Rabbit Trail

Every single night I’m dead-dog tired by 8:30 but push through until I get a second wind. The second wind usually lasts until 11:30 or 12, and then I sleep for five or six hours and wake up and start the whole process over again. I would never presume to claim that this behavior is “wise” or “healthy” or “recommended by experts,” but the start of a new school year combined with a new work schedule combined with a whole bunch of deadlines combined with a complete inability to resist new episodes of “House Hunters” and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” means that I’ve spent the last couple of weeks teetering on the edge of annoyingly overtired.

Honestly, the only thing that’s been keeping me going has been Chuy’s.

Well, Chuy’s and the Lord.

But last night? Do you know what I did?

I will tell you.

I went to sleep at 9 o’clock. Not to bed. To sleep. And when I woke up of my own volition at 5:11 this morning, I felt like a new woman. A new, very rested woman. WHAT A NOVELTY.

All of last night’s sleeping meant that I was feeling very productive this morning, and at some point I clicked over to Pandora so that I could listen to worship music while I was getting some work done. After a few minutes I noticed that a lot of the songs were old school – “Open The Eyes of My Heart,” “Awesome in This Place,” “Above All,” “The Heart of Worship,” etc. – and before long I decided that I had to hear Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson’s “Another Time, Another Place” RIGHT THAT SECOND. Now granted, it’s not really a congregational worship song, but oh my goodness – it was my absolute favorite Christian song in the early 90s.

And do you know why it was my favorite?

Because I wanted to sing it in a pageant.

Deeply spiritual. I was deeply spiritual.

But no kidding: I really did love the whole “Another Time, Another Place” album. I was at the front end of what would be five pretty rocky years in terms of my faith, so the fact that the songs on that album resonated with me so deeply is sort of a wonder to me. I remember thinking when I first heard the album that it was like Sandi Patty got tangled up with the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, and do you know what? THAT SUITED ME JUST FINE. It was the early 90s, after all.

I especially loved the video for “Another Time, Another Place” because Sandi stood on a cliff overlooking the ocean while she was wearing this billowy jacket thing that was part-Stevie Nicks and part-Suzanne Sugarbaker. Her hair was at an all-time high in terms of volume, and her voice was perfection. The only thing that would have made it any better is if there had been some choreographed dance moves scattered throughout, but that would have probably been too scandalous for the early 90s. Plus, Sandi’s hand gestures are in a league of their own, and why mess with perfection?

So this morning I decided that I desperately wanted to find the “Another Time, Another Place” video on YouTube, but it was nowhere to be found during the .34 seconds that I searched diligently for it. However, I believe that I found something that may have delighted me even more. For so many reasons.

For so many, many reasons.

Now there’s no question that the song is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

But I’ll tell you what: I was mentally and emotionally unprepared for the sight of all that early 90s hair. SWEET MERCY. And I’m not throwing hairstyle and/or fashion stones, mind you. After all, I once wore a formal dress with such ginormous shoulder pads that my date spent a good portion of the night introducing me to people by saying, “This is my date, Sophie. And these are her sleeves.”


After I watched the video I made a comment on Twitter that I didn’t know whose hair delighted me more, and I spent a chunk of time this afternoon laughing my head off at people’s responses. I didn’t know how to get all of them in one screen shot, and I have even less of an idea how to link to them, so here’s a sampling.

For the sake of clarity, you should know that Jennifer is referring to the fact that her ex-boyfriend ended up owning the very jacket that Wayne Watson is wearing in the video. THE WORLD IS A PEANUT, Y’ALL.

And then, to top it all off, there was this response from Dori:

So I clicked through Dori’s link, and here is what I found.

Do you know what that is? THAT IS A BLESSING.

And thus concludes the story of how I woke up rested and then the internet made my day.

You’d better believe that I’m going to have an early bedtime again tonight.

There’s no telling what bits of 1990s treasure will be waiting on me in the morning.

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  1. Okay…yes…the hair…but no comment on the pants/dress/genie sequined blessing? Because that….that is what makes me very happy.

  2. Oh Boomama! You make me laugh. The pageant comment nearly put me under.


  4. Oh my! Where to start?!? The duster coat, tapered pant and matching dyed shoes all in royal blue! My 6 yo loved the sparkly -ness of it but wondered why she had on ” a shift that is unzipped” and his jacket was just sweeeet! Plus you have to love a hairstyle on a man that requires some dippidy do and aqua net.

    I will not repeat the comments my husband made on the second video.
    The cleaned up version is ” that’s not the flu he’s just ahem rhymes with corny. All teenage boys are.” Nice, dear

  5. Oh how I loved reading this post. I love me some Sandi Patty. Still listen to her to this day. I used to imagine me singing “Another Time Another Place” with a cute boy named Benji (back in those early 90s days) but that never worked out. Thanks for sharing things that make me laugh so hard!

  6. HOLY MOSES. I was young when that video came out, and I STILL remember the awesomeness of the jacket billowing and the cliff. It literally takes my breath away remembering it. They just do NOT make music videos like that anymore…now I’m remembering Michael W Smith’s video for My Place in this World. I need to go dry my eyes…


    And I’d like to tell Jen to GET THAT JACKET BACK.

  8. I cannot comment. I have gone to a very happy place and would appreciate silence while I relive some lovely memories.

    (I saw Sandi Patty do that song at a concert. Wayne (my good pal Wayne) was not there, so they had his part projected on these giant screens. Way cool.)

  9. Thanks for this. Watching the Steven Curtis Video is such an inspiration, especially now with all they’ve gone through.

  10. BooMama,
    I spent my night at the computer searching YouTube for videos of Wayne Watson, Steven Curtis Chapman, Larnelle Harris, Sandi Patti, Amy Grant, and others. Loved every minute of it!

    Here’s a funny for ya.


    Blogging about you tonight, BYW.

  11. Have you ever heard Sandi Patty sing in person? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  12. That was solid Christian music gold. I LOVED that song. I remember my first concert ever was seeing Sandi Patty do The Friendship Company. It was awesome. I used to live about a 1/2 hour from where she lived, and heard she is pretty much a PTA mom now. What I wouldn’t give for a little Sandi Patty revival.

  13. I’m rolling over here. Oh man…

    And Christian music just isn’t like this anymore. Glad I was raised on quality :)

  14. i LOVED that song back in the day. sandi patty’s voice got all the attention, but how impressive that wayne watson could hit those notes. but the hair wayne? it will give me nightmares tonight i am sure. i’m sure they used a whole can of aussie spray to design that mullet.

  15. Oh My Goodness! I loved that song, Another Time Another Place. I used to listen to the tape on my pink walkman and pretend I was singing it in church! Love this post…ah, the memories… :)

  16. Sophie, all I can say in this moment is thank you for giving to the Lord. And also, I heard this very duet live at the Summit in Houston, Texas, back in the day. I’m glad the Lord reminded me of another time and another place because that very night I found out that I was allergic to cheese.

  17. LOL
    The hair on SCC is just too much
    It is almost as long as mine
    Goodness that is funny!
    What a great way to start my Wednesday!

  18. You made me laugh so hard my husband wondered what was wrong with me.

    Amazing. That’s all I can say.

    I went to Bible college during the mid-90’s, so this brings back so many memories of P&W (Praise and Worship, if you will) and all of its glorious glamour.

    Oh, Miss Patty, you will never be outdone.

  19. Love it!

  20. Wayne grew up in the church I go to (my hubby’s home church)…his brother and mama still go there. Love that family. We always thought he was a pretty big deal when he’d come home to sing and bring his hair! He and Sandi are actually doing some concerts together these days – I think Larnell may be with them! Interesting bit of trivia: I was visiting Miss Alma Lee (Wayne’s mama) one day years ago and she had a beautiful flower arrangement on her piano from Wayne. I asked if it was her birthday, and she said, no, it’s Wayne’s birthday. He sends her flowers every year on HIS birthday – just to say “thanks for being a great mama!” Isn’t that the sweetest? I totally stole the idea and I’ve sent my mom flowers on my birthday every year since!

  21. P.S. I put this link on Wayne’s facebook page!!!

  22. That is a lot of mullet action for a Wednesday morning, but I loved it! You are too funny!

  23. You do know how to make someone laugh first thing in the morning… Though I don’t know if it was you…or the hair/clothing.

    And yes. Get the jacket back!!

  24. I wonder how old SCC was in that video? How many times has that song been played at weddings? Yet I still had to sit and listen to every note. But seriously wow on the hair and clothes. I hope that is never cool ever again.

  25. Oh, the memories. My friend and I sang “Another Time and Another Place” at my high school graduation baccalaureate service. Good Times!

  26. Jennifer L. says:

    Wow–this takes me waaaaay back. My first concert was Sandi Patti in the fourth grade (last name spelled with an i back in the ’80s!). Maybe in heaven we can praise the Lord via a Sandi Patti/Patty sing-along concert. I have a feeling I’ll be burning up youtube with my Sandi Patti/Patty searches. :) Thanks for this great trip down memory lane.

  27. Oh I adored Sandi Patty and still love listening to her amazing voice. I think the hair thing totally worked for her. Wayne, not so much although I’m a big fan of his music.

    A friend sang We Shall Behold Him at my Dad’s funeral and I can’t hear that one without thinking of him. It’s one of my favorite Sandi Patty songs.

  28. Oh, so many thoughts, so little space!

    Stephen Curtis Chapman took the mullet to a new level: Party in the FRONT, Party in the BACK! He leaves out the “Business” for sure.

    And I always wanted to belt out that Another Time Another Place harmony for the special music at church, but could never find anyone to belt it with me, so my dream died, along with the “special music” portion of every modern day church service.

    But now my husband is pastoring a small country church that continues to revere “special music” as an integral part of worship, so thanks for rekindling my dream! Keeping the dream alive!

  29. AND, I’m off to create an “Another Time, Another Place” Pandora station. I just hope it includes “Where There is Faith” by 4Him.

  30. Seriously, You are the funniest person in the world – and right on my level of ridiculousness! The hair and the songs all took me back. :) Maybe I’ll try going to bed early, too and see what the world brings me. Can’t possibly be as amazing as the gift it brought you, but let’s just see…

  31. Whatever happened to Wayne Watson! OMGosh I loved him! I can remember listening to Watercolor Ponies over and over again on the way to a trip to Youth Camp in high school. That song was SAPPY to say the least! Wayne Watson’s hair is something else! I think my favorite part of this performance is the synchronized walking down the steps together! You know that took some SERIOUS PRACTICING!!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Still love me some SCC to this day!!!!

  32. Loved this song. I got to see them do it live in concert. And since you like that song, you have to go back to YouTube and watch this!

  33. No 90’s Christian music conversation is complete without a nod to the talent (and hair) of 4Him. In fact, I like to kick off the Christmas season each year by pulling out their CD, Seasons of Love, and taking in the beauty of their hair (and vests). Their unique contribution to the 90’s was the mustache/mullet combo. Unbeatable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE0Dh-cogcU&a=GxdCwVVULXcj2DAA6h42Eo4TcGChtrGY&playnext=1

  34. My very first concert was during SCC’s tour for “For the Sake of the Call” – my best friend and I couldn’t drive yet, so her dad drove us to the concert then waited out in the car for us!! It was open seating and we found a couple seats right next to several that were taped off. A while later, a lady sits down with little kids (three, if I remember correctly) including a very tiny baby! We were pretty shocked to see someone there with a baby and may have even mentioned to each other that we thought it was pretty crazy (so wise were we in our young teen wisdom). Imagine our surprise when in the middle of the concert Steven introduced his family and there were our row-mates on stage with him!

  35. Wow! Those songs bring back some fun memories. The fall and summer of 1989 I saw SCC in concert four times! Once was at a middle school camp where I was a counselor. He came in the dining hall when we were eating dinner and spoke to my friend and me! We were ecstatic!

  36. I loved the Steven Curtis video, but my favorite part of the entire post was Wayne Watson’s facial expressions! Thanks for a great start to the day, BooMama!

  37. I LOVED that Sandi Patty song too! Still do! Classic!

    I can’t help but think of a story about SCC when I see that old footage.
    Our pastor (Kevin Ezell) when we lived in Louisville grew up in the same church as SCC and he was usually their music leader at all the youth stuff they did back then. Kevin tells how old hat SCC was to them (jokingly). Anytime they’d have a function and everyone would wonder who was going to perform….someone would say, SCC is doing it….Ahh him? Why can’t someone else do it? Gee, get a big name!! hahaha!

    So funny!

    We would laugh at the irony and so would Kevin! haha!
    Bet that youth group would like to have him play for all their youth events now?!

  38. Oh my word.

    Too funny…espcially this line: “…Sandi stood on a cliff overlooking the ocean while she was wearing this billowy jacket thing that was part-Stevie Nicks and part-Suzanne Sugarbaker.”

    This is why I make your blog part of my daily blog reading. :)

  39. “This is my date, Sophie. And these are her sleeves.”

    THAT made my day.

  40. Sandi was the Mariah Carey of her day when it came to hand motions.

  41. Loved this post, Sophie!I grew up at a Bible Conference where I was affectionately(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) known as the “Sandi Patti of MBC in the mid-late 1980s. I worked the big hair and thought I could sing… the jury is still out on that…I still love me some Sandi and “Another Time, Another Place is my absolute favorite. It IS worship in my book. So much so that I just bought the newly remastered CD of that “album” — dating myself…hehe!

  42. As always, you brought a smile to my face! That performance may or may not have deeply inspired me when I was a contestant in the 1993 Miss Liberty Pageant…just sayin’


  43. That story is almost too good for words! I’m glad that you found some though! Ohmywords…funny, funny, funny!

  44. The blue outfit sent me over the edge, complete with dyed-to-match shoes! I had me a few pairs of those for prom back in the day! I think Sandi’s hair should win!

  45. Truly, you had me laughing out loud. As far as the jacket is concerned? Although he’ll never relinquish rights on that thing, getting it back is not hard. We’re still all BFF’s with him. They may have broken up, but we’ve all been friends since the womb. This post is a BLESSING!

  46. Linds…. I’m not talking about Jonathan. He got the other Wayne Watson jacket. I’m talking about Andrew. We are no longer bff with him and I’m pretty sure if I asked for that jacket he would burn it before he gave it back to me!! :)

  47. BAHAHAHAHA! Oh. my. goodness. Well, at least the songs are timeless. And, yes BooMama, I came close to singing “Another Time, Another Place” in a pageant. And I know a girl who sang “Friends.” Yeah, pageants and Christian faith – they so go together. Love the post, thanks for the laughs.

  48. Robyn’s twitter comment needs some explaining. And possibly a picture.

  49. Well a friend tipped me off about this dialogue and I just have to . . . wait . . . lemme adjust my hearing aid and get my glasses . . . now, what was I saying?

    Oh yeah, I really enjoyed reading everybody’s comments about our 90s hair. As for me, I’m glad to still have hair and yes, it’s a little, uh, lighter but still attached.

    Did a concert a couple of weeks ago with Sandi and Larnelle. After soundcheck, we had wheelchair races down the aisle and I’m not saying nothin’ . . . but . . . Scoreboard!

    Gotta go. The others here at the home are waiting for me to start the shuffle board game. No, I can’t play anymore . . . just too rough . .. but I tell ’em to start then get the heck outta the way!

    Wayne Watson

  50. Sandi Patti and the Friendship Company was my favorite! I grew up near Branson, MO and my dad sang with her in concert along with the church choir. I thought he was big time.

    Also ran into Sandi at White Water when I was 10 and was completely star struck. Oh I loved the 90s.

  51. Loved, loved, loved it!! My kids came in here asking me “What in the world are you listening to, Mama?” Ha!
    You have made my day! Here I am blogging about LAUNDRY, and then you inspire us all with such an awesome post.
    I loved that era!! I loved that hair! I loved the dyed to match shoes!

    Have a great weekend.

    Go State!

  52. shut. the front. door.

    my mouth fell open when i saw your song of choice. my friend / cousin-in-law dustin and i used to sing that as a ‘special’ in church. and at youth group. and at youth camp. and at fca.

    i swear i thought i was sandi patti.

    even still, i’ll get a hankering to hear that song and will call dustin while i’m playing it and leave it on his voicemail. (he never calls me back, though.)

    but, seriously? my favorite part of this whole thing is wayne watson’s hair. stoppit, wayne. just stoppit.

    i am dying, boomama. this is hysterical.