Those Of Us Who Are Busy Require Hands-Free Hydration

I went back and forth and forth and back about whether or not I was going to blog about the season premiere of The Office. Last season wasn’t my favorite, and I’ve halfway wondered if I was even going to watch this season.

But who was I kidding? OF COURSE I WATCHED. It’s Steve Carell’s last year on the show. And because of that, my blind optimism and I hopped aboard the season 7 train.

At first things looked pretty promising.

1. Creed on the electric guitar – a promising beginning to season five (and I would also add that you can never go wrong with a musical number featuring Andy Bernard).

2. “Gabe is awesome. He has accomplished so much career-wise and height-wise…it’s been great.”

3. “Oh, look – it’s a humpback whale. How pretty! He’s eating Gabe.”

4. “Dwight Schrute: star salesman, beef farmer, bed and breakfast proprietor, aspiring freelance bodyguard. Add to that list: owner of this building. Then burn the list.”

5. “He calls me The ‘Nard Man. I’m The ‘Nard Dog, okay? The ‘Nard Man is my father.”


Aaaaand it was about that time when I sort of lost interest.

Except that I laughed out loud when Kelly stood up to talk in the meeting about Luke.

So apparently The Office and I are still struggling. I think it would be fun to see some wacky hijinks – some Andy and Erin (because Erin and Gabe? ALL SORTS OF WRONG.), some amusingly self-deluded Dwight (as opposed to creepily hostile Dwight), some kindness from Michael that isn’t born out of desperation.

Overanalyze much? Why, yes. Thank you. I believe I will.

I think my biggest issue is that the characters are just a little bit on my nerves right now. But I’m not giving up on them. Because if nothing else, last night’s opening number is worth giving them another chance (or eight).

And listen: even if I was a little disappointed by The Office, I was pretty delighted by 30 Rock. I laughed out loud a whole bunch. In fact, I even wondered if maybe I need to give 30 Rock my Thursday night blog post attnetion and leave The Office alone for a little while.

Best line on 30 Rock, by the way?

When Liz Lemon was awkwardly comforting Carol and said, “I sorry. Don’t…be…cry.”

Made me howl.

So what did y’all think about the return of the Thursday night shows?

Good? Bad? Don’t know or care because you were reading a book?

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  1. What?! Thursday night shows are back?! I had no idea thanks to the “Everybody Loves Raymond” marathon I found myself watching. But it probably wouldn’t have mattered… I’ve never seen an episode of the “The Office” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” There. I said it. When does American Idol start back? Because I do enjoy that one!

  2. I had a VCR malfunction last night (YES, a VCR. Okay?) and am just catching up on Thursday night shows this morning. I love Community so much, but it was definitely 30 Rock that made me laugh out loud. I haven’t watched The Office yet, which makes me sad. (Sad because I’m not really dying to watch it. Not sad because I haven’t.)

  3. I agree that The Office is lacking a certain something. But i did love it when Kelly talked about how smart she is now, and the whole Zoning Issue thing! And i howled over Liz and the crying Carol!! Thought that was the best part of the whole show.

  4. The Office certainly has lost a bit of something lately, but I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when Michael spanked his nephew. I nearly snorted in fact. Also, the premiere for Community was not as funny as I thought it would be. But I love Joel McHale and will keep watching in hopes that it will get better. Same for the Office.

  5. The Office lost some of it’s luster last year, but I was encouraged by last night’s episode. It wasn’t quite back to the old Office feeling, but it was heading in the right direction. I’m pulling for them.

    And I’m hoping that Gabe will go away. He is unnecessary. Kathy Bates, though? I love her.

  6. The opening scene was PRICELESS!!
    And the giant key ring.

    I’ve been in Project Runway land as well. I do enjoy that show a little too much.

    Was really looking forward to Outsourced (such a great premise for a show) but so sadly sadly disappointed !
    So, back to the DC housewives. .
    I’m so shallow.

    And, I too have never watched Grey’s . . .

    Oh and the DVR-a parent’s best friend!

  7. I was wondering if you would blog The Office this season or not. I’m like you – I’ll watch because it’s the last of Michael Scott. My 3 year old and I have watched last night’s cold open about sixty-eleven times (do “No no no!” song again, mama!”) but yeah, I would say over all it was amusing but not satisfying.

    ESPECIALLY compared to 30 Rock. How could you even blog that show? Every single line is hysterical! And I mean that in the most sincere way – not a trace of hyperbole. It’s just awesome. Viva Jack Fest!

  8. I actually loved “The Office” last night! I thought it was so much better than almost all of last year.

    And then we watched “Outsourced” and I was pleasantly surprised at how amusing it was!

  9. uugh on the office! I DIDNT LOL ONE TIME..



  10. I LOVED the opening, of course, and the rest of the show was pretty OK. I did get tickled several times over Luke…I think if he stays on, he could be a funny character. 30 Rock I loved…LOVED!

  11. My daughter’s friend will be on the show in October so we’ll continue to watch it. Great opportunity for him. My girl is JEALOUS! (Can you tell I live in LA?) Loved the opening scene but after that… 30 Rock tonight.

  12. I watched it. I liked it pretty well. Kelly’s line about her minority summer program had me rolling on the ground, but I find her to be one of the funnier people on that show anyway. Between Big Bang Theory, The Office, and 30 Rock my Thursdays are going to be awfully full!

  13. We missed 30 Rock, so now I’m all excited we still have it to watch sometime this weekend. On The Office, I’m with Andrea – I didn’t LOL a single time. I kept holding my breath, thinking “Okay NOW, NOOOOOW it’s going to get hilarious!” but the hilarity never really ensued.

    But you know what I DID love this week? Mike & Molly, Monday night on CBS. Did you watch that? It was funny and sarcastic but with such a great touch of sweetness. I see potential there.

  14. I thought it was a major improvement over most of last season. Loved the opening (Stanley saying, “you’re falling behind” was a treat.) And are you saying you didn’t snort-laugh when he spanked Luke? Oh my – it would have been embarrassing if I hadn’t been alone! I did like Dwight drinking from that backpack. For some reason that tickled me. He’s so pathetic.

    I don’t watch 30 Rock, but it’s one of those “I wish I did” but feel too far behind. Same with Modern Family that I keep hearing so much about.

    Outsourced was disappointing.

  15. Now I will think of this post title when I’m homeschooling my 8 year old and he brings his cup of water to the table with a straw in it so he can drink hands-free while writing. Maybe it won’t drive me nuts anymore…maybe…

  16. I thought last night’s office was better than last season alone. But come on, it’s not that hard to be better than that terrible season.
    I LOVE 30 Rock. I vote you change your review posts to 30 Rock. That show is hilarious all the time!

  17. I can’t believe that no one mentioned the new intro!!! It gave me the heeby-jeebies. After 7 years it just seems wrong to change the intro. It made me feel very uneasy through the rest of the episode. I will keep watching The Office…I always laugh at something, but I am disappointed lately. I do think it’s the characters. They’re not quite acting like themselves lately…I don’t know. It brings me great sadness (Ok, maybe not that much sadness, but still…).

    But 30 Rock is hilarious! I just love Tina Fey’s delivery on everything. My husband misses most of what she says or her expressions. I keep telling him “You have to pay closer attention! She’s funny ALL the time!”

    I didn’t care for Outsourced at all. Bring back Parks and Rec! And was I the only one watching The Marriage Ref last season?! Where’s it at? :( I hope it comes back after The Apprentice is over.

    Also, I have to agree with Megan, I liked Mike and Molly on Monday.

  18. Have you tried Community? It’s GREEEEAAT.
    30 Rock is tops…all around THE BEST. And I agree…The Office has lost it’s mojo, but it’s still great to watch. Just not the same as before…

  19. I felt as if The Office was a little lacking, too. But like you, I just canNOT abandon it in this, Michael Scott’s last season! Outsourced was kind of funny, though. :)

  20. I’m just so proud of Kelly. She has grown up so much over the summer!! HA!
    I loved when Dwight ran to Pam and said “did you just SMS text message me?” Oh, that was a good one!

  21. I almost died when Michael spanked Luke (the nephew). It killed me!

  22. 30 Rock is the only comedy I watch, and it consistently makes me laugh out loud. I have even laughed until I cried watching that show. :o)

  23. I’m with you on The Office. I feel like I should be loyal and still watch, but the laughs are definitely less frequent than in the first couple of seasons.

    Modern Family is pretty funny, but you HAVE to try Parks and Recreation when it comes back on in October. It’s hilarious!!! Or maybe it’s because I live in a podunk town in Indiana that makes it so funny.

  24. Don’t forget about…
    “The Blair Witch Hunt Project”…
    hysterical. I love The Office!

  25. No, no, no. He’s a beet farmer, not a beef farmer.

    I hated the opening music act, and loved the rest of the show. Funny!

    And your #5 quote was my absolute favorite. Might be in the Top Ten for the show.

  26. I love 30 Rock too. Another marvelous quote:

    Liz: The bathrooms are so much cleaner than at home… I don’t know how they do it.
    Jack: They clean them.

  27. LOVED the Office this week–and so glad you’re blogging about it. Died when Pam declined Jim’s help getting out of the elevator because she was “afraid of getting cut in half.” Snort.

  28. Please tell me you laughed out loud when he spanked his nephew?! THAT was funny!

  29. Oh, PLEASE give 30 Rock your Thursday night show blog love. I don’t watch The Office. I’ve watched it off and on, but it has never made the seasons pass on the DVR. 30 Rock on the other hand…. Laugh-out-loud-funny almost every single week.

  30. I hate to disagree, but…

    Liz Lemon to Jack: “You know I have Life Link…oh shoot, I pressed it…I need a phone!”

    Best line of the night.