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Glory Revealed II Winners

Here are the ten winners of the wonderful new Glory Revealed II CD.

407 – Katherine
426 – Jenn – left comment on 7/18 at 9:18pm
163 – Melita – left comment at 7/17 at 9:02am
51 – Brenda – left comment on 7/17 at 6:38am
218 – Renee’
344 – Darla Baerg
275 – Tina – left comment on 7/17 at 1:26pm
39 – Lori
74 – Naomi – left comment on 7/17 at 7:15am
292 – Angela

If you’re one of the winners, please send an email with your full name and mailing address to And if you don’t mind, put “Glory Revealed Winner” in the subject line.

Y’all are going to love this CD so much – congratulations!

Big Fun

In addition to all the cousins and the sun and the water and the sand, there are two other things that have contributed greatly to a certain six year-old’s happiness over the course of the last five days.


Hope your week has been great – I’ll post giveaway winners later today!


A couple of months ago my aunt C. invited us to spend a week at the beach with her and my cousins and my cousins’ kids. And I said oh, that’s really sweet and we appreciate it so much but you know we don’t really care for the beach, thank you.


Because I think we all know that the only time I don’t care for the beach is never.

So yesterday we drove down to Gulf Shores, and after we unloaded three different cars (I don’t want to say that we overpacked, but Paige and I had enough groceries in our respective vehicles to open our own convenience store; however, I do not apologize seeing as how the Walmarts had 2-liter Coke products on sale for one dollar a piece and how am I to respond in those circumstances? By ignoring the one dollar Cokes? I THINK NOT. I am supposed to respond by buying 12 2-liters.), we took all the young’uns down to the pool and swam for three hours.

CHOCK FULL-O-FUN. That’s exactly what it was. CHOCK FULL-O-FUN.

Anyway, since as it turns out I only have one teeny little bar of Wifi in this condo – and I can only get that one bar of Wifi if I hold my head just right and count backwards from 200 to 0, skipping every other odd number and simultaneously humming the theme song from “Hawaii Five-O” – I think that posting is probably going to be a little on the scarce side this week. Unless the Wifi Genie shows up tomorrow and drops about four more bars of signal strength in the immediate vicinity. Which is probably unlikely because last I heard the Wifi Genie was out at the pool, as well she should be.

So all that to say: I guess this is just one of those weeks when I’ll be here when I’ll be here, Wifi connection willing. And wherever you are, I hope that your week is a great one!


p.s. I’ll still planning to announce the “Glory Revealed II” winners Wednesday or Thursday – and if you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, there’s still time!

p.p.s. It’s 8:20 in the morning, and Paige – who went for a walk on the beach at 6:30 and then apparently decided that we needed a few more things from the Publix – just walked in the door with about 10 more sacks of groceries. I laughed so hard that I wheezed.

p.p.p.s. – We’re having bacon, eggs and biscuits for breakfast. You can imagine my delight.

Glory Revealed II Giveaway


Oh, y’all. This CD is so stinkin’ good. Wonderful, really.

And I’m giving away ten copies over on my giveaways page – you don’t want to miss it!

(All you have to do to win is leave a comment on the giveaway post.)

(I tried to keep it simple because, well, it’s so hot and all.)

(You’re welcome.)

Glory Revealed II Giveaway


A couple of years ago someone sent me a copy of the Glory Revealed CD, and I loved it instantly. The first time I listened to it I knew it would stay in “the rotation,” as we call it in our house, for a really long time. And it has. The songs come straight from Scripture – and they will impact your heart and your thought life as only the Word of God can.

So a few months ago, when I found out that Glory Revealed II was coming out this summer, I could not wait. And people, let me tell you: it does not disappoint. The songs are written and performed by Christian musicians you’ve no doubt heard before – Mac Powell, Mark Hall, Shane & Shane, Matt Maher, Brandon Heath and Bethany Dillon, just to name a few – and they are strong. Once again I’m absolutely wild about this whole project. Which means I long to share it. Because I’m obsessive like that.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was excited about the new Glory Revealed II CD (and I didn’t say that because anyone asked me to say it – I said it because, well, I WAS EXCITED ABOUT THIS CD). And lo and behold, a sweet person at the GR record label saw my post, emailed me and asked if I’d like to do a giveaway.

And I was all, YEAH.

And she was all, COOL.

And I was all, HOW ABOUT TEN CDs?

And she was all, YOU BETCHA.

Except that wasn’t really how our conversation played out seeing as how neither one of us is a cast member of “The Hills.” But you get the gist, I’m sure.

So today I have ten CDs to share. All you have to do to win is leave a comment and tell me your favorite Bible verse. Just one entry per person, por favor.

This giveaway will close next Wednesday, July 22nd, at which point I’ll use to draw for ten winners. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Glory Revealed site, where you can watch videos and listen to song samples and check out tour dates and get all sorts of behind-the-scenes info.

No kidding: y’all are going to love this CD.

And I totally hope you win.

This giveaway is now closed.

Nothing Beats A Great Pair Of L’eggs

Tomorrow we’ll be home (tonight we’re in Memphis at my brother and SIL’s house), but we had a grand ole time in sunny Florida. The boys have been so much fun, and may I just say? The appetizers-for-supper idea?


Now granted, if we had husbands with us, the appetizers idea wouldn’t have been nearly as successful because they would have been wondering when we were going to eat The Real Supper, aka The Supper With All The Meat. But for Janie and me (or, as your various and sundry reality television participants might say, “for her and I”), the appetizers worked beautifully. Can’t recommend them enough.

And as is the case on most trips, we had a few Favorite Things emerge. For instance.

These pickles are divine. And this was our second jar, because the first jar? ALL GONE.

We arrived at the beach armed with plenty-o-magazines (I also took two books, but for some reason I gravitate to magazines at the beach. Maybe it’s because I read two sentences of a book before I’m all Look! Pretty water! Shiny sun! Sand! SAND! SANNNNNNNNNNNNND!)

Anyway, we found a new favorite magazine on our trip. But please forgive the poor photo quality because my camera has decided it’s no longer interested in focusing consistently. It just focuses when it wants to. It’s very moody, my camera.

Great articles, incredible recipes, and if you watch Food Network as frequently as we do, you’ll love all the behind-the-scenes articles on the shows and the chefs.

And please let me show you my sassy, out-of-focus hat that is my new best friend forever and for always.

Got it at the Walmarts for ten bucks. Will wear it for years and perhaps bronze it at some point. It’s the first hat of my whole life that sits with authority on my abnormally large-yet-flat head.

It also works beautifully when I’m wrestling crocodiles in the outback.

Finally, I mentioned this on the Twitter earlier, but it bears repeating. There was a sweet, elderly woman who I saw in the pool (not at the pool – IN the pool) several times this week, and each time I marveled at her ability to keep her entire body submerged in the water while every single strand of her hair stayed completely dry. It was obvious that she’d been to the beauty shop before she got to the beach, and she was preserving that ‘do like nobody’s business. It was remarkable, really.

So yesterday I was gathering all of our noodles and towels and goggles and whathaveyou, and I saw the older lady on the other side of the pool. I figured she had just walked up because she wasn’t in the water yet and was still wearing a very cute cover-up. She was visiting with her family, making sure everybody had enough water and whathaveyou, and as we walked in her direction I found myself thinking how sweet it was that she’d made the trip to the beach. She had to have been in her mid-80s, at least, but Granny was turning it out with some sassy swimwear and appeared to be all manner of adorable. Just watching her made me smile.

And then – when we were just a couple of feet away from her and her family’s table – do you know what I noticed? DO YOU KNOW?

Granny was wearing support hose underneath her swimsuit. Not medical hose – just really nice, sturdy pantyhose. In sort of a Travel Buff shade. Sandalfoot, of course – no reinforced toe. She was poolside, after all. And y’all know that all I could think of was Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias: “I haven’t left the house without lycra on these thighs since I was 14.”

I’m telling you: Granny and her poolside hose blessed my heart. She looked fabulous. Her legs had a lovely, even tone, and quite frankly she possessed an air of confidence that I can only hope to have when I’m in my mid-80s. Now granted, she was probably burning slap up, but as we all know, fashion often requires sacrifices.

And honestly, those sacrifices are so much easier to make when you have a really good control top.

The end.