Random Things That Make Me Happy

1. Sandalwood Vanilla candles from Bath & Body Works
2. college football
3. fall (I LOVE IT SO MUCH)
4. hearing the little man laugh
5. laughing with someone who shares my (admittedly odd) sense of humor
6. clean sheets
7. going to Steinmart(s) alone
8. taking a road trip with my hubby
9. great music
10. The Office
11. friends who have known me forever and love me anyway
12. getting the house ready for company
13. an entire day spent in pajamas
14. The Sweeney Sisters
15. Kristen Wiig
16. coffee with two Equals and half & half
17. Popeye’s
18. purpose
19. diet Coke on ice
20. haircut and highlights
21. singing. loudly.
22. Mentholatum
23. Krispy Kreme original glazed
24. the beach
25. family


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  1. 1. Dr. Pepper with cherry from Sonic.

    2. fall weather

    3. pumpkins on my porch

    4. the ‘HOT NOW’ sign at Krispy Kreme

  2. 1. Dove Dark

    2. Watching my 18 year old son raise his hands in total abandon, worshiping our Lord.

    3. My teens still wanting to hug and kiss their mamma.

    4. Dove Dark

    5. fair food

    6. Down comfortor

    7. Dove Dark

    8. pay day

    9. my DVR

    10. Dove Dark

  3. 1. Seeing my kids’ messy heads first thing in the a.m.

    2. A cold diet cherry coke first thing in the a.m.

    3. PF Changs (not first thing in the a.m.)

    4. Jon and Kate plus 8

    5. A fire in the fireplace and my cat on my lap

    6. A movie and dinner with my husband

    7. A long phone conversation with my BFF-my sister

    8. Peanut M&Ms

    9. My ipod

    10. Long walks on a fall day

  4. Hey chocolatechic –

    I pray I get to see the second thing on your list one day.

    Just sayin’.


  5. There are too many to list, so I’ll just say one:

    Dancing. In the dark. With flashlights. Our family of five. Last night. With “We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship on repeat. For 20 minutes.

  6. 1. Crisp Fall Mornings (like this one).
    2. A hug, a kiss, and an “I WOVE You” from my 20 month old.
    3. Dates with my Husband. Especially when they’re birthday dates!! Like tomorrow night. :)
    4. Encouragement and affirmation from others.
    5. A made-just-right big, cold fountain coke. mmm.
    6. Staying in a fancy hotel with fluffy pillows.
    7. Having everything come together like it’s supposed to.

  7. – good mascara
    – chapstick
    – road trips with Sisser
    – the beach in the morning
    – diet coke and Sonic ice
    – sharing cheese dip with friends
    – dreaming big dreams
    – Sunday afternoon naps
    – reading Momma blogs and taking notes
    – morning runs

  8. I don’t have time for the whole list, but CLEAN SHEETS (of high caliber and thread count) are right on up there, with Lavender Vanilla linen spray, just before I crawl in.

    And if fall would ever arrive in Florida, I would SING. LOUDLY.

    Have a great day!

  9. Favorite Things:
    1. Baking for my family
    2. Feeling Content
    3. Finding a good deal on the clearance rack
    4. Girls Night Out
    5. My kids (12, 9 & 6) who still want to hug & kiss me before they go to bed or leave for the day
    6. The fact that I still get giddy when I see my hubby :)
    7. Worship
    8. Quiet Time
    9. Seeing His plans unfold for me
    10. Reading Boomama :)

  10. I added my own list on my site … just last night I was in the middle of a discussion on finding joy in everyday life … thanks for the exercise!

  11. No time right now, but I’ll link up to you today or tomorrow with my own list. Great idea!!

  12. Janet (aka JT) says:

    Do you know what I realized from your list? Mentholatum makes me happy, too. So strange. Other things:

    1. Cherry coke from the Sonic
    2. Being ravenously hungry and seated at an awesome Mexican restaurant.
    3. The optimism I feel at the beginning of every Aggie football game.
    4. Praise and worship at my church, being surrounded by all of the other believers.
    5. When my hubby laughs at something I said.
    6. Watching my oldest son care for the baby.
    7. Being in the same room with my grandparents.
    8. Being at my mom and dad’s…visiting with my dad in the living room while my mom bathes the kids; and eating my mom’s cooking.
    9. Listening to my 6-year-old sing praise music while playing in her room.
    10. The look on my baby’s face when I pick her up at the church nursery or the gym nursery.
    11. Eating out after church and then crashing for a nap soon afterwards.

    And you, Sophie. Checking in with you everyday makes me very happy.

  13. A few favorite things from this morning:

    A sweet time with the Lord

    A crisp, cool fall morning

    Sitting on my porch swing with a blanket and a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee

    Getting the kids off to school in peace

    A day with no appointments or time demands (first day like this in weeks!)

  14. 1. Fall, oh yes Fall!
    2. The SOuth in the fall!
    3. Pumpkins!
    4. College football- Ohio State
    4. Fireproof the move- awesome!
    5. A Date with my husband
    6. Dinner with my family
    7. A good book- cuurently a Karen Kingsbury novel, sitting on the front porch in the fall with a diet coke, looking at my pumpkins while the kids nap!

  15. *grandchildren
    *surviving the “empty nest syndrome”
    *diet limeade with extra lime from Sonic
    *clean sheets
    *fall decorations
    *starting a new Bible study

  16. 1. Dr Pepper
    2. jr high & high school football(baby brother on JV) & cheerleaders(oldest daughter jr high)
    4. pumpkins
    5. wildflowers, especially yellow ones
    6. monarch butterfly migration
    7. freshly sown wheat coming up in neatly patterned rows
    8. fluffy white open boll cotton
    9. FACEBOOK, I’m addicted
    10. our dog Miles
    11. family & friends that always make me smile and laugh
    12. baby lotion

  17. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see mention of The Sweeney Sisters. Every time I break into their rendition of the Carol of the Bells medley, people just gawk and stare and rush their children away.
    They are deeply missed.

  18. I forgot Grey’s Anatomy. & my husband making showing the kids (especially the 6 yr old baby girl) how to spackle a wall, or some other such carpenterish task.

  19. 1 To have the peace of the Lord in my life.
    2 Being with my husband.
    3 My cat in my lap.
    4 A fire in the fireplace.
    5 This cool weather.
    6 Slow steady rain.
    7 Chick-fil-A sweet tea.
    8 Homemade vegetable soup and cornbread.
    9 My grandmother’s tea cakes.
    10 The Office–I suspect it’s won’t be on tonight because of the VP debates. I’ve already voted, so I had rather see The Office!

    BTW–my Doctor just told me all those artificial sweeteners are making us FAT. Your body doesn’t know how to handle them and causes your body to hold on to the fat. Wasn’t good news for me, but I’m off of them.

  20. 1. Days at home
    2. Sunday mornings at church with my boys and my man
    3. Sunday afternoons with same boys and man…eating my famous (according to my boys) chili…watching the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (hey, hope springs eternal, people!)
    4. Morrow’s pizza
    5. Doritos
    6. Lunch with the girls
    7. Laughing with Tim
    8. Listening to my teenager when he decides to share a crumb
    9. Little boy laughter…even better if the little boy is mine
    10. Golf
    11. Watching Timothy (the teenager) golf
    12. Fox and Friends
    13. Any book by Karen Kingsbury
    14. Singing to my husband’s guitar music…especially praise and worship songs
    15. Seeing the hand of God in the little daily things that He does (and the big ones)

    These are just a few things that make me happy. “Boo Mama’s Blog” would definitely be on a list of “Things That Make Me Laugh”. I so appreciate your humor…thank you so much for blessing us with the joy of laughter.

    God Bless,
    Kelly from The Beauty of Sufficient Grace

  21. 1. Spending the day in yoga pants. I cleverly use them as jammies – then I can get up without any time-consuming clothes-changing and go straight to the carpool line!
    2. Watching my husband and son wrestle.
    3. Snuggling with any of my kids.
    4. Squeezing my 5yo’s belly.
    5. Silence.
    6. A crisp fall morning.
    7. Watching What Not to Wear and laughing that I have a better wardrobe than SOMEBODY on this earth.
    8. Traveling to a place where I need to take my passport.
    9. Blogging. (And I get to do it every day!)

  22. 1. Chick-fil-A Sweet Tea
    2. My children laughing
    3. My husband and his sense of humor
    4. Mary Kay mineral make up
    5. Jesus
    6. My girlfriends
    7. lavendar scented Gain detergent
    8. finding something I’ve been wanting on clearance
    9. Little Debbie and all her sweet goodness
    10. Laying on the beach reading a book.

  23. an amazing pair of blue jeans
    a great book
    ice cream
    lunch with the girls
    watching my boys wrestle with daddy

  24. OH, fun. I have to do this when I get back from Bible study.

    I like the way you grouped Popeye’s, purpose and Diet Coke. Good chicken and diet coke surely give me purpose! ;>)

  25. are we the same person? it seems our lists align with a scary amount of similarities.

  26. 1. “dancing” in the car
    2. diet coke with lime
    3. teenagers
    4. Nicholas Sparks
    5. little kids having a good time in church
    6. getting home from work to find my husband has dinner ready
    7. chocolate chip cookie dough
    8. candy corn in the fall
    9. reuniting with old friends and talking like you’ve never been apart
    10. suprising people (in a nice way)

  27. ohh…mentholatum. Me too! forgot that one.

    crisp sheets
    snowy nights
    sunny days
    fresh picked tomatoes
    hot showers
    worship so intense I forget my feet are still touching earth

    and don’t forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

  28. Yesterday we were behind a car with a license plate that said BOOBAMA. (I can only assume they are Auburn fans and dislike Alabama.) My husband said “Oh I thought that said Boo Mama.”

    I laughed because I didn’t even know he knew who you were. I have read him some funny things from here, but he actually remembered your name LOL. Just thought that would make you smile.


  29. 1) coffee w/ gingerbread creamer
    2) jeans and a comfy sweater
    3) laughter
    4) reading a new book
    5) a new tube of lipstick
    6) blogging
    7) chocolate
    8) my kitties, boo and zoey
    9) a warm blanket
    11)my family
    12)diet pepsi vanilla
    13)my hamster, pollybelle
    15)a really good salad
    17)the colors pink & lime green together
    18)facebook scrabble
    19)the mountains during autumn
    20)cold weather

  30. Knowing God is in charge, even when there is attack all around me.

    That trumps all.

  31. I was just thinking about you this morning … glad to see your post. :o) That’s what makes ME happy! LOL!

  32. 1. Christmas, and Christmas music.
    2. Holidays with my family.
    3. My 22 y.o. son playing the trumpet (anywhere, but especially in church).
    4. My son’s fiancee.
    7. My 15 y.o. daughter – most of the time :D.
    7. Spending time with my DH of 26 years.
    8. My two rotten miniature dachshunds.
    9. Singing – often and loudly!
    10. Sweet tea.

  33. I must take exception to #12. I like having company, but I don’t know about getting ready for them. Of course, you’re more “Martha” than I am, so you probably like setting out fresh flowers and slippers or something like that, while changing the sheets feels like a chore to me.

    I don’t know if I can add to your list —

    1. visiting a new city for the first time
    2. getting away alone with my husband
    3. watching my children experiencing something new
    4. reading a book outside in the sunshine on a perfect day (not too hot, not too cool)

  34. 1. Leaves changing
    2. Cooler weather
    3. Sleeping in
    4. The smell of fresh laundry
    5. The Office
    6. Ice cold coke and buttered popcorn
    7. My pug, Phoebe
    8. Cute new jeans
    9. Chips, salsa and guacamole
    10.Hearing from a long lost friend

  35. Oh how fun!

    1. Chai latte’s with a shot of pumpkin flavor.
    2. When my Big Guy tries his best to clean the house
    3. Costco
    4. Honeycrisp apples
    5. Drives along the Mississippi River to see the leaves change
    6. Seeing my best friend and her baby
    7. Fighing Sioux Hockey
    8. Walks around the neighborhood with my Big Guy
    9. Chilly nights, on the couch with a blanket, cocoa and a good movie.
    10. Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses

    About #10–they sound so-so, but OH MY GOODNESS!!! They are so freakin’ good. White chocolate with pumpkin. And they are only at Target. Be warned! Mulitple kisses will be eaten.

  36. When my golden retriever gets to experience the first few days of cooler weather after the long, hot summer. He prances around the backyard and also runs laps.

  37. Not in any particular order.

    Kisses from my man.
    Respect from my children.
    Beth Moore Bible Studies “Believing God” currently in process.
    My girls playing sports.
    Playing the piano and singing (for myself).
    Disney World.
    Reading a good book.

  38. how my almost-3-year-old says to me all the time now “i can hay-oh-p (help) you!”

    my 10-month-old’s cute only-2-teeth-on-the-bottom grin

    my $3 fall door hanging made from all dollar tree materials

    my husband taking up my slack housework-wise while i’ve been in a funk the last couple of weeks

    taco cabana chicken flautas

    diet cherry cokes from sonic with real cherries

    my latest obsession–chocolate covered peanut butter Quaker granola bars!!! tastes like a reeses!!

  39. 1. Jesus
    2. hearing my children pray
    3. watching them during praise and worship, lift their hands toward Him
    4. talking with them at bedtime when they turn into little chatterboxes
    5. listening/laughing with my friends
    6. decaf coffee with creme brulee creamer. every morning. and evening.
    7. going shopping. alone. anywhere.
    8. road trips with my family and our dogs
    9. praise and worship music
    10. any college/NFL football – if it’s not my teams playing, I pick the one with the color uniforms I like best and root for them.
    11. watching my son play football, baseball, or basketball (he’s a natural athlete that 11 yr old is!) and my daughter in her ballet outfit
    12. having friends and family come to visit
    13. sleeping in
    14. a productive day
    15. a day that the scale doesn’t ‘moo’ at me when I get on it
    16. a good hair day (love fall and winter!)
    17. Pappasito’s chicken soup with the avacado in it
    18. the beach with all my family there
    19. the mountains with all my family there
    20. Carabou Coffee’s soy chai latte — extra hot. Praise You Jesus.
    21. crunchy leaves under our feet
    22. watching my husband -in his flight suit- land a blackhawk (mmmmm….)
    23. my children’s laughter
    24. decorating/organizing things
    25.the heritage my Grandmama and Grandaddy left me with… watching how they served Jesus, loved each other, and lived life together.

  40. I am SO RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on #3. Although what passes for “Fall” here in central Texas is pretty depressing.

    Post request: describe a Fall day where you live (I forget where you are but I’m sure it’s above the 30-degree line of latitude where they have those things called “seasons”). Let me live vicariously through you.

  41. Lucy’s Sense of Humor, Cheeseburgers, Singing in the Car, Cooking Something Yummy, Vacations with my Family, Cinnamon Rolls, Reeves’ smell (sweaty little boy smell), Praying with My Husband, Hot Showers, A Clean Car, Candles Burning, A Quiet House, A Noisy House, The Cooking Network, STRONG and Very Hot Coffee, Rain (Thunderstorms especially), Sand in my toes, Greer’s Laugh, Cold Mornings…..I could list a MILLION MORE!

  42. 1) the smell of my horses…and everything associated with them: hay, grain, leather.
    2) a breakfast of really well-prepared grits and NEVER instant.
    3) music. a gift from God.
    4) Bible Study
    5) a really, really good book that I can’t put down–even for sleep.
    6) my husband
    7) living in the South
    8) San Diego, CA – I used to live there. Coming from GA, I was so amazed that there is somewhere on earth you can live and really not need air conditioning.

    Life is good.

  43. I think I would add chocolate, girls night out and sleeping in:-)

  44. There are so many, but i will keep it brief because only have 1 hand to type at the moment:)

    my new town in the mtns
    smell of coffee brewing on a chilly morning
    pumpkin spice candles
    newly arranged furniture
    thriving house plants

    thats all for now, i have so much more to say, until next time:)


  45. dancing to the “oldies” (music from the 80s)

    curling up in bed with a good book

    curling up with The Good Book

    laughing really hard about anything

    just being with my girlfriendz

    cherry licorice

    spicy ethnic food

    crisp fall days

    clear night skies


  46. I had to come back because I forgot to add my wierd one. I love that smell when a semi or a tractor passes you on the interstate… diesel exhaust.

    My husband tells people that’s when he knew that he loved me the first time.


  47. 1. My precious family.
    2. My amazing husband, who, yes, is part of my family. :)
    3. The changing of the seasons.
    4. Everybody at my house for Thanksgiving.
    5. Worship.
    6. My pups, Shiloh and Samson.
    7. Momma’s pot roast.
    8. Peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice latte.
    9. Dear friends.
    10. Christmas.

  48. 1. The so-sweet card that my almost 7yo daughter made for my 5 yo son for his birthday.

    2. The blue, blue sky today.

    3. Free tickets for the family for the UNT football game this weekend (pray we win, please).

    4. Knowing that I worked out. And then eating doritos guilt-free.

    5. The piece of cake I’m going to eat soon.

  49. • College football
    • Road Trips
    • Company
    • Any month ending in “ber”
    • Hugs
    • My Bible Study class
    • Target
    • The Internet
    • My iPod
    • My DVR
    • An unexpected day off from work
    • Hearing from old friends
    • Hearing people laugh
    • Coffee with Pumpkin Spice Creamer
    • Making new friends
    • An unexpected call or e-mail just to see how I’m doing.
    • Grey Anatomy and the Office
    • My family and friends
    • A clean house
    • Sleeping in!
    • The shore
    • Reading blogs that make me think and laugh

  50. -Having a song come to mind and then hearing it on the radio!
    -Quiet moments in the sunshine
    -Snow on Pike’s Peak that melts by noon time.
    -The joyful laughter of our children
    -Seeing my husband enjoy a hobby again–he’s shooting in a bulls-eye competition for 11 weeks. It makes him giddy!
    -a day well spent
    -a word aptly applied
    -friends that I can pick right up with, right where we left off
    -watching the aspens turn yellow
    -enjoying a good book with a cup o’joe with half and half and 3 teaspoons of splenda
    -hiking and finding a special place
    -a photo that captures the memoy perfectly, like yours of Alex and his light saber
    -a NEW day!
    -seeing that indeed I am not who I was…oh thank you Jesus!

  51. I love the Sweeney Sisters! My sister and I STILL do our impression of them!

  52. a good Christian fiction novel
    a brand new Bible study
    chocolate cake
    haircut & highlight
    a morning to sleep in
    a lazy rainy day
    hugs from my kids
    seeing family that lives far away

  53. -my husband (he’s hot!)
    -my kids
    -the beach (especially when I go w/NO kids!)
    -Krispy Kreme (which I’m not allowed right now)
    -flavored creamer for my coffee
    -the smell of pumpkin spice
    -horseback rides in the fall
    -the smell of clean laundry
    -a midafternoon nap
    -a thunderstorm
    -sleeping in on a Saturday (clarify…past 730)

  54. 1. Watching my precious children sleep
    2. Anytime with my hubby
    3. Freshly made bed
    4. Praise and worship at a women’s conference. You can’t help but just love it!
    5. Fresh baked cookies
    6. Anything Starbucks
    7. Feeling right after I have had my hair done

  55. Okay, so I do not have time to do my own list, but I am so with you on your #23: Krispy Kreme original glazed. YUM

  56. Apple pie for lunch yesterday, dessert last night, and breakfast this morning.


  57. Shrimp with Cheese Grits.
    Sweet Tea.
    Listening to and learning from Beth Moore.
    Reading your blog and Big Mama’s blog.
    Hearing my children pray.
    The Marriage Bible Study my husband and I are doing right now and how it is blessing us SO much.

  58. Is this in order??

  59. Just to name a few. Ha!

    ~God revealing a new truth from scripture that I’ve read before.
    ~Having a relationship with God.
    ~Telling my 5-yr-old to come here because I have something to tell him and him
    responding, “I love you, too! I knew you were going to say that.”
    ~My husband putting his arm around my waist.
    ~Meaningful conversations.
    ~Worship music.
    ~My sister and I laughing until we cry.
    ~Cool, crisp weather.
    ~The sound of the waves crashing on the shore at the beach.

  60. 1. Libraries
    2. A good sneeze
    3. A full DVR, and an evening to unfill it
    4. Calendars
    5. Mashed potatoes

  61. 1. books
    2. sunny days
    3. my children’s smiles
    4. lemons
    5. the smell of fried chicken
    6. fried chicken
    7. my feather bed
    8. my husbands hug
    9. chickens
    10. babies

  62. ~Fall, I LOVE FALL
    ~Hot Apple Cider on a cool crisp day
    ~A good book
    ~Peace and quiet to read that book
    ~Mashed potatoes, well, potatoes of any kind really
    ~God’s peace and grace
    ~My baby’s toothless smile
    ~My big kids smiles

    And so many more. . . . great post.

  63. 1. Sinking my toes into the sand at the beach (More specifically, in the Outer Banks, NC)

    2. Hearing Andrew say, “Thank you, Mommy!” on his own

    3. My DVR (How did I *live* before I had it?) :)

    4. Fall

    5. Listening to Christmas music in October and putting up our tree in early November

    6. Stretching out in bed

    7. Being “big” pregnant–I am tall and have a long torso, so I don’t really get uncomfortable, even toward the end. God has blessed me with two really good pregnancies. I don’t even get morning sickness!

    8. C-sections and the subsequent hospital stay (no joke)

    9. Party food (spinach dip, sausage balls, nachos)

    10. Going out to eat (without my kids)

    11. Clean floors!!!

    12. Text messaging

    13. Good hair days

    14. Backrubs

    15. Not finding out the sex of my babies. There is nothing quite like that anticipation.

    16. Cracking my knuckles. I can’t help myself. Bad habit? Maybe. But I have done it since I was a kid and could never stop. Plus I don’t want to.

    17. Sleeping with lots and lots of pillows

    18. Driving down the road by myself on a perfectly wonderful spring or fall day with my windows down, singing loudly to 90s music

    19. Beth Moore Bible studies

    20. Gap blue jeans (maternity or regular–they’re all great)

  64. Reading such a happy post by my friend. Glad that you’ve got much to smile about of late!

  65. I loved this and made a post at my blog. You know I love college football. Krispy Kreme, Hello!!! Comfort food baby!! If you have the time come on over and read my long list. Hard to stop once you get going.

    Have a fun weekend.

  66. – Fall
    – Yankee Candle Midsummer’s Night candles
    – The smell of cookies baking
    – New shoes
    – Staples (the store, not staple-staples) :)
    – Jane Austen movies and books
    – Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee with half & half
    – Vanilla honey chamomile tea
    – Days when I can open the windows in my house
    – pedicures
    – bear hugs
    – guys who play the guitar
    – Matt Wertz on the iPod ;)

  67. 1. roasting marshmallows by a bonfire

    2. drinking cran-apple juice

    3. cooking a meal that turns out right!

    4. cracking up at my kindergarten kids

    5. shaving with a new razor

    6. watching reruns

    7. reading a christian romance novel

    8. having a clean, organized house

    9. going to bed early

    10. *saved the best for last*… watching my hubby wake up with that cute little stubble on his face and a slow grin :)

    Great idea!!

  68. Too many to include in a comment, so I blogged it. But absolutely Fall made it on my list at #1.

    College football’s on there too. :)

  69. the delay start on my dishwasher.

  70. –a mani/pedi
    –Dove milk chocolate
    –a good southern novel
    –the laughter of my 4th child
    –Addy-my golden retriever
    –SEC football Saturdays
    –thoughtful friends
    –bubble baths

  71. I’m a little choked up that you mentioned Mentholatum. That has been one of my staples since I was a little girl. Most of my friends can’t stand the smell, and mock me for using it. So the fact that it makes someone else happy….makes me happy. Gotta go now, and watch my most fave, “The Office!”

  72. Oh, I could give you a list but right now I am in complete shock at #22. I thought I was the only one!!!!!

  73. Yankee Candle “Pumpkin Pie” scent 22oz.
    It signals ‘AUTUMN’!!!
    Burned daily, it will last until it is exactly time (the day after Thanksgiving) to buy the Christmas scent.

    Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes (seasonal)
    (Sensing a trend here).

    Bath and Body Works Lavendar Vanilla bath gel.

    Hershey Nuggets with Almond.

    I love autumn. I have just survived a summer in Texas. I LOVE AUTUMN!

  74. #3, #6, #13, #17, #23 and really, really CLEAN house with the cleaning aroma to boot!!!!

  75. We share 17 top 25’s!

  76. Ooh, random things I like/love:

    Double stuffed oreos and milk
    My 4 month old’s belly laugh
    My 6 year old’s belly laugh
    Time alone to myself after all others have gone to bed
    Nursing the little one
    The Office
    Watching a really good movie for the first time
    Catching up with an old friend
    Disney World!!
    Roller coasters
    All music from Casting Crowns
    The ‘ah-ha’ moment that comes with teaching
    Organizing things
    Any type of makeover before / after pictures
    Taking pictures
    Boomama’s blog!

  77. -Starbucks Eggnog Latte
    -Jamba Juice breakfast meals
    -Scented candles
    -My son’s laugh
    -Godiva Lemon Chiffon truffle
    -When my husband winks at me
    -Fall TV shows
    -Our online movie rental service

    Great list!

  78. Southern Gal says:

    In no particular order:

    1. Touring historic places with my hubby, alone
    2. fall
    3. spring
    4. summer at the beach with family
    5. Diet Mountain Dew
    6. Keith Green music
    7. Beach music and the shag
    8. A good crossword puzzle
    9. reading aloud to my boys
    10.Ethanisms (my sons amazing sayings!)
    11. Warm, crisp cookies
    12. The smell of baking bread

    I could go on and on, but I won’t.
    Thanks for making me think on these things!

  79. This was fun! I hope you’ll check out my list.

  80. 1. Symmetrical things
    2. Publix
    3. Calculators
    4. Diet Pepsi Max
    5. This kick-butt weather we’re having ’round here!

  81. 1. Manicures and Pedicures
    2. Having a crush on someone (which I do)
    3. Fall
    4. Seeing the someone I have a crush on
    5. Watching Pride & Prejudice
    6. Watching someone get baptized at church
    7. Talking to the someone I have a crush on
    8. Finding the perfect jeans
    9. Spending time with my BFF
    10.Sweet dreams (about you know who)
    11.Hearing God’s voice clearly

  82. A novel set in the south

    peanut butter m&ms

    blogs set in the south

    the way my daddy gave people by nicknames and now I do too

    people playing with my hair

    how God can change the way we think from the inside out

    puppies and kittens

    a country song that tells the truth

    turning up the music in my car and having the kids sing loud along with me

    watching my little girl from China sing about Jesus and pray with such faith

    watching my husband work in the yard

    seeing something brand new in the Bible that I’ve read a hundred times before

    BooMama, thanks for making me thing about this. It was good for me. Blessings!

  83. Hey BooMama! So there are definitely three things on the list we have in common:

    1. Fall
    2. The Office
    3. Clean sheets

    :-) God bless you for what you do to keep our spirits uplifted!

    2008 She Speaks attendee