Third Day Q & A // Giveaway

Hey y’all.

I was planning to do this earlier today but I totally forgot because I AM HIGHLY ORGANIZED.

But anyway. Think of this as a little mid-day bloggy fun.


Third Day‘s latest (oh-so-awesome) CD, Revelation, hits stores today. And to celebrate that, Melanie, Carlos and I have a golden opportunity for you to win some stuff.

Some Third Day stuff.

I’m guessing you probably figured out that last part by now.


If you’d like to a chance to win a copy of Revelation as well as a t-shirt autographed by the members of the band, leave a question for Third Day in my comments. You can ask them about music, about faith, about whatever.

Well, maybe not about math. I can’t fathom they’d want to answer questions about math. But maybe I’m just bringing my own personal math-related baggage to the Q&A table.

Anyway. Leave a question. Mark from Third Day will pick five of them (and five from Mel’s comments, and five from Carlos’ comments) to answer on his blog on August 18th. And EVERYBODY who leaves a question will be entered into the CD / t-shirt drawing. If you want to enter the drawing three times, just ask a different question at each of three participating blogs.

There. I believe that’s all.

Rock on.

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  1. This question is probably asked a lot, but, what is your favorite song to perform, and why?

    I am really, really enjoying the new album and I can’t wait to go to the gym tonight so I can listen all the way through my workout!

  2. As a successful Christian artist, how do you keep pride at bay? I’m far from success, yet I know how I struggle with pride creeping in.

    I’d LOVE to win me some Third Day! I haven’t had a chance to hear this new album yet, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. I love your new song “Call my name.” Did you write this in a particular season of life when you were going through something?
    I am in a time of trial and suffering right now and it just hits my heart so wonderfully- THANK YOU!

  4. How will you know when your Third Day days are over?

    (please don’t let it be for at least 50 years!)

  5. Just read that you guys are going to be on Leno tonight. How cool is that? Leno is not known for having Christian bands on his show. How did that all come about?

    Dori Cook
    Spring Hill, TN

  6. Who are your favorite artists that inspire you?

  7. I was going to ask about the tongiht show also… were you the first Christian artist on the show?

  8. I love Third Day, but my husband REALLY LOVES THIRD DAY, so I would be a bad wife if I didn’t take this opportunity to ask a question!

    Of all your songs, which has God used to challenge you the most? There are particular songs in my life that bring me to my knees, every time (like “Blessed Be the Lord” by Matt Redman). Are there songs that you find it difficult to sing on stage, because God uses them so powerfully in your life?

  9. Crystal says:

    Who are your favorite non-Christian artists?

  10. What are some of the greatest challenges you have while touring?

  11. OOOOOH! Winning a THIRD DAY cd would totally erase the sting of the big 4-oh on Thursday :( Pick me, pick me!!!

    Here’s my question to the band: You are parenting with your wives in several stages (newborn, congrats!, to young adult) of life now. It’s similar, I’d imagine, to a family. How do you handle the style and technique differences between you all, and how do you influence each other in your parenting journeys?

  12. I love Third Day! I guess one question would be — how do you guys keep it fresh? How do you keep creating new great stuff??

  13. What is the one city that you’d visit again even if you weren’t touring there?

  14. Wow – now this is a contest worth entering – have been jumping over to the real time blogging – earthquake is exciting stuff. Dear Third Day(s) – does being successful make your life easier or more complicated?

  15. MY husband LOVES Third Day! He wants to know if the new CD will be good listening music for our baby in my belly. :)

  16. What’s one thing that a host team did for you that totally wow’ed you when you arrive to give a concert?

  17. I was excited to hear that you’re going to be on the Jay Leno show tonight. That must be really exciting for you. What kind of preparation did you do for appearing there? (Besides being sure your socks match and putting on clean underwear!)

  18. Are you coming to Greensboro, NC, soon? I can’t imagine why it’s not at the top of every artist’s MUST VISIT list! (Can you tell I want the new CD REALLY REALLY bad? Couldn’t think of anything better to ask that hasn’t already been asked!)

  19. I LOVE that you guys are on Leno tonight. Our DVR is set to record just to be sure we get it!

    What is the coolest/most meaningful thing a fan has ever sent you?

  20. I assume your band is named Third Day because “on the third day he rose again.” How did you come up with that name. I’d think picking your band name would be a HUGE endeavor.

  21. If you could visit any where in the world (that you haven’t already), where would it be? (individuals could answer this, or as a band)

  22. Do your families travel with you when you are on tour? Do ya’ll share one bus/vehicle or are there several?

    LOVE the music!!!

  23. Just one question? No way. I’ll ask questions for the ones who can’t think of anything to ask.

    Is songwriting something that comes naturally or was there a “learning” process?
    Are there songs that you guys have written that have never seen the light of day? That other artists have recorded?
    How do you determine which songs to put on an album?

  24. Leading people into worship requires one to be in private worship. However, that is hard to maintain. What tools do you have in place to help you personally stay connected with the Lord?

  25. oh my gosh. there’s a new third day cd? how did i not know this?

    um. question for mark.

    is there one song of yours that really sums up what you’re all about?

  26. Amanda D. says:

    When you have to perform songs over and over again, do you find that it’s difficult to continue worshipping the Lord during those songs?

  27. Rebecca says:

    A question for the everybody:

    What is your favorite Bible verse?

  28. Gretchen Nelson says:

    How do you handle being away from your families for long periods of time? Do you have any special “rituals” w/your kids to help them handle the separation?

  29. When you get a break from work travel where do you like to travel with your family?

  30. August 18 is my birthday, does that get me any closer to winning? :) My “real” question was what other Christian artists are you inspired by?


  31. This question is coming to you from my 14 year old son: Which song brings you closest to God?

  32. What was your first record? (OK, CD…I’m showing my age.)

  33. What’s your favorite road tour food? Your least favorite?


  34. Music & singing are some of my favorite ways to worship our Fantabulous God – but they aren’t the only ways as you know. In what other ways do you worship God without music?

  35. What musician/artist/group are you a secret fan of and have always been ashamed to admit it – before now, of course?

  36. Who in the group is a morning person/night owl?

  37. How old were each of you when you accepted Christ?

  38. Obviously, I either REALLY want to win or I’m very curious about y’all or both.

    Probably both.

    What is your favorite song ever? Christian or secular.

  39. What advice would you give young kids who love your music and aspire to have a Christian band one day?

    I also have to say that our family LOVES you guys!!

  40. How do you prepare for a concert? (musical prep and spiritual prep) What does the day/week of a concert entail for you?

  41. How did God call you into this ministry, and how has He affirmed that calling along the way? This is a question that consistently fascinates me, for people in all kinds of ministries, because God is unchanging, yet he calls each of us in a way that is so personal to us!

  42. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch any of your newest stuff.

    So it’s no wonder that my favorite song of yours is “Take My Life” from your self-titled album (1996, I think?).

    I was wondering if there was a specific story behind the lyrics? They resonate with me on a very deep level; “How many times” have I felt that very same way? “The number is the same as the stars in the sky. . .”

  43. Nascar820 says:

    I’d love to win me some Third Day! Can’t wait for Leno tonight – thanks for the heads up. What is your most memorable “peformance moment”?

  44. My son is THE most sold out Third Day fan!
    He stood outside at the stage after a concert last summer at Ichthus in KY. hoping for Mac Powell to come out and sign his new guitar! He held that guitar for hours and just prayed. I didn’t think they could possibly come out (it was late and the people are animals at that included!!!) haha. J K !!
    I know he would flip out over something like that really happening.
    So this question is from him….

    Why are you guys SOOOOOOOO cool?

    One night at prayer before bedtime, he asked me in his most serious 8th grade wisdom….”Mom, when do you think Third Day is going to release a new album?”. I almost cracked up! He loves this band so much! He’s a Sr. this year! Still loves and will always love these guys!

  45. I don’t have a question, but I wanted to mention to you that my daughter wasn’t even a year old last Christmas, but your Chistmas Offerings CD was the first time I ever heard her try and use her sweet little singing voice.

    It must have touched her enough to try to sing and I thank you so much for that. I will always remember that!

  46. Does your family travel with you on tour? If not, how difficult is it for you to be on tour?

  47. my question for third day?

    if you lived in a country and had yet to find any access to third day cds and your husband had been visiting america and had to catch a plane early in the morning of the third day release so was unable to make it by a store to purchase the cd and to make it even worse itunes is not available in this country, what would you do?

  48. What is something that you all had to do when you first started out that is now handled for you by somebody else?

  49. Did you always want to be a musician when you were growing up? If not, what did you picture yourself doing?

  50. Amy Martin says:

    Do you like to shop? What’s your favorite store?

  51. SophienSamsMomma says:

    My husband and my first “date” after our son’s birth was the Third Day concert in Davis, CA. It was a great concert!

    What did you all do for a living prior to making it with your music? Could you give examples of how God covered you during the dry times?

    God bless you!

  52. oh yay, love third day…..ok so my question is what is your FAV song of all the songs that are on your cds and WHY??

    thanks for an awesome giveaway!!! :D

  53. lavonda says:

    Okay. Not your typical question, but here goes…

    Does Clinton M. still run sound for you guys?

    He and my brother-in-law used to work together with Darrell Evans way back when. I remember how wonderful Clinton was, and thought, how blessed this group “Third Day” must be to have him, when I found out Clinton was working with them years and years ago.

    and now. here you are.
    my favorite group of all time.
    I sing your songs out loud while I’m blow drying my hair, driving my car, etc… and let me tell you, when no one else is around, I harmonize PERFECTLY with you.
    not sure what happens when people can hear me. somehow it’s just not the same.

  54. Do get tired of traveling?

  55. Carla pullum says:

    Do you make song that reflects God’s love for teenage girls? My daughter loves your music but I haven’t listen to it yet jsut wanted to know the influence you have on young girls and if it’s okay for her to listen too!

  56. Steffie says:

    Have you guys ever felt pressured to “water down” your lyrics in order to have a crossover hit?

  57. Can you describe some of the process you go through when writing new songs? How do you decide (i.e. voting? certain band members?) which songs to include on CDs, in concerts, etc.?

    I hope I win!

  58. What is the strangest thing a fan has said or done?

  59. Jason Hall says:

    I once heard you sum up your goal in seven words, “We have their attention, let’s keep it”. You have my attention. Time after time you have managed to bring me closer to God with your music. What ingredient does a band add to accomplish goose bumps, a sore throat from singing praise, and the ultimate feeling that you are closer to God…all with a three minute song? By the way Third Day, you owe me a set of car speakers!

  60. How do you juggle touring and home life and remain in the ministry without getting burned out?

  61. My question is, looking back on your life what do you see as your “defining moment.”


  62. Sort of makes my head hurt to think, but I would like to ask about life on the road.

    Do families travel with you? Does it at all feel like “home” or do you just bide time until you get back home home?

  63. Emily C says:


    When are you going to sing more hymns? I love them… especially “Praise to the Lord.”

  64. What is your favorite scripture passage and why?

  65. Do you travel with our without your families and how do you balance your hectic touring schedule with family time?

    Love the new CD by the way!!! A great way for me to worship!

  66. What type of music did you listen to as a child growing up? Does it influence your music today?

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

  67. I’d love to know if the band meets on a regular basis to seek/praise/hear from God?

    I always wonder that about Christian bands… are they coming together before the Lord not only to know Him, and His will for their lives (band) but to return unto Him the praise and blessings they’ve received because of and or by Him.

    Thanks Sophie for hosting this…

  68. I would love to ask Third Day to tell us about their families :)

  69. I am curious why the band decided on “Third Day” for their name. . .

    I really can’t think of any other questions since everyone else is asking similar ones but WE LOVE THIRD DAY in this house!

  70. When and if you come to Australia again, could you please come to Darwin? You went to Launceston, Tasmania in 2005… my husband happened to be visiting his parents at the time so he went and saw you, and has gloated ever since *grin* I was so envious!

  71. How often do you get home when you’re out promoting a new record? Can we really call it a record since it’s a CD?

  72. kimberly says:

    What christian authors or devotional books do you read at home, or as a group when traveling?

  73. I’m so thrilled that you are performing on the Tonight Show! I really like Jay Leno and LOVE your music!! What a super opportunity to witness for the Lord =)

    My question is what/where is the time and place that you accepted Christ into your heart?

    God bless….

  74. Where was your favorite place that you gave a concert? What made it so special?

  75. How do you like to recover from being on tour? Are there special things you do to reconnect with your families?

  76. It’s the end of a long day with teenagers and a preschooler…so my thoughts run to deep and spiritual questions such as if Third Day were a flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…what would it be called and why?

    How’s that for deep…love your music…wish you all would get out to Portland, Oregon more often!

  77. What other artists do you guys like? BTW, you guys are AWESOME!! I love your music!!

  78. How/When does music come to you? Words first or music?

  79. Your older song “When the Rain Comes” really speaks to me in times of despair. Is there a story behind the writing on this one? Thank you for your ministry.

  80. “I Wanna Be a Rockstar” seriously cracks me up. What made you all want to record that song?

    Thanks! Jen

  81. Is there any passage in the Bible that just makes you crack up and think, “Why did God put THAT in there?”

  82. What is one fiction book that you would read over and over again?

    If you don’t like to read, then this question is obviously irrelevant.

    But I’d like to win anyway.

  83. Okay, I have all your cd’s (except Revelation – but I’m gettin’ it!) and it’s a given y’all love Jesus.

    What I’m dying to know is what kind of hair products Mac uses because his coiffe was perfection on Leno. There just had to be some great smoothing creme or shine mist going on there.

  84. This isn’t a question, but I just wanted to let Third Day know that I will always remember that their song “You Are Beautiful My Sweet Sweet Song” was playing on the radio as my husband and I were driving our first child home from the hospital back in 2003. What a great memory.

    Here’s a question: What is your favorite traditional hymn and why?

  85. This isn’t very spiritual, but how do you keep from getting on each other’s last nerve when you’re on the road?!

  86. Will you let me (and my husband) come backstage and meet you during your concert on Friday, October 3 in The Woodlands, TX (Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion)?

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  87. Southern Gal says:

    I know your songs are written and performed to worship and bring others into worship with the Lord. My question is this: Do you ever get tired of performing certain songs? I don’t see how you couldn’t…I think I would after a while.

  88. I’d love to ask Third Day to tell us how they got their start in music, and about their faith journey.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  89. How do you balance family and ministry?

  90. Just 1 question (selfish I know) – Will you be in/near Switzerland any time soon?

    Love the service and the music!

  91. Where do you get the ideas for your songs? Daily devotionals, Bible studies, life events, anything and everything?

  92. Your music hits such personal notes with so many different people. What were the major life events that inspired your favorite lyrics?

  93. How do you find a family/work balance?

  94. You are remarkably busy and talented. Your days must be full. How, in the midst of all that busyness, do you keep your faith alive/fresh?

  95. How can I pray for you?

  96. Favorite Olympic Sport?

  97. What is on your IPOD?

  98. If YOU could open for another band who would it be? (Please say U2 because I’m hitting Jesus up to let you and Bono lead worship in the main throne room)

    one more?

    If you could play at any avenue you haven’t yet, where would you play? In other words,where’s your “dream stage”?

  99. dallimomma says:

    Has there been a point in your music ministry where you realized that you were way bigger than you ever expected to be? Did it catch you by surprise?

  100. Mac Powell, If you could change your voice to sound like any singer, who would you want to sound like?