Christmas Tour of Homes

Now I know it’s only the beginning of November, but in case you’re a planner, I thought you might like to have some basic info on this year’s Christmas Tour of Homes.

First, the code for the cute button Shannon made:

Second, here’s what the button should look like if you add it to your blog:


Third, the details, which are the basically the same as they’ve been the last two years:

I only ask a few things of you if you plan to participate in our humble little tour:

– That you actually post pictures of your holiday decorations (and by all means, if you celebrate Hanukkah and not Christmas, please join us).

– That you don’t mock the season. Or the Reason. Or the people who are participating, oh thank you.

As for what kind of pictures we’re going to post…well, I’m thinking pictures of your tree…pictures of a particular collection that you love…pictures of your favorite nativity scene…pictures of your front door…and pictures of your outside decorations if you’d like to share them. Show us your favorite traditions.

So basically, you know, whatever.

And really, it’s only fair that you should provide some refreshments (I mean, you ARE inviting us over and all), so I think it would be great fun if everyone posted his or her favorite quick and easy holiday recipe along with the pictures.

And if you’re wondering how this works, it’s pretty simple. You’ll put up your Christmas Tour post on your blog on the 15th, then hop over here and leave your link on the Mr. Linky. Once you leave your link, you can start clicking through the list and visiting other people. It’s like an Open House, but since it’s on the internet you get to experience the Open House while you’re wearing your pajamas and eating chocolate.

And maybe even drinking some egg nog.

I for one cannot imagine anything more delightful, except that I don’t like egg nog, but I will not let that damper my enthusiasm.

Can’t wait to deck the halls with y’all!


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  1. Thank you BooMama! I put this date on my calendar – I can’t wait to particpate. I loved touring the homes last time, but I didn’t have a blog back then and now I do! Yeah! :-)

  2. Yay! I’m excited to participate in my first “tour”. Of course… my collection of pictures will probably just include one: a mini-tree. With… 2 ornaments? I think that’s all Husband and I have so far. Hey, we’re just-out-of-college, and we’ve never done Christmas away from the parents before! We’re so excited for our first! So I’ll provide the viewpoint of Young and Sparsely decorated so anyone who misses those days can reminisce.

  3. It’s a virtual holiday sip-n-see!!!

  4. I am so EXCITED!!! I did the tour last year, but will get to participate in al the fun now that I have my own blog. (:

  5. Got on my blog – how pretty it looks.

    Loved this last year, can’t wait until this year’s.

  6. can’t wait! i’m a planner and am already working on it. this tour is a great motivator!

  7. Got the button! Hoping this will motivate me to decorate early and enjoy the season.

  8. I love participating in this, Boomama. It’s the only time of the year when my house gets a good cleaning. But, if you open a closet door, duck.

    I’ll be back after I deck the halls. :)

  9. Oh this is going to be REALLY fun!! I can show everyone how I make a two bedroom trailer look oh-so-festive!;) And I’ll include my cider recipe too.

    Hey, while we’re on the topic, would you think about participating in *my* upcoming event??!:) Pretty please!

  10. I commented already but I don’t see it here. Anyway, I grabbed the button and it looks great!

  11. In case the thought of raw eggs gags you with a spoon, I make a Mock Eggnog that’s a nice substitute:

    (You can use regular milk)

    But if it’s the flavor of eggnog that you don’t like, well then…can’t help ya.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. Obviously the Comment Gods hate me today. Feel free to delete my nonsensical duplicates.

    This WILL show up! It WILL!


  14. Yay! I’ll be participating this year!

  15. Woohoo!

    If you’re in town the first weekend in December and we actually get to see each other, you may get to see us “deckin’ the halls!”

    Love the button! It’s just purrrfect!

  16. I’ve got the button and can’t wait to participate for the first time. Now, I’ll have to think up a recipe to share too. That’ll be harder than decorating the house as I’m not much for cooking! lol

  17. Ok. Wait. Is. this. like. NOVEMEBER. 15?

  18. Yay! This will be fun. Are we talking DEC 15? Or NOV 15? Because honey I haven’t even bought my tree yet. I’m terribly organised as you can see :-)

    Look’n forward to it.

  19. Okay, so it’s DEC 15. Just like the cute ‘lil button says. Clearly I am oh-so-clever.

  20. I missed last year’s tour, but you can bet I’ll have my post perfected by Dec. 15th this year!

  21. That sounds like fun. I think I will play:-)

  22. oh man I cant wait – I just love the holidays!!

  23. So in on this!!!

  24. I’ll be there . . . with bells on! This may be just the push I need to get my house in order. Well, that and the open house I’m having on the 6th and the guests we’re having on the 13th, but, yeah, this will help too! :)

  25. I just came across your blog and saw the information about your Christmas tour you will be hosting. I would LOVE to join in the fun! Thanks!

  26. My blog will be up and running by them. I’m so excited I get to play this year!!! *HUGS*

  27. This was fun last year and I’m looking forward to it. December 15th is on my calendar. :-)

  28. I am so ready for this. Well, not ready in the sense I have my home decorated but ready to enjoy visiting your homes. I don’t like egg nog either but I will drink coffee or caramel apple cider drink from Starbucks.

  29. This will be so fun!! I can’t wait!

  30. This sounds like so much fun! I love decorating for the Christmas season and can’t wait to not only participate, but to see what others have done. I’m sure I’ll see lots of fun new ideas.

  31. You have no idea how excited I am!

    : )

  32. Very cool I’m jumping in on this one. It is so much fun!

  33. I can’t wait!! I am getting that button now!!

  34. i’m in!! we just bought a house in september and i can’t wait to decorate!

  35. I’m in too! I hope. I think… Well, we’ll just see what happens.

  36. Oh I probably wont be posting my own home but I will for sure be taking the tour!!! oOoOOOo how excitingly fabulous.

  37. The first decorating I will do will be to put your banner in my sidebar.

    Oh I wish decorating my house were that easy…

    (But I procrastinate on everything. And it is 1:25am. So I am not going to do it tonight. But I promise, it will be the first trimming I put up.)

  38. I can’t wait! I’ve been super excited about your tour of homes since I saw it on Kellyskorner!

  39. Thank you Than you Thank you for hosting the holiday tour again. I loved it last year and am so excited for this year.

  40. come join my Christmas Delights
    on the same day
    it will be fun

    add ing your’s to my Whimsy Blog
    thanks Deena

  41. Hi!
    I would love to participate in the tour of homes on Dec. 15.
    Christmas is a very special day for my family.
    A greeting from Argentina.

  42. How very international we will get to be – did everyone else notice Jorgelina is in Argentina? Very exciting, holiday joy abounding – I already put up a post about why I’m participating this year – so very happy to have a deadline to actually DO Christmas decor this year!! Thanks Sophie and Shannon (for the neat button thingie). See y’all the 15th –

  43. I”m so there BooMama!!! Looking forward to it..

  44. What fun, I’d love to! -CS ^..^

  45. oh ya! i’m in!!! Thanks for hosting this!

  46. Hi BooMama – I am a faithful reader and love your blog! I loved the holiday tour last year and would love to join up this year. Because I am new to bloggin I don’t know how to do all the “extras”. How do I post your label on my blog, sigh up, etc. etc. etc… Thanks for tutoring me!! God bless, Heather

  47. Oh, how completely groovy! I’m so gonna have to play!

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    You won’t believe it! It SNOWS inside! Now that’s Christmas magic.

  49. New blogger here,not sure how I found your inspiring webpage…but count me in(marking the calendar now! I love Christmas!!! I also go to about 10 homes and do their Holiday decor and would love to show and share some of the homes that I do…so please count me in! And hopefully by December 15th I will be a better photographer and a MUCH better blogger ( not practicing much next week though) I have 9 days in a row of Holiday decor to put up at my clients homes!

  50. I found you via Melanie at This Ain’t New York (love her blog and apparently she grew up not far from where I live). Anyhoo, I am excited about the ‘tour’ and can’t wait to decorate.

  51. OK! I just looked through the tour from last year and am all inspired. Let’s Go! Thanks, Boo Mama!

  52. First time visitor…but I’m all for Christmas Open Houses!

    We do ours Italian style with a Southern twist.

  53. This sounds like fun!

    I enjoyed the Dominican Republic blogs. Thanks for the link. I taught there during the Summer of ’98.

  54. LOVE IT. Since I was going to post pics of the house when done anyway I would love to participate! Thanks

  55. Yeh, love it, loved last year, will love this year, my husband is deployed this year so this will help me get up and go with the decorations!

  56. I just shared this on my Sunday Linkage holiday happenings around the blogosphere. Can’t wait to share my decorations and take a peak into everybody’s house too!!

  57. I am so excited for this! I just put the button on my blog and now I’m channeling my Christmas Decorating vibes.

  58. I’ll be participating, sounds like so much fun!

  59. Yay! SO excited for this again this year. I met so many friends through this last year and it was so fun to show off my goods!

  60. yay! I loved visiting several of these last year. I just started blogging last week – so maybe joining in myself will get some visitors for my lonely blog :)


  61. I can’t wait, now I just have to decorate the house. Thanks, this will be my first year.

  62. Love the button! Have been displaying it for a while on my blog. Here’s hoping I’ll have my act together in time for the tour! Thanks for hosting!

  63. This looks like so much fun…count me in!

  64. don’t forget kwanzaa!!

  65. What a fantastic idea! I did this last year, but without your cute button!! :o)

    Looking forward to the 15th…

  66. I just added the button to my page. That will be fun.