I-65 Is My Second Home

So this afternoon I’m headed to Nashville to people-watch and eat dinner and blog about the ASCAP Christian Music Awards. I did this very thing last year and had a ball despite the fact that I’m incredibly awkward socially, but I have to say that getting to hide behind my computer helped me relax a little bit.

For the record, I don’t think I’ve ever written a nerdier sentence than that last one.

This trip to Nashville is going to be super-quick because the awards are tonight and then I have to drive home earrrrrrly tomorrow morning, but I am happily heading up I-65 because I’ll get to see Sister (she works for ASCAP, hence the bloggy gig) and I’ll get to see sweet friends, too. It’s sure to be a delightful time because I’ll spend the majority of the evening looking at Sister and saying, “I don’t want to bug anybody. I don’t want to bug anybody!” And she’ll say, “It’s fine. It’s FINE!” But hello, I am the same girl who last year was absolutely terrified to ask Louie Giglio if I could please pretty please have my picture made with him, so my solution was to just take a picture of him and his wife and my friend Carrie because that is where I am comfortable, people: behind a camera. As far behind the scenes as I can get. Preferably sitting at a computer. While wearing my handy of cloak of invisibility.

Anyway. What was I talking about? Corn? “The Hills”? Whether or not Jack Bauer will find an antidote for the toxins that are surging through his blood stream?

Okay. Yes. A point. I really did have one.

One thing I wished I’d done differently last year was to have a few questions that I could’ve asked people if I hadn’t been so worried about bugging them (I did eventually speak to Louie Giglio, by the way, and I rambled so much that I would not be at all surprised to learn that the phrase “Mamaw’s peas” came out of my mouth). I think having some questions might help keep me focused, and at the very least I can write the questions down on a piece of paper and then fold the piece of paper into some sort of origami-ish bird and then ask Sister to please deliver the piece of paper to Insert-Person-Here while I continue to hide behind my computer, oh thank you.

So, internets: do you have any questions for the Christian music people? I’m not exactly sure who will be at the awards tonight, but Sister sent me a copy of the press release, and if the people listed on the press release are in fact there, you can rest assured that I will be at THE VERY HEIGHT OF AWKWARD.

Any general questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Mild sedatives?

Thank you and have a lovely afternoon.

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  1. I have a question, but I do not know if it’s one you would like to voice for me. Even so, it is a question that I ALWAYS wonder about. So here goes…

    How do you feel about marketing and promotion and is there a good standard for the Christian music indistry to maintain?

  2. Just pretend you are writing a story on them. Remember? Aren’t you part of the crack writing team at Boomama dot net?

    Can’t find you daddy’s letter. There’s no search feature on your blog? Huh.

  3. I can totally relate to the social awkwardness. I had a little problem with that at the SA Siesta Fiesta. (http://tinyurl.com/dzr5bj)

    You could always ask the women if they have any fashion trends they’d like to share (a la trouser jeans).

    Seriously though, I love to hear from artists about the songs that hit them between the eyes, so to speak. There are certain songs that bring me to my knees by reminding me of who God is, and who I am in Him. It may be their own music, or an old hymn, or a song someone else has recorded. It is interesting to see how it corresponds to the messages they tend to share in song.

  4. I’d love to know how they stay ‘fresh’ for each audience. Is it hard to worship in front of a group? How do you keep Jesus ‘the main thing’ when you’re receiving so much love and adulation?

    I hope you have FUN on this trip! Enjoy yourself and know that God has something specific in mind for how He wants to bless you there!

  5. Dear BooMama… I’m going to share a treasured piece of wisdom that my mom always said to me when I was nervous about meeting “important” people… “They put their pants on the same way as you, one leg at the time!”

    God may have given them a special gift but they’re no more special in His sight than you are…and He’s given you a really special gift also…the gift of words and laughter!

  6. Only one question, if you meet Mrs. Nockels: Do you have room in your life for one (or two) more best friends? I’d like to apply.

  7. Are you always good? Ha! Anything at all that you want to share???!! Again, probably not a real good question they will be dying to answer.

    Have fun. Be safe.

  8. I can’t think of any questions but I did want to say wave on your way past….I live in the Nashville area (Concord Road exit would be a good waving spot) off of I65.

    I once did a bible study with Christy Nockels (she wouldn’t know me from Adam, by the way) and she is really, really real.

    You could mention to Mandisa that I met her personal trainer in the nail salon a couple of weeks ago and she was cute as a button and spoke very highly of the beautiful person that Mandisa is inside and out. And you could tell her how much I love, love, love her new album!

  9. I just knew, when you were searching for your train of thought, that you would say “Nightstand?” right after corn. But no. Alas, I am, as always, out of synch. But, you and I could be separated at birth when it comes to the shy/awkward gene. I can bring a table to dead silence faster than anyone; I totally fumble the conversational ball in some spectacular ways. Give me a camera or computer any day. Anyway, if you see Angie Smith there, give her a bunch of “Sundays” hugs for all of us out here. As for questions, I suppose you could ask what advice they have for any of your readers who might be trying to get into the business. Have fun in my hometown.. I do love me some Nashville..

  10. One thing I have:
    How do you stay true to the message of Christ and to His life and character, while being surrounded by adoring music executives and fans and right in the very lap of money?
    Sometimes I’m just turned off by a song that’s about humility and Christ, while the music video is taking every opportunity to show their face in another seductive angle or to highlight the band…yet again.
    I’m really looking for authenticity in the Christian entertainment industry, and at times, it lacks.

  11. Ask how they met their significant others…People really open up and make things very easy after that. You’ll feel like you’ve known them forever!
    Then again, that question is not related to music at all, but it helps lighten the mood.

    A dorky question…what’s on their ipods right now.

  12. What do they think is the biggest misconception about their music?
    What was their most embarassing moment?
    Who were their role models and why?
    How has Christian music changed their lives?

  13. I like Pam’s questions. But I would really like to know if they wear socks or go barefoot at home? Also, do they like their fried okra scrambled with a little bit of char or battered and deep fried like at Cracker Barrel?

  14. Sissy (my 8 y-o) has these 2 question suggestions…

    Do you have any pets?

    What is their favorite song they’ve written?

  15. I’d like to know for some of the cross over artist like Flyleaf, what then becomes more diffcult when your fan base becomes more mainstream, and not christian. What challenges does your show then produce.

    Or something like that

  16. Or, if you’re like me, all thoughts and plans run from my brain like rats from a sinking ship and I stutter and shake, and grin and nod a lot – A LOT!

  17. Really? I am the Queen of The Socially Awkward but I did not picture you as having shyness problems. Personally, I find that a glass of wine beforehand can do wonders for my terror, but that may not be appropriate in this venue.

  18. I wish I were there with you. How fun! Just remember that you are making a memory and you have a rare opportunity. If you get the chance to talk to any of them please ask them if they really thought they would be famous when they were growing up. I love to hear about famous people’s childhoods. You are the bomb, Steph. Have a super great time!!

  19. I know you are not Steph, but Sophie. It’s sad that I can’t remember from one minute to the next. I promise though that if I get to go with you next year I will really know your name. I am a nana after all. Have some super fun, girl!!

  20. this is exactly how i felt about almost meeting you and big mama at conference in ATL last summer. my sweet, dear friend kim (connorcolesmom) offered to introduce me bc she knows you and was sitting right behind y’all (bc i kept watching but i’m not a stalker). i got all flustered and said something profound like “i have to go now” and hightailed it back to my seat (even though you and i have exchanged several emails about the wonder of chi omega sisterhood). so, when you think you can’t possibly talk to someone think of dorks like me. : )

  21. Oh, Boomama! How you make me smile! Have fun tonight.

  22. I have no questions. But I did want to say,

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Oh, that made me laugh, as I am just as socially awkward.

  23. Kathie Swift says:

    There is a great line in a Newsboys song (“Your love is better than life”) that says when is it a ministry and when is it a show – or is it both (paraphrasing)? How do they feel when they are performing?

  24. How awesome, so jealous that you get to go there :) Have a blast!!