Another List. Not so Random.

Alert. This blog has been hijacked by the man called BooDaddy.

Dear BooMama,

As I know how much you enjoy a list, I thought it only fitting that in honor of your 39th birthday today, I would let you know 39 reasons why I love you:

1. That even though you grew up in Mississippi, you didn’t realize that the Mississippi River formed the state’s western border until you were almost 30. (See also the Target “circles.”)

2. That you allowed me to get a yellow lab. And then let us also keep the abandoned stray mutt that wandered to our house a few months later.

3. That you were so loving with our aforementioned puppies that I knew you would be an awesome mom.

4. That you prove me correct on a daily basis (see #3) with Boo.

5. That you never complain when I stay up late playing Xbox with friends.

6. That you NEVER NAG me about anything.

7. In the 11 years we have been married you have never given me a to do list. Not one single time.

8. You love to keep a pretty house. (Yet somehow do not have this same compulsion about your car-but I guess that’s another list entirely.)

9. That you love your friends and are fiercely loyal to them.

10. That you can enter a situation and immediately know how to handle it (which comes in handy with a husband who has been known to fly off the handle a time or two).

11. That you appreciate my ability to fix things around the house.

12. That when I suggested it might be a good idea for you to find a hobby you took up blogging.

13. That you have never brought the laptop into the bedroom. And that is saying something since it has been in EVERY OTHER room in the house. [Or for that matter the fact that you can tell where the WiFi drops out in our front and back yard.]

14. That you love your brother and sister and speak with them daily.

15. That you have given me not only your brother and sister but their spouses as well.

16. That you love the beach almost as much as I do.

17. That you only rearrange furniture every couple of years. (First, you have a completely different disposition during the process and second, I am like a cat in that I will try and sit where I am used to sitting without regard for where I might land.)

18. That you love my friends.

19. That you make THE BEST country fried steak, gravy, mac and cheese and butterbeans in the world. And I should know.

20. That you know #19 is my all time favorite meal and surprise me with it every month or so.

21. That you can flat out cook.

22. Christ. Africa. Compassion. ‘Nuff said.

23. That you have MANY friends and can tell me exactly what is happening with each one of them at any given time.

24. That you know how to counter my arguments. (Note: not always appreciated during the argument, but definitely appreciated after I have had time to come to my senses.)

25. Your loyalty and devotion to Mentholatum. I have never met a person more devoted to a single product.

26. The sound of your laugh.

27. Your unbridled love of football.

28. Specifically the SEC.

29. Especially Mississippi State.

30. Your ability to leave work, run by the Stein Marts, go to the grocery store, and come home without breaking your cell phone conversation with [insert friend name here].

31. That you don’t not use your mastery certifucate in ANGleash to correct my grammertical mistooks (even though I am sure you are noting my mistakes in this birthday list as you are reading it.)

32. Your continual insistence that you can dye your own hair.

33. That you always take the puppies out for their last walk of the day.

34. Your love of Jan Hooks, Christopher Guest movies, Kristen Wigg, and The Office.

35. That you make both me and Boo laugh on a daily basis.

36. That you remembered to get your oil changed this week. (Wait a second. This may be more of a subtle hint.)

37. Three words: homemade chocolate pie.

38. That you LOVE a bargain and have an innate ability to hunt one down.

39. That you love me.

I apologize for covertly finding out a way to hijack your blog. (Whatup BigMama!) But I just felt that this list needed to be published so that all could know how special I think you are.

I love you,

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  1. that is so sweet! happy birthday sophie :)

  2. Really? No nagging? No to do list?

    # 15 is very interesting. It can be interpreted many different ways.

    This was a very sweet gesture to your wife. I know she’s proud!!

  3. Happy Birthday! With a list like that it’s easy to see why you married him.

    Have a wonderful day.

    (Excellent list BooDaddy).

    blogless Annette.

  5. Well, BooDaddy is certainly the nicest hijacker I’ve ever heard of.

    How sweet! Happy Day, Sophie!

  6. Happy Birthday!


  7. Awwww – BooDaddy – how precious!


  8. That is so sweet – I love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  9. How sweet is that! A very Happy, happy birthday to you! May your year and marriage continue to be protected and blessed by God!!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOMAMA! I am so excited that we share the same birthday! I hope your birthday weekend is as FABULOUS as mine is going to be!!!!

    And what a sweet BooDaddy you have in your life!!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – gotta love the October b-day… pumpkins and leaves and yummy candles and whatnot.
    That’s an awesome list from your BooDaddy… enjoy the fabulous charms that God has placed in your life (like mentholatum and WIFI).
    Happy Day!

  12. Jabber Jaws says:

    Happy birthday and happy family. Isn’t it wonderful when you POUR out love to people, like you do, and then someone wants to pour it back into you.


  14. Now see, nothing us little ol’ commenters could say can ever match what your sweetheart of a husband has penned for you. And that’s just how it should be :)

    Happy Birthday Sophie! Thanks for sharing your life and heart on the blawg…

  15. Happy Birthday, BooMama! The tribute list from BooDaddy is a wonderful birthday gift.

    I hope you have an amazingly wonderful day!


  16. What a gift. You are so blessed.
    Happy Birthday!

  17. #25 is my favorite! LOL happy birthday boomama~!

  18. This is great! Boodaddy is as funny as you are! I love #8 because I’m a neat freak with our house – but my car is a living disaster at all times. All the things on the list make me like you more!
    Happy Birthday! Surely you are just 29?

  19. What a precious thing to do!!! Happy Birthday BooMama!!!!!

  20. How utterly adorable and VERY, VERY sweet! Sophie, you got a good one!

    Happy Birthday you Southern Belle!

  21. Precious, precious post from BooDaddy!

    Happy Birthday Sophie!

  22. Happy happy birthday!! (and kudos to BooDaddy for the list – you rock)

  23. What a sweet post!

    Happy Birthday!!

  24. Well done, BooDaddy.

    And I’m especially appreciative of #30 because it is a skill.

    Oh, and #9 because it is ever so true.

    Happy Birthday.

  25. Um, and that’s pretty much the greatest list ever.

  26. He made me laugh, he made me cry. He’s definitely BooDaddy.

    Soophie, this just brings home even MORE the fact that you are who I think you are. A wonderful girl, a great friend, an awesome wife and mommy, and someone I wish I could be friends with in “real” life.

    Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!

  27. I realize your name is not Soophie. Sorry!

  28. happy birthday sophie! what a lovely list.

  29. Happy Birthday!!

    I loved the subtle hint about the oil change. =)

  30. Man…you might wanna hang on to that BooDaddy!

  31. Well done Boodaddy! What a beautiful list! Happy Birthday again, Sophie!

  32. OH! How sweet he is!!!!! I just love seeing godly husbands who cherish their wives – and how that gives their wives the freedom to be godly women! I can tell you what an encouragement that is to us single gals!

  33. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!

    I hope you have the best day ever!! What a blessing you are.

    I like that you say fixin’ to do… AND that you love SEC football… AND that you say SteinMarts instead of Steinmart, I love your sense of humor and I love that we are sisters in Christ!!

    Love you,

  34. Happy Birthday to you!!!

  35. AWESOME list. BooDaddy rules.

    Happy birthday, Sophie. :)

  36. Happy Birthday Boo Mama! Your husband totally rocks but I bet you knew that already. Have great day!

  37. Brenda Branch says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    The list was great. He is a keeper.
    Love ya

  38. I already wished you a happy birthday, but it is worth saying again and again. Happy, Happy Birthday!

  39. Awwwww, this. is. too. sweet! I’m getting all teared up.

    Happy Birthday to you BooMama! May the coming year bring you blessings unimaginable!!

    Kudos to BooDaddy for hijacking your blog with an outstanding list!

  40. Happy Birthday!

    And let me just say that my Mom is a life-long devotee of Mentholatum as well. I went to bed every night for years with that the last smell of the night.

  41. Southern Gal says:

    Am I comment #39? How appropriate!

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for making me laugh out loud and spit food and drink all over my monitor and keyboard when I come to your site!

  42. Precious!!! Happy Birthday, BooMama!

  43. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  44. Happy Birthday!! We are so lucky to have you! :)

  45. Woo hoo! Go Boodaddy!!!!!

  46. That list makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy!

    Great gift….BooDaddy!

    I bet birthday girl will treasure it!

    Happy Day to a wonderful blogging princess!

  47. Happy BDAY!!! please post recipe of chocolate pie!

  48. BooMama,

    I do believe BooDaddy is a keeper!:) You are one lucky Southern woman! (Lucky AND Southern go hand in hand, of course)

    Happy 39th birthday birthday!!!

  49. Happy Birthday! What a great list.

  50. Happy Birthday!! What a nice husband:-)

  51. Aww. Happy Birthday, S! I do have to respectfully disagree with Boodaddy on one point: I have been in said car and it is NOT unclean. It might be “comfortably lived in” but if I can still put my feet directly on the floorboard, that is considered a CLEAN car. So, see? She really is perfection!

  52. Happy Birthday!

    Great list BooDaddy!

  53. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    That might have been the SWEETEST thing I’ve ever read – you have a good man there :)

  54. Awwwww!
    Happy Birthday Sophia!
    Excellent list BooDaddy!

    A most Blesses Day to ya’ll!

  55. Happy Birthday!

    You know the ole saying that a good man is hard to find. You obviously knew how to hunt!


    Enjoy your sweet husband and son today!

  57. Stephanie says:

    Happy happy birthday BooMama!

  58. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!! What an awesome list BooDaddy!

  59. I believe that is the sweetest thing that I have ever read!

    Happy Birthday!!

  60. Happy Birthday. #32 is the best.

  61. Too sweet!! Happy Birthday!!

  62. I have a BooDaddy…BUT he’s not that articulate. How sweet, I have tears in my eyes and water running down my face. Happy Birthday BooMama!

  63. I loved your hijacked post! Happy Birthday!

  64. Awww! Happy birthday, Sophie!

  65. Happy Birthday BooMama!! Glad you have your wonderful BooDaddy to celebrate with you–he’s already given you a wonderful gift in that list. WOW!

  66. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with all the many blessings and joy you deserve.

    I love the list. Tell BooDaddy, great job!

  67. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sophie!

    Hope you have an awesome day.

    And I feel for you – with your wit and BooDaddy’s wit, I can imagine that your sides will hurt on a consistent basis as little Boo grows up with his inherited wit. Lawsie, I bet that kid’s gonna be hilarious.

    And a “knuckle bump” to you for having an Oct birthday. Mine’s the 24th. Holla!

  68. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a very special day!

  69. Happy Birthday, Sophie!!

    It sounds like you have yourself one great catch!

    Thanks for hijaking the blog today, Boodaddy, so that we could see just how special Boomama is! (like we didn’t already know that!)

  70. Jenny from VA says:


    The tears and the sweetness have me overcome. You are a beautiful couple!

  71. OK, I have not read it all yet – but I have to stop and comment. This is one of the sweetest post I’ve ever read. Like what the commenter above said – tears and sweetness have me overcome!

    Love you Boomama – Happy Birthday _ I wish you God’s Blessings – more and more.

    Way to go BooDadda!

  72. Boomama,
    Happy Birthday!!
    A Fellow Siesta

  73. Happy birthday, BooMama! Nice to know that your man is as sweet and funny as you are.

  74. Have an oh-so-happy birthday, BooMama!

    And way-to-go, BooDaddy!

  75. That was really sweet. Happy Birthday!

  76. Happy Birthday Sophie! I’m so glad that BooDaddy found a way to get this list on the ole blawg….so sweet!

  77. SO SWEET! Happy Birthday, Sophie! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

  78. Just have to add my Happy Birthday to you Sophie. What a sweet post. Made my eyes fill up with tears. You are one blessed woman. May you have a great day and a great week end. You are a gift to us all.

  79. what a s w e e t m a n.
    I bet you two are a load of fun together!

    What a lucky little boo to have you both for parents.

  80. What a sweet hubbie you have!

    Happy Happy Happy birthday to you!

  81. Aww! Nice job BooDaddy!

    Happy Birthday!

    I’m sure he meant 29 though…right?

  82. Awww! How sweet.

    Happy Birthday BooMama!

  83. Great job, BooDaddy!!

    Happy B-day, BooMama!!

  84. Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!!

  85. Happy Birthday! What a sweet list. BooDaddy done good!

  86. Oh my goodness. You, BooMama, have a wonderful man right there.

    Have a super, awesome, happy birthday!!

    : )

  87. What a precious birthday gift. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

  88. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend…


  89. I have to say, the sweetness of that list made me cry : )

    What a lucky girl you are! Happy birthday!

  90. Happy Birthday Boomama!!!!
    what a sweet sweet guy, I hope ya’ll have a great day today on the big 39 oh my!

  91. Happy Birthday Sophie! That list (and the random things one too) just confirmed for me that you and I would be BFFs in real life!

  92. Awww! How totally sweet. Have a happy birthday (how can you not after that list? :-) )

  93. Happy Happy Birthday! May the next 39 years be filled with much friend chicken, diet coke and lotsa love from that great guy of yours!

  94. Awww! Good job, BooDaddy!

    Happy Birthday, BooMama! May God richly bless the coming year – and all the rest of them, too!

  95. Happy Birthday!

  96. Happy birthday!!! :o)
    Have wonderful day!!!


  97. Well I have never in my whole life seen something so SWEET!

    Yay for Sophie!

  98. Emma Kate says:

    You’re the BEST friend someone could ever hope for!!! Happy Happy Day!! Boodaddy!! I owe you a big ole ek hug — that was the SWEETEST thing I’ve ever read — could you encourage Brad? haha

  99. Happy Birthday BooMama! Although I’m a Yankee and can’t keep a very clean house, I’m an avid stalker…oh, I mean faithful reader. Enjoy your day and every bit of spoiling – you deserve it!

  100. I vote you keep BooDaddy around for a while. He’s a good un, bless his heart.

    LOVE this post.

    Happiest of b’days, you young whippersnapper!