Contrary To What You Might Think, This Post Is Not Sponsored By The American Dairy Council

This past weekend my sister-in-law Janie was here with my nephews, and we pretty much sat around in our pajamas for three days while the boys played Wii and staged battles with light sabers and wrestled.

And do you know what I realized? When Janie and I are together, we have a tendency to do two things: 1) watch reality television and 2) eat all manner of cheese. And I don’t mean to brag, but we did both of those things exceedingly well over the course of her visit.

Friday night we went out for a real-live grown-up dinner at a restaurant where – get this – YOU COULD NOT ORDER CHICKEN NUGGETS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. We ate all sorts of yumminess and rolled out of the restaurant about two hours later. So basically it was divine.

Saturday we went to the store to get the stuff for buffalo chicken dip (see: cheese) so that we could nibble on that while I introduced Janie to “Flipping Out” (see: reality television). Then we came home and made the buffalo chicken dip and nibbled on it so much that it pretty much qualified as a meal and I didn’t even cook supper.

The cheese, it is powerful.

And then last night I cooked an actual meal that included hash brown potato casserole (cheese!) before we watched “Design Star” and “The Next Food Network Star” (reality television!) and ate cheesecake (say it with me: CHEESE!).

You might say that we enjoy a theme.

So now Janie and the boys are gone, and I guess it’s time to wash clothes and vacuum and oh, I don’t know, PUT DOWN THE CHEESE. We’re heading out on our last little summer adventure at the end of this week, and then it’ll be time to come home and settle down and get ready for the little guy to start kindergarten.

But I really can’t even talk about that last thing. For reasons I’m sure you understand.

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. kelli in the mirror says:

    Okay, I couldn’t possibly be the first comment. There will be at least 12 by the time I post. But I was NEEDING that recipe. Buffalo chicken dip? And what did you dip IN it?

    Oh, the cheese is mighty and wondrous.

  2. I about choked when I read “start kindergarten.” I was so caught up in this recent craving for cheese that I just wasn’t expecting to see that. I was sitting here looking at the baby’s new third tooth and thinking of how big he’s getting… and then reading that phrase caused my mind to shoot forward five years and FREAK out.

  3. Well that weekend sounds like heaven on earth.

  4. All manner of cheese. LOL. You’re a hoot and a half. And I am jealous of you and Janie hanging out. She is so cute. “Met” her through a JJ giveaway on my blog.

    Had buffalo chicken dip on Sat night at girlfriend’s house. YUMMO. Wow.

    Mine’s starting kindergarten too. Boohoo.

  5. Cheese: It’s what’s for dinner.

    Hang in there re: the unmentionable last part of your post. Mine will start 7th and 5th grade right after Labor Day, and I know for sure the time has flown by, and despite the fact that I look haggard, I can’t possibly be old enough to have a 12 and 10 year old. ;)

  6. Sounds like a great weekend, and I am very jealous. :-)

    I watched The New Food Network Star as well, but without the cheese. :-(

    Thank you for the recipe, and I am SO MAKING THAT this weekend. :-) What do you serve it with? ;-)

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. All except the kindergarten part. Heck mine will be in 3rd grade so I should be a pro by now but I’m not.

  8. Cheese…..Have you ever watched Wallace and Grommet?

  9. So where did ya’ll eat a real meal on Friday?

    What happened on Design Star? I missed it and there is no such thing as a Tivo in this house.

  10. sounds like a LOT of fun…there’s nothing like kids being entertained while Mommy’s get to do fun things like, I don’t know, eat cheese and watch reality TV :) I agree with commenter #1…WHAT did you dip in the dip??? I did’t see any suggestions on the recipe either…although a spoon sounds sufficient :)

    Happy Monday!

  11. Fritos for the dip. Or Tostitos. Or celery (celery is SO good with that hot sauce flavor).

    Or, you know, a spoon.

  12. I love Flipping Out. I bet Jeff wouldn’t let you eat cheese in your PJ’s at his house. No, no, no.

  13. This is my kind of weekend. :)

  14. Oh, HH has recently introduced me to Flipping Out. I can’t stop quoting his maid. She fills the void left by Rosario from Will & Grace!

    The cheese hasn’t been so good to me over the past 6 months or so. In less than 10 days, that should be rectified. I’ll begin my cheese reunion with some smoked gouda! I cannot wait!

  15. Ah cheese, one of the great food groups. If my meal doesn’t have cheese in it somewhere, I feel cheated.

  16. I’m thinking we ALL need that recipe for Buffalo Chicken CHEESE Dip. Soon.

  17. Who do you think will win Design Star? Don’t you think they were both great?

  18. Thanks for spreading some endorphin love around again today.

  19. Since my oldest also starts kindergarten this fall (sniff.sniff.) I completely understand. We’re floating down the river of Denial around here. Come join us.

  20. Mmmmmm, cheese. And I know how you feel about kindergarten. Went through that last year with my girl, and am already prepping for it for next fall for my baby. But first we have to get through preschool. Not ready for that, either! Although, we COULD eat cheese to get through the first day blues. Just sayin’.

  21. I love Design Star even though I think I could kick some major design bootie were I ever to get on that show. I heart Vern. I put him right up there with (a moment of hushed silence) Candance Olsen.

    If you ever get your lips on some Drunken Goat cheese, you will never be the same. Never.

  22. “Cheese, Gromit.”

  23. so you gotta figure that i’d ask…where did y’all eat the grownup meal?

  24. lavonda says:

    you know, being in Atlanta, when company comes, people want to go go go and do lots of the fun things to do here. Love that. BUT. I LOOOOVVVE sitting around in my pyjamas with a dear friend and a cup of decaf watching the kids play! my favorite thing to do.

    one of my dear friends does a thing she calls “a platter meal”. it’s when she doesn’t feel like cooking, or it’s something simple she’ll take to a friend who’s just had a baby. take a couple different kinds of meat, roll them up and put on the platter. some olives. pickles. AND THEN CHEESE. many many different types. squared. sliced. put in between all the other things. oh my goodness.

    that’s what I’m going to make tomorrow now.

    praying for you for the last topic we’re not talking about.
    it’s a doozie.
    they don’t call it a ‘milestone’ for nothing. that walk back to the car after you drop him off in his classroom…
    it’s a mile long.

    baby steps though.
    he’s a loooong way from going off to college. cherish every moment, even the bittersweet ones.
    imagine this… my husband’s son, he’s moving to LA in a month. across. the. country. I can’t imagine my 11 yr old boy doing that. I’m struggling enough with this being his last yr of elementary school!

    take care friend.
    platter it the first day of school. :)

  25. Hi-lar-i-ous! I love cheese. I could eat it at every meal. Cheese, however, does not love me. :(

    Just don’t do what I did when I met my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher for the first time. Since my daughter was already reading (and since I’m an English teacher), I grilled her on the method of teaching they used. I asked her, “You don’t teach whole language, do you?” and “How do you incorporate phonics into your reading program?” She just looked at me and said, “Ma’am, this is kindergarten. We don’t teach reading.”


    I turned beet red and walked away while my husband stood there laughing his head off. My daughter is 16 now, and he STILL teases me about that!

  26. Ok…I have been reading your blog on and off for a while now and I have to say…you are hilarious!! I love your writing voice and I enjoy what you have to say with it. I am adding you to my blog today.

  27. Personally, I can’t get enough of the stuff. You are a great writer…taking food and making it so entertaining…you CHEESE it up. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Door opens, I enter.

  28. Cheese … It is my friend. Flipping Out and cheese .. a wonderful weekend no lie.

  29. I started talking about Kindergarten with my 4 year old last week and I was making it sound all great and grown up and she turned to me and said, “Mommy, I don’t want to talk about this anymore cause I feel like I might want to cry.”

    This transition might not be pretty.

  30. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

    I’m REALLY curious about your thoughts on who won the Next Food Network Star. Honestly, I was quite surprised.

  31. Sounds like hunks of fun. Whoops, now I didn’t mean to be so cheesy, but I do love the stuff.

  32. If my cheese-lovin-fool of a husband reads this post, he may want to leave me and move in with all of you.

    He’s so obsessed he named our dog Cheddar. What chocolate is to me, cheese is to him.

  33. I watched Design Star and Food Network Star last night, too. But we didn’t have any cheese. ;>)

  34. Ahh…cheese…originally being from WI – the dairy state – I can complete appreciate that craving. Now I am in NC, and it’s just not quite the same.:) Being new to blogging, I am enjoying your site.

  35. Funny, because I’ve been planning our menus for our week in Florida with my sister, and we have cheese, cheese, and more cheese on the menu. Cheese balls, cream CHEESE stuffed jalapenos, ironically…buffalo chicken dip covered in cheese, pimiento CHEESE sandwiches…

    …kind of sounds like Bubba Gump on the subject of shrimp.

  36. Isn’t Jeff just crazy? Crazy!! I love to watch Flipping Out. I love Zoila and Jenni. I’m quite possibly a little too emotionally invested – I almost cried with Jenni over her husband.

  37. My sis and I are the same way when we get together. Except our themes are usually ice cream and TLC’s marathon of What Not To Wear. Good times. Sisters are the best and it sounds like y’all enjoyed your time together! And that last thing (the “k” word)? I’m right there with you, girl! I think all you bloggers should post that day just to keep your sanity (and encourage the lurkers) and for the sisters to rise up for moral support!

  38. Mmmm… cheese! *insert Homer Simpson drooling sound here*

  39. the only thing going through my mind after this post is

    “Cheese!, Grommet!”

    my mind does weird things.

  40. If happy cows come from California, happy cheese people must come from Boo Mama’s house.

    I realize that makes no sense, but it’s late here. And you made me laugh. Trying to return the favor. Sorry. I’ll stop now.

  41. Made the delish Buffalo Chicken dip. We served it with celery and tortilla chips. We ate it mostly just with a spoon :-) What do you dip?

  42. speaking of dips…have you tried the new Tostitos flour tortilla chips? Oh, my…heavenly! And they’re a bit hardier than corn tortilla chips, so they’re perfect for thicker dips.

    i promise i don’t work for Tostitos…just a friendly tip from one snack lover to another! :0)

  43. Oh, Sophie. I have two starting school this year, and one entering the TENTH GRADE! Of this I shall speak no more for it is too terrible to describe.