Earlier today my boys left the house so they could run some errands. In addition to returning a used car battery to Costco (don’t ask), they needed to buy wiper fluid, engine coolant, milk and eggs so that I could whip up a tasty little Poison Pie for supper.

Oh, I kid about making a poisonous dessert.

And besides, I only use engine coolant in special casseroles.

Anyway, they returned with everything on their list. Plus a couple of extra items.


Twenty-four. Krispy Kreme. Donuts.

In my house.

Shoot me now.

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  1. Scott has become obsessed with krispy kremes. Pretty much after every meal now – he suggests we go to KK and get donuts. SERIOUSLY? I could eat 24 in one sitting I love them that much. That’s why I have to stay AWAY!!!!!!!!!
    Life is short – eat a donut! (or two!)

  2. But look! 0 Trans Fat! It’s all good.

  3. Oh my.
    When the sign flashes, ya gotta get ’em.
    It’s a law.

  4. I think the whole no trans-fat justifies eating them. You’ll be fine… :) Have one for me. Can’t get them in this town. :(

  5. If we adhere to your request, do we get the donuts?

  6. Do they put engine coolant in Krispy Kremes, too? You’ll have to send post your recipe.

  7. Bet there ain’t 24 of ’em now. There probably weren’t even 24 of ’em there when you posted this! ;-)



  8. Shoot you? Heck, I’m waiting for directions!

  9. Aw, c’mon Boo- it says “0 grams trans fat” right there on the front of the box! It must be good for you then, right?

  10. Poor baby!

  11. 24? 24? What were they thinking? My husband understands that it’s really best for me if he just brings me ONE of whatever special treat he decides he needs to purchase. Yes, I do possess the ability to eat all 24…

  12. Oh yum!!

  13. YOU, my friend, are married to the perfect man.

  14. Life is short… eat (in moderation) and be happy!

    I am a Krispy Kreme fan myself, but sadly I have to drive at least 3 hours (yes 3) to get to the nearest Krispy Kreme.

    Are you feeling the teensiest bit sorry for me yet? Tee hee…

  15. I must be the weirdest person on earth because I don’t think KK donuts are all that great. Lots of air, and pretty sticky, but not much taste. Now, give me Wenchels, or a Potter’s Bakery donut and we’re in business!


  16. At least there are no transfats!

  17. I. HATE. YOU. There is no KK anywhere near us; the best we can do is Dunkin Donuts. How many are left? Must live vicariously…..

  18. Last week my daughter picked up a box of Krispy Kremes for the first time in ages and I simply could not stop eating them. Every time I walked by the counter they were sitting on I just had to take a bite…until they were ALL gone. Seriously, that’s why we can’t have those in our house! I’ll be lifting you up in prayer for a little self control!

  19. The Krispy Kreme in my town CLOSED recently and has been turned into a jewelry store. (Drive through diamonds, anyone?) What is WRONG with Round Rock, Texas that it did not support a Krispy Kreme? (And it’s only blocks away from Dell Computers…quite a customer base, I would think.) Enjoy one for me, Boo.

  20. Those are the devil!

  21. Our only Krispy Kreme closed down. It was a sad sad day here in Southeast Texas. I miss the neon glow of the sign flashing HOT Fresh Donuts. Closest thing we have is a Shipley’s. Oh well eat 1,2 or 10 for me!

  22. Mmmmmmm… doughnuts! :)

    I’m sorry. This isn’t helping is it?

  23. I so want your life! Krispy Kremes and named a tattoo contest judge in the same day! :) I say ice a glass and grab a diet Coke and a KK!

  24. I could not be more jealous.

  25. Now there is something I haven’t had in a long time. When I was pregnant those were coveted in my house. Enjoy them for all of us!

  26. OH,BOO! What a painful, slow death…
    I FEEL YOU! These are hard to resist!

    Hypoglycemic LOWWWW that will send me into an abyss of darkness…it’s true! Hormones are horrible, headache….

    BUTTT, they are soooo delicious!

  27. OH MY ~ Krispy Kreme donuts are the best! When passing a KK shop and you find the “hot donuts now” flashing, you must stop, buy a dozen and eat at least three by the time you pull out of the parking lot!!! I think it’s written in the fourth chapter of Jude! At least it’s in my bible ~ my story and I’m stinkin’ to it!
    Enjoy, Bitsy
    (I met the CEO of KK ~

  28. Hot & now…

    Cold & later…

    does it really matter?


  29. Oh, I miss Krispy Kreme on the beach in Destin….really, I do!

    Enjoy one for me, OK??

    By the way, you are beautiful.

  30. Just found your site from SCL. Let me tell you about the KKs- you are dead on. My hubby came back with some one his first trip to the grocery store and said, “Did you know they sell Krispy Kreme’s at Publix??”. he was so excited.
    “Why, yes. I just walk past them every time.”
    That was about 5 years ago and he hasn’t been allowed back to Publix since. He is occasionally allowed to Target for emergencies-

  31. Oh and the recipe for Poison pie? Will you send it to me? I really would like a recipe from your Mama and Martha, too, if you could :)

    The cookbook needs more Martha–that’s all I’m sayin’

  32. Oh. My. GOSH! Is that just like a man? Have you read Big Mama today? My hubs could eat a whole box and never have to loosen a button and I just gained 5 pounds looking at the box photo. I just finished my nightly ration of 2 turkey franks, 1/2 c. broccoli 1/2 c. carrots and 1/2 banana w/1/2 c. ice cream (no, its not the half-a-diet) and just the photo of the box is making me drool. Thank you for not showing the photo of the innards. I’m fantasizing that they were vanilla cream filled with chocolate icing.

  33. closest store from me….315 miles!!!

  34. Was just reading a previous post and realized you’re from Mississippi. I was at She Speaks and in one of your workshops though I didn’t get to meet you personally. I am a Mississippi gal and never plan to leave.

  35. Oh Sophie. My sympathies. Because the Kremes? Impossible to resist. I believe they use them at Gitmo to make suspects crack.

    “Just tell us where Bin Laden is, and you can have a donut. Heck, we’ll even let you have a hot one.”

  36. krispy kreme. who could resist?

  37. Did you know that Krispy Kreme’s stock goes up when the economy is bad?

  38. HA. I’ll take one off your hands, just send it on over.

  39. Have they been talking to Big Mama’s bubby? Mercy! That is just pure evilness right there, 24 of them!


  40. If I shot you, then I’d eat all the donuts. Then I’d have to shoot myself.

  41. We’re in the Land of Krispy Kreme here so we love that purchase! ;) Way to go guys!

  42. May I recommend 9 seconds in the microwave before indulging…you won’t be sorry!

  43. KK donuts mean – you scramble eggs – real ones not that eggbeater stuff, fry bacon – a lot of it and get out the orange juice – all that protein and vitamin C will totally balance out eating your full share of the mere two dozen (say two dozen instead of 24 – sounds better doesn’t it?) Oh you are definitely in the family of GOOOOOODDDDD men – good doughnut bringing men.

  44. Just looking at the picture is hard on a girl.

    4 months on Weight Watchers…..39 pounds down…..I ain’t sayin’ how many to go.

  45. That there is a beautful sight!

    I love your blog!

    Many blessings!

  46. OK, you need to go over to Big Mama’s blog right now and read her post about how wrong it is that men can eat whatever they want and their ability to lose weight quickly when they want to.

  47. LOL! krispy kreme is my weakness! especially if they have chocolate on top. yum! I didn’t know we had any around here! enjoy :)

  48. Great. Now I am craving those like crazy. They are SOOOOO good…

  49. I’m probably going to get some major backlash about this one, but I HATE Krispy Kreme donuts. Ugh. My husband thinks I’ve lost my mind. I’m not saving my hate just for KK. I hate all donuts. Except Dunkin Donuts powered donut. Yum. All others are gross.

    I know, I’m weird. I get told that every time I pass a “Hot Donuts Now” sign and I don’t start to twitch like everyone else.

  50. Two things are funny about this post for me…..

    First: this evening, as my husband stopped by Sam’s after work to get a few ingredients for a shrimp boil he is making this weekend, he brings home a CASE of Oreo’s and a DRUM of those little chocolate Pirolines stick things. I almost passed out from all the calories he brought into this house. I hate to say I laid into him and he took the things outside (where they belong) to the car for him to take to work tomorrow. Let those people gain the weight, I say! I should not be surprised. He never cooks, therefore, never shops for food, and thusly, never goes into Sam’s. He was just suffering from some kind of “junk-food-abundance-overload” which obviously fried his brain and rendered him incapable of making rational decisions. And he lives in a house with FOUR females, for pete’s sake! We just can’t afford to eat THAT much junk…I mean who is home alone all day with the Oreos? Him? No, he’s safe at work. Us girls, that’s who! Okay, I’m done with the rant. Whew. Glad that’s over.

    Second: We have all the Looney Tune DVDs and I LOVE the one with Bugs and Daffy arguing over who Elmer Fudd will shoot while hunting. Bugs totally confuses Daffy in this episode (doesn’t he always?) and Daffy ends up yelling “SHOOT ME NOW!” and gets a face full of buckshot. Not funny unless you see it, probably, but totally funny to my tired brain.

    Good luck resisting the dougnuts! Man…24????? Geez.

  51. The closest Crispy Creme around here is like 2 1/2 hours away. So by the time we ever get them for “donut sales” they are nasty. The only way to eat them is hot and fresh with the light on!
    But hey, 0 trans fats means they’re good for you, right? Right? :)

  52. If they were hot, I’d have to eat a few, then shoot you:)

  53. Hand over the doughnuts and no one gets hurt.

    Except me, as my arteries slam shut.

    I have to drive by KK with my eyes shut so I won’t know if the “hot now” sign is on.

  54. This has nothing to do with the fact the you are blessed to have Krispy Kreme in your area…I think it’s pretty much the coolest that you are one of the tatt judges for SCL.

    Rock on BooMama!

  55. Would you consider it really horrible if I told you I have never had a Krispy Kreme donut? Isn’t that sad!? I hear they are heavenly when fresh and hot.

  56. so does your costco carry the krispy kremes or was that a separate trip?!?

    i don’t think our costco does…and i can’t think of a better item i’d like to buy in bulk!

  57. Have you blown a fuse in your microwave yet? I would have! Personally, I think it’s a crime in GA to drive past Krispy when the Hot Donut Now sign is on and not stop. I’m pretty sure you can be arrested. So, you’re doing a good thing!

  58. I went to a dinner once where these donuts were brought to a whole new level of evilness:

    Vanilla ice cream was sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts fried in butter, then drizzled with caramel sauce.

    So wrong, but also, so very right.

  59. God bless your boys!! I would grab that and run off to the other end of the house and eat like an animal deprived of food (and that would be after a full meal). Those are some dangerous little goodies there!

  60. I have never met a Krispy Kreme doughnut I didn’t like!!

  61. Am starting day four of eatting heart healthy. This is not cool. Now I want a doughnut. Shoot.

  62. Oooo… that can be dangerous! Especially with a warm cup of coffee, yum!

  63. It must have been the red light. Because it IS against the law to pass a red light…and I think that applies to Krispy Kreme’s red light, too!

  64. Fuzzytop says:

    Oh my…. There is nothing that smells quite as wonderful as warm hot Krispy Kremes, is there? I remember an incident where we picked up a dozen (ok, maybe it was 2 dozen) at the drive up window, and our border collie, Betty Lou, who had been fast asleep in the back of the SUV, woke up and literally jumped into the front seat as the box(es) were being passed into the car. She was determined not to miss her donut! It’s downright scary what people, and apparently dogs, will do for those sugar coated fat balls….

  65. Please eat one for me. We don’t have them around here anymore. And look–it now says 0 grams transfat. Woohoo! Live for me–PLEASE!

  66. I.Love.Krispy Kremes! We lived in Australia for a while and the donuts there — terrible. Not a Krispy Kreme in sight…Then one Sunday, my DH and DS and I were out for lunch and, I swear to you, in the parking lot – a Krispy Kreme car. I, pregnant and having not had a good donut in MONTHS, struck up a conversation with the driver of the car. He graciously gave me 2 dozen of those glazed wonders and told me they were opening the first KK in Australia not far from where we lived. Heaven for a pregnant woman!

  67. You could always use your special casserole enhancer on the doughnuts… might help.

    Unfortunately, due to my wheat sensitivity, I won’t be able to assist you. Otherwise I would suggest you just send them to me [smile].


  68. debbie d. says:

    a quick shot in the microwave and mmmmm…tasty!

  69. There’s no hope when 24 Krispy Kremes are in front of you. No hope at all. Might as well get the beverage of your choice and surrender to the inevitable.

    Enjoy them!

  70. oh NO! that’s a recipe for disaster in my house! YIKES!

  71. When I was at Mama’s over the weekend, we passed Krispy Kreme and she asked if we wanted a donut.Like she had to ask.

    We went through the drive-thru and Mama said she would eat hers LATER. LATER!

    I did not inherit her donut restraint.

  72. 0 grams of fat maybe, but enough sugar to send me into a diabetic coma and I’m no diabetic.

  73. When we moved to this town I had never seen an actual KK store! It’s such a novelty when friends come to visit. My dad actually called a friend on the way there to tell him he was going to a KK “Factory”!
    Hubby once ate 4 before we even got out of the parking lot. He’s still alive, so I’m sure you’ll be fine, too :)

  74. YUMMY! At least you have a reason to eat them now. They can’t go to waste!

  75. Yum…. now all I can think about is Krispy Kreme

  76. Mmmm, donuts!

  77. Hey there… why don’t you just try eating the “holes” then you won’t have a problem. Though I don’t even have that much will power! Good Luck!

  78. lavonda says:

    you know, when they’re hot, they melt in your mouth so quickly, that you can eat 4 without blinking, and it’s really only like eating just one.

    at least that’s what I think.

    and if “it’s the thought that counts” really, then you can eat 8 and only feel like you’ve eaten 2. :)

    that’s my logic and I’m sticking to it.

  79. While you’re judging the tatto contest for SCL…..have some hot KK…….maybe one for each tatt?

  80. That’s like the time my husband emailed me a “buy one dozen, get a dozen free” coupon from KK. It’s just us and a 22-month-old (who was more like 18 months at the time), so I’m not sure why he thought I’d allow 2 dozen KKs in the house!

    By the way, I found you through SCL and I am DELIGHTED that you are going to judge for the tattoo contest. Such fun!

  81. at least there were 0 trans fat in them…so funny…okay so without feeling completely dumb, somehow I favorited just the month of Junes postings, so I was thinking you had left us for solong, thanks I corrected it and am so glad. Thanks.

  82. I don’t even like donuts–except for Krispy Kreme originals hot from the store. OMG.

  83. Dee from Tennessee says:

    When we go to the “big city,” hubby will ask if I want to stop as we approach the hill where KK is located.

    Nine times out of 10 I will say “no”…..unless one of us then says…”The light is on.”

    And that means that our itty bitty pick’em up truck just glides into the parking lot on auto pilot.

  84. Microwave for 7 seconds. Divine.

  85. I can hear myself now “Please step away from the donuts” would be my chant with 2 dozen of those beauties sitting in my kitchen.

  86. That is torture to this pregnant woman.. I want some now and there is no where to get them…
    I’m going to go cry now..


  87. Perhaps they were accosted by some small child in the parking lot trying to raise money for a youth group mission trip. Yea, that’s it.

  88. Ooh, I loves me some Krispy Kreme. And in our neck of the woods there’s one…35 minutes away. Yeah, I don’t get them very often.

  89. I totally thought of you just now when I spilled, er spilt, a half a box of Cheez-Its on my kitchen floor. Just broke my tender heart.

  90. Simply to die for! Love the Krispy Kremes. My daughter did a “presentation” on the history of doughnuts. So, of course, we went to KK and got doughnuts, hats, doughnuts, fliers, doughnuts, and pictures of the “process” of making doughnuts. That was by far our favorite project! ang

  91. After reading your post, when I walked into the entry way of the grocery store I could smell the grocery store donuts from that far away. Then I grabbed crackers which were directly below the Oreo cookies. I had to talk to myself (outloud!) to get myself away…to where I got my creme-filled long john. :(

  92. Hey, Just wanted to let you know I’ve been your reading your blog for several months now and have just worked up the nerve to comment. You are great. May I create a link in my blog to your blog? Oh and by the way, we are also doing the Beth Moore Living Proof Live at our church. I can’t wait until next week. If you have a minute, please check out my blog!

  93. Oh yum!

  94. I don’t love the Krispy Kremes (or any donut) so much.

    Can we still be buds?

  95. Wash that down with a little engine coolant and it will probably all dissolve right away. Guilt free eating :)

  96. I just wanted to comment on the Pavlovian effect your photo had on me.
    I’m totally drooling down my shirt.

    Next put a picture of my mother from 35 years ago and let’s see what happens.

  97. By the way, I really have no idea what that last comment was I made about my mom. Now that I read it, it sounds totally creepy. Sorry.
    I hope you don’t lose readers from it.
    i really shouldn’t be allowed on the computer when I’m hungry for donuts.

  98. I’m a Shipley girl, but I have never been one to turn down a Krispy Kreme.

  99. I can feel myself bloating as I type. But it’d so be worth it. Until weigh in day.

  100. Those things are akin to crack, I’m convinced.

    My hubs Scott is hilarious yet he rarely laughs. This post did it to him. Consider that a big victory. :)