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Those Of Us Who Are Busy Require Hands-Free Hydration

I went back and forth and forth and back about whether or not I was going to blog about the season premiere of The Office. Last season wasn’t my favorite, and I’ve halfway wondered if I was even going to watch this season.

But who was I kidding? OF COURSE I WATCHED. It’s Steve Carell’s last year on the show. And because of that, my blind optimism and I hopped aboard the season 7 train.

At first things looked pretty promising.

1. Creed on the electric guitar – a promising beginning to season five (and I would also add that you can never go wrong with a musical number featuring Andy Bernard).

2. “Gabe is awesome. He has accomplished so much career-wise and height-wise…it’s been great.”

3. “Oh, look – it’s a humpback whale. How pretty! He’s eating Gabe.”

4. “Dwight Schrute: star salesman, beef farmer, bed and breakfast proprietor, aspiring freelance bodyguard. Add to that list: owner of this building. Then burn the list.”

5. “He calls me The ‘Nard Man. I’m The ‘Nard Dog, okay? The ‘Nard Man is my father.”


Aaaaand it was about that time when I sort of lost interest.

Except that I laughed out loud when Kelly stood up to talk in the meeting about Luke.

So apparently The Office and I are still struggling. I think it would be fun to see some wacky hijinks – some Andy and Erin (because Erin and Gabe? ALL SORTS OF WRONG.), some amusingly self-deluded Dwight (as opposed to creepily hostile Dwight), some kindness from Michael that isn’t born out of desperation.

Overanalyze much? Why, yes. Thank you. I believe I will.

I think my biggest issue is that the characters are just a little bit on my nerves right now. But I’m not giving up on them. Because if nothing else, last night’s opening number is worth giving them another chance (or eight).

And listen: even if I was a little disappointed by The Office, I was pretty delighted by 30 Rock. I laughed out loud a whole bunch. In fact, I even wondered if maybe I need to give 30 Rock my Thursday night blog post attnetion and leave The Office alone for a little while.

Best line on 30 Rock, by the way?

When Liz Lemon was awkwardly comforting Carol and said, “I sorry. Don’t…be…cry.”

Made me howl.

So what did y’all think about the return of the Thursday night shows?

Good? Bad? Don’t know or care because you were reading a book?

Oh, The Glorious Initials, inc. Sassiness

I just posted something mighty fun over on my giveaways page.

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On The Fly


How are you!

I am fine!

But somewhat manic!

It’s just been one of those days. Family and work and errands and supper and church and deadlines and emails and last but not least, SO MUCH UNWATCHED TV ON THE DVR THAT IT MAKES ME ANXIOUS.


I haven’t even watched the Rachel Zoe season finale yet. And I know it was, like, SO MAJOR. And I bet she LITERALLY DIED nine or maybe even twelve times. I also bet that there was some dress that didn’t get to her studio on time and it was A TOTAL NIGHTMARE.

Anyway, this has also been one of those days when I’ve had a bunch (“a bunch” being a very relative term) of ideas for blog posts I’d like to write, but do you know what? I’m not going to write them. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I’ll know that I’ll never get around to it. I’ll write a paragraph or two and get distracted by a football game, or I’ll write a sentence and decide that I need to go to Walgreens, or I’ll write three-quarters of it and decide that it’s garbage.

This is why there are currently – hold on. let me check. – EIGHTY THREE partial posts in my drafts folder.

Apparently I have some issues with finishing things.

Anyway, here’s a list of the stuff I thought about today. In no particular order, mind you. I’m just going to put the list out there so that I can get back to the important business of catching up on “Survivor” as well as the 16 unwatched episodes of “House Hunters” that are currently on my DVR.

Here we go:

1) There are no realistic married couples on TV (at least not on the shows that I watch) except for Eric and Tami Taylor on “Friday Night Lights.”

2) When I look at a church’s website and see that the pastor is featured more prominently than anything else, it makes me uneasy. And maybe a little judge-y. Which is another good reason not to write a post about it.

3) Today I bought a $25 Groupon for $55 of “hair services” at a local salon. It made me so happy that you would’ve thought that I’d won the lottery (however, if I had won the lottery, I’m guessing that THE BAPTISTS WOULD HAVE SOME ISSUES WITH ME).

4) I’m getting my hair cut Monday, and once again I’m filled with blind optimism that this haircut will be The One. It’s been three years since I’ve had a cut that I loved. I think it’s time.

5) I don’t understand how people learn to pair certain foods with certain wines. There was a whole episode of “Top Chef” about this very skill, and I kept thinking that if I were in that competition I’d serve my food and then ask people if they wanted sweet tea or diet Coke. Because as far as I can tell they’re good with everything. You may have picked up on the fact that I’m very sophisticated.

6) Tonight at church I heard a sweet woman telling a joke about her husband’s gift of discernment, and I wondered how many times a day people (okay. Baptists.) use spiritual gifts as a punchline. WE’RE SO WACKY.

7) “Like Incense” by Brooke Fraser Ligertwood is a gorgeous song. GORGEOUS. The second verse makes me teary-eyed. A chorus by Rich Mullins never hurts.

8) My sister-in-law and nephew got home from Uganda yesterday. They met all four of their Compassion kids, and I can’t wait to share some of their stories with you. A couple of nights ago I looked at my nephew’s pictures on Facebook and just bawled. The kids’ smiles were like pure sunshine.

9) My hoop earrings with multi-colored beads are hands-down the best accessory I have ever owned. Sometimes I think about what my life would be like without them, and it makes me sad. In a completely superficial way, of course.

All right. I’m all better now. Might even be able to sleep now that I’ve set the crazy free.

Thank you and by all means have a lovely Thursday,

The Funny & The Giveaways

– I just posted a new Kellogg’s $100 Visa gift card giveaway. Just so you know, there’s a winner every single week – it’s not that all the entries from each week get thrown into a pile at the end of all 12 giveaways and there’s one $100 winner from my blog. OH, NO. There’s a winner every single week. I just drew for the last three winners, in fact. So if you enter every single week, you have a chance to win every single week. Just so you know.

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– The Juicy Juice giveaway doesn’t close until the end of this month. Just FYI.

Why am I feeling a little bit like Bob Barker right now?

– Do the Compassion blogger trips waste money? Shaun has some answers.

– There are very few people who make me laugh like Mr. Barnes does. (link via Annie)

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

Kellogg’s Love Your Cereal – Post 7

This is sponsored content by BlogHer and Kellogg’s.

I really wish that I could take some credit for the happy mornings in our house.

Really, I do.

But the fact of the matter is that cheerful isn’t my typical disposition early in the mornings. Oh, I try to fake it. I say “good morning!” like I mean it, and I do my very best not to grumble. But the fact of the matter is that I have about a thirty minute window between “awake” and “civil,” and the first key to a good morning around these parts is that I experience the window on my own. Up thirty minutes before everybody else. Or the morning goes downhill and fast.

(I’m really not that bad.)

(I just like to wake up gradually).

However, despite my questionable disposition in the mornings, there is another force at work in our house that always seems to counter – and I’d even say trump – whatever grumpiness I might have going on. The other force is about four and a half feet tall, about sixty pounds, and he’s never, ever, EVER met a morning that he didn’t absolutely love. He’s a seven year-old dose of cheerfulness and light every. single. day.

Don’t worry. We’re not requiring him to show up at the breakfast table in a suit a bow tie. But the expression on his face in that picture? It’s the way he looks as soon as he wakes up. That is to say: happy as a clam.

Even though I don’t have to do a whole lot to keep the morning mood light and upbeat (thanks to our resident Cheerful McHappyson), I do try to keep our mornings predictable. It does us all a world of good when we don’t feel rushed or hurried or dead-dog certain that we’re running 15 minutes late. I like to have breakfast on the table by 6:30 at the latest, and while we’re eating I typically look up our verses for the day and read them out loud. After that I put on my make-up while the little guy is getting dressed, and by 6:55 we’re ready to head out the door – usually without incident.

You’ll be happy to know that by 7 in the morning I have usually found my way to my early morning happy place. It just takes me a little while to get there.

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Sweet Provision

Last Thursday afternoon I stopped by the Walgreens to see if they had any Mentholatum. A few of y’all had commented and emailed to tell me that sometimes Walgreens keeps the Mentholatum behind the counter (I have no idea why? maybe because of its supernatural mentholated goodness?), so I couldn’t WAIT to get to the drugstore and ask the pharmacist.

I ended up having to stand in line behind a sweet older couple who were apparently moving every single prescription they have ever been prescribed to the Walgreens pharmacy. About the time that they were digging out their IDs and preparing to sign a blood oath that they were who they professed to be, one of the Walgreens employees asked if she could help me. Maybe she could sense my determination since I’d been standing in that line for upwards of ten minutes. Or maybe she could sense my frustration because I WAS READY TO KNOW ABOUT THE MENTHOLATUM, ALREADY.

I’m sort of guessing it was the latter.

Anyway, I told her what I was looking for and she said, “Um, I don’t know what that is. But I do know that we have Vicks right over there!”

“No. Not Vicks,” I replied. “MENTHOLATUM. It has menthol like Vicks, but it’s a completely different product.”

“Well,” she said, “I know that there are several different kinds of Vicks. Let’s take a look! Maybe you’ll see something that will work down on this shelf!”

Apparently I wasn’t doing a very good job communicating the degree of my Mentholatum need. So I took a deep breath and dove right back into the mentholated confusion.

“No ma’am – it’s not a Vicks product. It’s made by The Mentholatum Company. It looks like this,” I answered – and then I dug around for my (rapidly dwindling) Mentholatum in my purse and pulled it out so that she could see it. Because crazy people like myself ENJOY A VISUAL AID.

The Walgreens lady took a quick look at the shelves and said, “Nope. We don’t carry anything like that – sorry!” and started walking back to her station at the pharmacy counter. I closed my purse and was about to head for the exit when I heard a voice behind me saying, “Honey? I KNOW. IT’S AWFUL. I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE.”

I turned around and found myself face-to-face with the woman who’d been moving her prescriptions earlier. She told me that she too had been looking for Mentholatum everywhere, and as I nodded in agreement with every single word she said, she leaned in a little closer, looked around to make sure no one else could hear her, and whispered, “You know, you can’t even find it at the Walmarts anymore.”

“I KNOW!” I exclaimed.

I think my enthusiasm may have been a little more than she bargained for. But then she said one more thing:

“Honey? Have you looked at the Rite Aid?”

And do y’all know what I realized?


I’d looked on their website with no success. And I’d looked at Walmart, Walgreens, Publix and CVS. BUT I’D FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT THE RITE AID!

I told the sweet lady in Walgreens that I would definitely look at Rite Aid, and when I cranked my car in the Walgreens parking lot, there was just a glimmer of mentholated hope in my heart. A vapor, if you will.

Friday was cuckoo busy between family stuff and work stuff and football game stuff, but Saturday morning I was rested and rarin’ to go to the Rite Aid. Our little family was planning to go to lunch, so I asked D if we could PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE stop by the Rite Aid on the way to Chuy’s (we are creatures of habit and also, I might add, slightly addicted to the deluxe tomatillo sauce).

So we pulled in the Rite Aid parking lot, and I was out of the car like a shot. Couldn’t get in the drugstore fast enough. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a Rite Aid, but they arrange the aisles at all sorts of angles so that once you get inside the store, you feel a little bit like you’re trapped in a maze. My guess is that they’re just hoping that at some point you’ll give up trying to escape and start filling your cart to pass the time while you try to figure your way out of there.

Anyway, I finally made my way to the cold care aisle, and WOULD YOU LOOK WHAT I FOUND, WOULD YOU JUST LOOK, IT’S AN ALMOST-BUT-NOT-REALLY-AT-ALL MIRACLE!

Oh, you’d better believe that I shook those boxes like maracas all the way to the cash register.

And I promise that I’ll never ever mention Mentholatum again.

Unless Rite Aid quits carrying it.

Because clearly in that case all bets are off.

Edited to add a little clarity: Mentholatum is what God makes to cure a world of hurts: chapped lips, dry skin, stuffy noses, bad coughs. I’m particularly fond of it as a lip balm, but I’ve also been known to rub it on the bottoms of my feet before I put on socks. :-)