans! Where oh where do we find those?

    So thrilled that you had a nice time this weekend. : )

  15. A moment of silence please….

  16. I saw some Trouser Jeans yesterday at Kohls!!! (…or is it the Kohls like the Wal-Marts & Targets?)

  17. american eagle has some trouser jeans that are super comfortable and the denim is light enough to wear through the summer. they have flap pockets on the behind that are quite flattering – i’m wearing mine right now :)

    here’s where i bought ’em (look! they’re on sale for 25 bucks!!) :)

  18. Heather says:

    WOW! They look just like a pair I found at Kohl’s yesterday! They were by Elle and they fit marvelously… which is why I just had to buy them! I mean how could I not?

    Here is the link FYI

  19. When I first read “We shall behold them” without having read the title to your post – I thought you meant Travis and Angela!

    Yes, those Jeans are incredible. And the shirt – I think I saw it at The Loft. Angela is such a beautiful girl – She just radiates the Lord!

  20. It’s so good to finally see THE jeans! And, yes, they are spectacular!

  21. See? This is where I realize that Melanie really has her work cut out for her in my case. I look at those jeans and think, “Meh.”

    (But that has nothing to do with Angela who is beautiful! What a gorgeous smile!)

  22. My week is complete. I have seen the jeans!

  23. LOVE long jeans…

    I spent most of high school trying to peg my jeans that were already too short. Life was hard.

    But now, jeans come so nice and long as someone seems to have realized you can hem jeans to make them shorter (love that “tricky hem”) but you just can’t make them longer.

    Life is good these days!

  24. You know, I’ll be on a tour bus with THE TRAVIS in a few months, decking the halls across America with soft rockness this Christmas. Perhaps, his bride will come along. Perhaps I shall behold THE JEANS as well.

  25. AAWW! The jeans!! Did she wear them just for you??

    Is it just me or does the happy couple look alike?

  26. I just read the LPM Blog…

    “Guess who else was there? Big Mama and Boomama! (Don’t tell me you haven’t ever checked out their blogs. They are a blast.) I’m not kidding – I was totally starstruck.”

    Written by none other than Beth Moore. You are totally famous.

  27. Those jeans did look pretty great up there on that stage & I noticed them too. I didn’t even know who Angela was until I clicked over & saw her pic on the TC blog, so now I’m putting it all together. I remember you talking about those jeans last year. She did them justice!


  28. Those are incredible jeans, but that is a very sassy green purse in the background also! Any idea who it belongs to and where it came from?

  29. Susan B. says:

    Oh, my…how wonderful! :)

  30. What a great job you now have with All Access. I love these jeans. I want a pair.

  31. I just found out about you and your blog.. Yeah!!! Now I get to read all about it. Hi my names is Susie and Im so glad to meet you. I will be checking back in on your next post. I cant wait to hear all about your weekend! Many smiles your way, Susie H~

  32. Loved getting to meet you all this weekend! I felt as if I already knew you from reading your blog… and now I really do! You all are just precious! I love putting a real face to an internet friend! So fun!

    I was with a group of people and my neighbor said… Hi guess what I just met Big Mama and Boo Mama… (my other friends were like what are you all talking about!) I was like really!! …so Wendy and I ran down there to give you all a hug! I love how only God can knit friendships together through the internet!
    Anyway can’t wait to read the All Access Blog!

    Thanks Boo and Big Mama and for sharing your gift with others! We all have been blessed by both of you!
    Emmy : )

  33. I just saw what Beth wrote about you and Big Mama too! Had to come and say wow! How amazing! : )

    But now that I’m thinking about it… why am I so excited for you? (Sorry to get serious!) I mean, it would be a dream come true to meet Beth and I’d probably die having her say nice things about me… but she’s really just one of my siblings (an amazing, gifted, incredible one… but you know what I mean!) : ) And our Daddy thinks even more of you and me and everyone of His precious kids than what she thinks about you. I dunno… I’m gonna have to think for a while now while I’m trying to make dinner. Let’s hope I don’t burn everything while I’m deep in thought. :}

  34. I heard that Sandy Patti originally wrote that song about jeans until someone told her it would be better about God.

    Is that way sacreligious? If so, thank God for forgiveness :)

  35. Any idea where I might find a pair of jeans like that… and the shirt… and the purse.
    Can you just post a shopping guide if possible and not too much work!?

  36. OH MY WORD – that green bag in the picture is gorgeous!!!

    Can you tell I’m a handbag person?

    I see BethC is a gal after my own heart!

  37. The jeans are way too cute! I live in metro Atlanta and haven’t decided yet if I can stand to wear a pair of jeans in the summer, but these might just do the trick. Funny story from Deeper Still-I forgot you and Big were going to be there! When Beth called you out on Sunday, I totaly went nuts looking for you among 19,000 women. (If you’re feeling stalked right now, no worries. I wasn’t anywhere close to you!) But I did spot the two of you, and my heart smiled! Thanks for sharing your notes from She Speaks; missed you there too! I attended last year and hope to return next summer.

  38. So did we ever get to the bottom of where they came from? I’m in the market for an outfit to wear where my husband gets home (one more month!!) and I already had The Jeans in mind…

  39. Sophie – you are so funny! I think Sandi Patti would be proud!

  40. The jeans are great, but what about that GREEN PURSE? LOVE IT!

  41. LOVE the jeans, but I can’t wear them everyday. I’d have to wash them, you know, if I want to keep my friends and stuff. The green handbag on the other hand… I could wear THAT everyday!! Deeply in love.


  42. Julie H. says:

    I must be out of the loop…for those of us new to reading your blog, what is the back story about these awesome jeans we are beholding? More info please!

  43. You do know that you have totally corrupted me with your talk about these jeans, yes?
    I bought a pair a couple weeks ago since they were on sale at Macy’s (70% off!) Now I just have to find the perfect boots to wear with them… oy!

  44. Angela and The Jeans are adorable!!

    And I’m sorry but I have to ask, in the last picture is she picking her teeth with a toothpick or something? I’ve been haunted by this thought since you posted. It’s totally OK if she is, I just have to know.