American Idol, Top 9

People, I scoured the interwebs for two whole minutes this afternoon and tried to find out what tonight’s theme was going to be. But alas, my extensive research was for naught. So tonight I actually had to watch the opening of the show – cheesy intro of the judges and the whole nine yards – to find out that the theme is Top Downloads.

So, um, I have no idea what constitutes a “top download,” but, you know, SURE.

Anoop Desai – “Caught Up” – David and I just sounded like two octogenarians when Anoop announced the title of his song (“HE DO WHAT CAUGHT HUH?”). I’ve never in my life heard of this song, but I don’t think I needed to hear it in order to know that this wasn’t Anoop’s finest hour. What’s so strange about Anoop’s song choices to me is that he seems to pick songs that fight with his strengths. And at a time when he really needs to stand out and do something memorable, he didn’t.

Megan Joy – “Turn Your Lights Down Low” – She is darlin’. She really is. But something is missing when she performs – like, I don’t know, energy. It makes me a little sad, because I think she’s so interesting, but I have yet to connect with anything she’s done in the Top 12. Plus, tonight’s song was super boring. SUPER boring. But did I mention that she’s darlin’?

Danny Gokey – “What Hurts The Most” – The main thing I liked about this performance was that he didn’t sing at top volume the entire time. I actually liked this arrangement better than I like the original Rascal Flatts version. Danny put a laid-back R&B twist on the beginning of the song, and I thought it was great. However, I still contend that I have NO idea what kind of CD he’d record – maybe that’ll get a little more clear in the weeks to come.

Allison Iraheta – “Don’t Speak” – At first I got a little distracted by the bow in her hair because I’m pretty sure that I owned something similar back in 1984. Anyway, I thought the beginning of this song was great – though her guitar playing seemed sort of inconsequential – but the second half of the song was pretty rough around the edges. Also, I’m gonna have to issue a fashion citation for those white sandals (NOT EASTER YET, and also: NOT WITH BLACK LEGGINGS). As I’ve contended all long, Allison’s musical style isn’t really my thing, but she’s remarkably consistent for someone who’s only 16.

Scott MacIntyre – “Just The Way You Are” – Okay. I’m confused. What does a song from the 70s have to do with top downloads? Is that really a top download? Or is it just the song Scott wanted to sing? I used to love listening to my Billy Joel Greatest Hits cassette when I’d drive back and forth to college, so I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan – but Scott didn’t do this song justice. I keep going back to the fact that while he’s perfectly pleasant to listen to, he just isn’t in the same vocal league as most of these contestants. A nice piano bar? YESSSSSSSSS. But American Idol? NOOOOOOOO.

Also: his hair reminded me of Richard Marx. That’s neither here nor there, really, but I just thought I’d share.

Matt Giraud – “You Found Me” – Don’t even get me started about the travesty of Matt being in the bottom two last week. So as a response to that, he’s breaking out The Fray. I don’t know if his strategy is going to resonate with mainstream America, because truth be told I thought the first part of the song was a little hard to follow. Granted, it picked up about a third of the way through, but here’s what I think was the biggest problem with this performance: we’ve gotten conditioned to expect a certain thing from Matt, and this week he did a 180. It didn’t feel nearly as sincere as his performance last week, and as much as I love him (LOVE HIM), I think this was a reactionary misstep.


Lil Rounds – “I Surrender” – My first thought about this song choice is WHY, WHY DO YOU DO THAT? I feel like Lil is all over the place and jumping into a different genre each week. We got a little glimpse of her soulfulness in the bridge of this song, but for the most part this performance was sort of pitchy and screamy. Why not break out some Mary J. Blige? Or even some Alicia Keys? Here’s my opinion: Lil is trying to be who she thinks the judges want her to be – but in doing that she’s losing some of the qualities that make her so great. I’m still rooting for her, though.

Adam Lambert – “Play That Funky Music” – You know what this performance felt like to me? It felt – vocal acrobatics or no – like it was way more for him than it was for us (I could be totally wrong, of course). And I’m sorry, but the only way this version of that song would be “current” is if it were a part of some sort of hot new Broadway musical featuring talking animals who have overtaken a disco. The end.


Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” – THAT WAS STINKIN’ BRILLIANT. I bet I watch it five more times before I go to sleep tonight. And unlike about half of the other contestants, Kris seems to know exactly who he is as an artist, and he’s staying true to what he knows every single week. LOVED IT.

In the end I don’t think I really understood what tonight’s theme was supposed to be – because it pretty much turned into sing-what-you-like. And that’s fine. But without a more specific theme, the show felt all over the place. I thought Kris was the best hands-down, and I thought Megan and Scott were the weakest links. I think Matt’s in a little bit of danger, too.

What say you, internets?

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  1. Okay, the ”HE DO WHAT CAUGHT HUH?” comment made me laugh out loud! And the fact that you worked Richard Marx into the recap is brilliant. I normally hate Scott but I really thought he was better than Anoop tonight… too bad there’s not another double elimination week.

  2. Oh BooMama, we are so two fingers pointing to my eyes then same two pointing to your eyes. Especially where Scott’s hair is concerned. Glad it’s not just me. I said Tom Hanks from back in the day, and I bet it’s the same day as Richard Marks. Awesome.

  3. I had to rewind three times before I could understand what song Anoop was singing! I loved the Richard Marx hair reference! I’d like to think Megan is done, but I said that last week too. As long as Danny makes it another week, i don’t care who goes home tomorrow!
    Thanks for another GREAT post BooMama!

  4. I don’t really have anything to add other than the fact that I also used to listen to Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits driving to and from college.

    I may bring it this weekend for our listening enjoyment.

  5. I totally missed Mandisa!! DANGIT. Also, as usual, I am your lemming. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  6. I agree SO much with you…it just sounds SO much nicer when you say it!!

  7. I love, love, LOVE your recaps!

  8. I found your blog by linking through another person’s blog and I am now addicted to reading your blog, which I find totally amusing and hilarious. This week I thought I should move from blog stalker to blog commentator. Also, I have a major thing for bacon and pretty much anything that involves bacon.

  9. Lord God, please let Megan go home this week.. please. I just don’t get her. I am old and unhip, but still.. ???? Kris was brilliant, and Adam was, too, in his own way. Scott.. needs to go.. but Megan first, oh please, God, please. I’m glad you went ahead and posted; I don’t think I could have slept well if I hadn’t known what you thought about tonight. Not really, but close… scary close. off to bed….

  10. Jamie Friedrich says:

    Did you notice Kris Allen’s Invisible Children bracelet? (Surely, with your passion for Uganda, you know about the Invisible Children.) Anyway…I am totally on board with all you have said here. Especially Richard Marx. THAT was amazing. :)

  11. I think it’s comical the guy that just hasn’t “wowed” {sp?} anyone, is the ONLY one that “wowed” ’em tonight! Yay Kris Allen!

  12. My BFF and I think that Danny totally has a spot in the Contemporary Christian Artist world just waiting for him.

    Think you could pull some strings and get him an apprentice spot with Travis?

  13. I think Adam could just leave now and do his thang. He’s in another league.

    I used to have Play That Funky Music as my ringtone, so I loved it. I was also glad he acknowledged the band.

    He and Danny were my top 2.

  14. I found your blog through Bring the Rain by Angie. I have enjoyed reading your takes on American Idol and of course the infamous Bachelor. Thanks for the laughter

  15. You are my new best friend… I missed it tonight and I’m sitting in the hotel kicking myself and poof! You blog re-cap the whole thing for me. YOU ROCK!!!

  16. I love your recaps, Boo Mama!!! Adam sure upped his game tonight. My boy Danny and my boy Kris will have to BRING IT ON next week. I’m afraid Anoop and Megan might be fighting it out tomorrow night.

  17. I agree with all that you said

    Chris became my top idol tonight

  18. Jennifer says:

    I am not an Adam fan – so agreed with you on his performance. Kris and Danny were my top 2, and I am a Matt fan. But I’m worried about him, especially after last week.

  19. You did *not* just reference Richard Marx in an American Idol post. :) You’ve been spending too much time with Mr. Groves (or reading his blog too much.) :)

  20. Stupid lightning fried my satellite this morning.

    Stupid DirecTV can’t come fix it until tomorrow afternoon.

    I missed American Idol and Law & Order SVU.


  21. Melanie K says:

    LOVE ADAM!! LOVE HIM! So agree with you on everything else, but NOT on Adam. I would totally download that song!!

  22. I’m getting bored with Scott. He sounds the same every week. And am I the only one who can’t stand to hear Megan sing?! She really gets on my nerves. Adam still scares me. He screams waaaaay to much. I love Anoop (much more since I watched him on YouTube with the UNC Clefhangers!), but he didn’t impress me tonight. Kris was my favorite. By far. And also, I don’t like Allison very much either. She shouts like Adam, and it’s not appealing to the ears.

  23. I just love Kris to death. I’ve already watched his song 4 times.

    (By the way, it’s Kris Allen, not Adams.)

  24. I love your re-caps! They are always dead on. My favorites are Kris and Danny! Love them!!! I was disappointed with Anoop and Matt’s performances. I like them both a lot too, but they just didn’t bring it this week. I am tired of the judges giving Adam so much credit. He just isn’t that good in my opinion. (Just an FYI it is Kris ALLEN)

  25. I am so glad you liked Kris! I must admit, I know him! We grew up in the same town. He is an awesome guy with an awesome family! He has a deep love for the Lord!! Such an amazing person!

  26. Thanks for another fun and funny recap!

  27. I don’t get Adam.

    There I said it.

  28. I did my research this week and found out that there are even more worship leaders then I thought in this group. Of course Michael Sarver, who is gone, and Danny Gokey, who everyone knows about. However, Kris Allen, Scot, and Matt are ALL music people at their churches. Crazy. I wonder if God is workin on Anoop and Adam? :)

  29. Well Kris was by far the best tonight…it was genius I tell you and Danny was awesome also, but I will have to rate him in second place tonight. Adam can probably sing anything, but I’m sorry I just didn’t like the song choice and I didn’t think he made it current at all. I’m just not into all the screaming that he does, but other than that I do really like his voice. I’m sad that Matt chose that song tonight and I’m hoping he didn’t do himself in. I love his voice and I don’t think he should go home….I wish he would have done something more like Kris did. Personally I would have to choose Allison as my third place choice tonight. While it wasn’t her absolute best and the rock style that she likes to sing, is not my favorite….the girl can sing! Scott actually did better than usual tonight, but I still wouldn’t buy his CD and I think his time is drawing near. Anoop chose an awful song and it put him way down at the bottom of the list for me. I like him, but he just isn’t going to win. As for Lil, again I didn’t care for her song choice and I think she got a little loud through some of it, but she certainly can sing.

    AND FINALLY will Megan please GO HOME!!! I’m sorry, but while she was singing tonight I said, “This is really irritating me!” Seriously, it was annoying to listen to and if I heard her on the radio, I would turn it off! She has no business being in this competition, I mean come on people, it’s not a beauty contest. If it was…she would win hands down because she is beautiful, but I’m afraid her sound will never sell CD’s. I will be sooo upset if Matt goes home before her!

  30. Scott sounds like I did when I was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD.


  31. I thought Kris Allen was terrific last night. I had no idea there were so many involved with the music program with their churchs. That’s great.
    You know I love Anoop. He has a beautiful voice but I’ve been so disappointed with his song choices, he’s doing himself in and it makes me sad. That said, they all have wonderful voices but too many of them, like Anoop, are also doing themselves in.

    Adam can sing but he’s very impressed with his very own scream. Where did I read that he has been touring with Wicked? He’s already a professional, alas, a preofessional without a recording contract.

    Allison seems to old for her years, although she can sing I’m old so can’t really appreciate her style.

    I like Megan,she’s darling! I just try not to focus on her arm. I love the uniqueness of her voice but she needs to stay in the jazz genre to really shine for me and she has yet to do that.

    I’ts hard for me to pick the bottom three. Several of them deserve to be there this week.

  32. I truly think Megan is a beautiful girl. But last night I finally figured out why I don’t enjoy her performances, besides the awkwardness. Do you remember that cartoon character The Shmoo? When my friends and I would get together back in the day, we’d always marvel at my friend who did a GREAT Shmoo impression. It was fun!

    For me, Megan’s a little like my friend who could imitate the Shmoo. She does this really cool quirky thing with her voice that’s kind of entertaining as a party trick, but not as much fun to listen to for an entire song.

  33. Boy, last night was disappointing. The only ones who did great were Kris and Adam (as much as I hate to admit it). Danny was just O.K. (again, I hate to even admit that).

    Anoop. Dear Anoop. I just had to chuckle last night as he was debating with the judges and he said he chose an R&B song because he wants to be an R&B artist. He just doesn’t strike me that way with his North Carolina collared shirts and his Sperry Top-Siders and all. R&B goes Preppy, yeah, that’ll sell.

  34. Great Recap! Danny and Kris are my favs!!

  35. Oh, Scott’s hair. I think they were channeling Billy Joel, but it was so, so very wrong.

  36. I woke up with Meagan’s song in my head this morning..and that’s NOT a compliment!

    Loved Kris and Loved Danny…and I just don’t get Adam.

  37. First I have to say “thank GOD we DVR American Idol every week”. I am not sure I could stand to watch all of them sing and then listen to any of the judges except Simon. I will say that Paula at least had some semi-valid points last night though. We watched 2 of her critiques. So it is possible that we just saw her high (no pun intended) points. Here we go….

    Anoop – Oh Anoop. Why? Why are you picking the crappiest songs every week? He had a few good picks but now he is back to choosing songs that have me wondering why he is in the top 9. It was not good. To be fair, I don’t like any “Ursher” songs I have ever heard, but even IF I had never heard the song before – I would not want to hear it again. Actually, while Anoop sang, I took out my contacts and washed my face. He deserves to be in the bottom 3 this week.

    Megan – Oh my. What happened to the good hair lady? I get it. She was doing a Bob Marly song. she needed the braids and the “messy look” to go with the feel of the song, but the song was not good. I used to really like Megan and thought she was original. As the weeks wear on, I am getting more and more annoyed with her. It especially annoys the crap out of me when people (like her) make silly faces and are constantly trying to make a scene for themselves. I mean, the camera is already on you – we see you. We have no other choice. Don’t make yourself look like a moron by making all the silly faces. It is not cute. Meg also needs to be in the bottom 3. It was not good.

    Danny – We all know Danny is not my favorite. I don’t get how or why people like him. I don’t think his voice is anything special and he annoys me in general. He did OK last night. He will never be one of my favorites, he screams too much while he sings and I have no idea who he is as an “artist”. He was just “aight” for me.

    While I am thinking about it – what is with Kara having to count out all her words? Last week it was 6 words (that were really 8) and this week there were 3 words. I don’t get it but it makes me laugh.

    Allison – Allison is really good. I thought she should have done a Pink song since she sounds so much like her already and I thought her selection was a little weak, but she is so talented and could sing anything. See, I know who she is as an artist. She has been consistent every week. Last night was not her best but she was really great. Is her mom losing a ton of weight while she is on the show? She looked so thin last night. I think the outfit was not the best, but I don’t think it should have been such a part of the discussion. It is a singing contest – not a fashion show.

    Scott – Why is he still there? And why did his hair remind me of Air Supply? The whole thing was terrible. We did not watch more than the first phrase or so. He got the FF button pushed on him. Scott needs to be sent home this week. Sorry. Seems like a nice guy, but he is not that great of a singer. At least, he is not as great as the others are.

    Matt – I was SHOCKED last week when he was in the bottom 3. Seriously. He was so much better than everyone up there last week. Last night though….. as much as I ADORE The Fray and that song (I listened to it on my way home from work yesterday as a matter of fact), it did nothing to show how well he can sing. It is a good song, but it is not a good song for HIM. I hope he is safe this week. I want to hear him and his pretty voice again. Love Matt.

    Lil – Don’t get why people think she is so good either. She is not that great to me. She chose a song that was WAY too big for her last night and she literally hurt my ears while she was trying to change keys at the end. It was all over the place. Not good. Nor is her weave. Sorry to all you Lil fans out there.

    Adam – I don’t care what anyone says. Adam is the most humble guy up there. I mean, is he a showboat when he is on stage? Sure. But that is b/c he is a PERFORMER! He knows how to work it. He is so good. I would not buy his CD (I don’t think) but I do think he is amazing. So last week he was the only one (I think) to call Smokey Robinson “Mr. Robinson” and this week, he gave all his props to the band. He is not a glory hog. That is one of the things I like the most about him. He never argues with the judges, he gives credit where it is due and he is respectful. And come ON. Adam is an amazing vocalist. AMAZING.

    Kris – He was my favorite of the night. I loved the song (Matthew had never heard it before, that should not shock anyone reading this). I loved the arrangement, I loved his voice, I love that he seems so genuinely sweet. He is really coming out of the background and working his way to the top. By far the best for me last night.

  38. Richard Marx hair, yes… I couldn’t put my finger on it last night, but yes… Richard Marx hair. You nailed it.

  39. Hi Boomama – I’ve been a reader of your blog for at least a year or more; you’re so funny and honest and have a great writing style (Yes, I think you’re a WRITER)! I have a fairly new blog, and this was my first post about AI. Not nearly as good as yours, though!

  40. GREAT recap! If you are still ff thru Paula’s comments you missed the one where she recommended Megan use a stool next time. What? Richard Marx – Yesssss! Nooooo! I hope the judges “save” Matt if he goes down tonight. Loved Danny & Kris. Adam was over the top but there are some valid points from other folks’ comments to the positive. Scott is on my last nerve as is Megan – stool or no stool.

  41. I adore Kris. Adore him. And he and his cute little wife are just so . . . cute.

    I also think Anoop might be in trouble – that was awful.

    And I love Megan but her singing was actually irritating me last night. I told my hubby that and then Simon said it. So it’s settled, I should be a judge for American Idol.

  42. We liked Kris and Danny the best tonight.

    I could not take Scott’s rendition of Billy Joel. And my Chris could not take Adam’s version of Play that Funky Music. Honestly? He’s a touch scary to me.

    I totally missed Mandisa in my forwarding. Did you see her, did she speak or sing? Ah man! I deleted it already.

  43. Jennifer Casey says:

    I have to laugh every Wed. morning when I read your recap, and it’s like you & BooDaddy were sitting in the room w/me & my DH recording all our comments! Great minds think alike, and for the love of, well, my ears, could Adam Lambert NOT scream for once? I mean, Paula compared him to Mick Jagger & Steven Tyler. Maybe because they all SCREAM? We’re from Arkansas, so we’re pulling a little extra for Kris Allen, but he seems to do wonderful things each week regardless of where he’s from.

  44. First of all, I heart Richard Marx.

    Second of all, KRIS ROCKED THE HOUSE. Man, if I were the kind of person who downloaded music, I would be all over that one.

    (((Off to listen to my Richard Marx CDs. All four of them…)))

  45. Loved the performance by Danny and Kris. LOVED IT! I am rooting for them.

  46. Oh yeah. And I just love the way you break down the show. Very nicely done.

  47. Well…I missed blogging AI last week and this. Last week, Celtic Woman at Fox/Atlanta. This week, power outage. The good news is that power came back on just as AI was starting, so at least we got to see it all….just no time to blog.

    As far as last night’s theme, I had trouble understanding that, too…might as well say, “Choose any song you like.”

    I think Danny Gokey will go contemp Christian, personally. The sound was messing up during his song but it still brought tears to my eyes when I thought about his circumstances and such…

  48. Can not stand Scott and his Tom Hanks hair.

    Want to love Megan but struggling.

    Adore Danny.

    Know that Lil is best singer than but am baffled by her performances each week. Is she trying not to win so she can go the way of Jennifer Hudson and not be beholden to AI?

    Want to hate Adam but kind of don’t. I liked it.

    Matt? Meh.

    Am astounded by Kris. He seems like the dark horse (because Lil and Danny seem the obvious choices) who could walk away with it all.

  49. Is it just me or was Paula palatable this week? OK, it’s just me.

  50. As Randy would say “Your recaps are da bomb baby, DA BOMB!” I liked Megan the 1st couple of weeks but now…meh, eh, blech. She’s starting to hurt my ears. She is darling though. But what kind of CD would she put out? I can’t figure that out. Which leads me to Adam, I can’t figure him out either. He kind of scares me/freaks me out/gives me this weird feeling. He can SANG, don’t get me wrong, but again what kind of cd would he make?

    I’m liking Danny, Matt, and Kris. Danny rocked it out, real future as a Christian singer. Matt did fine by me because I’m a huge Fray fan. Kris is just darlin and this was definitely his best so far. Hope he keeps it up.

    Anoop was just ehh. Lil was just ehh. Song choices people!! The judges harp on song choices for a reason, because it totally matters!

    Allison was the best of the girls, but she does that yelling thing.

    And Scott…I WANT to love Scott (& his Richard Marx hair) but I just can’t. Does that make me a bad person??? Someone above said he sounds the same each week, I totally agree with that.

  51. And yet, not a mention of my David appearing tonite? For shame. He IS the reigning American Idol. He is MY American Idol. Now and forever.

    I’m lost in the past, I know.

  52. I can’t believe you haven’t heard “Caught Up!” With that being said, it was hardly recognizable as sung by Anoop. And yet I think he’s so cute I would put him my pocket!

    Kris…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! And he’s from my home state!

    Danny…LOVE him. I had to deduct a couple of LOVE’s because he hasn’t really been bringing it lately.

    Adam…I’m weirdly fascinated by him.

    Meghan…train wreck but cute as a button.

  53. Colleen says:

    AMEN! I totally agree with you on all your picks, and I did think Scott’s hair was a little too mulletish – and Allison’s reminded me of Pebbles from the Flintstones.

  54. It pains me to agree, but I do, about Megan. I love her, I think she’s interesting, and I’d buy her album, but I’m not sure she was suited to AI.

    Kris is my new favorite–he wasn’t even on my radar screen until a couple of weeks ago, but now I LOVE him. I’m going to download that version of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, one of my favorite songs.

    I’m pulling for Scott, but he is going to HAVE to do something radically different with that hair.