This Is A Bargain Alert

Now y’all know that Southern Living and I have had our ups and downs over the last year and a half. But right now we’re totally up. We’re so up, in fact, that I feel giddy when I see a new issue in my mailbox. We’re so up that I once again have four or five issues of Southern Living on my coffee table, even if they don’t fan out nearly as well as they did with the classic stapled binding. But still. I’m letting bygones be bygones.


This morning I got an email from Erica, who is a faithful blog reader and commenter, and she shared the most exciting news that I absolutely have to pass along to y’all. I think you’ll find this news especially helpful if you and Southern Living have been on a break. Because let me tell you: now is the perfect time to mend those periodical fences.

Here’s why.

Right now on Amazon – until this Saturday, at least – you can get a one-year subscription to Southern Living for FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS. Five dollars. $5.00.


Picture 1


So get to clickin’, people, and get you a subscription.

Thanks, Erica, for the tip!

And thanks, Southern Living, for being so Southern again!

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  1. Gayle @ thewestiecrew says:

    That really *is* cool!!

  2. BooMama, did you ever know that you’re my HE-RO? My coffee table just hasn’t looked right for over a year now, but thanks to you, I just got a new subscription. I don’t think I’ll get the new issues until after the SEC preview issue, but I should receive it in time for the Christmas dinner recipes. I’m salivating just thinking of it!!!

  3. I’m in. For $5, I can overlook a few binding differences….

  4. Amen to that. I hear the Christmas bells ringing.

  5. I love that 2 years is $19.97. :)

  6. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  7. in the words of the fantastic rachel zoe…iiiii die. it’s……bah-nanas. i love you bravo, and amazon, for giving us such gratuitous things for our viewing pleasure.

  8. You should check out Southern Living at HOME when you want subscriptions to the Southern Living mag family. They often do specials each month on one of the magazines. For instance this month is $9.95 for a TWO year subscription to Southern Living. If you like the Southern Living at HOME products and need to buy/renew your SL subscription…..that’s the way to do it! FYI. Sorry I never comment but read your blog often and LOVE it!!

  9. Thank you!!!! I can’t believe the price and would never have known had you not shared this lovely tidbit!

  10. I’m so glad you clarified they were American dollars! ha!
    I have my much-loved subscription and I send one to my grandmother and mother every year as their Christmas presents. They have viewed this as the passing of the torch of all things Suuuthuuun. My grandmother calls me every month when hers comes in the mail and tells me what reecipe she’s going to try.
    And if that isn’t worth the American dollars I paid for it, I don’t know what is.

  11. Thanks! I need this…. since I get to start the new year off as a Southerner again!!! :D

  12. Just placed my order. I can’t believe I’m gonna get all that Southern goodness for a year for just $5. That’s a steal.

  13. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Love it!! Just went and signed up – thanks for the tip! (I may live in WA state, but I like to consider myself “southern at heart”!) :)

  14. Question please ???
    Would a northern (upper michigan)gal love southern living?
    It’s not the $5.00,but could us northerns grasp all the southern charm?
    I really want to know.

  15. Bought.It.

    This is really strange – because I just started receiving Coastal Living WITHOUT buying a subscription. Not that I am complaining or anything. Hmmm. Print must be hurting.

  16. Well, now. I just began my Tuesday morning by subscribing and then clapping my hands a lot.

    And I completely found it humorous that a year was $5 and 6 months was $7.70.

    Call me goofy.

  17. Awesome! And DONE!

    Thank you ma’am!

  18. Genius. I did it.

  19. Oh, YES! Come to Mama! I treated myself to a one-year subscription for one thing…recipes, baby. No one does it better than SL. Thanks, Girl!

  20. I ordered mine. Thanks!!

  21. trixiefan says:

    I couldn’t resist! What a bargain. Thanks!

  22. So you and I are/were in the same boat regarding SL. I think it started going to hell when my Momma’s friends retired from being the test kitchen directors. Let me tell you those ladies can cook! We still fight every year over who is going to get the last piece of cream cheese braid that one of them brings at Christmas!

    One of the sons is a chef now – check him out at Grey House Grill in Homewood.

    We had a back to school faculty meeting there and I got to see them taking some pics for upcoming issues. Let me tell you it was to DIE FOR!!!! Precious things that I was oh so very tempted to snag except that all the staff was standing right there and since I work for Samford I am pretty sure that we take the “thought shall not steal” thing pretty seriously!

  23. Thank you! Their recipes alone are worth that $5!

  24. kk…I’m not sure why, but Amazon applied a $2.50 promotional code to the already rock bottom $5.00 price. So, I got a year of SL for only $2.50. I’m weeping people!

  25. I would like you to know that I — a lifelong Northerner/Californian — found this same deal at Amazon at the beginning of summer. And thanks to you and the many other wonderful Southern blogger out there, I ordered myself a subscription.

    I need more help understanding y’all.

    (Kidding. Mostly. Because okra? I don’t get it. I’ve had it and it was nasty.)

  26. WOW. Thank you. I let my suscription lapse without noticing it and just realized how much I’ve missed it! I was *just* about to fill out a card yesterday when I decided to do it online and got sidetracked (surprise!).

  27. What in the world!!! I JUST ordered from a friend’s kid selling mags for his school. Dang.

  28. I don’t know how it happened, but when I ordered I was only charged $2.50. $2.50—I’ll take it!

  29. Oh can I PUH-LEASE have your address so I can send you a thank you? I’m just a poor college student and have been wanting to subscribe ever since moving out of my mama’s house, but I just couldn’t put down the cash. But I think I can swing $5. :)

  30. Sally Green says:

    WOOHOO! Thanks BooMama!!!! This is the best info I’ve gotten in awhile! I’m still miss the mid 90’s editions. Now those were some good issues! Change is good but SL has had some that are not so good! But it’s getting better. In my humble opinion!:)

  31. debbie, my family on my mother’s side is all from upper peninsula michigan! yes, i do think you’d still enjoy southern living. the recipes are wonderful!!!

  32. BooMama!!!!!!! You are now officially my most FAVORITE person in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!! I just bought my subsctiption. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited?


  33. Thanks for the great tip!!! I’d been wanting to order it!

    BTW, just wanted to check on the Glory Revealed II CD. I know you said they’d be shipped a little late, but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it.


  34. I’ve never read this magazine (I’m in NE Ohio and so not southern), but $5.00 is great to try it. I’ve posted it on the end of my WFMW post and linked over to you.

    Thanks for sharing the deals!

  35. Thanks for the tip!

  36. so i just found your blog off big mama’s and you’ve already hooked me AND influenced me to purchase SL. oh, the power you hold. use it wisely. ;)

  37. Are you kidding me?!!? Thank you so much for sharing. And, as a deliquent blog reader, I am so thankful I saw your post before the offer expired. In fact, I just came back here from Amazon after placing my order.

    I remember your original post about how Southern Living had changed. I agreed with every word and at the time had not renewed my subscription for the very same reasons. My mom-in-law continued to receive it, though, and I noticed how it began getting better. This offer is awesome. Thanks again for sharing it with us!

  38. Stephanie says:

    Another FYI, when I went to Amazon to buy my subscription, they also had Country Living for 5.00 as well. It says 10.00, but under that it tells you there’s a promotion that will make it 5.00. Two wonderful magazines for one year, only $10.00 spent!!!!

  39. Thanks for the tip!

  40. OOoohh…thanks so much for sharing this tidbit…I’m going right now to get it. Woohoo.

  41. This Michigander bought her subscription! I’ve followed you for years and love your southern charm! Perhaps this will also help me understand some of the Mississipi-isms my co-worker uses.

  42. Oh, BooMama! This bargain makes my heart skip a beat! Now I have extra cash to buy some ice cream, but since we live in the Midwest, no Blue Bell for us…

  43. And my subscription just ran out last month! Perfect! (Wonder if I order it twice if they’d stack them end-to-end and give me two years??)