With A Side Of Attitude

I’m hesitant to say that today was a bad day, but by 12:30 this afternoon I was DONE. I slept too late this morning, muddled through my quiet time, didn’t get to drink any coffee and by noon I had a screaming headache. Plus, my parents’ internet was down and there was a small bloggy ish-ah I needed to handle before we drove back to Alabama. But I couldn’t handle it. Because there was no internet. And did I mention that I had a headache? I WANTED THE WORLD TO PAY.

On the way out of town the little guy and I stopped at Hardee’s, where I ordered a couple of hamburgers and THE BIGGEST DIET COKE THEY OFFER, and as we pulled up to the window I realized that A. had gotten something stuck in one of my car chargers. Even though it really wasn’t a big deal, I sighed and I flailed and I made all my frustrations known, and when I looked over at the sweet girl in the drive-thru so that she could hand me our lunch, she smiled at me and said, “Ma’am? Could you please pull up to the white line until your food is ready?”

There was something about all her sweet sincerity that sent me right over the edge. Because I WAS TRYING TO BE GRUMPY, DADGUMMIT. I was enjoying my grumpy and wanted to wallow around in my grumpy and then she just had to go and pour a big ole bag of nice all over me.

So I responded as any good Christian girl would: I punched the gas and roared up to the white line. It was only after I hit the brakes that I realized that Bob and Larry were singing “You Are Holy” on the CD player.

Hello, irony. So nice of you to make an appearance at the Hardee’s.

After we got our food and started driving back home, I thought about my bad mood and how I’m a GROWN WOMAN and really should have more control over my emotions at this point than to damage my testimony while I’m in the Hardee’s drive-thru. I mean, I was so bent out of shape while we were waiting at the white line that the six year-old spoke up from the back seat and said, “Remember, this is supposed to be a HAPPY day, Mama – we get to see Daddy!”

Meanwhile, I was sitting in the driver’s seat wishing that I could double-dog dare the cute girl in the drive-thru to smile at me one more time. Just one more time. SO I COULD GO AHEAD AND SCREAM.

This past Sunday morning I flew home from North Carolina after a weekend where I was surrounded by encouraging people and sat under some phenomenal teaching. I laughed A LOT. It’s pretty easy to put on (and keep on) your happy face when you’re staying at a great hotel and you’re all up in the Word and there’s a lovely breakfast buffet in the lobby. I was prayed up and praised up. Couldn’t wait to tell my husband all about it when I got home. And when I drove to my parents’ house Tuesday afternoon, I cranked up my worship music like nobody’s business.

But then there was today.

As I made my way down I-20 this afternoon and tried to figure out how I made it from the mountaintop to the edge of the valley in less than 48 hours, I had a little bit of an epiphany somewhere between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham: God is showing me that there’s still way too much of me in me. Too much pride. Too much ugliness. Too much self-righteousness. Too much selfishness.

And that realization totally shifted my perspective. Oh yes ma’am. You’d better believe it did. Because the problem with today wasn’t my circumstances. The problem with today was me and my stupid humanness.

So Thursday, it wasn’t one of my favorites. It’s not a very good feeling to realize that a person WHO JUST FINISHED KINDERGARTEN responded to a situation with more wisdom and self-control than I did. It’s not very fun to remember how out of sorts I can get about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

But even though Thursday wasn’t one of my favorites, it really was good.

Because I have a Father who patiently loves me and changes me and teaches me every single day.

Even if I have to show out a little bit in the Hardee’s drive-thru to learn the lesson.

“So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children He loves.” – Psalm 107:9

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  1. You sure make our night shift sooo much sweeter! (remember me?) And I guess there is always room for a revelation…. even though we think you are perfect, absolutely just perfect!

  2. Holly B. says:

    Thanks for sharing–I have too many moments like that myself. SO grateful for His “miracle mercy to the children He loves!” Hugs from Paris!

  3. Wow, I had the same thing going on, too! And to make things even worse, it was my birthday! I can’t figure out why I was so bent out of shape over something that was really not that important, but as the day went on I got increasingly grumpy and increasingly vocal about it. And entitled. I mean it was my birthday, shouldn’t the day go just the way *I* wanted it to and shouldn’t I get whatever *I* wanted? Apparently not and man, did I ever resent it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It really has helped me a lot to read this. My goal is to act a bit more mature today and GET OVER MYSELF ALREADY.

  4. Honestly, it sounds like PMS.

  5. Thanks for being so transparent! It is hard enough sometimes to admit to ourselves that we need to quit the pity party, but to admit it publicly takes an extra measure of humility. So good for you!
    And I hope tomorrow is a happier day! :)

  6. Well said.

  7. Love your blog – and this post is one of the reasons why.

    Must have been something in the air – I had some things going on yesterday morning, but on my drive I was struck by the realization that though I mess up, I serve a God who gives me a second (and third, fourth, etc.) chance, a God who forgives me, a God who loves me anyway.

    Guilt, get thee behind me!

  8. Very well said. Something I needed to hear too. I took my grumpiness out on my sweet 9 year old, who said to me, “I feel like I can’t do anything right.” If that isn’t a big ol’ slap in the face to get over myself, I don’t know what is. Thanks for the reminder about our loving, forgiving Father.

  9. Please tell me she gave you your Diet Coke before you pulled to the yellow line. It would just be cruelty if she didn’t.

  10. Hey! I’ve had that day! I hope you have a better day today :)

  11. the only response I have to your perfect description of feelings yesterday is-I KNOW, ugh!!!!!
    and Amen.

  12. Good gollee – I had that same day yesterday. Well – minus the Hardee’s drive-thru. Mine was during a planning session of an upcoming women’s retreat at my church. nice. . . Thankfully my inner ‘fit’ did not ‘spew’ all over them but it pretty well set me up in a funk the rest of the day. I FINALLY thought to take it to the Lord, I fell before Him. And now I need to act forgiven and get over the guilt. Oh – and do better today.

  13. Mary Lou says:

    Bless you for your transparency. You also made me laugh…sad to say we’ve all been where you were at that point in time. As the saying goes..out of the mouths of babes. I am so grateful too for a God who gives me that second, third,fourth, etc chance. He is so beautiful and great. Thanks for reminding us.

  14. Thanks for sharing, BooMama. I think I was on the fast track to a similar day, until I read this post. I’m sure if my daughter could talk, she would thank you!

  15. Thanks for sharing this, BooMama. Well said and Amen.

  16. Honestly, your best post for me because it hit home too hard. Been trying so hard, missing the mark, stressed over the little things and totally missing the big picture, school is about to start and I have been a grump for two days because I OVERSCHEDULED my family.
    It’s my fault, but I am gonna have a good Friday.
    Love you for being you.

  17. Great post! Great reminder.

  18. A fantastic sermon. My Friday will be a better day for having read this. The Lord is Good.

  19. I seem to hav waaay too many moments like that lately.

  20. i needed to hear that. that even the “best” falter…

  21. You took the words right out of my mouth. All I can muster up is a, “Thank you” and an “Amen!” : )

  22. I don’t usually comment on here because you’ve got so many people reading and commenting I just figure my words will get lost in the abyss :) But I just have to say that what you wrote here struck such a chord in my own heart!

    ” It’s pretty easy to put on (and keep on) your happy face when you’re staying at a great hotel and you’re all up in the Word and there’s a lovely breakfast buffet in the lobby. I was prayed up and praised up…the problem with today wasn’t my circumstances. The problem with today was me and my stupid humanness”

    Isn’t that the truth! Thanks so much for this timely and insightful post!!

  23. Loved this post. We all need this reminder once in a while.

  24. What is it about those mountain tops?? I’ve decided that the devil sets a booby trap – a pit o’ nasty covered in a thin veil normal – directly at the bottom of the mountain. Or, in my case, the moment I got my luggage unstuck from the revolving door of the hotel! I pretty much plummeted into the muck and mire from there. Sigh.

    Thanks for the perspective gained from your back seat (and for the perspective you gave this weekend – always good to see you!).


  25. kathleen says:

    Good one.

  26. There isn’t a single one of us that hasn’t been there. Thanks for the reminder! You are so appreciated.

  27. Great post, lady!

  28. Ouch, BooMama – you went & stepped all over my toes. I’ve had a rough week, and an especially rough morning, and it occurs to me that 99.9% of the reason is selfishness. Stubbornly clinging to my petty desires & plans, when there are bigger things happening. There are babies growing up right before my eyes…a husband who is trying his hardest to be the best husband, father, and employee he can be…and family and friends who could really use my love & support & help.

    Thanks for stepping on my toes. I needed it.

  29. I love this post! I really needed to hear that-I don’t often get it all put together while I’m still waiting on the food at the white line.

  30. Thanks for all the realness and such.

    And I had to spit hot coffee out (rather than let it go through my nose) when I read:

    “Hello, irony. So nice of you to make an appearance at the Hardees.”

    Thank you for reminding us that a conference or twelve doesn’t make us holy; the DAILY (every single stinkin day) surrender to HIM is what will give us the holiness we need to get through the day without mentally cursing out drive-thru girl at the Hardees. Amen.

  31. Man – that was good. How profound experiences like that can be right? I appreciate you sharing that learning experience with us as I have “those days” often. Love your son’s heart – that ought to tell you what example he usually sees huh?

  32. Charlotte says:

    Oh my word, I wasn’t prepared for the toe-stepping… but it’s obvious from these first few comments that I’m not the only one who shares in these experiences with you… God’s timing is perfect — I think we’ll all have a happier Friday and weekend because of your post!


  33. ….I’ve met my own worst enemy and that enemy is ME…….words so true.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Loved the “bag of nice” she poured out all over you! classy.

  34. Thank you for that. I had a very similar episode this morning. I’ve never commented before but felt I really needed to. I owe a certain pre-kindergartener a big hug and apology when I pick him up from daycare. Thank you again.

  35. Our feelings and emotions are so fickle. It’s amazing how God can speak to us through the words of a young child!!! :)

  36. This is a GOOD word! And I love the heart of your little guy – I still often think about his comment maybe a year ago “becasue the rain makes things grow”. Beautiful to see the Lord in you – in your humanness!

  37. Sounds like my Thursday went about the same as yours. And I think you need to know that I handled my emotions almost EXACTLY the same way you did. Only I was at the Home Depot, not Hardees. Just a little further down I-20 in Atlanta.

  38. Oh Boo, I so loved this!

    This is why I love you! I can relate to you.

    Isn’t it amazing how God wakes us up at places like the fast food drive-thru window? Most humbling.

    I’m often at my worst in the drive-thru window. But you said something in this post that I hope will stick with me every time I approach a drive-thru. AND a typically unpleasant fast food experience.

    It’s not the circumstances! It’s the “RENA”!

    It’s me. And thank God that he allows the circumstances to open our eyes.

    Great food for thought!

    Now if I just had one of those extra large Diet Cokes to go with it.


  39. I REALLY needed this today – thank you!

  40. “Momma said there’d be days like, there’d be days like this Momma said… Momma said, Momma said”. We’ve all had them, but I’m thankful the Lord showed up in the Hardee’s drive-thru for yours.

  41. I really admire how you put yourself out here for all to read.
    I don’t know you at all but I feel like I do…in a good way,
    Your love of Jesus and the word is good for me to hear.
    Thanks for sharing

  42. I enjoy your blog. Isn’t amazing God loves us in spite of our attitued!!

  43. What a great post! I tend to blame my circumstances instead of realizing that there is just too much me. Beautifully said.

    Not too long ago I showed out in the Hardees drive thru. I had to wait almost 10 minutes for a biscuit and then when I handed the girl my money, poor thing did not have any change. When I finally got my change and biscuit I just sped away. Then I got convicted because I did not reflect Jesus and the cashier really needed to see Jesus and not me. Oh, the lessons God can teach us in a Hardee’s drive thru!

  44. Oh BooMama you have me all choked up this morning, that was a good one!!

  45. I can relate to every single word, and I am also thankful for our God of Grace. I did laugh when you put the pedal to the metal at the Hardees, not that I have ever done anything like that.

  46. Oh Sophie, I can’t even tell you how much I needed this. I feel like everyday I’ve been “damaging my testimony”- kids fighting, not wanting to clean but then getting in a bad mood because my house is a mess… not a pretty girl. But I am convicted that I am just not spending good QUALITY time with the Lord- I’ve been doing the same thing and am muddling through my quiet time and it’s resulting in a very ugly person. God used you to speak to me today!

  47. Are you sure you weren’t writin’ about me?

    Thank God for forgiveness and grace.

  48. Yep. Beautiful and authentic. Jesus meets us even in the ugly.

  49. Sophie, we are on the same page today….you learned a lesson from the Lord at Hardy’s and I learned one through a horned toad in my garden. Isn’t God incredible? I love how He uses anything He chooses to teach us more about Him. Only God could do that! I cried through your post as I cried through writing mine today. Thanks for sharing your joys and your honesty with all of us. You are a blessing!

  50. I had a similar experience yesterday. I wondered in the car, after giving my daughter a lecture about having a bad attitude, if my kids will remember me as being too harsh. Who am I to give my sweet 9-yr old a lecture about being flexible and not pouting too much, when I do the exact same thing! I had a massive headache and wanted a diet coke so bad I could’ve died. I ran in the Dollar Tree next to grab one before I did school shopping with all 3 kids and they were all hot!! Really hot – bummer. I muddled through the shopping with a fairly level head – only a few episodes with the kids and then gulped down gallons a sweet refreshment at lunch. I came home and stayed in the bed the rest of the day!
    I lay there freaking out about the fact that work starts on Monday. I think I had a small panic attack and lay there wallowing in self-pity.

    Today I am seriously wanting a DC and we are out – this never happens and I am trying to figure out how to get one. I have searched everywhere for a lone can but it is nowhere to be found. I guess I’ll have to get dressed like a big girl and go to the store.

    I often wonder how I end up in the desert so often. I realize that I have to go to Him. Read His Word, have Christian fellowship, try.

  51. God bless you, my dear. Such a good Word!

    Let me reassure you that you are not alone–many a fast food drive thru experiece has caused me to throw my Happy Day out the window. Especially when it involves pulling up to the white line of death. I have been known to say, “No thank you, I’ll just wait right here at the window where you can see me until my food is ready.” Yikes. Like a previous commenter said, thank God for forgiveness and grace.

  52. true dat sis-tah… i had that day. on wednesday. i didn’t buck out if it until thursday when i woke up, what a waste of a day. then i have to spend the first half of my day on thursday apologizing… to God. to my husband. to my dad. to my husband again. and i waste half my good day making up for my bad day the day before. and i think… if only i could have taken my grandmas advice to “get a grip” the day before. and thankfully God loves me anyway. his love and grace never fail.

  53. I know exactly how you feel (obviously, I’m GrumpyPants and it happens a lot). I had a day like that this week when my window in the car went down and refused to come back up. But thanks for sharing, it helps me to know I’m not the only one who has a bad day and responds badly.

  54. I had THAT day on Friday, and I showed my ugly side in the WalMarts!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I had the same insight.
    And not to make excuses or anything, mine WAS PMS. :( It would sure be easier to be Holy without those nasty little hormones raging! ;)

  55. Amen, Boomama!! Amen! I have so much to do today but stopped here to see what you had to say…..the only post I’ve checked. Hmmmmm……the Lord is mightily using you and your bad day today….in me. Trust me:) God bless you…..and your little wise 6 year old ;)

  56. Sometimes I just want to ask myself, “So, when exactly are you going to get over yourself?” Thank you for your transparency in describing your day. Sometimes I have the lowest lows after a weekend of the highest highs with God. And that’s when we have to remember we are who God says we are and we can do all things through Christ. (Thank you, Believing God!)

    Maybe Hardee’s should have still been serving up their cinnamon raisin biscuits!

    So sweet the perspective of our little eyes and ears through our kids. Did you look back on that day and see so many red flag warnings? Why is it we can see them so clearly in the aftermath?

  57. i really like this. thanks for writing it.

  58. Southern Gal says:

    It’s so humbling when our children give us direction in our emotions. My then 7yo piped up from the back seat while I was ranting on and on about a situation with his teeth (I’m a dental assistant). I heard him say, “Mama, you didn’t make my teeth; I didn’t make my teeth; God made my teeth and he’s in control of it all.” Yep. I sat a little straighter and calmed myself right on down….and said a little prayer.

  59. Yep, I had a day like that yesterday. Poor hubby, every time he looked my way – I was like, WHAT DO YOU WANT?? Poor man.

  60. Satan always gets us when we come off the mountain. Thanks for your sincerity here! I forget many times that I’m a GROWN WOMAN too.
    Blessings to ya!

  61. Sophie-

    Thank you so much for your transparent honesty! There are so many days when this is my norm- I forget that I have a CHOICE in how I behave, what I believe, and what comes out of my mouth. I too have been humbled and chastened by my children. I often wonder what of their growing up years will be repeated on the therapist couch! (Just joking)

    If only we could live at retreats and conferences. The real walk of faith IS lived out every day- in the car, the drive up, the chores, the kids– just the daily monotony that we take for granted. Thank you for the reminder that the Lord is with us in all of it, and blesses us every day- we just have to choose to see it and walk in it.

    God bless you today-

  62. Jenny from VA says:

    Thanks for being so real. I am so relieved to hear someone else reacts like I do. CRAZY MOMMAS UNITE! What a relief that He loves us just where we are…

  63. I had a similar experience today. I have such little patience with my 5 year old going on 18 year old daughter. You made me laugh and think!!!

  64. Destiny D says:

    That was your best post evah and boy can I relate because yesterday was the same for me! I had to have a biopsy and needed to take pain medicine immediately after leaving the doctor’s office. The closest fast food restaurant was Wendy’s where they charged me $1.57 for a small drink. WHAT? That’s HIGHWAY ROBBREY! I can get a drink so big that I can bath in it, for days, for $1.29 at the QT or the Sonic during “Happy Hour.” The unsuspecting girl at Wendy’s did not get the the best of Destiny D. who, medicated and irritated, said, “A small costs how much?” My sweet Lord has granted me more grace and mercy than I deserve, and I needed your gentle reminder that I need to give it as much as I receive it. Lesson learned!

  65. Oh how I’ve had a week like your Thursday was. It started off bad on Sunday after church and pretty much continued through last night…still not 100% over it and probably won’t be for awhile but I’m working through it (that counts for something right?  ) . An issue has been raised with someone and me and all my Christian like responses was to blow up and be in a bad mood and make empty promises about what I’ll do next time I see this person and blah blah blah….As the Lord would have it, he brought this scripture to my attention 2 days after the incident – James 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. OHHHH how fitting this was of the situation I was in because I feel like this person I’m battling with is sick – but this verse left a big ‘ol whelp on the side of my face. And then a church sign I saw today had something posted that I felt was pointed at this situation. So whether it’s through our children, a church sign, a random scripture posted, I feel like God leaves us little messages along the way to straighten us out. And he leaves the decision up to us in how we want to handle it… But He leaves his little love notes around for us as a reminder to our behavior and whether or not its God honoring or self honoring. And sometimes I think after the kind of spiritual high that is experienced through an event like Deeper Still, Satan rears up and tries to knock us down. Again we can choose to let him or we can choose to smile back at the sweet girl in the drive up window and thank her for taking our order and walking our food out to us. Have a great Friday.

  66. Good for you. Its always when I want to be all in a bad mood that God blesses me just to make me smile and I think, fine, but I’ll finish this pout later. Oh how does HE put up with me?

  67. lavonda says:

    mmm… very good.
    very good indeed!

  68. “My heart and my flesh,MANY times they fail” (THEY DO! THEY DO!) “But there is one truth that always will prevail:
    God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

  69. wow– how many times I have been there! on top of the mountain–singing praise songs. loving life. then, perturbed because I was made to drive up to the white line.

    A friend of mine follows your blog, so I have read your posts before. I never remember to check your blog from my home computer, at my work computer wont show all your links. I need to do that so I can actually subscribe to follow you! I didnt know you were a Bama girl too!

  70. Carrie in NYC says:

    You must have had on what my husband calls “cranky pants.” Whenever one of us is in a bad mood, you can be called out for wearing cranky pants, which immediately lightens the mood. Cranky pants can also be matched with a “sensitive sweater,” which is donned when someone is overly sensitive about something silly. It’s quite an outfit when you wear both. Trust me.

  71. Don’t you love it when the six year old pipes up from the back seat with the wisdom of life? And with perfect timing? :)

  72. It’s a heck of a deal with the kid in the back seat can really put you in your place. It takes a while to sink in sometimes, but it gets the job done… it’s happened to me often. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  73. What a great post, Boo.

  74. Honey, do not be too hard on yourself.

    You must remember that you had NOT had any caffeine yet, and you may have been just a tad hormonal (both things which your sweet boy doesn’t have to deal with) and also that it was, in fact, August in Mississippi, which is never good for anybody’s mental state, especially when you haven’t had your caffeine yet.

    Out Lord is a forgiving Lord, and I know He understands.

  75. hello.
    you are, like, not a long drive from nashville.
    why have i not made it?
    why have i not gone to whole foods with you?
    or eaten at that little place we ate at last year?
    i will be a full time writer (i.e. self employed) in a weekish.
    and think this get together
    should happen soon.

  76. I feel your pain. Conviction really stinks, doesn’t it?

    And, for the record, I think it’s about one million times easier to be aggravated and selfish directly AFTER a mountaintop experience than on any normal ole’ day. Satan likes to bring us down like that.

    At any rate, I hope your Friday was better than your Thursday!

  77. Boomama –

    You and (diet) Coke are BOTH the real things. Thank you for sharing not only your hilarity, but also your humanness.

    That is exactly the reason I’ve never been able to bring myself to put a fish on the back on my car. I’m afraid someone would see it after I’ve blown it and not get it that having the fish doesn’t mean we are perfect…just forgiven.

  78. It was also a full moon this week — I always get kinda wacky on those weeks :) Thank God his mercies are new every morning…I need a lot of mercies! So great to meet you last weekend in NC!!
    Allison at Anointed With Grace

  79. Thank you for posting this today.

  80. Well… PMS does that to me and I feel a wee bit our of control, so maybe it was just that and not that your selfish. Six year olds just don’t have to deal with the hormones like us mamma do!

  81. Oh girl, I was nodding my head as I read… I sooo know what you are talking about. Sometimes I realize that I’m just being all grumpy, but I still choose to continue along that road… getting all worked up about really insignificant things. Too much me. This was a good word today, and I am so glad you shared it with us! Thanks!!

  82. I am there so often…to much of me in me is the problem. Glad to walk this road with you, friend! He’s not through with us, yet.

  83. Sophie, you have spoken for a lot of us today and where we are!
    Thanks for your truly loving and transparent heart! God loves you and so do all of us out here in Bloggyville!
    Great post!

  84. Boy! That sounds like my yesterday!!! My 6 year old even said “I know it’s hard, mom. You can do it!” But what if I don’t want to do it!!!! What if I want to go in my room and lock the door and glare at everything and eat fried food and not clean up the kitchen when it’s done!!!!! What if instead I bite my tongue and try not to shoot fire from my eyes. Somehow, God is always there to help when I am at the last inch of my rope. Thank you for sharing your struggle, it’s helps to hear it from another woman!

  85. I know I’m a day late and a dollar short commenting on this post- considering that it’s now Sunday and all; but it was too good to pass on. Thanks for being honest…we’ve all had “those” days before!

  86. Great post BooMama…thank you for this…

    I am so with you…

  87. I definitely can relate to going over the edge in no time flat. It’s frustrating and something I have struggled with a lot as of late. Thanks for the encouraging post.

  88. I like to go to Chick-Fil-A when I’m feelin’ grumpy, because I am so blessed when they hand me that Polynesian sauce (aka The Nectar of God) and I say thank you very much and they say:
    My Pleasure.

    hard to be mad when someone tells you their pleasure is to hand you a hand spun chocolate milkshake.

    Thanks for your honesty girl. It’s what keeps me coming back. That and all the bacon of course.

  89. Thank you for showing your real self to us. There isn’t too much of that going on in bloggy land….mostly just how awesome everyone’s life is. I appreciate you sharing about your “grumpy” day!!

  90. Um, okay, yeah, this was me today. I was totally impatient with my 20-month-old when he dropped my cantaloupe on the floor in the checkout line, and talked during prayer in chapel at camp tonight, and threw a tantrum b/c he wanted a popsicle at bathtime. And I felt like a terrible mom. Glad others have these kind of days, too.

  91. Oh at least they had diet coke. One time I was in a terrible mood and then I tried to go order a diet coke and they brought me a diet pepsi . . . as if I couldn’t notice the difference.

    That said, thanks for the reminder and for the lovely truths you shared!

  92. Yay, this post made me very happy for you!

  93. Sophie–I didn’t get there this year for the great time in NC…God had other plans, but girl…I DID GET MY DOSE OF HORMONES…and I have been wallowing, jerking, seizing and having all sorts of spells.
    Whew. That’s done.

    Leaves as quick as it comes sometimes. I think—personally—it has something to do with the humidity in Northwest Florida. My opinion only. But it seems my attitude and hormonal crisis seems to rise with the humidity levels around here. Whatcha think?

    Loved this honest heart—God teaches me in the strangest places too though.

    Glad to know I’m not here alone.

  94. We all have our moments, honey. I remember when my girl was young, I was in the middle of a grump one day. I kicked a shoe across the room, then slammed a door. Hard. Then I realized that I would probably have spanked my 4 year old daughter for such behavior. We all want to roll around in the grump from time to time. Thank you for sharing with all of us who need a reminder that ALL of our days should be happy since we have a Father who loves us in spite of our stiff necks.

  95. One of my favorite writers is Laurie Notaro. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of her, but she’s like you – except she ain’t so… um… redeemed. Her stuff isn’t blatantly dirty or vulgar, but sometimes she employs four-letter-words to get her point across. And her point never really has a moral to it. She just wants us to laugh.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re writing is better than Laurie’s writing, even though she has a half-dozen books out by now, because your writing has a point.

    Thank you for continuing to point us in the right direction, while slapping a smile on our faces at the same time.

  96. I’ve had lots of Thursdays, too! I enjoyed this post so much. Thanks for the wise words, Boo Mama. I could learn a thing or two or twelve from you =)