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Glory Revealed 2 Ticket Giveaway Winner


All righty, Ashley – you’re the lucky winner!

I’ll send you an email later today with details about how to claim your prize(s).


Selah “You Deliver Me” Giveaway

I promise that at some point I’m going to sit down and write words that aren’t connected to giveaways (or magazine bargains), but I’m playing a little giveaway catch-up right now (I actually have two more giveaways that I’m posting over the next couple of days, which I guess means there’s going to be a bit of a theme on the blog this week).

(The giveaway theme will probably be more enjoyable than my usual bloggy theme of stunningly mediocre content. In fact, I’m starting to feel like mediocrity is one of my spiritual gifts.)

(Though certainly I don’t mean to brag.)

(Another spiritual gift? The overuse of parentheses.)

ANYWAY, I am beyond tickled to be giving away 10 copies of Selah’s new “You Deliver Me” CD today. It is one of my very favorite CDs so far this year, and Y’ALL ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.

Just click over to my giveaways page to enter. It’s easy-breezy.

This Is A Bargain Alert

Now y’all know that Southern Living and I have had our ups and downs over the last year and a half. But right now we’re totally up. We’re so up, in fact, that I feel giddy when I see a new issue in my mailbox. We’re so up that I once again have four or five issues of Southern Living on my coffee table, even if they don’t fan out nearly as well as they did with the classic stapled binding. But still. I’m letting bygones be bygones.


This morning I got an email from Erica, who is a faithful blog reader and commenter, and she shared the most exciting news that I absolutely have to pass along to y’all. I think you’ll find this news especially helpful if you and Southern Living have been on a break. Because let me tell you: now is the perfect time to mend those periodical fences.

Here’s why.

Right now on Amazon – until this Saturday, at least – you can get a one-year subscription to Southern Living for FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS. Five dollars. $5.00.


Picture 1


So get to clickin’, people, and get you a subscription.

Thanks, Erica, for the tip!

And thanks, Southern Living, for being so Southern again!

Glory Revealed II Ticket Giveaway

There’s some delightful musical goodness to share with you fine people on this beautiful August day (oh, unseasonable coolness, how you bless my soul and make my heart sing).

I have two free tickets – plus passes for dinner with the artists and crew – for the Glory Revealed II concert on Sunday night, August 30th, at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham.

If you’d like to win – AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU? – and want to check out all the details, then just click on over to my giveaways page.


Our morning started off on an interesting note when I was fixing breakfast and heard a cat meowing over and over again.

Critical piece of information: we do not own a cat.

David was making a Starbucks run (I told this story on Twitter earlier, but it’s worth repeating: when I told Alex that his daddy was at Starbucks, he responded by saying, “Make the world nice; fill it up with coffee”), so I didn’t have another grown-up in the house to verify that YES, SOMETHING WAS MEOWING, but the resident six year-old and I were pretty sure that what we were hearing wasn’t the result of a neighborhood feline who’d somehow figured out how to operate a megaphone. Somehow the cat was in our house.

Feel free to go play a series of minor chords on whatever instrument you have handy. Because YES. CREEPY.

Anyway, since I am very alert and process information very rapidly AT 6:40 IN THE MORNING, it took me about twenty minutes to remember that oh, wait, the cable guy was at our house a couple of days ago and might have left our basement door open. Which would have made it very possible indeed for a cat to find its way into said basement.

So. Long story long: yes, a cat was in the basement. The cable guy had in fact left the door open, and David discovered the open door yesterday and promptly closed it, and as a result a neighbor’s kitty cat had a lovely little slumber party at our house and was apparently READY TO GO HOME once the sun came up today. She BOLTED outside when I opened the basement door around 7-ish.

You’ll be thrilled to know that she is now back at home and resting comfortably with her humans.

Anyway, the rest of our day proceeded much more smoothly, and after the little guy finished school we stopped to get him an Icee. He fell in love with Coke Icees this summer at the beach, but we’ve had a really hard time finding convenience stores that sell Icees here at home. I cannot even tell you how many times we’ve driven by a quick stop and looked for the Icee logo on the door, but that red and blue polar bear is tough to find, my friends. We actually had our first taste of Icee success a couple of weeks ago when we were a few miles outside of town, and when we got back in the car, Alex said, “Mama! I KNEW they had Icees there!”

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Well, because when I looked through the window, I saw the words ‘COLD BEAR’ in big green letters on the back wall!”

OH. That sweet thing. Reading cursive can be tricky when the words are way up above adult beverage coolers, you know? But the good news is that “cold bear” is actually a mighty fine nickname for a frozen cola treat with a polar bear for a mascot. PLUS, we finally found a place close-ish to our house where Icees are in abundant supply. Alex is understandably delighted.

So that’s our day in a nutshell. Except for the part where Project Runway‘s season premiere was tonight and I squealed.

And in conclusion I would just like to say that I hope your weekend will be nice and filled up with coffee. Or Coke-flavored cold bears.

Whichever you prefer.

Big Fun Was Had By All

One of Alex’s favorite people in the whole wide world is his friend AC. They’ve been big buddies for, well, their whole lives.

See what I mean?

They started school together a couple of years ago, and my sweet friend NK (AC’s mama) and I took them out for Mexican food to celebrate their first day.


We did the same thing last year, and I remember thinking that they looked so old. So grown-up.


Which is why I nearly wept when I looked at the pictures I took of them today.

They’re getting so big.

Here they are with AC’s adorable little sister, who cannot possibly be three years old – it seems like she was born just a couple of months ago.


Since Alex’s and AC’s schedules keep them at school a little longer this year, NK and I couldn’t take them out for back-to-school lunch. So we took them out for a back-to-school afternoon snack at Krispy Kreme instead.

By the way, Alex thinks that any tradition that involves a celebratory donut is SOLID GOLD AWESOME.

And when I asked him if he had a good first day of school, he said, “Oh. It was SO good, Mama.”

Happy first day of school, little man. We love you so much!