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All righty. I’m going to be totally up-front with you, internets.

Earlier this week I came thisclose to cancelling this Before & After bloggy shin-dig. But I felt guilty about doing that because I know several of you have worked hard to meet deadlines and finish projects and do all the things that I thought I would do when I first posted about this little carnival way back at the beginning of the summer.

But several things have gotten in the way of all my fancy home-beautification plans. First and foremost on that list would be me. I have big ideas and think I have plenty of time and don’t take into account that, in addition to my day-to-day responsibilities with my family, I have things like travel commitments and work deadlines that also demand my attention. Plus, for the last couple of weeks we’ve had some family members staying with us while they’ve had some medical stuff going on, and really, nothing says, “WELCOME! HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!” like a house that reeks of paint fumes.

Which is to say: I decided to postpone the painting.

I guess it’s just that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And in light of everything that we’ve had going on around here, the color of the paint in our bedroom just hasn’t been very squeaky.


I did, in the spirit of the festivities, take care of a LITTLE something that’s been driving me cuckoo the last few weeks, and that something is my closet. It’s been driving me insane because it was 1) messy 2) unorganized and C) messy and unorganized, so I took everything off of the shelves and hung up all the stray bits of clothing that were strewn about, then I threw out some junk and put everything back together again.

Sort of like Humpty Dumpty, only not.

Anyway, here’s the before:




And here’s the after:





Nonetheless, there you have it. It’s certainly not the dramatic ENTIRE ROOM TRANSFORMATION that I originally envisioned, but it’s progress. And I’ll take it.

I can’t wait to see your progress, so if you have a project you’d like to share, just leave a link to YOUR SPECIFIC POST – NOT YOUR GENERAL URL – in the Mr. Linky below.

Thanks for playing along, everybody!

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  1. How in the WORLD did I post first?! :)

  2. A closet cleanup is no littlething. Especially since some days all I do is drink the sweet tea.

    You done good.

  3. So will you come do my closet now? It looks great – I know you’ll feel happy every time you walk in there for a pair of shoes.

    (Er, and I mean, SECOND… apparently Kristen snuck in there and my screen couldn’t see her yet).

  4. I think cleaning a closet is equal to about four rooms of painting, it is a dreaded job! You are a brave woman, great job!

  5. Way to go Sophie! Thanks for hosting this thing. I have totally looked forward to it. Blessings to you!

  6. Very nice job on the closet, Sophie! My closet is in desperate need of attention and I shudder to think of what lies at the bottoms of the various piles in there. I’m sure I’ll get to it…eventually. Thanks for the Before & After motivation!

  7. The closet looks great! Mine desperately needs the same thing. I’m too scared! LOL!

  8. I would just like to say that THOSE ARE SOME SERIOUS BOOTS, Girl!!! I’m 5’9″ and could NEVER wear anything like that! :)

    Seriously, though, I’ve been putting off cleaning my closet for a year now–a year!–so maybe this is the motivation I need to get it done.

    Good job!

  9. You know tackling those projects that few people will ever really see and give you a pat on the back for…those are the true accomplishments.

    That is why I too sorted and organized clothes!!!

    And I did it for BooMama’s Before & After…so I could get that pat on the back after all!

    Your closet looks great!

  10. You know – that’s almost better than painting – it’s functional and SO much better! Organizing always tops painting in my book.

  11. Is the before picture My closet? It sure looks like it. You have inspired me to clean it up and I defintely take pics.

  12. NICE!

  13. Your closet looks wonderful and I’m sure having it organized is much more useful than painting the room would have been.

    Thanks for having this! I would never have completed my project otherwise!

  14. Oh you WOULD have to remind me of MY closet, wouldn’t you!?! ;/

    Yours looks lovely in its new organizedness. Great job!

    We also had painting that never happened…come see! Or…not see, as the case may be.

  15. It looks beautiful!!!

  16. Nice closet! You’re clothes are colorful just like you :-)

  17. I’m in envy. When you look at mine you’ll see that was one of the projects I wanted to do!

    Are you for hire? Wanna come to Minnesota and tackle my closet? It’s beautiful here now…fall colors, apple orchards, no bugs. : )

  18. Your closet looks fabulous! That’s actually a big project, too! Well done!

  19. Your closet looks wonderful!

  20. I’m cheating on mine. =( But I wanted to play. Our backyard deck was our huge B&A, and I want to show it off.

    PS — Congrats on the closet conquering, BooMama!

  21. Nice, very nice … can you come over to the Worthington Garden Estates and help a sista out? :) I have been able to manage everyone’s closet except my own!

  22. I’m out, too.

    I was going to beautify my living room that we recently did a little remodel and rearrange on, but I didn’t.

    I did buy some pictures, per my goal, but I haven’t hung them, and I didn’t buy other things.

    But that’s okay, right??

  23. The last time I cleaned out EVERY closet in our home (master closet, coat closet, office “where all things electronic go to die” closet, kids’ “where EVERYTHING they own goes” closets, game room closet, guest room “luggage” closet, and itty bitty linen closet) it was so my hubby would “allow” me to get a new $300 digital camera. They look NOTHING like they did then, most of them, they’re back to a hodge podge of MESS! So KUDOS to you!!!

  24. It just so happened that your sweet little contest (nice closet by the way, I am now inspired) conincides nicely with our revamping of the playroom into the new baby’s room. So, I sweetly asked Hubby if could have it done by today so that I could blog about it. Well, turns out we all have colds so that slowed progress greatly. And, me being 4 days away from my due date, HUGE, and all a sniffle don’t think I’ll be setting up that crib myself today. So, to make this long story even longer, I may post some pics of the empty room, now freshly painted :) the end.

  25. Great job- My project was kind of like this, too…like Humpty Dumpty only not! ;)

    Thanks for hosting this!

    ~Tammy at Lattes and Lollipops

  26. Oh, I WILL get in on this one of these days….especially since I was thinking that your before picture didn’t look that bad. hee hee….or not……

  27. Well, I’m in the middle of a redo, so don’t have any afters yet, but I’m cheering ya’ll on, since I love all this stuff (as you know!). I did get my closet cleaned out last month too & it does feel really good. Now, I just have to donate the old clothes.

    I’m thinking about doing a B&A too, so I may just have to borrow your idea!

  28. I wish my closets looked that organized — but that would actually require me to do something about them — probably not going to happen anytime soon. I should have joined your Before and After project — the motivation might have helped — any motivation might help when it comes to me and cleaning :-)

  29. I have so many projects that need doing…and cleaning the closet is one of them! Yours looks great…it always makes me feel good to accomplish something.

    I didn’t know about this…but linked to an old before and after.


  30. I love a clean and organized closet! Hope this will inspire me to work on a couple of my own…

  31. Thanks for hosting this. When you first announced it, I got off my duff, drove to ACE Hardware, bought supplies, came home and lightly sanded and repainted my front proch rockers. I had it all done before hubby got home. So count me as one happy BooMama customer.

  32. good job on the closet! Who knew it was so liberating to have it all organized??? I did mine too, in preparation for my husband coming home for R&R… TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeee!!

    thanks for the motivation!
    ♥ amanda

  33. Kudos to you! The closet looks great and closets are so hard. So time consuming, and so easy to ignore, what with the doors on them that close and all.

    Love your blog, BTW.

  34. Oh to have a big closet to organize! Honestly, did women in 1952 not own 20 pairs of shoes???

    Although everything on my list isn’t finished, this fabulous little carnival provided me with what I need most–accountability!


  35. I actually finished this on Labor Day, but wanted to share. Anytime you do one thing ~ it leads to more. I will continue the paint color into the dining room and probably do new curtains there, too. We’ve also put up faux wood blinds in the house!!!!

    Thanks for sharing BooMama, Bitsy

  36. Looking at everybody’s posts really makes me wish I’d kept with it! Stuff just got in the way, and now nobody in blogland will see my work! Woe is me! ;)

  37. When I checked the site there were 36 posts…looked at every one of them! I’m inspired to see what I can do around my house. Thanks for sticking with this! I know your summer has been busy with all the traveling….

  38. Thanks for this Before and After idea. I got more done than I ever expected I would and it was a lot of fun.

    Your closet is a remarkable change! It’s those fairly small to medium jobs that sink me every time. They don’t seem to have the same appeal to me to get them done as, say, my husband building something wonderful while I watch and make helpful comments.

  39. What a blast this has been! Never in my 3 months of blogging have I had 500 people view my blog in one day. I checked my sitemeter yesterday expecting to see 35 people had stopped by to see my garden, and almost fell out of my chair when I saw the numbers. What an amazing sphere of influence you have. Thanks for the blessing!

  40. Great job with the closet! You’ll be so much happier with the new organization.

    I just completed a gardening project in my front yard. I’m so glad to post with Before and After! Scroll down on my blog for more gardening pics, because some are in earlier posts.



  41. Well, I didn’t take any pictures of my project. I cleaned out the dress-up clothes box. This morning. Impressive, huh? Obviously I didn’t plan very well for this! I still have grand dreams of re-doing a bathroom by Christmas. We’ll see. Now that the dress up box is organized, anything’s possible! :)

  42. We’re not into our house yet so no pics to share. But sure enjoyed reading/seeing what others accomplished.
    And I’m very impressed with your organizing skilz. Closets are not common here, but our house will have three! Woohoo! Hope mine end up as purty as yours.

  43. Don’t you just love the look of a newly reorganized closet!?

  44. Wow I love your site! What a GREAT idea!! I was going to go to bed but now…

  45. Ummm, I’ve had a few hiccups in finishing my projects. (a birthday, a pet adoption, the sicklies, fall festivals and a few tears)

    How long will Mr. Linky be up for me to add my before and afters?

  46. Whew. I got some doozies done. Now it’s time for some more work to be done…

  47. Thanks for giving me a chance to “show off” the work. DH and I have put more than our share of work into this fix-er-upper

  48. I’m late to the party, but here it is!