Brace Yourselves, People. It’s A Meme.

I’ve been working on a post off and on for the last couple of days, but last night I saw this meme over at JMom’s blog and thought I’d play along.

Because that post I’ve been working on? DRIVING. ME. INSANE.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Living in Baton Rouge and getting ready to close on our first house. It was white with green shutters and the kitchen floor had a pronounced slope. Also: the hallway was so narrow that two people couldn’t walk down it side by side.

But it was a great little place for us. We had wonderful neighbors and went to Marble Slab with them just about every single night. When I wasn’t eating ice cream, I was teaching at a Christian school, and my time there was life-changing. No one was more surprised by that than I was. I still can’t think about those students – who are now oh-so-grown – without getting all teary-eyed. I’m totally crashing their reunion in a couple of years.

Favorite Snacks

pita chips and hummus

diet Coke over ice

a scoop of peanut butter, I’m not even kidding

pretty much any form of cheese

To Do List

I love a to-do list – mainly to try to keep myself organized. And I like to WRITE OUT my list because typing the list on the computer is not at all the same, NOT AT ALL. Give me a notepad, a fine point Sharpie and a little patch of quiet, and I will flat map out our day. I’m a fan of the to-do.

Today my list consists of the following:

1) take a shower (EVERYBODY NEEDS A GOAL)
2) movie with Alex
3) make Costco list for D.
4) phone call @ 2 with BP (a person, not the oil company)
5) change sheets
7) conquer a little bit of the email mountain
8) work on some stuff for my, well, work
9) edit podcast (you didn’t even know we still did those, did you?)
10) cook supper
11) write something (again: GOALS! I HAVE THEM!)

Jobs I Have Had

Babysitter, sales clerk in a gift shop, administrative assistant-y type person, teaching assistant, receptionist / proofreader at a printing company, teacher, whatever-my-husband-needs-me-to-do for his business, “writer”

Places I Have Lived

Mississippi, Georgia (just for one summer), Louisiana, Alabama.

So basically, you know, the Deep South.

Bad Habits

procrastination, worry, caffeine, eating too much, exercising too little, impatience

5 Random Things People May Not Know

My husband and I met in Sunday School. When we were seven.

I never moved until I went to college. I lived in the same house in the same town with the same two parents for the first eighteen years of my life.

The summer before my senior year of college I wrecked my mama’s car in the Winn Dixie parking lot. Mama blamed my faulty driving on the fact that I drank too much wine at my cousin’s wedding. FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT.

When I was in high school I was obsessed – OBSESSED – with “Moonlighting.” I had every single episode on videotape and can still quote them to this day.

I have a mental list of Random Things I Think Are Funny. And when I meet a person who happens to mention one of those things in conversation, IT MAKES ME GIDDY. Which is why I squealed and clapped my hands when I sat across the dinner table from Missy and Annie one night at SheSpeaks.

CDs I would want if stranded on an island

The Best of Passion (So Far), James Taylor, Indigo Girls, Dave Barnes, John Mayer

What I’d Do if I Were a Billionaire

1) Pay off anything that needed to be paid off.

2) Buy a small-ish place on some large body of water – because that’s something our whole family would use and enjoy for years and years to come.

3) Put aside a chunk-o-money for the little guy’s college / mission trips / grad school / whathaveyou. Same for any future young’uns, not that I know if there will be any future young’uns, but if there are, well, you get the idea.

4) Refuse to live extravagantly.

5) Donate generously to our church and other organizations we support – especially Compassion.

6) Take my whole family on a trip to Africa (siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins – EVERYBODY).

7) Eat Popeye’s fried chicken at least twice a week. Because I have a very fancy, discriminating palate.

So. I guess that’s about all. I have completed my annual meme.

I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as I’m sure you can imagine.

And if you want – you’re it!

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  1. I LOVED Moonlighting. LOVED it. Also, can’t believe my parents let me watch it because I was only 9 or 10. David Addison – be still my heart.


    Ask any Starlite office worker. Any of ’em. They’ll confirm my story.

  3. I’m not a huge meme girl, but I LOVED this! I didn’t know you were a teacher!! Me too!

    And darling, you are a WRITER without any form of punctuation around it. At. All.

    And your billionaire list? Mine would be nearly IDENTICAL. Freakish. Except for the Popeye’s. I just can’t justify driving 300 miles twice a week to the nearest one.

    p.s. I don’t that I believe that Amy Beth. Sounds a little fishy.

  4. Hey Ya’ll. Love the podcast. Just listened to Ep 11 while I cleaned up my nasty kitchen. Boo Mama you were loud lady… LOL! As a matter of fact when Travis was giving his top ten list of fav Idol performances I was all ears because I was interested! Can I tell you that at least four times I didn’t hear the SONG name because you “Mm-hmm’ed” Or said “Oh yea” so loudly talking over him. It was freaking hilarious but a little irritating because I wanted to hear his fav performances!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  5. Why, yes, of course…a great big table spoon and a big jar of peanut butter. I try to get the biggest scoop I can the first time so I don’t have to double dip. Doesn’t everybody snack that way?

    And I want to know what’s on the mental list of Random Things You Think are Funny. Oh, do tell.

  6. Holy Smokes! I have been reading your blog for a while, but never realized how much we have in common. I will now have to do this meme and I won’t have to change much at all. Cuz that’s just the kind of lazy I am.

  7. Marian Lindsey Richards says:

    Hey! Loved Moonlighting, too! Especially “The Taming of the Shrew” episode. Very clever!

    Oh my gosh! That’s Kristi’s book cover under Beth Moore’s ad! This is like her being on Oprah or something! :) How sweet are YOU?!

    Now I have the theme from Moonlighting in my head! Happy Tuesday.

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH I just love ya to pieces, as my Grandmama FriedOkra used to say. Which Indigo Girls and which James Taylor, or does it matter?

    Hummus. Yeah. Right on.

  9. LOL…. That wine will get ya everytime!!

  10. Loved it all. The drinking wine four days before line has now caused an old laundry commercial to replay in my head. Over and over.

    “I just washed it.

    Of course if you’re not familiar with the commercial, you can’t appreciate the tone in which my mind keeps repeating it. Over and over.


  11. The fine point sharpie–the ONLY thing I write with! I have a pen jar on my desk and those are the only things I use!

    OH! And if you come into that money and go to Africa, can I be a part of the “everybody” group?

  12. p.s. You did drink too much wine at K’s wedding.

  13. I have a mental list of random things I think are funny too! I thought I was the only one…It can be a problem though, when you are some place for serious and someone mentions a personal funny. Because you are the only one who gets the joke…

  14. me too– obsessed with moonlighting.

  15. I just had hummis for the first time last year. It is quite yummy! :)

    And I am in COMPLETE agreement about the need to write – actually write down the to do list. Computers just don’t work for that

    It was good to get to know you better through this post! :)

  16. I love pita chips and hummus. It’s the first thing I eat every day when I get home from work!

    And as for lists, the only way to make them is on paper with a fine tip sharpie. There is nothing more joyful than crossing off something you’ve already done. I toggle between making boxes for check marks, and the good ol’ fashioned line strike. Ahhh, I get goosebumps even just talking about it!

  17. I lived in the same house until I went to college too. :) That’s so cool! I have to confess – I have never seen Moonlighting. (blushing)

  18. Wow! Well that’s a bit..uhm…wild; we’re from the same neck of the woods and I too remember the Marble Slab Creamery…gooooood ice cream!

    Four days before, huh? That’s a hoot. And I think caffeine and (eating too much) Popeyes chicken is a must for every true southerner.
    You make me laugh, honey. Keep it up!

  19. I got stuck at podcast and had to leave a comment with a hearty HOORAY!

    Now back to reading :)

  20. As for your not living extravagantly…you need to read Phil Vischer’s “Me, Myself and Bob.” He has an interesting lesson on just that–and you are right. That is a good way to live!

    OK, I’m adding to your mountain–sorry ’bout that!

  21. Diet Coke Rocks!

    Does your to-do list mean a new podcast if forthcoming? Oh Happy Day!

  22. Thanks so much for reminding me of “Moonlighting,” a show I’d love to watch with my new groom!

  23. knew I liked you…then I read this meme and realized it is because we are A LOT alike! :-) Thanks for playing.

  24. This is why I love you. My favorite snacks are the same as yours. But, I saw that cheez-its were omitted.

  25. Are you still going to be doing your Before and After bloggy party?!?!?!?!?! I don’t see a button for it anywhere and the 25th is quickly coming.

    I’m sooooooooo doing this meme!

  26. I loved Moonlighting. Favorite episode was when David’s brother Richie came to town. Died.Laughing. “I’m gonna make you eat dirt, I’m gonna make you eat worms! Maddie! Run outside and get me some dirt and some worms!” And to this day when I refer to the mall, I refer to it as “The Mall has it all.” My kids do the same. ((Moonlighting))

  27. P.S. We might be kindred spirits. My bad habits are identical to yours – identical I tell ya!

  28. Hmm. I love those things, didn’t know they were called “meme”. I only do the scoop of peanut butter if I have chocolate chips to top it off!

  29. Well, if you do speak with BP the oil company, can you let them know I’m a little put out at the high prices lately? I’m paying a car payment and insurance on a piece of metal that is making sure my parking space doesn’t GET WET.

    Just in case you actually reach the oil company.

  30. I loved Moonlighting, too! And the fact that you lived in GA for one summer? Tickles me pink!


  31. nothing to do with any of the previous….. JUST GOT HOME FROM A TRENT MONK in my friend Shannon’s living room concert. Loved. So sweet, so just a litttle talented. NO Neagle, just MONK, Still so cool !

  32. lavonda says:

    yes. a fine point (preferrably black) sharpie. or a mechanical pencil.
    no in between.

    and I sometimes put things I KNOW I’m already going to do anyway with or without the list, on the list, so I have more things to cross through when I’m done. feels VERY productive that way!

  33. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. and I now live in Birmingham.
    I am real life friends with Becca, Kim M, and Gayle W.(They were at the Blawgher)
    Anyway, I was just wondering where you lived and what school you taught at in BR.?

  34. Meredith says:

    Yeah, I have seen every episode of “Designing Women” and still quote them to this day. My husband says that is not normal. What does he know? He married a woman with a degree in theatre!

  35. Loving it BooMama… I’m In… I love a big ol’ spoon of not just any peanut butter, but of Extra Crunchy JIF!


  36. Popeye’s is awesome!!!

    I’d love to hear the Random Things You Think Are Funny. That would be a great future post!

  37. My word, you are FUNNY!

  38. Ditto to lots of that my dear. :) You know, we – the TIgers included – like PB on a spoon.

  39. Love hummus. Love lists. Loved reading your post. Fun!

  40. WAIT! I am stuck on the comment about “future young ‘uns”….Keep the door open: I know you are a great (and fun!) Mom…..

  41. Great list!

  42. I love me a list too! Sorry I ambushed you at the movies yesterday. I got so excited that it was really you…I wasn’t sure whether to call you by your name or Boomama :) Hope y’all had a good day!
    5 weeks til NCAA football kicks off!! Can’t wait!

  43. 1) I sure WISH I would have bumped into you sometime when you lived in Baton Rouge seeing as how I’m over here in Denham Springs.
    2)I LOVE LOVE LOVE Diet Coke!
    3)I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter…put me on an Island with it! I’d already have the seafood..if I could catch it….just need to bring peanut butter…namely- Smucker’s all-natural.
    4)I absolutely LOVE lists! NOT TYPED! Chicken scratch…oh I can write much better than these list reveal…but I have lists….daily, weekly…etc.
    5)Patience is NOT my virtue!
    6)I long for a house on the Ocean!
    7)Now I want some Popeyes. Should I get extra for you?
    Can we be friends?? ;)

  44. MOONLIGHTING!! I, too, have episodes on VHS tapes, alongside Remington Steele! One of the things on my to do list for-ev-ah is to convert them to DVD before they melt/mold/break. I swear, you are my newest pretend BFF – I too lived in the same town in the same house with the same parents – well, we moved a little but only 20 miles away then back. And I currently live in the back yard of that same house! And Go Dawgs!

  45. That’s hilarious…4 days before…

  46. I loved this! And I had no idea that you lived in Baton Rouge, I think I must live in your old house – same slope in the floor and no way two of us are getting down that hall.

  47. My husband always says that if he wins the lottery he’s going to eat all the Subway and Chick-Fil-A he wants and drink all the orange juice he can stand. Because he’s fancy like that. Nice to be married to a man with goals. ;)

  48. What??? Popeyes’ Chicken over Chick Fila?? You did say you were from the south, didn’t you?? haha

    Your comment about wrecking a car in the Winn Dixie lot made me think of this movie scene and I couldn’t help but laugh:

  49. Kristen says:

    James Taylor would definitely make my top 5 list of CDs too! I think I’d just have to go with the ‘best of’ CD.

    And I love peanut butter . . . creamy Jiff!

    And don’t hate me, but my husband manages two Marble Slab Creamery stores. It’s the best ice cream ever! When he first went to work there, I must admit that we ate a lot of ice cream. Now that he’s been there a couple of years, we’ve realized we had to lay off the ice cream. I usually just get yogurt if I go there now . . . unless it’s a special occassion.

  50. I love your “if I were a billionaire” list. I wouldn’t want significant life change for myself except no debt, and lots of travel with my family, and the means to give when and where I desire. I love Compassion too, and would also love to start a Mercy House in my community for teen girls. Let’s hope our first billion comes soon!

  51. I like the list of funny things. I’m so doing that. I could take me months, but hey, I think a LOT of things are funny.

  52. Jessica says:

    Whew! I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one out there who eats peanut butter by the spoonful. I can’t wait to tell my husband. :)

    You’re a clever, funny writer, BooMama. I’m glad to be getting to know you!

  53. You’re just so cute. I taught in a Christian school too. I can’t EVEN think about how old those kids are now.

  54. I get so happy when I see the words “John Mayer” and “Diet Coke over Ice” in the same blog entry.

  55. “And the crowd leaps to his feet, grown men cry, women throw underwear…..and even as the President shakes his hand on the White House lawn, he promises himself, his family and his God that he is never, EVER, going to change…” I still have spontaneous lines pop in my head from Moonlighting! I was going to marry David Addison — in fact I got to meet BW a couple years ago and it was kind of trippy. I thought he was going to break out into some Dr. Seuss ;) Definitely ground breaking great show!! Been enjoying your blog!

  56. Can’t we be related? Even if it’s just by, “bless her heart.”

  57. What a great post. This is my first time here so it was great to learn about you. Love the blog and I am a sucker for moonlighting myself .

  58. I LOVE when people do these sorts of posts. It’s a learning experience…


  59. hum.. not sure what a winn dixie is but, your momma cracks me up!! hehe.

  60. Carole in AL says:

    Yet another reason why we’re kindred spirits–a mutual obsession of Moonlighting! How did I not know this??? Sister Pam and I also taped every episode and memorized them. Hearing “Psychedelic Shack” still makes me want to bust out in Maddie’s dance number. And to quote David A.–“Someone made a big mistake when they said life was a bowl of fruit.” Ahhh, love it.

  61. Your bad habits are the same as mine :|

    I love a list too! I don’t always follow it, but I love making them ;).